l l


I THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 331 1234. The Red Army Ensemble 7.x) Apr. See

I 'slier l lall. Iidinburgh for detailsofthis colourful performance.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street 332 7531.

The Deadly Grove Tue 19-Sai 23 April.


presents its first performance commission



A romantic

nightmare at love and longing

Time Out Critics’ Choice Tues 19 Sat 23 April: Performances at 7.30pm: Installation open tor viewing 10.303m—5.3opm daily. Funding: Third Eye Centre; Festivals Unit (Glasgow District Council); Battersea Arts

Centre. Arts Council of Great Britain.

Box onice (AccessNisa a. Postal Bookings) .

Tel 041 332 7521 ; 350 Sauchiehall Street




7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Installation open for viewing ill.3llam—5.3llpm daily. For their first performance commission . Third Iiye have brought together the sculptor Laura Ford with performance artist Annie (iriffin. The resulting work is described as a romantic nightmare of love and longing Using the ballets ‘(‘oppelia' and ‘(iiselle' as the source. Though the artists are not dancers. they are interested in ballet as a form in which women are traditional subject matter. They will he working in the centre for a week in the lead up tothe performance and during that time will be taking workshops and seminars with interested groups in the city. (‘ontact Third Iiye for details.


I GARNETBANK SCHOOL Renlrew Street. Contemporary 'I'uesdays 7 ppm with .lane Simpson. £3. 334 334‘) forinfo.

I THE 39h ( )ttlgti Street I .334 42(l3 for info).

T'Ai Chi Ch'uan l2.3tl 1.30pm. £l5(lor1(l weeks). Health. meditation and sell-defence.

I HILLHEAD HIGH SCHOOL()akfield Ave. Contemporary Dance a 9.30pm. £2. Thursday evenings with l-‘iona Alderman. Jazz'l‘liursday evenings (x30 Spin. £2. (‘ontact Karen Pasi 334 4777 for further details.

I STEPS OUT 26] West Princes Street. 331 2931.

Tuesday Classes Junior contemporary class ( 12 years and over) at (r 7pm and Some experience necessary. Contact 334 1657 for further details.

adult ja/J. at 7. l5 S3llpm. Pricesbelow. Wednesday Class Adult contemporary class at I) -7.3tlpm.

Steps ( )ut (‘lasses run until 23 March. Adults £2 £1. Juniors £1.50.

See (‘( )I'RSIiS section after lidinburgh for details of Iiaster and special courses in (ilasgow.

EDINBURGH Performance I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE ( ireenside Place

Box ()fficc 557 25‘)”.

Romeo and Juliet 20 23 April. Scottish Ballet take to the spring with this most rornanticof ballets. Prokofiev'smusic


in association with Communicado present


"A nightmare for dancer, musician and Scotch livingroom..."

Fri 8 & Sat 9 April, 8.00pm TCKETS: £3.00 (£2.00)

plus DANCE WORKSHOPS: A WEE HOME FROM HOME 1 Fri 8 - Sat 9 April, 1 - 3.00pm £2.00 ; (Workshop registration entitles you to a concession for the Show) l COMING SOON! g FORTH CHILDREN’S THEATRE in Bill Owen’s j THE MATHCGIRLS : Wed 13 - Sat 16 April, 7.00pm & Sat Matinee, 2.30pm

. _ TICKETS: £2.00 21.00) Tickets from Box Office: (031) 226 5425.

(£1.00)/ Workshop

4 Hamilton Place, EH3 SAX


2». lb filth»: S, s \; ~11

Picture this. the Glasgow Independent Easter I Course. Here Lloyd Newson moves in full flight. It's a course which concentrates on movement out of the mainstream.

passionately leads the two young lovers to inevitable tragedy.

I MORAY HOUSE COLLEGE ( ‘ramond ('ampus. ('ramond Road North. 312600]. (Tickets on the door)

Dancescapers 25-30 April. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1 ). This student based company has been performing for fifteen years. its membershipchanging annually. A combination of contemporary and jazz. pieces makes this a varied evening of dance. The programme also includes some work by juniors from surrounding schools.

