Quecnsferry Road. 332 2442. 2.30—5.30pm.

IJimmy Wood Trio Platform i.Rutland Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime.

I Alter Eight Mince Oddfellows. Forrest Road. Evening.

I Knights Of Jazz Wine Glass. Newington Road. 667 6868. Evening.

I That Swing Thong (‘afe Biarritz. Frederick Street. 225 5244. Evening. Six piece jump jive vocals and swing group. I Jazz Machine Minto Hotel. 16 Minto Street.6671534.8—11pm.

I Basin Street Stampers Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1066. Evening. Trad and Dixieland venue.

I Waverley Jazz Band Marina Hotel. lnverleith Row. 552 2563. 9—1 1.30pm. Traddies.

MONDAY 28 Glasgow

I Dave Wilson And The Uptown Shufflers Hobsons. 573 Sauchichall Street. Evening. Light. entertaining mainstream jazz. Songs too.


I Edinburgh Jazz Duartet Coppers. Cockburn Street. 225 1441. Evening.

I Jim Petrie Duartet Starbank lnn. Newhaven. 552 4141. Evening.

I East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park Terrace. 331 9922. Evening. 9—12pm. Resident Trad band.

I Brian Johns Rutland Hotel. Rutland Street. 2293042. Evening.



I Bobby Wishart Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. Evening. Leading Scottish saxman. resident band. Crowded. I Zeke’s Jan Company De Quincey‘s. Renfield Street. 333 0633. 9pm.


I Swing '88 Mail Shovel. Cockburn Street. 225 6843. Evening. Four piece Django with reeds.

I Andy Thorburn Shore Bar. The Shore. Leith. Evening. Solo piano. Stride. boogie. standards and rock and roll.

I Criterion Jazz Band Fat Sam‘s. Fountainbridge. Evening.

I Knights Of Jazz Engine Room. Queensferry Street Lane. Evening.

I Peristalsis Brothers Negociants. Bristo Square. Evening. Forties and fifties popular swing songs and brass.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Navaar House Hotel. Mayfield (iardens. 667 2828. Evening.

I West End Jazz Band Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening. Trad.

WEDNESDAY 30 Glasgow

I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo Glasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 8.30pm. 50p. Bar.


I Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening. The trad venue.

I Tam White Negociants. Bristo Square. 225 6313. 9pm. Soul/blues. with a small band.

I Alex Shaw Trio Coppe rs, Cockburn Street. 225 1441. Evening.

I Charlie McNair’s Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. Evening. I Brian Johns Rutland Hotel. Rutland Street. 229 3042. Evening.

I Fat Sam’s Jazz band Fat Sam‘s. Fountainbridge. Evening.

THU RSDAY 31 Glasgow I Blues Night Riverside Club. Fox Street.


Formed in the States in 1975, Pere Ubu did more than anyone else of their time to confound people's expectations of what to expect from a rock, even an art-rock, band. Unhappy relations broke up the band in 1982, leaving behind a legacy oi live excellent studio LPs and leaving irontman David Thomas free to follow yet more idiosyncratic paths with groups like The Pedestrians (the name continuing the old Ubu obsession with walking) and The Wooden Birds. Lately, however, they have drifted back together again to their old ians’ delight, and play their only Scottish date at the Edinburgh Venue on Tuesday 22.

Through it all, Thomas has been portrayed by others as some kind of oddball, paradoxically thought of as a step apart from the audience he so much wants to reach. He feels it’s important to explain his music, but his genial manner is interrupted by frighteningly deep sighs when he feels

2483144. Evening. £2. With BoWeevil. I Spike Bayne And The Jazz Organics Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. Evening.


I Bill Kyle's Jazz Pool 1.'Att-aehe Wine Bar. Shandwick Place. 9pm. Free. Modern Jazz. For further info phone Bill Kyle on 557 51 l 1 (day) or 2296552ieve). I Waverley Jazz Band Raeburn Bar. Raeburn Place. 332 6345. Evening.

I Russian Roulette (‘aie Biarritz. Frederick Street. 225 5244. Evening. Five piece swingers.

I Graham Blamire Jazzers Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening. ITexas Breakfast (‘afe Biarritz. Frederick Street. 225 5244. Evening.

I Criterion Jazz Band Fat Sam's. Fountainbridge. Evening.

I Jazz Machine Minto Hotel. to Minto Street. 667 1534. 8- 1 1pm.

I Shore Jazz Shore Bar. The Shore. Leith. 553 5080. Evening. Sax and rhythm section in bar restaurant.

