London. See below for details. Tickets £35” non-members. £2.50 members. it offeither of these as concession. Special season and group tickets available. NB concs do not apply on t-‘ri Sat.

Katie Duck and Group 0 Thurs 17 Mai. spin. (‘urreritlv artist-in-residence at Dartington College of Art. Katie Duck comes to (ilasgovs for the first time vs ith an hour long improvisation. She is joined by Alessandro ('ertiiii who is making the trip specially from Amsterdam for the performance and tvv o innsicians who fuse sound and text.

Transitions Fri 18 Mai . 8pm. A groupof Laban Centre post-graduates perform this year's work. This will be the second time thev have visited (ilasgovs.

Family Ties—Rotating Dancers Silt is). Sun 20 Mar. 8pm. Rotating Dancers continue a theme previously seen in their project—work ()n this occassion the) are working in conjunction with the Dolphin Arts Group.


I GARNETBANK SCHOOL Reiitrcvs Street. Contemporary 'l‘uesdav s 7- Spin ss ith Jane Simpson. £2. 33-1 33-19t'oi'iiito.

I HILLHEAO HIGH SCHOOL ()aktield Ave. Contemporary Dance H—‘).3llptlt. {2. Thursday evenings with liiona Aldcrriiaii. Some experience necessary. Contact 334 1657’ for further details.

Jazz Thursday evenings (v.3(L-Spin. 1.2. Contact Karen I’asi 334 4777‘ for further details,

I STEPS OUT 2h] West Princes Street. 33l 293].

Tuesday Classeslunior contemporary class( 12 vears and over ) at (v 7piiiand adult jau at 2. [5—8.3(lpiii. l’r ices below Wednesday Class AdultCUttIClltlhll'al} class at b—T3tlpni.

Steps Out (‘lasses run until 23 March. Adults £2 £1..luniors Ll .Stl.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 35tlSatichiehall Street 332 "52].

Paul Claydon 22» 25 Mar ltl 30am -tltltltl. (lnt Adv). 23 Mar ~--.\.3(lprn (Open) l’aul Clayton has danced vs itli 23 Skidoo. Mantis. Second Stride and Sue Daviesaiid Dancers. lie has been composing and recording vs ith Del ('ollie since WM and is a verv experienced teacher.

See CUL'RSLS section alter t;dirih=.-';:ii fordetailsofliastcraiidspecialcouiwc i2. (ilasgovv'.


Classes . ASSEMBLY ROOMS 5-1 (ieorge Street.

225 Nil-I.

Dance Classes t “hill 22 March. 5.2 it pct class. New season ofclasses b_v a number of teachers taking a variety of techniques. No experience required. 21 Mar Contemporary with Paul ('liivtltiri 22 Mar Jazz, with Sheridan Nicol.

Courses and Summer Schools I DANCE lNTD THEATRE lziiglish Dance

Theatre. Dance (it) . l’eel Lane. Newcastle Nlil 4DW. July-ti Aug.

A summer school which promises to be worth the cost. including tuition by .lack) Lanslev (new director of tingliin Dance Theatre). Rosemary Butcher (one of Britain's leading New Dance choreographers). Laurie Booth (known internationally for his work in movement theatre ) and Rose English (a performance artist who has worked from both epic and personal perspectives). £12“ (£85) not including accomodation.

I EASTER COURSE .It)t'ddl‘.lllll ( ‘ollcge of Education. Southbiac Drive. Contact Glasgow Independent Dance. 23 Grosvenor Lane. (i 12. l‘elz334 4536 to enroll and for details. S—UApril. l()am—5.3(lpm.

A course in technique. improvisation and choreography with the two well-known

teachers l.lo_vd New son and Irene lltiltman. t.viitis;i_v .lohn (experimental work l. Lv ii Deiiton (T'ai ('hi ) and Lucia Walker (Contact Improvisation) vsill also teach. The course vs ill be run on two levels. (or adv pro dancers and forthose vs ith experience in other tornisof movement torms (T'ai Chi. Martial Arts etc. ). £25 ( for participants based in Scotland) £05 for non-Scottish participants.