I USHER HALL I.otliian Road. 328 1 I55. The Red Army Ensemble 5. (1 Apr. It‘sa traditional night in the company of one of the Soviet I‘nion's largest and most energetic touring dance companies. absent from Britain since was. The troupe comprises 120 performers including choir. dancers and orchestra. Their repertoire runs through the traditions of folk. classic and modern. Bound to be a knees-up w ith lots ofcolour and smiling faces. See also Theatre Royal. (ilasgow and (iuestlist.


I EPWORTN HALLS Nicolson Street (32‘) 1071 forinfo).

Tracy l lawkcs will be taking an lzastcr break and will be back from lllApr.

I ST BRIDES CENTRE ( )rwell 'I’errace. llaymarket. (tin-t 7091 for info).

New classes start I: Apr. 1; III forsix classes. Ballroom 'I'ucsdays S 9pm. Latin American 'l‘uesdays‘l- ltlpni.

Courses and Summer Schools I DANCE INTO THEATRE Iinglish Dance

Theatre. Dance (‘ity. Peel I.ane. Newcastle Nlil 4DW. July-~o Aug.

A summer school which promises to be worth the cost. including tuition by Jacky I.ansley (new director of Iinglish Dance Theatre). Rosemary Butcher (one of Britain's leading New Dance choreographers). Laurie Booth (known internationally for his work in movement

ZOThe List I l4 April 1988

improvisation and eastern arts particularly. See listings torturther details— get intouch soon though. the course starts on 5April.

theatre) and Rose tingliin (a performance artist who has worked from both epic and personal perspectives). £12” (£85) not including accomodation.

I EASTER COURSEJordanhill (‘ollegeof Iiducation. Southbrae Drive. ('ontact (ilasgow Independent Dance. 23 (irosvenor I.ane. (i 13. Telz334 4S3oto enroll and for details. 5 J) April. “lam-5.30pm.

A course in technique. improvisation and choreography w ith the two w ell-known teachers Lloyd New-son and Irene llultman. Lyndsay John (experimental work). Lyn Denton (T'ai (hi) and Lucia Walker ((‘ontact Improvisation) will also teach. The course will be run on two levels. for adv pro dancers and for those with experience in other formsof movement forms (T'ai (hi. Martial Arts etc. ). £25 (for participants based in Scotland) £65 for non-Scottish participants.


lfl.3(lam— I .3Upm. Phone 041 334 4S3o for venue details and price.

Iiva Karczag is a dancemaker and teacher working with release and improvisation techniques and is a qualified teacherof Alexander. She is a former memberof London Festival Ballet. Richard Alston‘s ‘Strider' and the Trisha Brown Dance (‘ompany (New York ). A very popular teacher.

I MICHAEL S. LINEHAN l ly ndland Secondary. ('larence Drive. In. I7 April. Illam«5pm. ('ontact Natural Dance Workshop. 15 White Street. (ilasgow 334 4203 for bookings and further details.

A dancer. acrobat and Black Belt Aikido intructor. the (‘anadian l.inehan stops in (ilasgow on a tour of Iiurope. llis workshops called ‘I.earn to Fly" are open to anyone with sortie previous experience of dance or other movement forms. l‘ee £16.

I SCOTTISH CHOREOGRAPHIC FESTIVAL Jordanhill (‘ollege of Iiducation. (ilasgow. 30 April» 2 May.

Siobhan Davies. cx-I.ondon Contemporary and a much respected choreographer whose work has been featured on television and seen around the world. is this year‘s Artistic Director. She is joined by Philippe (iiradeau (ex 2nd Stride). Paul (‘laydon (ex Mantis and 2nd Stride). Paul Douglas ( I.(‘D'I’soloist). (‘arolyn (‘iavin (ex Basic Space) and Peter Royston (Dundee Dance Theatre). For the first time in its seven year life. the festival will run over three days and is incredibly good value at only £20 (£15)all in. There will be a presentation ofwork in the (‘rawfurd Theatre. Jordanhill and a selection will be chosen to be shown at the (iarden Festival on the last day. For full details contact (‘heryl Strong on (I41 (>49 9987.