I MacGregor‘s Gathering Festival Club Debating Hall. llzirii—IZ.3ilpiii. Free. Doorsopen l lam. Be seated by 11.3ilam. Live transmission of Jimmy Mac(iregor's daily BBC Scottish roundup. I Lunchtime Concert Festival (‘lub Teviot Bar. 1—2.15pm. Free. Open stage to Matt Armour. Well known Iiast (‘oast of Scotland songwriter guitarist with a big voice and enthusiasm toch everyone joining in.

I Concertina Forum Festival ('lub Sportsman's Bar. 1—4pm. £2(£l.5il). Presented by Whistlebinkies“ Stuart Eydmann concertina player and researcher into its social history in Scotland. Talks from Neil Wayne. collector and historian of the instrument. and

restorer collector Stephen Chambers. Plus music from a number of players on leather ferrets ofall sizes. and a display of instruments front the early 19th century prototypes to the newest models.

I The Singing Kettle George Square Theatre. 2.30—4pm. £2 (children £1.50). Cilla Fisherand Artie Trezise. husband and wife singers from Fife have evolved a wonderful kid‘s musical audience involvement and performance. Their albums sell well. and they take it on the road aided by multi musician Gary Coupland.

I Teatime Concert Festival Club Teviot Bar. 5.30—6.45pm. Freefi Len Graham and Gary O'Briain. Sec 31st.

I Piping Festival Concert Reid Concert Hall. Bristo Square. 7—9pm. £3.50 (£3). The pipes ofthe British Isles. Gordon Mooney plays and isthe authority on the music and history of Scottish bellows blown Small and Border pipes. Roddy MacDonald is a leading Highland piper. with a Hebridean background. Adrian Schoiield is ayoung iconoclast from the world of Northumbrian smallpiping. and Sean Potts carries on his family‘s prominent role in Irish music. playing the complex Uillean pipes.

“N m


IThe MacCalmans and Friends I‘L'Slly al (‘lub Debating l lall.

“.3” lilpm. free by ticket only. BBC recording. no admittance alter ".Sllpm. Tickets Irom I’estiy al box office or BBC ( ilasgow in advance. With the Macs are great guitarists Stetan Grossman and John Renbourne. Shetland band Horn Bru; Songwriter. fiddler and guitarist who toursthe world regularly from his l)unkeld hast-Dougie MacLean. and the humandynamo. ironic. sharp and can'tgetthewordsout fastenough Rory McLeod. IThe Scotsman Concert ()ueens l lall. ('lerk Street. 73o lilpm. £4 (£3). Irish singer Tommy Sands and the first Scottish appearance since 197‘) for that enduring mtisical export The Tannahill Weavers. Formerly a lock-up-your- daughters motorway band. they hay e upped their musical content tremendously over the last few years.

I International Ceilidh Dance ()uecns 1 tall. ('lerk Street. 10.30pm lam. £3.51). Reelin and Rockin

Ben Wyvis And The Last


The guitar playing singerol

Scottish songs seems to have been around for ever.

But it's taken onlythirty yearsto createthe

. stereotype. The nation‘s

most rewarding performers.

each with a unique

sensibility and vocal style.

9 are Dickoaughan(3rd). 5 Archie Fisher. doubting as

Festival Director. (29th). and Rod Paterson. who will

j also bring a Iew musicians

TannahilIWeavers(1st)are '

with him the same night. Capercallle (30th) and the

Resort. You can‘t stand

still. Bagpipe boogaloo. I Festival Cabaret Festival (‘lub Park Room. l(I.3inm—elam. £3 (£2.50). Hadden. Clarkand McKinnon are down front Aberdeen to cross blues with celtic music. Singer. harmonica player and mover Rory McLeod will fry you to your seats with his full voltage performance.


I GuitarMasterclass l~estiyal (’IubSporisman's Bar. lilam 3pm. £12.50. Book in advance. The best of instruction from John Renbourne and Stelan Grossman. Sponsored by (iordon Simpson Music. Stafford Street.

I Piping Festival Workshop Festival ( ‘lub Debating llall. lilam 3pm. 30p at door. Meet the pipemakcrs. ask aw kward questions. Displays. demonstrations and talks. I Dance Workshop Festival (‘lub Wine Bar. llv13.3ilprn.£l.5ilat door. Scottish Folk Dance with James MacDonald Reid.

IThe Singing Kettle (ieorge Square Theatre. 11— 13.30pm. £3 (£1.50). Cilla Fisher. Artie Trezise and Gary Coupland get the steam up in this musical event directed at children and scoring hits with all the adults.

I Lunchtime Concert Festival ('lub 'I‘eviot Bar. 1—2. 15pm. Free. Tunes and songs on guitar with fiddle and flute courtesy of Aberdeen's Hadden. Clark and McKinnon.

two oithe mostsuccesstul Scottish bands. continually on the road. in Europe and the US. The Iormer have the


otAnton Kirkpatrickand exceptional voice at Karen Mathieson.

All the above will seem too dull to the likes otthe Panic Brothers and Malcolms Interview.

Emerging out olpunklollt andthenewPogueorder. acoustic instruments. black

clothes. a rock and roll attack and a radical humanity are Ingredients in the Special Delivery concert (26th).

F E s T iv A L 25 hI/Iarch —3April 1088

10 days of music, song and dance centred around the YOUNGER’S



Featured artists include

Amos & Rocks * Balham Alligators t Ben Wyvis & The Last Resort * Capercaillie * Ceolbeg Drinkers’ Drouth * Big Joe Duskin * John Ellis & his Highland Country Band * Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise with Gary Coupland * Tich Frier * Dick Gaughan * Len Graham & Garry ()‘Briain Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn * Deborah Henson-Conant * Mike Heron Band t Lizzie Higgins * Hom Bru * Trevor Hunter * Jimmy Hutchison * Billy Jackson/John Martin/ Tony Cuffe Norman Kennedy * The Kipper Family * Danny Kyle * Jez Lowe & Jake Walton t Malcolm’s Interview it Michael Marra * Brian Miller & Charlie Soane t Hamish Moore & Dick Lee * The McCalmans * Dougie MacLean * Rory McLeod Iain MacPhail & his Scottish Dance Band Kristen Nogues * Panic Brothers * Rod Paterson Dave Peabody * Sean Potts * Tommy Sands Willie Scott * Seannachie * Sileas * The Sirens Davy Steele * Swamptrash * Tannahill Weavers Allan Taylor * Kathryn Tickell * Jane Turriff The Wild Cigarillos * Steve Young and many others

For full programme please send 80/) P. 0. / Cheque to EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL 16a Fleshmarket Close. Edinburgh EH1 IBX Tel: ()31 220 (I464

fflJTEK ava/NWKW

_lIIIHI )III\IH Hi Hills/nut ItIII H II)

The Scottish Arts (Jere.


The List 18— 31 March 1988 27