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Mon 4 Apr 2.30 & 5.45pm Kurosawa’s BAN (15) Tue 12 Apr 6pm Kozintsev’s KING LEAR (U) Sat 16 Apr 2pm Peter Brook’s KING LEAR (PG)

Mon 25/Tue 26 Apr 8.45pm Godard’s KING LEAR (15)

Wed 13 Apr 2 &7pm In Two Brand New Prints Gloria Grahame in IN A LONELY PLACE plus THE BIG HEAT(18)

Thur 14—Sat 16 6 & 8.30pm MY LIFE AS A DOG (PG) ‘Back by Public Demand’

Mon18—Sat23(1vlon Wed 8.150m; Thus Sa15.30& 8.15m) Tennessee Williams’ THE GLASS MENAGERIE (PG) Directed by Paul Newman.

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LITTLE DOBRIT (U) A story told in two films

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I I Evian/(u; 7i lair Sun3at 1pm rm onuu (15) ' Sun iOat 12.45pm LIFE AND DEATH or . GOLONELBLIMP(PG)

0 Late ~11qu s

; Fri1a111.15pm g SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER i(18)& GREASE(18) iSat2at11.15pm EMADMAxuma TMADMszum

rFri8at 11.15pm

11H: exoncrsr (18) & iExoncrsr 2: THE (HERETIC (18)

lSatQat 11.15pm {Houseoreamesums BEST SELLER(18) Starts April 15: wrmmur. AND I (15)

12'l‘lic list 1 < H April 1988

and extravagant rendition of the fairytale with Day as beauty and Marais as her shepherd lover and the Beast. A haunting fantasy. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I BestSefler( 18) (John Flynn. US. 1987) James Woods. Brian Dennehy. Victoria Tennant. 94 mins. The plotline may be oyerloaded and rather improbable but this is a generally nifty little thrillerin which Woods' chillingly narcissistic hit man and Dennehy's doughty cop'noyelisl team up to expose the foul deeds ofan apparently philanthropic business tycoon. Edinburgh: Cameo. Filmhouse. I Betty Blue ( 18) (Jean-Jacques Beineix. France. 1980) Jean Hughes Anglade. Beatrice Dallc. 131) mins. Tempestuous loy'e gone mad as an older handyman and a free spirited woman embark on a passionate. peripatetic fling that ends in tragedy. Filmed with a dazzling technique and an irritating emptiness by the maker of Him. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Big Chill ( 15) (Lawrence Kasdan. 1'S. 1983)(i1enn Close. Kevin Kline. William Hurt. 105 mins. A groupof college friends from the Sixties are unexpectedly reunited at the funeral of one of their number who has committed suicide. During the weekend of friendship. fun and sex they reflect that yesterday all their troubles seemed so far away . Short on plot. the film is rich in sardonic humour. pertinent music and expert ensemble acting. (ilasgow: (if-'1‘. I The Big Easyi 18) (Jim McBride. LS. 1987) Dennis ()uaid. lillcn Barkin. .\'ed Beatty. 111] mins. Pretty smart and sexy cop thriller set in a sweaty. atmospheric New Orleans wfrere local lieutenant ()uaid tries to clear tip a sericsof gangland murders. all the while falling in love with Barkin's attorney. in town to my estigate police corruption. (ilasgow: (if-'1‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Bigfootand the Hendersonswo) (William Dear. LS. 1987) John Lithgow, Melinda Dillon. Dori Ameche. 111 mins Disncyesque family adventure in which the all-American Henderson family crash into the legendary Bigfoot and adopt the suprisingly genial beastie as a domestic pet with predictable complications from the neighbours and blood-hungry hunters. Edinburgh: Dominion. Strathclyde: Rialto.

I The Big Heal ( l8) (I’ritl. Lang. 1,'S. 195.1)(ilennFord.( Mary'in. 911 mins. Muscular thrilleras ex-cop f-‘ord tries to track down hiswife‘s killer and nab a crime ring with the assistance of (irahame‘s sympathetic moll. Mary'in is a blisterineg yicious \‘illitilll stubbingout cigarettes on a human ash-tray and scalding(irahame with the contents of a coffee pot. (ilasgow: (il’l'.

I Black Orpheus ( 18) (Marcel Camus. l-‘rancc Portugal. 1959)Breno.\1ello. .Marpessa Dawn. 1.ea (iarcia. 98mins. An ()scar winner as the best l’oreign Film of its year this is an imaginatiye .poetic updating of the legend of()rpheus and Iiuridyce in which a streetcar condtrcfor and a country girl fall in line during the Rio de Janeiro carniyal. lidinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Broadcast News( 15) 2*: (James 1.. Brooks. LS. 1987) William llurt.Holly Hunter. Albert Brooks. 132 mins. See panel. (ilasgow: ()deon. Edinburgh: ()deon. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr.

