I Theatre is listed by city first, then by venue, running in alphabetical order. Cabaret and touring shows are listed separately underlhe relevant heading. KEY: [D] lacilitieslorthe disabled. [E] lacilities torthe hard at hearing, usually an induction loop system. For prices, price in brackets eg (£1.50) isthe concessionary price.


I CITIZENS' THEATRE ( iot‘bals Street. 42‘) 0022. Box ( )l’fice Mon-Sat10am-8pm. Bar. [1)].

Frankenstein l-‘ri ls‘ Mar Sat 3 Apr. 7.30pm. £31concs £1 in advance. students. ()APs. unemployed tree on the door. A new adaptation by .loii Pope of Mary Shelley's famous tale. See Rey iew.

The Importance ol Being Honest Tue 5 Sat 23 Apr. 7.30pm.

£3; cones £1 in advance. students. ()APs. unemployed. free on the door. \Vildcat Stage Productions in their latest show : a nitrsical farce by Day id Mc.\'iy en. in which the McSween family accidentally get entangled in the ( ioy'eriiment's latest secrecy manoeuvring. See also'l‘ouring. I CRAWEURD THEATRE .Iordanhill(‘ollege of Iidiication. 76 Soiithbrae Drive. 041 954 (1000.

The Cauldron Thurs 31 Mar -Sat 2 Apr. 7.30pm. £3.75. (£2.75). 1*ami1y"1‘ieket: £7.50. Theatre Alba begin their tour of lidwin Stiven's new play . recently premiered at the Briinton Theatre. Mtisselbiirgh: a mystical play delving back into7th century history and literature to tellot‘ a time when (‘hristianity and("eltic religion came face to face. See also Touring.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE ( ‘iimbernauld. 0236 732887. Box Office Mon-l’i'i 10am-6pm: Sat Illani-3pin; 6-8pm pert. evgs. Bar ('ate.

Bucktastand the Dug Thurs 31 Mai- r- Sat 3 April. 7.45pm. £2.50(£1.25). A show by (‘umbernauld Youth Theatre.

Checking Out Tue 5 Sat ‘) Apr. 7.45pm. MonJI‘hurs £2.50(£I .25 ). liri ck Sat £3.25 (£1.75). ('iimbernaiildTheatre(’ompany' return with their successful touring production of Marcella Iivaristi‘seomedy about two Scottiin girls making their w ay' in London. See also'l‘ouring.

Asylum I‘ri Sck Sat ‘) Apr. 10pm. £1 .50(£l for ( ‘lic'ckirig ()lll ticket holders). .\'o Mean (’ompany in a play by Arthur Kopit. set in mental hospital.

The TinderBox'I‘uc- l2 Thurs 14 Aprfl'ue 1.30pm: Wed ck Thurs 10am ck 1.30pm. £2 (£1 .75). Purves Puppets in their puppet version of the famous fairy tale.

I EAST KILBRIDE VILLAGE THEATRE Maxwell Drive. Iiast Kilbride. 035 52 48669.

Men Should Weep Wed 13 Sat If) Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50. (£1.50). Wedsallseats £1.50.1iastKiIbride Rep'l’heatre (’lub in Tina Lamont Stewart's niai'velloiisly. funny and moving play about tenement life in 1930s ( ilasgow.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box Office. Mon-Sat noon-6pm. 4 bars. |l)]. [Ii]. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. (‘andleriggs. Mon-Sat 1t1.30am-6.30pm. 041 227 551 l.

Alphabetical Order Mon 28 Mar - Sat 2 April. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. £6. £5. £4. Gallery Productions in Michael l-‘ray n's play about what happens when a newcomer arrives in a newspaper's library. Stars ('harlie Drake.

The Gang Show Mon 4 Sat ‘) Mar. 7. 15pm. Sat mat 2. 15pm. The annual show from


the ( it‘cater ( ilasgow Scout and ( illides. When I Was A Girl I Used To Scream and ShoutMoii l 1 Apr Sat 16 Apr. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. £4 £6. Mon two for prieeot one; Sat mat £1 ott all tickets;concs halt-price 'l'ue-Thurs ck Sat mat . Touring production of Sharman Macl )oiiald's funny . rude and award w inning comedy about two young Scottish girls discovering they are grow mg up.

I MITCHELL THEATRE(iranyilleStreet. 2213198. BovaliccMon-Satnoon-6pm. Bar. ('ale. [1)]. Tickets alsoayailable from the Ticket Centre. ('andlci'iggs. 227 5511 Mon-Sat lll.Rilaiii-(i30pni.

