Dance enthusiasts among you. those who do it as well as those who watch it. are probably wondering where Focus on Dance has gone. There it was. about this time last year. filling Edinburgh‘s Assembly Rooms with classes. performances and other terpsichorean delights. This year nothing. Well. I‘ll tell you where it‘s gone; Glasgow. to the new premises of the RSAMD. to be precise. and it‘s been moved to 3—1()July. But it‘s not the immaculately equipped studios. the sprung floors. the professional facilities that have attracted Assembly Productions. who mount the Focus on Dance programmes. away from their home base. Nor is it the the seductive grants: £25.000 from Glasgow District Council. and £21000 from Strathclyde Region as against a modest £3.00() from Edinburgh District (‘ouncil (nothing from Lothian. needless to say) last year. No. what has really got up Sarah Hill‘s perfectly formed nose is the way Edinburgh District (‘ouncil give with one hand and take away with the other.

As far as Miss Hill was concerned. ED(‘ offered the Assembly Rooms. which they own. rent-free for the


Robert Dawson Scott reports

event. worth. according to EDC. £9000. The whole event was. after all. billed as ‘in association with EDC‘. Imagine Miss Hill's consternation when a bill arrived from EDC‘ last summer asking for £9000 in rent for the period of Focus on Dance. Imagine also the £9000-shaped hole in the bank balance. With help like that on offer. (ilasgow seemed a better bet altogether. ED(‘ say the rent-free idea was only a possibility. that it’s against normal policy and that it was never formally agreed to. Roger Jones. the assistant director of Arts and Entertainment unit. admits that he suggested the idea in the first place as one of a number ofways of helping the scheme and says he is still trying to get the decision reversed and was asked to write a report on the affair for the relevant committee only yesterday. Sarah Ilill says he says that every month.

TO SEE DISTRICT ('ouncillors sitting at the same table in public with the (‘hamber of('ommerce in Edinburgh. as they did last week to announce the next stage of the (‘ount Me In campaign. puts one in mind of all that stuff about wolves also dwelling with lambs. and calves and young lions and fatlings together.

i Does that make Dr Michael Kelly : thelittle child whoisleadingthem‘.’ Back to school. if it does. Until some bright spark at the press conference suggested it. the combined brain power of these battalions had not actually thought of getting the Edinburgh Festival to include the l ('ount Me In slogan on its publicity i material - which has a world-wide l circulation rather greater than that of the (‘ouncil's 'I‘ourisrn dept and the Chamber of (‘ommerce put together. MAYFEST, WHO ARE due to announce this year’s full line-up on March 22nd. have had to put the print-run fortheirbrochure up to 170.000to meet demand. This raises the cost significantly so to get back a bit of revenue they‘ve introduced a charge of£100 for all those people putting on events during Mayfest which are not part of the official programme but who wish to be included in the brochure -— Mayfest Fringe. if you like. The (‘itizens‘ production of Lady Windcrmere's Fan comes into this category in that May fest are not putting any money into it and the (it! would have done it anyway (although there was consultation with Mayfest over which show ol their summer programme they w ere going to put on for their first


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Sarah I Icnirrnrig Associate Editor :\ll.rri lluntcr . Design Simon I‘le‘lstItt.AdV8I'IISiflg less Barrow . Sltclla \laclt‘art. ACCOUIIISUL‘ngL‘IIt' chw It‘k Rlcliarrl ( ll.l\. Typesetting .lo l’sc'lillcth


appearance during. as opposed to as part of. Mayfest ) ’l‘he Mayfest logo

does not appear on the (ill.

publicity. But while they're in the

' programme. nobody asked them for

£100. I wonder why not

won BE A PIRATE? No sooner ma

(ilasgow' pirate radio station Radio Mercury faced up to the snipings of a ('m and (irumlum media journalist (he described l).l (‘andy man as 'sounding like Woll‘man .lack on Mogadon') w hen they were raided

last week by the police and the boys in the detector vans. The ( ’11! piece happened to mention that the station

broadcast from ‘somewhere off the

(ireat Western Road'. Was this not

exactly secret piece of information clue enough to put the Home Office on the trail'.’ l).l ('andyman thinks it could have been more than just a coincidence. As Time Out» a London based listings magazine ~

w ill testify (they recently escaped by a cat's whisker being cony icted for publishing programme listings for a pirate station) it all goes to show you have to be careful when you write any thing about these outlaws of the airways. 'I'he good news for Mercury is that they were back on the air again within days despite the

confiscation of £3000 worth ol

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