I The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1') a"! ( Raymond Jafelicc. LS. 1987) With the yoiecs of Bob Derrncr. liya Almos. Dan llennessey. 72mins.'1‘he Princess of Wonderland has mysteriously disappeared just days before she is to be crowned ()ueen. linderstarrdably' perturbed. the White Rabbit skipsto (’are-A-lot to enlist the assistance ofthe (‘are Bears. They find an exact double for the princess whilst they rush off to rescue the real one from the wicked clutchesof the Wizard and the dreaded Jabberwocky.

‘I liked the film because it was based on Alice in Wonderland and im oly ed the (‘are Bears. The music w as good and some of the songs were nice. ()y erall.l liked the film; some bits were ordinary but there were some good. funny bits.‘ (‘laire Fleming. Aged 8. (ilasgow: ('annon Sauchielrall Street. ladinbur'gh: ('annon.

I Casablanca ( P( i ) ( Michael cur-iv. 1'8. 194?.) Humphrey Bogart. Ingrid Bergman. Dooley Wilson. 111: mins. You must remcmbci‘this. . Bogart being impossibly noble. Bergman torn between two lovers. ('laude Rains play ing both ends against the middle. dey rous Nazis. a fogbound airport. a piano-play er tinklrng that tune . . A wonderful hill of beans. fidinbiirgh: l-ilmlrousc

I Children of a Lesser God ( 151i Randa llaines. 18. 1980) William Hurt. Marlee Matlin. l’ipei' laur'ic. 119 mins. ( apable butempty filmed theatre. withbrilliant but unconycntional teacher l but first challenged by . then cnamoured of ()scar-winning Ms Marlin. (ilasgow ( i1-'1' I Cry Freedom (t’ti ) ( Rlcliar'tl Attenboroiigh.1'S. 198") Den/cl Washington. Key in Kline. John '1 haw 158 mins. Although not w iilioirt its flaws. Attenborough's biographical recreation of the friendship between black cry i| rights actiy ist Steye Brko and w lritc liberal new spaper‘man Donald Woods is his best film to date; an epic. moy ing drama that also stands as a y igoi ous condemnation of the obscenity of apartheid. (‘cntr'al; (‘aniion Strathcly de: ()deon Ay r.

I Dead Men Don‘t Wear Plaid i l’( i l f ( ‘ai-I Reincr. 1S. 1983) Stcyc Martin. Rachel Ward and a cast of res iy ed lllllllllill‘lC\.i 7 mins. l-ilm lioll' spoof has prry atccyc Martin iiryolyed with fcnimc fatale Ward and fiendish \a/i scientist Rerriei Much of the humour stems from the irrtcrcutlrng with actual l‘orties rnoy res in a dey ice now copied by the ady erts for a certain lager. (ilasgow:(il71'

I Diner( 15) Barry ley'irrson. 1S. 1983) Mickey Rourke. lillcn Barkin. Steyc (iutfenbcrg. llll mins. l-r‘esh andaeutely obscryed rite of passage story focirsrngon a groupof friends who hang out together in a Brooklyn diner in the late 1951K. Adolescents on the brink of adult responsibilities. the trniycrsality of their growing pains is nicely detailed and affectionater acted by a cast of future luminaries. (ilasgow: (1171

I Dirty Dancing ( 15 ) ( lilIIile Ardolrno. 17S. 198") Jennifer ( irey . Patrick Sway/c. Jerry ()rbach. liltlnrins. Remarkably ordinary btit staggerineg popular girl meetsboy from the wrong side of the tracks musical set in an Arrier'ican summer camp in the year 1963 Strathclyde: Rialto.

I Elena et Les Hommes 1 Pt i i (Jean Renoir. 1'S. 195(1) Ingrid Bergman. Mel l"errcr..1caiiMar'ars. 98mins Written especially for Bergman. this is gossamer light period piece capturing her infectious gaicty. 1n the Paris of the 188(1s. Bergman is an irnpoy ei'rshed l’olrsh princess w ho casually combines romance and mu igue as she dabbles in the political affairs of the day. l-‘airly insubstantial but exquisitely photographed by the director ‘sbrother’ ('laude. lidrnburgh: l'llltlliolhe.