10.30am» l .3tlpm. l’hone (Ht 334 4830 for venue detailsand price.

liva Karczag is a daiiceiiiaker and teacher working with release andiiiipimisation techniques and is a qualified teacher of Alexander. She is a IUIllTCT nieiiiberot London Festival Ballet. Richard Alston's ‘Strider‘ and the Trisha Biow ii Dance (.‘ompanv (New York). A set} popular teacher.

I MICHAEL S. LINEHAN l l_v ndland Secondarv . Clarence Drive to. l’Apr. ltlam~5pni Contact Natural Dance Workshop. 15 White Street. (ilasgovv 33-1 42(33 for bookings and tuither details

A dancer. acrobat and Black Belt Aikido iiitructoi'. the Canadian Linehan stops in (ilasgovs on a tour ot Europe. llis vsorkshops called Learn to Fly" are open to anyone vs ith some previous experience ot'dancc or other movement forms. Fee Lib.

I HOSINA BOHSU Glasgow Arts Centre. Washington Street.

A four day course in dance and drama. 28-;“13ldl. lilaiii—Jpni. £25 (£20).

I SCOTTISH CHOHEOGHAPHIC FESTIVAL .lordanhill College of Education. tilasgow _ 3U April—«2 Ma}

Siobhan Davies. ex—Londoii Contemporary and a much respected choreographer vs hose vs oi'k has been teaturcdoii television and seen around the world. is this _veai "s Ai tistic Diiector. She isioined by Philippc tiiradeau (ex 2nd Stride). l’aul Clavdoii (cs Mantis and 2nd Stride). l’aul Douglas ( LCDil'soloist). ('arels ii (iav inles Basic Spaceland Peter Ros stoii ( Dundee Dance Theatre). For Hit first time iii its seven year life. the lestlhil will run over three days and is ii..;edilv|_v good value at iiiil}'£2(l(£l5)iill in There will be a presentation of work in tlic Crass turd 'I heattc. Jordanhill and a selection vs ill be chosen to be shown at the (iaiden l'estival on the last da_v. For full details and application for iiis contact (heivl Strong. I7 l’arkhill Road. (ilasgow . (losing date I April.

Dominic Snyder. a young Scottish painter best known torhis portraits otiazzmen. has recently been designing material lor dance. He is the hand behind the brochures torTron Dance Week and the Scottish Choreographic Festival (illustrated here). See this issue's dance listings for excellent classes and courses by visiting artists. This kind of activity creates a backbone for dance in Scotland and should be supported.




March 22—April 17, 7.30pm THE TRAVERSE THEATRE COMPANY in association with FOCUS THEATRE COMPANY SCOTLAND in THESTRAWCHAIR by SueGlover r s

£4.50/£ (rvus, ue4o, OAP) VA: It " Full season and subscription detailsfrom " 1 7‘

Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group presents The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of MACBETH!

A Comedy by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin jnr

in Adam House Theatre. Chambers Street Tues 22nd—Sat 26th March at 8pm Soec'al performance 0": Sat 1ch 7 ad of the Greylrrars Km Internatvor‘la‘ Aooea Tickets £3 (£2.50); All seats £2.50 on Tues 22 Man. it from Usher Hall Box Oftice(03i 668 2019); also Theatre one hour before performance (031 225 3744)

(LllNNlCSS S(l(_)'l"l'l.\‘ll i3.-\'l'

A stunningly beautiful production ofCranko’s celebrated ballet, rich in drama and spectacle. Prokofiev’s sublime score captures all the passion and ecstasy of these most famous of star-crossed lovers.

20—23 APRIL 1988 EDINBURGH PLAYHOL'SE 0315572590

The , CO 511


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