I The Backroom at Shady Ladies. 10.30pm-3am. £2. Lively club playing contemporary music and popular classics. (iood even for the change in selection

I BusterBrowns lli.3lipm—-1am.£3.50. Half price adtnission and drinks before 11pm. Worthwhile night with steady youthful crowd. Buster Browns’

I'nder- 18s disco. 7—l0pm. See Fri.


I Chaplins at Finsbury Park‘s Night Club. 2am~6am. £5 for initial membership and then absolutely free admission thereafter. I Cinderellas Hockerfellas 9pm—3am. £2 before Ilpnt;£2.502dter(50ptuifor Members). (iames. prizes and giveaways. |A][ND][.\"1']

I Coasterso3ttp. 10pm. £1.50. tinder lb’s‘ alcohol-free disco live acts most weeks. I Dillingers 10pm 4am. £2 before 1 1pm; £3 after. Stephen (iray distributingthc sounds for a nippy Saturday atmosphere. [N1)][N'1‘][A]

I Edgars lllpm— 4am. £2 before midnight; £3 after. Membership forms for the suitably impressed available at the door. I Fire Island 1 lprn 3.30. £3 (£2before 11.15pm). iii-NRO and Furobeat sounds brunt

I Goombay Deal at the Barbados Suite (Coasters). ltlpin-r-3am. £2. See Fri.

I Hard Rock Cafe at the Venue.

9pm~ 2.30am. £1 . A new home for the club that used to operate out ofthe old Nite Club. DJ Mike Sword stresses that awide range of rock will be played and live bands will appear in the future.

I Hit the Panic Button! at Chambers Street l'nion. 7pin—- lam. Happy Hours 8—9pm. Free for students: guests (max of2)50p. Mainstream student dance tracks.

I Kangaroo Club at The Mission.

10.30pm 3am. £2. Very popular soul hip hop funk venue where vanity takes on a sweaty exterior.

I The Hooch at Coasters. 10.30pm-4am. £2. With Drinks Promotions most weeks. DJ's Yogi Naughton and Warren Thomson as Jazz l-‘unk greats hold sway over soul funk punters.

I Madisons 10pm—-4am. £1 .50 before 10.30pm: £3 after. Busiest nightat


The Twilight Zone at Moray House: currently every third Friday— but watch Nighlite for details. 9pm—2am. 50p (students and claimants tree).

Despite the disadvantage of being hosted in the drab confines of Moray House Union in Holyrood Road, a new Edinburgh club the Twilight Zone has got off to a more than promising start.

The club, run by Ian Stewart (of the Helicopter Spies) with help lrom Lenny Hesling (of the Thanes) resembles a cross between the Snakepit and the Underground - two famous clubs of yore. For younger readers the former was a very popular bastion of 60s' psychedelia, while the latter- Edinburgh‘s best-ever punk club- otfered countless nights of Snakebite and Killing Joke records.

At the Twilight Zone you can expect The 13th Floor Elevators, The Flaming Groovies and The Chocolate Watch Band to line up alongside Joy Division, The Huts and Buzzcocks on the turntables. Add a topping of ‘industriaI‘-type sounds and you've got a club which is amazingly eclectic by Edinburgh standards. The clientele mirrors the broad music policy though there is a slight majority oi GDs’ devotees.

So, it you can keep your mind off the barn-like surroundings the Happy



Madisons. playing similar sort of music to Fridays.

I Outer Limits at Coasters. 10.30pm-4am. £2 before 11pm: £3.50 after. Coasters with its main club Outer Limits has recently been award the Club Mirror best Scottish disco by the trade magazine sponsored by Pepsi. [NT]

I Hokko's 8pm—3am (Happy Hours 8—11pm). Free before 11pm; £3 after.

I Top 0' the Walk ‘The Roof Garden' disco at Club 25. 8pm-2am. See Fri for prices. A slightly older mix of sounds on a Saturday. 1ND!