I Empire ofthe Sun ( l’( i i i Stcy en Spielberg. 1'S. I98")('hristian Bale. John Malkoy ich. Miranda Richardson 15.". mins. .1.( i. Ballar‘d‘sbestseller through the eyes of Spielberg becomes a long. sentimental account of a young boy's character building exploits during the Japanese iny asron of Shanghai and his subsequent internment in a prison camp. Technically admirable with breathtaking photography the film misfires in termsol its storytellingability and sey'ercly undernourished sense of characterisation. The dark. desperate tone of the merits is eschew ed in fay ourof a presentation that is redolent of hay ing a

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ticket for all the rides in a ncy'erending amusement park. Poiidcrously paced and wildly uneven it lacks the emotional heart to capture the viewer and becomes just another big-screen spectacle a long way after the intimate epics of Day‘id Lean. (ilasgow ;(‘annon Sauchiehall Street. lidinburgh: Cannon.

I The Exorcist ( 18) (William l-‘riedkin. 1S. 1973) lillcn Burstyn. Max Von Sydow.1.inda Blair. 111) mins. fiarnest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little possessed girl Blair in this hugely cony incing and cffectiy e scarefcst that has stood the test of time. lidinbiirgh: ('anico.

I Exorcist 2: The Heretict lb'lfJohn Boorman.1'S. 1977) Richard Burton. [.ouisc lilctcher. Linda Blair. lltlmins. The horror film that once turned heads r'ecciy es an unworthy sequel in this silly iiiurrrbo-(iimbo about priest Burton trying to understand the demons still lurking within the hapless Miss Blair. lidinburgh: (inflict).

I Fatal Attraction ( 18) (Adrian Lyric. 17S. 1987) (ilenn (lose. Michael Douglas. Anne Archer. 119 mins. Happily married lawyer Douglas discovers the high price of infidelity when his casual one night stand turns out to be a dangerously psychotic wornart who w ill stop at nothing to garri her man's affection. (ilossy,

w ell-acted misogy nistic l litchock-style thriller attracting more fuss and ()scar nominations than it merits.( ilasgow: ('annon (‘larkston Road. (‘annori Sauchrchall Street. Cinema. (irosyenor. [zdinburgh1 (‘anrron. Dominion. Strathclyde: Kclburne. ()deon l lamilton. Rialto.

I Ferris Bueller's Day Off ( 15) (.loliri lltlghes.1'S. 198M Matthew Broderick. Jennifer ( ir'cy . (‘harlie Sheen. 111‘ mins. A sunny Spring day in('hicago is fartoo good to spend locked in a classroomso the irrepressible l-‘crris Bucller feignsa malady . ciits classes and promises his two best friends a day to remember.

('har'actcristically uriey en 1 lughes tecn comedy that scores with fresh dialogue and appealing characterisations. but has the draw back of some laborrrcd farce and the need to make meaningfulstatements. (ilasgow: (irosyeiror.

I The Four Adventures of Reinefte and Mirabelle (1') (liric Rohrner. l-‘rancc. l‘)r\'fi) .loelle Miqucl. Jessica liordc. l-abrice 1.uchini. 99mins. Amiablc portemanteau of four storiesconcerning Parisian student Mirabelle and country girl Reinette. Made on a miniscule budget. purely for the director's pleasure apparently . the film is based around a series of anecdotes told to him by the two leads.

A minor interlude in Rohmer‘s increasingly distingurshcd-lookingcareer but performed w ith the Usual easygoing delicacy and piquant w it. (ilasgow: (ii-'1‘. I The Fox and the Hound ( 1 1 ( Prank il‘liomas. ( )Ilie Johnston. (‘lill \ordbcrg. 1‘5 . 1981 1 Voices: Mickey Rooney. Kurt Russell. Pearl Bailey. 83 mins. Sluggish. unimaginatiye Disney cartoon in which an orphaned fox cub and a 1m able hunting hound puppy spend an idyllic childhood together until their traditional roles and enmity are reawakencd. (‘ute in a yery familiar fashion. (ilasgow : (‘annon (‘lai‘kston Road. ('inema. ( il'os\ enor_ ()deon. ladinburgh; ()deon. (‘cntralz (‘annon Strathclyde: (‘airnon. Kelburnc. ()deon Ay r_ ()deon Hamilton. Rialto.

I The Glass Menagerie ( P( i ) ( Paul

New man. 1'S. 198") Joanne Woodward. John Malkoy iclr. Karen Allen. 135 mins. See panel. [idinburghz l'ilmhouse.

I GOlhiC Fantasy A season of films exploring the work of .lan Syankmajer. his influences and conterriporaries. begins with this programme that includes The [’11. The I’r'mlulrmium/ Hope. Hfr’ ()syrurry as w ell as Kenneth Angcr's Iiuux [fruit/ice and a silent Poe classic

\ isiralrscd in [he I'll/[ofthe llousr'of