I This section aims to provide a review oi everylilm to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

(U)- Universal. suitable for all ages.

(PG)— Parental Guidance suggested as some i scenes may be unsuitable for younger children.

(15)- No one underthe age of 15admitted. (18)— No one under the age of18admitted. a New Release.

I The Adventures of Robin Hood ( t ‘) (Michael (‘urtiL 1'S. 1938)12rroll‘lynri. ()liy'ia [)e llay'illand. Basil Rathbone. 102 mins. Sparkling. Oscar-winning excitement as Flynn and his merry riieri fight the evil Prince and the wicked Rathbone to help the poor and capture the hand of the fair De 1 layilland. Peerless swordplay and an infectious sense ofhigh spirits. lidinburgh: Filmhouse.

IAgony(P(}) (lilem Klimoy'. l'SSR. 1975) 148 mins. Klimoy‘slong unavailable epic is a stimulating mixture ofdrama and contemporary newsreels chronicling the decline of the Russian Tsarist empire and the curious relationship of the Romanoys and Rasputin. Glasgow; (ii’l‘.

IAmadeus (PG) ( Milos f-‘orman. l 'S. 1984)Tom llulce. 1‘. Murray Abraham. 161) mins. A risible title fight for a placeiri posterity between a (iod-fearing but mediocre talent and a musical genius. UnConyincing but redeemed by strong visuals and a sumptuous soundtrack. Glasgow: (irosyenor.

IAngel Heart ( 18) (Alan Parker. LS. 1987) Mickey Rourke. Robert De Niro. Charlotte Rampling. 113 mins. Scruffy. unshay'en private eye Harry Angel is hired by the mysterious Louis ('yphre to track down a missing Forties crooner who has rcncged on a life-or-death deal. 1 Us investigations lead him to a seedy New Orleans dominated by yoodoo cults and extremely dead bodies in this uncomfortable mating of visceral gore and moody film noir. lidinburgh: ()deon.

I Babette Goes to War ( t’( i) (('hristian-lacque. France. 1%“) Brigitte Bardot. Jacques ('harrier. Ronald Howard. 11)} mins. S1ight.lighthearted World War 11 comedy with Bardot asari agent working for the British w ho is dispatched back to France to work lortlie resistance. lidinburgh; l'rench Institute. I Baby Boom r i’( i ) ((‘liarles Shyer.1'S.

1‘)87)1)iane Keaton. Sam Shepard.


Broadcast News (15) (James L. Brooks. US, 1987) William Hurt, Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks. 132 mins. The personal politics of everyday news-gathering folk is hardly new territorylor writer/producer/directorJames L. Brooks. renowned for his work on both the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou

Grant. But gone is the cosy Seventies‘ . idealism of the do-gooding Lou Grant 3 news team.

In the high-pressure TV newsroom of ; Broadcast News things are brought right up to date as ‘oId-lashioned‘ journalistic ethics are usurped by the Eighties‘ obsession for entertainment value and stick presentation.

At first glance the storyline is a simple one and its basic premise is as old as romantic comedy itsell- a love 9 triangle. But for the career-conscious Eighties it has become a quadrangle two men. one woman and a profession.

Aaron Altman (Albert Brooks) is the hard-edged newshound, committed to the serious role oi his profession and e bristling with caustic wit. William Hurt is surprisingly convincing as the one-dimensional Tom Grunick; politically naive. but headed for the top with his combination of smooth looks and slicktalk.

Holly Hunter is brilliant asthe work-obsessed producer Jane Craig. ; heremotions sublimated through : carelullytimed crying breaks. She 1 becomes torn between her intellectual i

llarold Ramis. l 11 min. 15ast rising. single-riiinded career woman Keaton is stopped in her tracks by the inheritance of a bouncing baby through the unfortunate demise of a cousin. (‘lioosing to mother the llltlc‘ mite. SliL‘ ditches 101) illltl loy er to mow to the dubious delights of rustic contentment in Vermont. Brought down to earth by boredom and sexual frustration. her capitalistic inices flow again with the de\ elopmenl ol'gourmet baby food and she tries anew to hay e a career. child and loy er.

An intriguing premise 101 a modern feminist reworking of Frank ( ‘api‘a is largely squandered in this thoroughly predictable and rather icky damp squibol a comedy. (ilasgow : ()deon. ladinbuigli: ()deon.

I Bad Timing ( IS) ( Nicolas Roeg. 1 ‘K. 1979) Art (iarliirikel. 'l'heresa Rtissell. llaryey Keitel. 133 mins. As surgeons fight for the life of a young .»\iiierican in Vienna. we learn of a iiniyei'sily leeltiier's obsessiye and often \ iolent relationship with her. Director Roeg is here at perhaps his most typically Roegian (elliptical


respect and friendship forAaron and the hots she develops lorAlbert. James Brooks‘ script manages to

maintain a fast pace while achieving a

fine balance between the three central characters and between theirtensions of romance and career. The dialogue sparkles with both wit and humour

editing. an explosion of ideas) and the result is extraordinarily powerful. ladiiiburgh; l‘ilmhome.

I Batteries Not Included ( l’( i ) ( Matthew- Robbins. 1S. 1087) llume (‘ronyn. .lessiea 'l'andy. frank MeRae. 1m) mins. Only one tenement stands between a businessman and the construction of his latest brainchild. 'l'he desperate tenants haying withstood bribes and threatsof

\ iolenee are now at the end oftheir tether. ()ne elderly couple pray fora miracle and are rewarded with the Visit of friendly alien creatures who helpthem resist the menace of the property deyelopers, [.ackltrstrc Spie[berg-produced adyeriture lacking imagination and originality . 'l‘he y istial effects are occasionally attractiye and amusing btit clitldren are likely togrow restless pretty quickly (ilasgow ; ('annon Saiiehieliall Street lidinburgh: ('annon. Central: (‘aiinon Stratlicly'de: Cannon. l.a Seala. ( )deoii :\y r.

I La Belle et La Bete ( l’( i) f.lean(‘octeau. l-r'ance. 1‘ .\lar‘ais..losette1)ay . .‘ylareel Andre. ‘12 mins. Sombre. magical

I i ) while at least two scenes in the hectic atmosphere of the newsroom border on pure farce. There‘s even a great cameo from Jack Nicholson as the anchorman.' everyone‘s ultimate role model. Probably the best mainstream I American comedy you‘ll see this year. lRichard Reece)

l'llL‘ llsll 14 April lVbb'll