This is the seventh year for the Scottish Student Drama Festival. and while it might not yet have achieved the same status as its distant relation. the National StudentDrama Festival. it has already achieved a great deal. Each year sees new plays and new talent discovered; last year'stestival spawned the new Scottish StudentTheatre Company.

This year's lestlval (28 Mar- 2Apr). hosted in Edinburgh. has some new developments- as well as the workshops and pertormances. there will be a programme of purely new writing at iunchtimes at the Traverse Theatre. and a regular cabaret spot at Wilkie House each night (a development from the usual. more informal SSDF cabaretl). Unlike the HSDF. this lestlval is non-competitive—the idea is simply to create a stimulating. interesting plattorm tor student work. Everybody and anybody is welcome to attend. The lestlval is spread around the city with several venues hosting pertormances.

Tickets are cheap and it you wish you can buy a Festival Membership tor £5 which allows you into all shows. workshops and cabarets tree. Memberships can be obtained at the Festival Box Dttice. in the Bedlam Theatre. as can tickets for all shows (except the two Kirkcaldy College shows. torwhich tickets can only be bought at the Netherbow). ll buying membership please bring a passport sized photo. Forturther info. please contact David Pounder. Bedlam Theatre. 2a Forrest Road. Edinburgh. 031 225 9873 (admin); 031 225 9893 (box office).


New Anatomles Mon 28 Mar (6.3(1pm) 8.- Tuc 2‘) Mar (‘).3()pm). £2 (£1 ).Tc1ford College Community Drama Group in a play by Timberlake Wertcnbakertelling the story of a nineteenth century Russian peasant woman who tries to achieve freedom by disguising herself as a male nomadic Arab in the desert.

Bed Noses Wed 31) Mar (6.3llpm) ck Sat 2 Apr (‘).3tlpm ). £2 (£1 ). Telford College Performance Group in Peter Barnes' recent comedy set in medieval France.

w here Black Death is spreading apace. Two groups roam the country offering redemption the Flagellantsthrough pain. the l- lotists through bad jokes.

A Kind ot Alaska and Real Inspector Hound Thurs 31 Mar (‘).3()pm) a.- Fri 1 Apr (6.3llpm). £2 (£1 ). Stirling L'niversity Drama Society in l larold Pintcr's one act

Stage Productions tour their latest show: a (utility musical farce by David McNiveii about ‘national security‘. For further details please call Wildcat on 1141 ‘)54 lltltltl. laden Court. Ini erness Thurs 17 —- Sat 1‘) Mar. ".311pm. (1463 221218; Drumt‘hapel ( ommunity' Centre. (i/asgoii' Mon 21 Mar. ".3lipm. (14] ‘)44 ‘)4li(l. Denny Civic Theatre. Dumbarton Tue 22 -- Wed 23 Mar. ".3llpm. (138‘) 621115; ( ‘iunbernauld Theatre. (‘umhernauld Thurs 24 Sat 26 .\1ar.".45pm. 1123632887; MaeRohert.-1rts Centre. Stirling Mon 28 -- Tue 2‘) Mar. 7.3(lpm. (178661081; l’aisley' Town Hall. Paisley Wed 31) Mar. 7.3(ipm. (141 887 1110"; Village Theatre. liast Killiride'l'hurs 31 Mar. 7.3llpm. (1.3552 4866‘). Tour continues. I Betty and Boaby's Macbeth Tony Roper and Tilaine C. Smith star in a co-produetion between Dundee Repand Bristol lixprcss Theatre Company in which Betty arid Boaby present their irreverent version of the Bands classic in their own living room. Theatre Royal. Dumfries Sat 1‘) Mar. (1387 63822: 11'ebster Theatre. A rhroath Mon 21 t \\'ed 23112-11 76681) 726(1‘). Tron Theatre.



play. based on ()lvier Sack's book about a woman who wakes front a thirty year sleeping sickness. and Tom Stoppard's witty play about the theatre critic at large. I BEOLAM THEATRE 2a Forrest Road. 225 9893.

The Children's Hour Mon 28 Mar (6.30pm) & Tue 2‘) Mar (9.30pm). £2 (£1 ). Glasgow University Theatre Company in Lillian Hellman's 1934 play about a pair of women teachers fighting off the accusations of a child that they are lovers. Strippers Wed 30 Mar (‘).3(lpm) 8: Thurs 31 Mar (6.30pm). £2 (£1 ). Tooz Company from the RSAMD in Peter Tcrson's play focussing on women forced to strip to support their families in the depressed North East of England.

Dick Tricky in Day Don‘t Come Till Dawn Fri 1 Apr (6.30pm) 6; Sat 2 Apr (‘).3llpm). £2 (£1 ). Edinburgh L'niversityTheatre Company" in a new comedy by Donald Main and Hamish Clark. set in a make-belive West Coast city in which Dick Tricky. private eye. gets entangled in a shady and shadowy world.