I Zenatec 10pm—4am. £2.50 before 11.30pm: £4 after. Very comfortable upmarket joint. Over 21 with fast car accessories sittingoutside. [A]


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. 8—11pm. Free. Cheap drinks and free mixers!

I Bennets llpm—3am. £2. Mainly Gay with l li-NRG music. ‘The Sunday Club'— whieh means spirits at 50p and pints at 75p.

I Club Recharge at Hollywood Studios. ‘)pm-3am. £2. Soul Night. Doubles forthe price of singles. Club Recharge.

I Disco Viva l 1pm—3am. £1.50. Resident Sunday hard rock band James Barnes and Cochise present ‘Freedom or Nothing'.

I Fresh 88 at The Cotton Club. llpm~3.30am. £3.50. New to the cotton club for '88. the club run by Colin Barr which used to be at Joe Paparazzi.

I Follies l lpm—3am. £3. Cheap drinks. I Fuddrukkers at Cleopatras. llpm—2.30am. £1. A mixed sound (leaning to alternative) presented by Bennets’ DJ. Craig Davis.

I Henry Atrika‘s1t).3()pm—4am.£3. Follows under 18s disco with Tiger Tim. I Hollywood Studios 10pm—3am. £2. All beers including cans £1 . Double spirits for the price of asingle.

I Joe Paparazzi 11pm—3.30am. £3.50. ‘Sunday Club‘ with DJ Paul Welsh.

Hour from 9 till 10pm is the best recommended antidote - a lively night out awaits. (Andy Crabb)


1. Thirteenth Floor Elevators: Fire Engine

2. The Velvet Underground: What Goes On

3. The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

4. The Stooges: I Wanna Be Your Dog

5. The Damned: Neat Neat Heat

6. The Small Faces: Tin Soldier

7. Subway Sect: Nobody’s Scared

8. Wire: Reuters

9. The Monkeys: Pleasant Valley Sunday 10. The Doors: Hello, I Love You Compiled by Ian Stewart and

Lenny Helsing.

Slightly more alternative in flavour.

I The Kennel Club at Tin Pan Alley. 11pm—3am. Soul club night. Beer at 60pa pint. spirits. 40p. Sun 27: Nitro Belux.

I Night Shift at the Warehouse. 11pm-3.30am. £3.50. House music and the soul chart. All drinks under 70p; spirits 50p.

I Palomino Club 9pm—3am. £3. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax 10.45pm—3.30am. £3. Soul and mixed chart music with resident DJs. Tommy Arnold or Raymond Dauren.

I Ten Bob Bop at Fury Murrys.

11pm—3am. 50p. Cheap drinks and ten bob (old money) entrance. with the new Sunday club at Furys. Old Soul/Dance music. I Rattles1(1.3(L2am.£2.5(). Disco sounds with DJ. Roddy (no relation) Stewart. Vodka and lager. 60p. I Wicked Sunday at Follies. 11pm—3am. Vodka. Gin. Whisky and lager— all40p.

I Zico's l0pm-3am. £2. Chart based disco sounds but watch out for the planned 70s‘ night.


I The Amphitheatre 10pm—3am. £2. Half price before 11pm. 6 Mar: Final ofMiss Coronation Inns with holiday prize for the winner. 13 Mar: Mr Body Beautiful. [A] [ND] I Buster Browns 10—4am. £2. Halfprice admission and drinks before 11pm. A soulful Sunday with a great atmosphere. the best night to make your first visit to Buster Browns. [A] I Cinderellas Hockertellas 10pm-2am.£2 before 11pm; £2.50after. 50p drinks. [A] [ND] INTI I Dillingers 10pm—late. £2. £1 for students with matric cards plus the added bonus of draught beers and spirits for 60p. I Edgars 10pm—3am. £2. Trial run for drinks at 60p can‘t be bad. I Fire Island 10.30pm—2.30am. £2.80 (£1.90before 10.45pm). Standard Hi-HRG usually supplemented by cabaret. I Outer Limits at Coasters. 10.30pm-3.30am. Student Special Free entry before 11.30pm just show your matric card otherwise £1 before 11pm: £2 after. 20 Mar: live band ‘Modern Rocketry'. distinctive English disco sound. [NT] IWortthouse 10.30pm—3.30am. £2. A broad mixture of house. funk and soul hosted by DJs Scott and Craig. I Zenatec Super Sunday Surprize. 10pm—3.30am. £2. Nightclub disco with Holiday Raffle T-shirts and bubbly for consolation prizes. Free entry tickets can be found in various public houses and wine bars.


