Lempen Puppets (5 years upwards). 12.30pm: * The Little Snowman and other stories by Solo Theatre 2.30pm: The Queen of Fingal‘s Glen by Pandemonium Puppets (5 years upwards). 3pm. Thurs 7 The Princess and the Frog by the Edinburgh Puppet (‘o (3—9 years). 10.3(lam. 3pm: Ivan the Fool by Clydebuilt Puppet (‘o (5 years upwards). 12.30pm: * Peasoup goesto Hospitaland other stories by Solo Theatre. 2.30pm. Fri 8 Hansel and Gretel (3—9 years). It).3l)am: Princess Klischandra by Lempen Puppets (5 years upwards). 12.3flpm: * Red RidingHood andthe Witch's Cat by Puppet Power. 2.3tlpm: The Queen of Fingal‘s Glen by Pandemonium Puppets (5 years upwards). 3pm. Sat 9 Peter and the Wolf by 1 landyworks Puppet (‘o(.‘»—‘) years). 111.3(1am: 1k Punch and Judy's Magic Show by Scott Lovat. 11am: Ivan the Pool by (‘Iydebuilt Puppet (.‘o (5 years upwards). 12.30pm: it Red Riding Hood and the Witch's (‘at by Puppet Power. 2.30pm: The Queen of Fingal‘s (iIen by Pandemonium Puppets (5 years upwards). 3pm Exploring Puppetry Workshops for adults and children (excpet Fri 8). £1 kids. £1 .51) adults. The World of Marionettes. Mon 4. 7.3tipm The World of Shadow Puppets. Tue 5. 7.30pm. The World at Black Light Puppets Wed (T. 7.30pm The World of Red Puppets Thurs 7. 7.30pm The World of Glove Puppetry-tor adults Fri 8. 7.3tlpm. I MORAY HOUSE THEATRE St John Street. Roy-a1 Mile. Kids £1.51). adults£2.5t). Edinburgh Puppet Festivalz Mon 4-3819 Apr Peter Pan by International Purves Puppets. 11am (not Mon 4). 2pm. Kids £1 .51). adults £2.5(l. ('hildren who can fly. and crocodiles who sneak upon (‘aptain Hook should make the perfect vehicle for Purves Puppets familiar and very succssful glowing 1'\' puppets. The royalties from these performances will go to the (ireat ()rmond Street (’hildren's Hospital. I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL Tales of the Arabian Nights Tue 29 Mar. 2.30pm. £1 (511p). Tickets available from A ck; J Murray. 8a Bath Street. Portobello. Scheherazade. wife of the Sultan. originally told her stories to keep herself from being beheaded so they had to be good. The Sultan has resolved to marry a new wife every day and have her executed at day break. btit Scheherazade kept the tales spinning and after 1001 nights and as many stories her life was spared. Communicado. Scotland‘s excellent touring theatre company. present a show based on five of her stories and there wil! be lots of action. acrobatics. music and fun. A family show for It) year-olds and above. I ROSEBERY HALL South Oueensferry Tales of the Arabian Nights Wed 30 Mar. 2.30pm. £1 (511p). Tickets from Ainsworth the chemist. 27 High Street. South Oucensferry; Town Cryer. 42 High Street. and District Council Office. 53 High St. South Queensferry. Communicado‘s family show. See Portobello Town Hall for full description. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. Lessons in Time and The Best Things in Life are Free Fri 25. Sat 26. 7.30pm. £1.5t)(£1 ). A double bill from the Theatre Workshops Middle Youth Theatre (aged 13—15) and the Senior Youth Theatre (16 years plus). Both plays look at topical issues social groups and money. I THOMAS MORTON HALL, 28 Ferry Road. Leith. Tales of the Arabian Nights Mon 28 Mar. 2.30pm. £1 (50p). Tickets from Kard Box. 74 Great Junction Street and Goldenacre Post Office. Communicado‘s family show. See Portobello Town Hall for full description.



I Theatre is listed by city first, then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Cabaret and touring shows are listed separately underthe relevant heading. KEY: [0] facilities lorthe disabled. [E] facilities lorthe hard of hearing. usually an induction loop system. For prices. price in brackets eg (£1.50) isthe concessionary price.


I CITIZENS' THEATRE (iorbals Street. 42‘) 111122. Box Office Mon-Sat Illam-8pm. Bar. [1)].

