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I Watertront Wine Bar 1.- Dock Place. I eith 55-1 "42" Mon llltll\

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The Rogano has always been a lavourite with the more discerning diner. Aperlectdeco landmark, . evoking the glamour and luxury otthe i Thirties, it is Glasgow‘s oldest surviving restaurant. During its ; renovation in 1984. there were those amongst its tans who panicked that its unique atmosphere would be lost, and though the restoration was in tact a vast l improvement, lovingly echoing the ' original leatures, itdid lose the buzz I

trend}. ()u ncd by Ronnie ('orbett‘s brother. it's a boolwcllctN l‘ll\lilL‘\\-lllllcll haunt. but \llll north the it ip ((ost ot a tluec-courseexerting meal tor luo [Tllh unlimited eoltee and a bottle ol house \\ the fill

Kid Conscious

These places willallow breast-leeding. supply highchairs. and give halt portions on some orall dishes.

I Viva MBXlCO lll Anchor (lose. 33h 51-15 Mott Sal noon _‘ .iltpnt.

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(il .i\\lll;lt'l\c'l. -Io Filo.

\lon Sun noon midnight.

laka (lL' bambinm lot Italian pizza or pasta lust lll\c' Mama makesit Relaxed antlchecrtul IFalSam'S'l'hc-UltlMeat \ldi'lxc‘l. l-ouutambmlge. ISM il ll Mon Suit noon iam. l aige .iiitoiiiated puppetssing .iiitltlance ululc you tll_L‘L‘\l\l;tlltl.tltl


pizza-burgcrchildren's grub

IAsha Tandoori Restaurants \Vest Manlantl Street. 239nm)” Mon Sun noon 3pm. 5pm midnight Special lanul} lunches \L'HL'LlUIT S.tllll'tlit}\illltl Sundays. but clultl-lrientlh all through the \\ eek as \\ ell. I Kavios l ('oinmereial Street. l.L‘lllt. 55-1 52": Mon l'hurx

noon 2.30pm.

11.30pm; i'Tl---SUIT noon- 11.30pm. Exciting Italian-burgers. kebabs \\lll1\pttt'klcl\. and the chance to rush mtothe kitchen and create your o“ n pi/la masterpiece. Not tomention a bubble-maclune and munch more IBarltalia lllillolhlan Road. 33‘) 1451 Mon Sun 5pm 2am. Italian pizza place ot the red gingham tablecloth \ariet} . and liientll} \xith it.

I Henderson's Salad Table 94 llanmerStteet. 225 2|31. Mon Sat

Sam I 1pm. For the discerning; parent ctnutter-attackingpoison burgers. llallportionsot hot tllSllL‘\ a\ ailablc tor all. adult or child.

that made it such an experience. . However, under the aegis ol new young . manager, Gordon Yuill, it has now ' recaptured the hearts oi the city.

i Business suits still abound at

l lunchtime, but at night the bar and restaurantarelulloldesignerlabels I and weel-kent theatrical laces. Patrons include Rupert Everett, Simon Callow and Keith Floyd.

While the upstairs restaurant continues to otter the highest quality Scottish seatood at steepish prices, Gordon has now launched a new project in the less lormal downstairs. Cale Rogano is the answer to clients‘ requests tor a lighter, more torward-thinking menu burgers are

I banned, nothing is deep fried and the

i emphasis is on treshness. Also,

I they‘ve geared it so that it is almost

, impossible to spend more than £12 a

5 head (not taking into account personal I excessive drinking behaviour, this is

‘We aim to provide an all-day restaurant, an ideal spot pre or post theatre, with speedy service, but most detinitely not a last lood Operation.

Food can be served within a lunch hour


without having to iorteit quality,‘ says

The menu leatures lresh mussels in pasta, noisettes of lamb and stunning dauphinoise potatoes, with a daily lish special, but the deep tryer hasn't been pensioned ott totally: ‘We are in Glasgow,’ Gordon says resignedly, ‘We will make chips on request.‘

Cale Rogano, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, 041 248 4055. Mon—Fri noon—11pm; Sat noon—midnight.


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MON - SAT: 12 noon

lam SUNDAY: lpme IO 30pm


Phone: 031-225 I726 l

A totally different eating experience

fondue with hot oil or stock

30 Sandport Street Edinburgh Phone 031 554 2921 for reservation.


Tue --Sat (evenings only) Table d'llote and a la (‘arte menus BRASSERIE Seven days: lunchtimesand evenings. Willi- range of meals available.

701.!) FISHMARA’IYIT ‘l ( ’5 I. EDINBURGH ()3/ 23* :13.‘

RliS'l'Al 'l\’.\.\’

.llll \lltllx’i ililll 1H. .t‘i‘.‘. lirmi a In; I';) I

.‘]”’4 \

3 4 Shore. Leith. Tel: (Bl 553 Silh'll


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