GLASGOW ) Activities and Fun

I GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane. 33‘1 4298.

Saturday Afternoon Picture Show cry Saturday (N8 .\'ot 2Apri11. 2 4.311pm.

511p. films. a serial plus gamesand competitions to enliyen Saturday afternoons for 4 14 year olds.

I HAGGS CASTLE 11111 St Andrew s l)riy e. l’ollokshields. 427 2725.

Easter activities. 'I‘Itese run daily (eyeept Sunday 1 until‘) April at 111. 15am and 2.15pm but are now y irtually fully booked. It may be worth telephoning on the day for cancellations.

Ilaggs(‘as11e regular free Saturday afternoon actiy ities t for w hieh there is no ads ance booking) re-commerree on Sat to April. litill details in the next issue ol l‘lic 1,151.

I SCOTTISH BALLET 2o! West Princes Street. 331 2931 JuniorContemporary Class't‘uedays. 0—7pm. £1 .511. Re-opens after Izaster 12 April. ()peii classes organised by Steps Out of Scottish Ballet iust turn up. For 12 years and user.

Exhibitions I HAGGS CASTLE 11111 St Andrews l)riye.

I’ollokshields. 427 2725. Mon Sat

111am~ 5pm. Sun 2 5pm.

Getthe Message: Different Systems of Communication 1 'ntil 22 May. l-‘rom bush telegraph to satellites and ey'erything in between.

Design 3 Stamp. A competition for 4 12 year olds to design a stamp based on the (‘omniunications exhibition. Iintriesean be posted in the boy in the exhibition room (paper and pencils proyided in the museum) or. ifthe painting drawing is made at home. send them by post. I’irst prize. awarded by the Post Office. isa Stamp Year Book; 25 presentation packs for runners up. (‘losing date 22 May. Film

I CANNON Saueliielrall Street. 332 1592. Batteries Not Included 1 l’( i i 1 Matthew Robbins. l'S. 1987) IIIfinlillS. Probably until beginning April but check with yenue. 1.511pm.4.511pm.8.~111pm. Kids

£1 .411. adults £2811. Adultsaccompanied by a child £1 .411. A new film-for-thc-f'amily ' from Steyen Speilberg. A space creatures-meet-humans adventure in the 15.1. mould. but without Iifl‘. 's magic. See also film listings.

I GROSVENDR Ashton Lane. 339-1208. The Fox and the Hound ( ti) it's. 1981) Voices Mickey Rooney. Kurt Russell. Pearl Bailey. 83 ruins. Probably until 8 April but check dates and times with venue. £1 .211 kids and cones; £2 adults. Re-release of a recent and rather disappointing l)isney feature about an orphaned fox cub who befriends a fox-hunting hound who grow up to find themselyes lumbered with animal stereotypes.

I ODEON Renfield Street. 332 87111

The Fox and the Hound it'litfs. 1981) \"oices Mickey Rooney. Kurt Russell. Pearl Bailey. 83 mins. I’robably' until

beginning April. btrt cheek w ith y enue. 1.211pni. 3.411pm. opm . (‘hildi'en under 1o £1 .115. parents accotitpatty ing children £2. See ( irosy enoi'. (ilasgow for ftrll description and also see film listings.

Theatre I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE ( 'umbernauld.

112.311 “3283‘.I311\11IIIL'L‘E\I1111 I‘Il‘i

111am opm.Sat lllarn 3pnr.1> Spmpert ey gs.

Buckiasf and the Dug t‘nirl Sat 3 April. "7.45pm. £2.511(£1.25). ’I'he(‘umbernauld Youth llicatre (aged 15 21 yearslpresent a play of their ow n dey ising about teenage life and drinking

The Tinderbox'l‘ue 12 Illlll'S 1—1. 111am. 1.311pm. £21cone £1.25) l’uryesl’uppets. Kids SIUII Saturday afternoon showswill i'e-star‘t on Sat 1o Aprilwith MrMagic. 1.15pm. kids £l.adults£l.511

I KING'S THEATRE Bath Street. Box office Mon Sat noon opm; l’hone bookings 'l'ieket ( ‘entre. (’andleriggs. Mon Sat 111.311am (1.311pm. 22" 5511.

Dang Show Mon 4 Sat ‘1 April. 2. 15pm. Sat matinee 2pm. £23111. £2. £3. ()Al’s £1 off. Annual Scout and ( itirde show w illl comic sketches and music.

I MITCHELL THEATRE ( iranyille Street. 221 3198. Box office Mon Sat noon (rpm. liar. (life. l’hone bookings ’l'ieket ('entr'e. ('andleriggs. 22" 5511 Mon Sat

111._‘stlam o.311pm.