Annie Tue 2‘) Mar Sat 2 April. "7.30pm. Sat. mat. 2.30pm. £3 1 £1.50). The popular Mitchell '1 Iieatre loi' Youth in the musical about the little orphan Annie. AMidsummerNight'sDream‘l‘hursT Sat‘) Mar. ".30pm. £3 1 £2). StaccatoTheatre ('ompany in Shakespeare's classic eiultcily.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street.c\'c\'7 1010. Bo.\()flice open'l‘iie-Siin iioon-S.30piii. Bar (Open noon-I Ipiii ’l‘iie-Sat; 12.30-2..‘~0pm ck 6.30-1 lpm Sun.


‘The weight at the play is on her shoulders. I‘ve played some big roles butlcan‘tthinkolanotherwoman‘s part that's quite so massive. There‘s onlythe one scenethat MotherCourage isn‘t in.‘ So says Anne Myatt, preparing herselttotake onthetitle role in Bertolt Brecht‘s epic chronicle of the Thirty Years‘ War, ‘Mother Courage and her Children‘.

Written during the build-up to World War II, ‘Mother Courage‘ is a scathing indictment of the very notion at war. Mother Courage herself is an opportunistic anti-hero whose financial security depends on hercynical exploitation ol the war machine and tor whom peace is a serious economic threat. But lorty years on does the play retain its political relevance?

‘The situation is the same.’ says Myatt, ‘Take the Falklands War. The ones who decidedthey were goingto go rushing over there were all sitting happily back here at the end at a telephone. The only people who actually lost in the war were the ones who had to go and do the lighting.‘

The Royal Lyceum is not about to launch into an evening at preaching political diatribe, however. Brecht himsell was always eager tor audiences to actively engage in what was presented to them and Anne Myatt points out that the audience can take the message it wants from the play. ‘It is political theatre, but we‘re doing it as a piece at drama, not as a piece of politics.‘

In additiontothe sheerenormity ot the part, any actortaking on Mother Courage must also come to terms with a lead characterwho is as unscrupulous as she is unlikeable. Anne Myatt is well aware of the contradiction. ‘You always lind

Meals served). Cafe (Open noon-11pm). D . Itvlee Home from Home Fri 1 Apr. 7.30pm. £4 (£2) Frank McConnell and Michael Marra in their new piece ofdance theatre. See Touring. There will also be a free workshop on Friday lst from l2.30-2.30pm. Checking Out Sat 2 Apr. 7.30pm. £4 (£2) (‘umbernauld Theatre Company in their new touring production of Marcella Iivaristi's comedy about two Scottish girls making their way in London. See also Touring. Erchie Sun 3 Apr. 7.30pm. £3 (£1 .50). Michael Breck in a one—man show by Neil Munro about ‘lirehie'. kirk beadle ofSt Kentigern‘s. Puppet Show Wed 6 ck Thurs 7 Apr. 1.30pm. £ 1 .50 ( 75p) An hour long puppet show for kids presented by Puppet Stuff.

' Cheekothe Clown HiSApr. l.30pm.£1.50

(75p) See Kids Listings.

Michael Breck's Magic Show Sat 9 Apr. 1.30pm. £1 .50 (75p) A favourite with children magic. puppets and audience participation. See Kids Listings.

I PALACE THEATRE 9 Green Street. Kilmarnoek. 0563 23590. Box Office Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. ('afe Bar Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. |D]|Ii|.

Allan Stewart Show Sat 2 Apr. 7.30pm. £4 (£3).

Beauty and the Beast Mon 4 Apr. workshop 2pm1'l‘ue 5 Apr. performances 1 lam ck 2pm. £1 . Tidinburgh Puppet (‘ompanyp For seven to fourteen yearolds.

John Shearer's Magic Show Wed 6 Apr.

something to like in the people you play, otherwise you wouldn't be convincing. Mother Courage doesn‘t hale hersell. She's quite humorous. She’s not grim. You have to keep the audience interested but you should never ask tortheir sympathy. There are loads of points in the play where as an actor your instinct—were it another play— is to ask lorsympathy, but you musn't.’

Brecht backed up his plays with a substantial body of directorial notes and theoretical writings which can appear a daunting obstacle to actor and playgoeralike. Myatt believes, however, that his reputation as a ‘dillicult' playwright is unlounded and as an actor, Anne Myatt naturally takes the most practical route to make the play accessible. ‘We’re using Brecht's models and notes, but not slavishly following them. In the end, ilyou're not able to do it you can read till the cows come home and it still wouldn‘t tell you how to do it. You must instinctively know how it will work tor you. You lay yoursell on it; it doesn't lay itsell on

you.‘ (Mark Fisher)

Mother Courage is at the Lyceum, Edinburgh. See Listings.