Frankenstein Fri 18 Mar Sat 2 .-\pr. 7.311pin. £3; concs £1 in advance.students. ().-\I’s. unemployed tree on the door. I-‘RIiI-L1’R1i\'11{\\"1‘hurs 17 Mar. .-\ new adaptation by .Ion Pope of Mary Shelley ‘s famous tale. Sec (iiicstlist.

I CRAWFURD THEATRE .lordanhill ('oIIcgc of Iidtication. 7f» Southbrac Driy c.1l4l 954 (K N X).

The Cauldron‘l'huis 31 Mar ‘— Sat 2 Apr. 7.311pni.£3."5. (£2.75). Iiamily Ticket: £7.51). 'I‘heatre Alba begin their tour of 1idwin Stiyen's new play. recently premiered at the Brunton 'l‘lieatre. Musselbiirgh: a mystical play delving back into7tIi-ccntury' history and literature to

tell of a time when (‘hristianity and('c1tic religion came face to face. See also Touring.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE (‘ttmbernauld (12% 732887. Box ()ffice Mon-Fri ltlam-(ipm; Sat “lam-3pm; (i-8pm pert. evgs. Bar (life.

Checking OuIThurs 111- Sat I‘lMar. 7.45pm. Mon-Thurs £2.5(l(£1.25); I-‘rinSat £3.25(£1.75). (‘umbernauld Theatre (‘ompany in the Scottish premiere of Marcella livaristi's play about a pair of Scottish girls and their progress on the gold-pay ed streets of London. See aIso'I‘ouring.

The Importance of Being Honest Thurs 24 Sat 26 Mar. 7.45pm. Thurs £2.75 t £1 .50): I5ri & Sat £3.25 (£1.75). Wildcat Stage Productions in their touring show: a breezy comedy by David McNiven chiyering well-deserved satire on the present government's attitude to public secrecy and individual privacy . See also Touring.

Bucklastandthe Dug’l'hurs 31 Mar —Sat2 April. 7.45pm. £2.51) ( £1.25). A show by ('umbcrnauld Youth Theatre.

I DRAMA CENTRE 120 Ingram Street. 1141 552 5827.

La Colonna lnlame “ed in - I‘ri tstytaiz


The story of St Kilda must fascinate anyone who comes across it-the tiny island some fifty miles west of the Hebridean Isle of Uist which, until 1930, sustained a small, self-contained and isolated community. The community itself was remarkable: staunchly religious and perfectly adapted socially and physically to cope with the unique, harsh conditions of the island, it only really began to dwindle during the 20th century. Playwright Sue Glover, however, was particularly drawn to the tale of one extraordinary character from the island‘s past: Lady Rachel of Grange.Lady Rachel was married to James Erskine who had her banished to the island in 1734. Her story is mysterious and clouded by various tellings. She seems to have threatened to reveal her husband’s Jacobite sympathies (he maintained an outward show of loyalty to the Government) and this, together with her wild, unbalanced temperament, provoked his cruel decision to isolate her from all she knew. ‘I like her anger,’ says Sue Glover. ‘She was an extremely difficult woman, I think, always cutting off her nose to spite her face. ldidn't want to just make her a wronged woman.’Her play, The Straw Chair, which launches the Traverse’s twenty-fifth season this month, opens with Lady Grange already on the island, discovered by a missionary. The play’s title refers to a chair she had with her. ‘The one point on which all the stories agree is that she had this chair. It was her only possession. I’d like to think I would have had the gumption to invent it myself, but it did actually exist,‘ says

53 7 Sue Glover, laughing. A slight, gentle, soft-spoken woman, she welcomed the freedom of writing for stage after the discipline of writing for soap-opera (she has written several episodes of Take the High Road). ‘I wanted to write ita longtime ago but the fact of it being a Gaelic speaking community always worried me.’ With the help of Gaelic writer Norman Malcolm Macdonald, the final play is written partly in Gaelic.But though the nature of the island is all-important to the play, so too is the nature of what Lady Grange has left behind. ‘It is set in St Kilda and St Kilda affects the three people who arrive there very much. But there is Edinburgh in the background,‘ says Sue Glover. ‘It was just like Scotland now. Just that kind of compromise and lack of energy. That's what I found depressing doing research! ' (Sarah Hemming) The Straw Chair opens at the Traverse, Edinburgh on 24 Mar. It then tours Scotland (in collaboration with Focus Theatre Company and sponsored by the Scottish Post Office).

