New Cafe Bar Wholesome food

for around £2 11am 1 1 pm

44—46 Ashton Lane,

Glasgow 041 334 8899




334 7111


73,0uuu srun, GLASGOW. 221 2200 A R D E N


For private iunctions contactAIlan or Scott



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80 Queen St. Edinburgh EH2 4M 1612031120 1238 I‘ve I'ieatre ITH‘HL.

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Suggestions for where to eat before the curtain goes up in Glasgow. a selection of the best in Edinburgh bistros. and that rare species. the child-conscious restaurant.


Prices in brackets are the cost 01 a three-course meal iortwo ADULTS. plusa bottle 01 house wine.

Child Welfare

I Pierrots Instiuire I louse. 148—. ( iteat \Vestern Road. Anniesland ( ‘t‘oss, 334910]. Mon lhurs noon 2.3llpm; l'ri. Sat noon opm. sztremely children-Iiiendly

eate diner lhc menu announces ‘( ~lnldren yer} welcome .-\swellas reasonably priced

lay ourites such as burgers. pix/as cyencgg.beans andclnps ehrldrenunder Ill. w lien accompanied by an adult. can hay e a main course L‘Utlipletely lree. 'l‘hey also feature "I‘he ls'idst‘age' playpensand toys to keepyour enchantingoffspringout of your hair (£15) IJoe's Garage 5: Barn.- Street. 339 5h 17.

Mon Sun noon midnight. An established “est-11nd haunt . still htisy and fashionable. with an enlightened attitude towai ds children. w ho can choose small helpings ()I' burgers. chicken nuggets. plus specially reduced portions of all the sweets. Hits. of course. beans and more beans. (£18)

I DiMaggios nus l’ollokshaws Road. (132 4194 and Ruthy en Lane. 334 85bit, Mon l‘ri

noon 2.3llpmand

5pm midnight; Sat

noon midnight; Sun

5pm midnight. Both l)t.\laggios' branchesare happy to accommodate weans they eanorder hall portionsofanything on the menu. 'I'he hustling. cheery atmosphere seems to appeal to children. who can plaster tliemselyes with pastas and gooey

puddingsto theirlittle hearts‘ content. (£20)

I The Ubiquitous Chip 1: Ashton Lane. 334 5067. Mon—Sat noon—2.30pm and 5.3(1— l lptn. (‘losed Sun. Although the (hips reputation is built on gourmet local Scottish produce. glarnorotis surroundings. and media patrons. it doesn't ignore small people. The staff will happily set up high chairs. safety beakers and scaled-down yersions of the a la carte dishes. Very tiny times can more often than not expect tocat free. (IL-Ill)

Theatre Locals

The Citizens‘ and the Tron. By hopping to and lro across the suspension bridge. the lollowing restaurants are within easy reach olboth the Citz and Tron:

I The Trading Post (13 ('arlton l’lace. 4293-145. Mon —Sat noon 2.3(lpm; Mon-Sums Itlpm. l.ooneytunes interior talking horse. totem poles. plus individual char grills w here you can barbecue your own tea (you can have it cooked for you. but it‘s not nearly such fun i. The perfect antidote to an eyeningof culture. (£22)

I Change atJamaica (‘lyde Place-129.1422. Mon \Vetl

noon midnightil‘luirs noon- 3am; l-‘ri. Sat noon- 5am. Designer

w rought-iron furnishings and trendy. clubby clientele. open ludicrously late at the weekends. The food is okayish. but they have a yery decent wine list for this level of operation. (£20)

I The Firestation 33 Ingram Street. 552 292‘). Last orders: .\Ion~'l‘hirs midnight; l-ri 12.3(lam: Sat lam; Sun 11.3llpm. (iranite and marble original station decor. featuring. amongst other specials. good fresh pastas. l)eseryes to he busier. (£18)

I Babbity Bowsters lo 18 Blacklriars Street. 552 5055. Mon—Sun: Breakfast 8- 11am; Lunch noon 3pm; Dinner

5- 11.15pm. Babbity's restaurant. airy and informal. concentrates on food with a (‘eltic flavour Irish. Scottish and Breton. Some adventurous tastes at inadycnturous prices. (£22)

I The Blue Note The Briggait. (‘lyde Street. 552 (3027. Mon— Sat

9am midnight; Sun noon—midnight; Fri late licence till lam. Atthe weekend. this busy. inexpensive cafe bar can offer you another post-theatre dose oflive entertainment. You could catch acts like Wildcat‘s

Dave Anderson or the voluptuous. larger-than-life blues singer Madeleine McDonald. (£16) The Mitchell. the King‘s and the Theatre Royal are all in more orlessthe same restaurant catchment area. Thelollowing are recommended: I The Loon Fung417 Sauehiehall Street. 332 12-“). Mon --Sun noon »1 1.30pm. Cavernous. authentic and endearingly patronised by extended ( ~hinesc families grannies lo luibes-in-arms. Another restaurant in w hich to ask about the catch of the day: the turbot in black bean sauce is heaven. (£26) I L‘Arena de Verona 311 313 l lope Street. 332 7728. Mon Sat noon 3pm and 5 11pm; Sun 5— 11pm. Directly facingthe Theatre Royal. and the prettiest of this stripof bars and restaurants. If offers a special pre-theatre menu at £6.95 « good yalue for basic Italian cuisine. Largely theatregoing clientele. (£101.25) I Atholl Arms 13-1 chfield Street. 332 52(15. Mon -Sat 11am-midnight; Sun (1.311 I lpm. Long standing pub. now renoyatetl by the Baby (irand Blue Note team. ()nly ideal pre-theatre as they stop serying food at 5pm. and the punters can become a bit frantic later on. Popular with students from the adjacent new drama school. (£10) I Cale India 171 North Street. 248 4(174.Mon—Sat l lam 2.3tipm and 5pmwmidnight; Sun 5pm- midnight. llandy for the Mitchell. elegant. colonially -inspired Indian brasserie - lotsof palms and a healthy veering away from the \‘indaloo and chips mentality. (£20)


Prices in brackets are the cost of house wine by glass and bottle. and the average cost of a main course.

I The Doric 15 It) Market Street. 225 1084.

Mon -\\'ed noon -Iam; Thurs Fri Sat till 2am. Iixcellent food for carni-yeggie-yores. Seafood specials. menus changed daily. (‘lientele is a hot-pot of the young. beautiful. and journalists. (£1 £5 £3.50)

I Peter's Cellars 11 15 William Street. 2263161. Mon-Thurs

I l.3tlam—midnight:

Fri Sat till lam. Recently overhauled. done up and facelifted. Below street level. relaxed atmosphere. hearty fare. 'l‘wo menus —- lunch and dinner. changed every

55 The List 18— 31 March 1988