Annie 1 'ntil 2 April. 7.311pm. Sat matinee 2..~11pm. £3. kids £1511. 'l‘he popular musical presented by the Mitchell Theatre for Youth.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. l’aisley.SS'7 111111 Boyoflice 111am Spm. Alakazam Puppet Show 3 April. 1.311prtt. Kids 75p. adults £1 .511

Aileen Paterson Stiii 3. 1.311pm. tree. An liastei' Sunday story telling session from the atrthor of Maine rim! .ilr'.

Ann Scott Mon 4. 1.311pm. free. Ann Scott. author ol Sum w ill be giy irrg an illustrated talk with lots of drawings and props.

A New Games Session 'l'ue S. 3.311an li'ee. Presented by Rerrlrew District l’layteam. Puppet SIUII \Ved (1. 'I'llttl‘s 7. 1.311pm. Kids 75p. adults £1 .511. A puppet show with lots of audience participation.

Cheeko the Clown 1-‘ri .s. 1.311pm. kitlcsp. adttlts£l.511

Michael Breck's Magic Show. Sat y). 1.311pm. Magic with puppets and help from the audience. Kids 75p. adults£l .511 I PAVILION THEATRE 121 Reiifield Street.

332 18-11». Box office Mon Sat 111am ts’pm Rod Hull and Emu Sat 2 Mon 4 April.daily


2pm and also Sun 5pm. Mon "pm. £4. £ 3. I (cones r3. {2.251. See King‘s. lidinburgh 1 for It!” description.

I THEATRE ROYAL 282 1 lope Street. 331 1234 3329111111. Boy office Mon Sat

111am opin. until ".3er on per'l ey gs. l’hoite bookings 'l‘icket (L'llll'c‘. (‘andleriggs 22' 5511.

The Red Army Ensemble 'l‘liurs Sat *1 April. ’l‘liut‘s “pm. 1511 and Sat 5. 15pm and 8.15pm. ltarly pert: £5511. £2.511.£‘1.511. £1 1 .511. £13 511 (and concessions); late pet'l: £11. £5. £111. £12. £15. \yitspc‘ciltc.rlly lorehildren btrt older ones may eriioy the

spectacle and y rrtuoso display of these 1211 Soyiet dancersand musicians. Iltey first began performing in 1‘13"entertaining military troops and this w ill be then first appearance here for 211years.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I BRUNTON HALL Mtisselbui'gh.1y1y53" e\t 244.

Elchat Dance Xplosion Iiycl'y \y‘etlnesday

4 5pm. 511p. lzxpi'essiy e dance workshops for 4 " year olds. Re-opens alter Itastei 211 April.

East Lothian Youth Theatre Re-staltsallet liastei' 211 April. 12y eiy \Vednesday.

7.511 9.3111111]. I’t‘ee. 1’111 1.5 2i year olds

A young btit rinpr'essiye company yy Inch has already won a l-rrnge l'irst in the lidinburgh l-estiyal. (‘tir rcntly general workshops w tlll a touring production planned for the summer. Membershipot the Youth Theatre also gryes free entry to the contemporary dance class for lbycat

1 l

olds and oy er. Wednesdays 5.311 2pm.

I COASTERS 3 West IUIIL‘ltiss. 22S 3252 Disco Saturdays. 11.311 111pm. £1.1‘ndei lSs alcohol-tree disco. [.iye acts most weeks.


EasterSports Schoo|88

Play Sessionst'nnl t :\pl‘1l;llltl~l .s‘..\piil. 111am noon. l)ai1y play sessroiistor'kids tip to l11yeai's. 511p per day . nobooking required.

Coachingt'nril 1 April andJ SAprrl.

2 3pm. 3 4pm. £4 per week. llookrn

ady ance. tickets ay atlable iroyy \Yeekly coachingfoi‘ 11 ltiyearoldsm badminton. tennis and squash. Izaeh sessions runs 1 hour.


Gold of the Pharaohs Children's Easter Holiday Activities

Ii31117111111.-\fternoons: (‘hildr‘eneanwlnle away the afternoon making l’liaraolr-sty 1e ieyyellery and masks or painting their faces

ligyptian-style. Iinti'y by free ticket from local library. liy'ettts all start at 2.311pm; datesarid locationsaslollows;

March 31 Blackhall. Stockbridge and Morningside Libraries.

Tue 5Apti| McDonald Road I .ibrary. Wed 6April lilackhall. Moredtin. ( .in He and McDonald Road libraries.

Thurs 7 April S. ()ueensfcrry . ( iilmerton. ('olinton and ( ‘urrie [.ibraries.