Wed 2.30pm. Thurs ck Fri 7.311pm. Staff and students of the Department ot~ Modern Languages of Strathcly‘dc l'niversity in a play by Dino Btiuati. Buzzati's play is based on a denunciation. written by the noy elist Alessandro Manzoni. of an infamous seventeenth century execution of a group of people who had been made scapegoats to carry the blame for a plague in Milan. Directed by Joseph Farrell (a Scotsman drama critic) and performed in Italian.

State of Confusion Mon 21 ck Ttic 22 Mar. 8pm. Theatre Workshops new touring show -- a farce by Day id Kane. Sec Review and Touring.

I DRAMA STUDIO West ()uandranglc. Litiiycrslty' of ( ilasgow.

Blythe SpirilTuc 15 Sat 1‘) Mar. 7..‘~tlpin.

Public dress rehearsal Mon 14 Mar. (iIasgow 1 'niversity 'I‘heatre ('ompany in one of Noel (‘oward‘s most interesting comedies. in w hich a relationship is haunted by the ghost ol~ the husband's former wife.


The Importance of Being Honest Mon :1 Mar. 7.3(lpm. Tickets from I'nemployed Workers ( ‘entre. ti41 044 041 it t. \Vildcat Stage Productions in their touring production of David Mc.\'iyen's IltlL'L'. in which the .‘ylcchen family get tangled tip in olt'icial secrets. See also'l outing.



State ofConfusion I‘l'l is \Ittl..\ptll,1lckcl\

114177193(18.’l'hcatre\\'oikslioptioiii Iidinbtirgh in their touring production of a new political farce by Day id Kane Sec Review and Touring.

I EAST KILBRIDE VILLAGE THEATRE Maxwell Drive. Izast ls'ilbiide 1135 52 ~1lsfifi‘).

JUI’liOTShOWIime'I‘Itttis 17 Sat I‘lMat'. 7pm. £2 (£1 ). liast Kilbridc playschenies in a show of. music. comedy and drama. The Andy Cameron Show Tue 3: Mar. 7.311pm. £4 1 £2). The popular Scottish comedian in his own show.

The Allan Stewart Show Hi 35 Mai: 7.30pm. £4.51) ( £2511). Allan Stewart (of 1T\"s ('o/ivcuts 1 iii his own show Checking Out Mon 28 Tue 2‘) Mar. 7.311pm. £2.81) ( £ 1 .411). (‘iimberiiauld Theatre ( ~onipany ‘s new touring production ot Marcella 14.x aristi's play. Sec'l‘ouring.

The Importance of Being Honest 'l‘hiiis 31 Mar. "..‘\llpiii. Wildcat Stage Productions in their touring production of Day id .\Ic.\'iyen‘s new tarcc in which the McSwecn lainin accidentally get caught tip in official secrecy, See also Tout ing.

I FORT THEATRE ls'cntnurc ;\y eiiiic. Bishopriggs. 772 71154.

11 Happens Every Day Sat 1‘) Mar. .31 1pm. Marmcladc l’roductions iii their touring production of a new play by Margaret Dent: a tt'agi-coincdy about a mother and daughter coming to terms with bereavement. Also iii I-alkirk . sec Touring.

I KINGS THEATRE Halli Street. Box Office. Mon-Sat nooii-(ipm. 4 bars. |I)|. [1%]. Phone bookings. 'l'icket(‘cntri.'. (‘andleriggs Mon—Sat lt1.3(lani-(x311pm. ()412275511.

SweetCharity Mon 14 Sat I‘lMar. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £2. £l.h5. £ 1 . Ill. The Lyric ( ‘lub in a musical.

Viva Mexico! Mon 3! £3.51). £4. £4.51). A production by Paisley MUsical and ()peratic Society. Alphabetical Order Mon 28 Mar -- Sat 2 Apr. 7.3(lpm. Sat mat 3pm. £6. £5. £4. (iallery Productions in Michael 1"ray n‘s play about what happens when a newcomer arrives in a newspaper‘s library. Stars ('harlie Drake. The same show can be seen in Edinburgh at the hands of the ('iviI Service Dramatic Society (See ('htircliliillTheatre).

I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranvtllc Street. 2213198. Box Office Mon-Sat noon-fipin. Bar. Cafe. [1)]. Tickets also available from

Sat 20 Mar. 7.3(lpni. ;

The List 18-51 March 198819