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. 8.30pm—midnight. Free. 60s and 70s sounds. Cheap vodka.

I Club Africa at Henry Afrika‘s. 11pm—3.30am. £1 before midnight; £3 after. _

I House and Garage Club at Tin Pan Alley. 11pm—3am. £1 with ticket available from the club and surrounding pubs. Cheap Red Stripe and Southern Comfort.

I Streetbeat at the Warehouse. 11pm—3.30pm. £4. David Walters with the latest chart and beat sounds.

I Palomino Club 9pm—3am. £2. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax 11.30pm—3.30am. £3. Mainly Gay night. DJ Raymond Dauren.


I Blue Monday at Fire Island.

I 1pm—2.30am. £1.20 (70p before 11.15pm). Predominantly ‘straight' night with goth/punk favourites and compulsory Hi-encrgy. Overwhelming lighting system.

I Hokko's 8pm—3am. Free (Happy Hours

8—1 1pm). ‘Edinburgh's newest discox‘diner' the ads say. It remains to be seen how much of a facelift the former ‘Rumours‘ has been given.

TUESDAYS n Glasgow

I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. Free. 80s disco sounds. Cheap drinks.

I Bennets llpm—3am. Alternative mix with less of an emphasis on gay than at other times in the week.

I Chinese Night at Mardi (iras. llpm~3.30am. £3.50. Disco night for the Chinese community.

I Club China at Henrv Afrika's.

1 1pm 3.30am. £1 before midnight; £3 alter.

I Jo-Jo's Gay Night at 'l‘in I’an Alley. 10.30—3am. 50p with ticket. £1 without. Eurobeat and Hi-NRU music. (‘heap vodka.

I Palomino Club 9pm—3am. £2. Disco sounds.

I Streetbeat at the Warehouse. 11pm—3.30pm. £4. David Walters with the latest chart and beat sounds.




Compiled by first class radio and club promotion on 11 March 1988.

i. l

1(1)Beat 'OisBomb The BassMisIer—rmt 2(2)l Should Be So LuckyKylie Minoguel’Wl.

3(3)Cross My Broken HeartSinittal‘kmfare 4(5)Get Outta My CarBilIy Ocean/ire 5(6)Together ForeverRick AstleyR( 'A 6(7)Doctorln' The Housec‘oldeuet ()0 ’l‘ 7(8)Who's Leaving Who! Iazell Deanl-jMI 8(4)Tell It To My Heart'l‘aylor DayneArisIa 9(13)That's The Way It ISMel and KimSupreme

10(19)Goodgroovel)erek BMUI.

11(9)l Think We're Alone Nov/Tiffany!le 12(10)Hok Da HouseBeatmasters and Cookie CrewR King

13(15)Fascinated ('88 Hemix)(‘ompzrny BBluebird

14(-)l Know You Got SoulL-Lrec Band RakimCou/Iempo

15(20)Heartbreak AvenueJamie

Dean Uptown

15(18)LiesAmanda ScottQuazer 17(-)Hookies RevengeLou.S‘tq;reme 18(-)Just A erageJellybean( 'hrysulis 19(15)BoysSabrinalhiza

20(-)Daby Wants To RideJamie Principalffrr 21 (14)C0000nTimerider[.Ls.v(m 22(17)Spy In The Housewzis- Not wasl-mtrana

23(21)Gimmle Hope Jo'annatiddy (irantlce 24(24)Savin' Mysele ria Fachin.S'aIurday 25(25)Shake Your Lovel)ebbie

Gibson/1 Ilanlic

AO'I’he List 18— 31 March 1088