My Daughter Carries the Gun Wed 30 Mar (6.3tlpm) & Thurs 31 Mar (9.3(lpm). £2 (£1 ). Edinburgh L'niversity Theatre Company in a new play by Lisa Gornick focusing on a community's response tothe threat ofdestruction.

Brecht Plays Fri 1 Apr (‘).3(lpm) at; Sat 2 Apr (6.30pm). £2 (£1 ) John StreetTheatre from Strathclyde L'niversity in fourof Brecht's short comedies: The Exception and the Rule; Driving Out a Devil; I-u.t' In 'I‘enehris and .‘1 Respeetahle l’l'edding.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘).

Bags and Mistoot Mon 28 Mar (‘).3(ipm ) ck Tue 2‘) Mar (6.3llpm). £2 (£1 ). Kirkcaldy College Theatre Arts Programme in two new plays - Bags by Andy Mackie looking at the nature of bags with which we are involved and .tlisf'oot by Lynn Bains looking at children caught tip in racism.

(ilasgow Thurs 24 Mar ~ Sat ‘) Apr. 1141 5.52 4207' 8. [find oftottr.

I It Happens Every Day Marineladc Productions in a new- tragi-comedy by Margaret Dent. telliitg how a mother and daughter come to terms with their bereavement. For further details please call (1324 3624‘).

Fort Theatre. Bis/iophriggs. (ilasgowSat 1‘) Mar. 2.3tlpm. (14] 772 71154 Town Hall. (i/asgow Road. l’alkirk Wed 23 Mar. 7._‘sllpiii.113:4 281138.

I Tales oi the Arabian Nights (’ommunicado Theatre Company revive their popular show using music and highly visual theatre to tell five of the famous Tales. For further details please call Commtmicado on ()31 22‘) 74(14. Highlands L'ntil 1‘) Mar; Spa/ding. Hornsea. Lincoln. (irimshy and Grantham 2226 Mar; Thomas Morton Hall. Leah. Edinburgh Mon 28 Mar. 2.3lipm. 1131 225 2424 ext. 6633; l’ortobello Town Hall. lidinhurgh Tue 2‘) Mar. 2.3llpm. 1131 225 2424 ext. 6633; Rosebery Hall. South Queensferry' Wed 31) Mar. 2.3iipm. (131 225 2424 ext. 6633151. Brides Centre. Edinburgh Thurs 31 Mar.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. Grassmarket. 226 2633.

The Lightkeeper Mon 3s Mar (‘).3t)pm) & Tue 2‘) Mar (6.3llpm). £2 (£1 1. L'niversity of St Andrews 'Mermaids' in a new play by Mal Woolford focusing on the emotions of a man locked away in his memories. Resisting A Best Wed 3(1.\1ar(‘).3tipm)& Thurs31 Mar (6.30pm). £2 (£1 ). Resisting A Rest Theatre Company from Edinburgh College of Art present a day in the life of one man and the wacky happenings that occur therein.

Courteous Men Fri 1 Apr (‘).3tlpni) & Sat2 Apr (6.30pm). £2 (£1 ). Glasgow Independent Theatre Company in anew play devised by Edward Blunt set in the back streets of a city where people hide from the authorities.

Shorts Mon 28 Mar— Sat 2 Apr. 12.3ll-1pm. £1 (50p). A programmeof new work by students or recent students. presented under the guidance ofTom McGrath. playwright and literary director at the Royal Lyceum. and Maggie Kinloch. who has worked extensively as a director with TAG and Annexe Theatre companies. The final allocation ofplay to day had not taken place at the timeof going to press. but those works that will be performed throughout the week include: Still Life by Stephen Grecnhorn: Birdwatching by Ken Campbell: I’oetie Justii‘e and .4 Strange Letter by Chris Ballance: Memories Die Hard by Gordon Lyon; T1 by Simon Startin ; Jumping Off at Haymerket by Ann Samuel; .S'uhterranean by Alex Roberts and Burns Night by Mal Woolford and Francis Hill. I WILKIE HOUSE 37 Guthrie

Street Cowgate.

SSDF Cabaret Mon 28 Mar Sat 2 Apr. Informal cabaret starting around 8pm. More serious stuff at about 11pm—1.3(1am. Late bar. £1 .5(l(£1 ).

Cabaret acts are as follow s:

Mon: Tidinburgh L'niv ersity Theatre Co. and The Thunderbunnies.

Tue: Glasgow T'niv ersity Theatre Co. Wed: Tooz Company from RSAM D and Audrey Niv en's ‘Perforitiaiice Poetry '. Thurs: Kirkcaldy College; That Swing Thang and The Thunderbunnies.

Fri: Stirling Drama Society; .lohn Street Theatre; Resisting A Rest co from lidinburgh College of Art and Audrey Niven's ‘Performance Poetry".