I Beroda Swing Maxics Bistro. Nicolson Street. 6670845. Evening. Threesome with violin. guitar and vocals. Bar and Restaurant.

I Templehall Stampers Temple Hotel. Esplanade. Joppa. 669 4264. Evening. Trad and dixie residents.

I Jimmy Gilmour Group Bandwagon. Morrison Street. Evening.

I Gordon Fytfe Trio Afton Hotel. Grosvenor Crescent. 225 6033. Evening.

he isn’t expressing himself concisely


enough. Especially when we start on Ubu's reputation for being a ‘weird’ band. Thomas knows exactly where that has come from, and it annoys him.

‘It comes from poor writers, who oftentimes don’t take the trouble to figure out what's going on. What we’re doing isn’t particularly “strange”. The topics of our songs are pretty down-to-earth things. I think one oi the problems is that pop music is supposed to go in a certain way and be simple and simplistic. I mean, the human experience is a very complex thing . .. Within this seemingly simple action of talking to somebody on the phone there’s a vast range of things that are going on.’

There's a vast range of things going on in David Thomas’s head when I speak to him, if only space could permit his full response to the ‘weird’ tag his band has picked up. Not only is it lazy, I venture, but it's not a very specific way oi capturing the effect on




I Danny Wilson and Citizen Kane (ilztsgow School of Art. 167 Renfrew Street. 9pm. Students and guests only. See feature elsewhere this issue.

I The Men They Couldn‘t Hang and The Fire Next Time (ilasgow College of Technology. (‘owcaddens Road. 9pm. Students and guests only. See panel.

I Goodbye Mr Mackenzie. Buddy Curtess and The Grasshoppers. Slide and The River Detectives Queen Margaret linion. L'niversity (iardens. 9pm. Students and guests only. See panel.

I The River Detectives Strathclyde University Union. 901ohn Street. 9pm. See panel.

I Pendragon The Venue. Sauchichall Street. 332 3872. 11pm. They have been around for ages. and can loosely be put under the banner of ‘progressive' rock. And they are certainly as good as most if you like that sort ofthing. Not high on my list of priorities for tonight.

I Underworld Rooftops. 92 Sauchichall Street. 332 5883.


I Asian Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. You‘re probably fed up hearingabout

the listener.

‘Yeah. . . well, even that i’m not sure is relevant. Because a lot of music journalism is very relative and personalised, Lester Bangs sort oi school, and I don’t think that’s particularly valid either. You know, the job of a journalist it seems to me is to ask people what they’re doing, why they're doing it and, What do you mean by this? And ask questions like, Does this particular album have worth? Does it have value? In other words, serious criticism, like you give to other art forms. in the end it’s pretty simple to me. You have to ask yourself what music is.‘

in this instance that’s not as frightening a question as it sounds, considering the two models Thomas presents. Model A: An evening with a close friend, opening up to each other, going home feeling good, knowing that the experience has had a real value, a social exchange on a deep intimate level. Model B: Somebody walks into your house, harangues and lectures you for two hours and then walks out again. ldon’t have much oi a choice there, do 1? Does Model B sound like anyone’s musical ideal?

‘Well, this is the way it should be. Unfortunately, though. Model 8 seems to be more the norm. So it that is what music is supposed to be, this intimate social exchange, you need to approach it that way, on lots of different levels. i'm not sure if that’s the answerto your question, but that’s the answer to what i thought the question was.’

At this point the stressed phone lines give up completely, forcing the subject to a close. British Telecom's opinion on meaningful exchanges was heard and noted. (Mab)

bands destined to be the biggest thingto come out oi Ireland since 1.2. but here's anotherone. Jake BttrnsofSl.Fsays they're his favourite lrish band. ifthat's the kind of recommendation you feel you can‘t ignore.

I Jesse Rae and The Thistles Student Union. Teviot Row. £2. Studentsand guests only. Jesse always puts on a good show . and if you haven‘t seen him by now you really should. This is where I‘ll be tonight.

I Good and Gone Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free. Fansof Beefheart and Tom Waits should find themselves quite at home with (iood and (ione‘s no-nonsense R&B.

I Sponge Twilight Zone (‘lulx Moray House Student Union. llolyrood Road.



The List is looking for one or more totally reliable nightclub correspondents, with a flair for writing, to keep our expanding Nightlife page in touch with the fast-changing nightclub and disco scene in Glasgow. Expect peanuts for pay, but it should be fun. Write only, with day and evening phone number, to The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

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