I JACK KANE CENTRE .\'iddrie Mains Road. («Nil-1114

Easter Sports School: Play sessions and coaching t‘nril 1 April. 4 «SApt'iI.

111am noon. 2 4pm. 111p for under 111s. 25p foroy'ei‘ 111s. Daily play sessions. with Maryin the inflatable monkey and

coaching in football and badminton.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD ~12 l ligh Street. “5 212-1

lickcts tor the following actiy rtresar'e free from y critic but the ey cuts are alyyaysy Ct} popular . so ear 1y booking is ady ised. ’l‘he puppet workshops hay e been organised in coriiunetion w ith the l'drnbui'glr l’uppet I'y'sllyal

Craft workshop llnns31 .\larelr. 111.15am. 11 311ani. 2pm. 3pm. l-or “years. making posres o1 spr trig llowers 1 Runs 1 liotri 1

Toby goes to Iceland yy ed o .-\pi ll.

111 15arir.11ani Storytelling yyrtlrptrppets presented by \llcclla l1ryoii of the Solo llicatre l or 1 years 1Rirnsllroui1 Making and working glove puppets \y ed 1\ .\p111 2pm loi l 1 years. presentedby tlre l'drnbuiglr l’uppet company 1Rtrns2 hoirisi

Stick-puppet making workshops lliurs" .\pirl.111 15.1111. 11 311.1111 It” -1 “years. l’iesented by Sheena l1iyon. 1 Rtirrsl lronrl

Making andworking bodypuppets l'liiirs“ .-\pirl 2pm lor o llyears l’resentcdby |//y Sanderson of l’uppet \\ or kslrops. 1Runs 2 hoiirsi

Goldie and the Beafl'tl\.\plll.111.15.1111. ll 311arii Storytelling session for -1 "year olds. presented by l iiida Stills ol l’ilppet tRiins 1 hour 1

Making andworking rod puppets I'll SAprrl. 211111.101“ 11 year olds l’iesented by the I‘.yI111I‘111_‘.!I1I’lll‘l‘y’lk onipany 1 Rtins2 hotirsl

I PRINCES STREET GARDENS Russ I'yillllldlll. on yy est side of the Ross liandstand

EasterEgg Rollingl aster siiiiday . 5:\ptll. noon _‘ 311pin lliisisthe placetobeon l'astei Sunday with traditional egg rolling


(hard boiledeggssuppliedlwiththe

l aster liiinny. llre Ania/trig .\lr liones. Magic liob. llre Singing Kettle ( 'rcyy and lorry and Derek llreie will also befree pony and ti ap rides. and w lio can resist a chocolate egg hunt ' All ey ents lree donations w eleonied by the SettlllsltCyil l)catli liiist

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (liambers Street. 22.5 2‘31

Fun with Photography l’tiurs April.

31|ani 12 311pm.2 5pmand l'ritSApi'il. .311anr 1.‘. itlpm. .I 5pm. £1.15. Art asch holiday workshop for ‘1 I‘lyeat

olds \uriibeis are limited so book 111 .ttlyallcc‘.


EasterSports School 1 '11111 1 April (‘oaelirng in tcnnrsi 111 11am and

Ham noon 1 and in athletics 1 2 -1pm 1 for boys and girls aged 111 lo years £4 per course. tickets from yeriire

Football "Playball' Courses .1 s Apt lI

£311 illdlll noon ‘1 l.‘. years 1 3pm 13 lo years ()i garliscd by tltc Scottish l'ootball Association and open to grr Is and boy s Applieatrori toi nrs from y critic and from (iralglockltart Spot ts 1 'entre \ltrsl bc returned to the SI-A asap in order to secure a place on the course

369 GALLERY 2331'owgate

359 A11 Club Saturday s from 2 3 Apr 11. 111311ani [111011.1111" 12 year olds £l5t£7 conesl Registration now open for tile children's art and er aft eltibtopen toatiy child between o and 12 years) run by I'tllllla 1 iialrani Y ooll larly booking

1w llll pay merit l by post or in person

Mon I'lllltiylll 5 311pniadyised NDl’lione bookingsno longer accepted

I THEATRE WORKSHOPS 3-1 1 lannlton I’litc‘e. 22115—125

Fun Factory \Ved ti. lliirr s 2

111.311 11 15am 1.1L‘ltllles 1111 llly' l‘..l\lc‘l I111I11I.l_\ .llL' bound to be popular . so booking in ady ance

"5p llrese tyyo tun

ady ised l he theme is elow iirrrg and basic circus skills including itigglrng and the mysteries of how to balance on a uni-cycle

Dance I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3.1 l Iatrlrltort

llrel istl l~1.\pr'ill‘1.\’.\‘21