Sat: Performing 1 labits. Tonight's cabaret is part of the SSDF closing party and therefore not open to the general public.

".311pnt.ti31 346 14115. Tour continues.

I The Cauldron Theatre Alba start a tour ofa new play by lidwin Stiven thatdclves back into "th-century history and literature to create a mystical play intertwining history and myth. written in old Scots. For furtherdetailsplcase call Theatre Alba on 1131 226 5‘)‘)2.

(iraiy'lttrrl l heatre. Jordan/till. (ilusgoiy‘ Thurs 31 Mar -- Sat 2 Apr (141 ‘)54l)t)()tl. Tour continues.

I Checking Out Cumbernauld Theatre go on tour with their new production of Marcella livaristi's play about two Scottish girls coming to terms with London. For further details please call (1236 732887.

Cumbernauld Theatre. ('umhernauld L'ntil Sat 1‘) Mar. 7.45pm. (1236732887; Aberdeen Arts Centre. .-1l>erdeen Tue 22 64; Wed 23 Mar. 7.3tlpm. 11224

6352118 641 122; Henderson Theatre. .S'hott.‘ Fri 25 6'; Sat 26 Mar. 7.30pm. (1501 21826; Village Theatre. liast Kilbride Mon 28 & Tue 2‘) Mar. 7.3(1pm. (13552 4866‘). Civic Theatre. .‘tyr Wed 31) Mar. 8pm. (1292 26463‘). Tour continues.

I State of Confusion Theatre Workshop tour their new show: a political farce by

David Katie. See Review. Forftirther details please call Theatre Workshopon 1131225 "‘)42.

Izasterhouse ( ~ommunity' Centre. Glasgow Fri 18 Mar. 8pm. (141 "21 9368; (ieorge Square Theatre. ladinhurgli Sat 1‘) Mar. 8pm. 1131 226 5425 (131662 4521): Drama Centre. (ilasgow Mon 21~ Tue 22 Mar. 8pm. 1141 552 582"; Sutherland 24 ck 25 Mar: Bonar Hall. Dundee Mon 28 kt Tue 2‘) Mar. ".311an 11382 23531); (ireenock Arts (ita'ld Wed 31) Mar. 7.30pm. (1475 231138. Tour continues.



I BLUE NOTE The Briggait. 72 Clvde Street.114155261127. 7 '

Burns and Nunn Fri 18 Mar. lllpm. Doors open ‘)pm. £3. Seen at last year's Edinburgh Festival. Burns and Nunn are a comedy duo from San Fransisco with an impressive track-record on the cabaret circuit. Also at Gilded Balloon. Edinburgh.


I GILDED BALLOON Studio Theatre. 30‘) Gallery . Cow gate. Edinburgh.

Burns and Nunn and Susie Maguire Thttrs 1* Mar. Doors open ‘)pm. £3.51) (£2511). The regular monthly cabaret slot at the Gilded Balloon continues with Burns and Nunn. a comedy double act from San Fransisco. seen at last year's lidinburgh Festival and w ith an impressive track record on the cabaret circuit. and Scottish cabaret performer Susie Maguire. who pliesa lovely line iii character comedy.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 \Vest Bow. 226 2633. Box Office Tue—Sat lliam-8pm; Sun 6— llipm. Bar. Rest.

Brendon Nash Fri 18 k Sat 1‘) Mar. llipm. £3 (£2). Brendon Nash. brother ofGreg Nash (\s ho is well-know n in the dance world in Scotland for his witty .energetic choreography and has itist had a show presented at the Troii's Dance Week ) is also a performer and has been on the London cabaret circuit for awhile. Described by City T.II)lll\ as ‘warm and committed. without being pretentious". his new soloshow goes by the pithy titleof Quiek l’hy‘llis. (iral) .-1 Dy'keand Dance Your H'tly' ()111. [Cs :1 Rut-(l.


Scottish Student Drama Festival Cabaret See separate listings.


r LASGDW Performance

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE Washington Street. 221 4526.

Joint Action 31 Mar. 7.30pm. A second chance to see this compilation of choreographers premiered at the Tron's Dance Week. Rosina Boiisti has collaborated with Cheryl Strong. Tamara McLorg and Heather Munson on three pieces based on lnteriors Interiors of Africa. Interiors of the Mind and Van Gogh's Interior.

I TRON THEATRE 63 Trongatc. 552 4267 8. Box Office Tue—Sat noon—8pm :Sun 12.3(1—1 lpni. Closed Mondays.

Tron Dance Week Ttie 15~Sun 21) Mar. Hot on the heels ofThird liye's season of dance. the Tron bring togetheranother week of contemporary work. In contrast however. the Tron's selection has been taken mainly from the work of Scottish groups and individuals. with two visitors. Katie Duck. making her Glasgow debut and Transitions from the Laban Centre.

22The List 18 31 March 1988