2pm. £1 . The popular children‘s magician. I See Kids. The Mazappe Uliranian Dancers Thurs 7 Apr. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). [{xuberant Russian dancing.

The Andy Stewart Show Sat 9 Apr. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). The popular Scottish comedian on stage.

I PAVILION THEATRE 121 chfield Street. 332 1846. Box Office Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. Bar.

Django and Friends t‘niil Sat 2 Apr. 7.30pm. £5. £4. £3. The I-‘riend this Friday and Saturday is singer('hristian.

Rod Hull and Emu Sat 2 Mon 4 Apr. Sat 2pm. Sun 2 ck 5pm. Mon 2 ck 7pm. Adults £4 or £3. (‘hildren £3 or £2.25. The famous man and bird duo. See Kidslistings. Steve King as Al Jolson Sat 1) April. 8pm. £4. £3.50. £3. Steve King dresses andsings as the famous singer.

Page Three Girls Mon ll Sat It) April. 7.45pm. Sat 6.30 ck ‘1pm. £5. £4. £3. Sat 9pm £6. £5. £4. I‘rom the pen olMike (ioddard. who brought you Yes. ll’c'Hai'i’ .Vo I’y'junius. a decidedly dubious number about the life ot a ‘Page Three‘ photographer. The production comes hailed as ‘for those who like plenty of sauce and nudity with their farce‘ and features tabloid page three girls and male stripper Alex I-‘lashman on stage.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA 100 Renfrew Street.04l 332 5057.

Marlene: Falling In Love Again l-‘ri .s' ck Sat 9 Apr. 8pm. A B(' Productions in a musical play about Marlene Dietrich. written by Damian ('riiden. ('ruden is a graduate of the RSAMI). as is Anne Marie'l‘ii’noney. who plays Marlene. and who holds the Academy‘s 1987 Silver Medal.

I THEATRE ROYAL I lope Street. 331 1234. Box Office Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. (7.30pm on pcrfevgs). Bar. Buffet.

The Red Army Ensemble Thurs 7 -.Silt 9 Apr. Thurs 7.30pm. I-‘ri ck Sat 5. I5 ck

8. 15pm. £5.50-<£15. ('ones£l off early performances. Party discount 2free tickets in every 20 bought. The famous Red Army Ensemble from Moscow bring their exuberant dance. song and music to (ilasgow. See (iuestlist.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521 . ('ate open I lam-2.30pm Tue-Fri and during evening performances.

Ain't Nobody's Business Wed 13 Apr. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). A one woman show about the life and music of Billie I Ioliday. performed by Billie Ibidiiii.

I TRON THEATRE 63 Trongate. 552 4267 8. Box Office Tue-Sat Noon-8pm; Sun 12.30-1 lpm. (‘loscd Mondays.

Betty and Boaby‘s Macbeth t'niil Sat 9 April. 8pm. Sat mat 9 April 5pm. Non-members £4. 50‘. Members £3.50; (‘oncs £1.50. Matinee prices: Non-members £3; Members £2; (‘ones £1 . Tony Roper and Iilaine (K Smith are the upwardly mobile Mr and Mrs MacB. in Betty and Boaby's rather irreverent little version of the Bard's classic.

Poetry Reading Sat 2 Apr. 2.30pm. I-‘ree in the bar. (iraham Fulton. Bobby Christie. Ronald McNeil and Jim l-‘erguson give a poetry reading free in the bar.

Checking Out Tue 12 - Sun 24 Apr. 8pm. Non-members £4.50; Members £3.50; (‘oncs£l .50. (‘umbernauld Theatre (‘ompany in their touring production of Marcella Iiy'aristi's comedy about two Scottish girls trying to make their way in London. See also'l‘ouring.

EMBED.- I ADAM HOUSE (‘hambers Street.

A Kind of Alaska and The Real Inspector Hound Thurs 31 Mar (9.30pm) ck Ir‘ri lApr (6.30pm ). £2 (£1 ). Part ofthe Scottish Student Drama l-‘estival. running this

week in Edinburgh. Stirling L'niversity Drama Society in Ilarold Pinter‘s one act play. based on ()liver Sack's book about a woman who wakes from a thirty-year

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