i Place. 2265-125

AWee Home from Home Fri 8. Sat 9 April. 8pm. £3 (£2). Suitahle for H sear oldsplus and adtilts. .A joint \enulre using dance. theatre and song hetween (‘ommunicado and Frank Mc('onnell. directed h} (ierard Mulgrcw. lt‘s set in (ilasgow and the performers look hack on w hat the cit} meant to them during their childhood. Two workshops hased on the approaches used in choreograpliing the piece w ill he heldon l‘ri S and Sat 9 l -.‘~pni. £2(£l i. (Registration for a workshop entitles } ou to a concession ticket for the show l. No dance e\pel‘leltee necessary . \tllttttile for

H _\ear olds upwards.


I CITY ART CENTRE .Market Street. 225 2424 The Gold oi the Pharaohs t intil 3i i April. .Moii. ‘l’uc. Sat lilam hprii. \Vedfl‘hurs. l-‘ri lilam 9pm. Sun noon hpni. Ll adults. cones h5p. The treasures of the Pharaohs toriih must he some or the oldest artelacts in the cit} at the moment. llighlight.aiid one of the most poignant pieces isthe mask of Psueniics l . the image he hoped to take into eteriiits. In all. a fascinating glimpse intoaiiestraordinaril) sophisticated age. w ith lots to see. do and admire tor children. See also lzdinhurgh ("its lihiariesahose. Film I CANNON l.otliian Road. 22‘T3ll3ll Batteries Not Included i l’( 1) l)atesand times unconfirmed. check with \ enue. A new tilni-lor-the-laiiiils lromSteseri Speilherg. A space creatures-meet-hunians ads enture in the PT. mould. I FILMHOUSE l.otliian Road. 22S2hSS. ('hildren's Saturday matinees. 2pm. All seats £1 hookahle in ads ance. The Three Worlds olGullivertt'itt‘SA. l‘)(i‘))‘)‘)mins. Sat 2 April. The well-known stor} of (iulliscr in the laridol liliput makes good material fora lantas) adseiiture w ith lots of scope for special effects photography The Adventures of Robin Hood ( t ‘5. hits) Sat ‘) April. Hollywood did a classic johon the famous liliglish titedie\ al stor} w ith a swashhuckling Izrrol l‘ls tin and ( )li\ iade llas illand as Maid Marion. Alsoone of the first films to he shot usingthree-colour Technicolour. a process now superseded hut not riecessaril} hettered. I ( ‘let is Street. (\(lfi “Ail The Fox andthe Houndit‘itt‘s‘. l‘lS‘l i \‘oices Mickc} Roorie). Kurt Russell. Pearl Bailey 83 mins. Prohahls until first week iii April. hut check with serum. l.45piii. 4pm. h. lilpni. kids L l .5“. adults £2. See (iross etiol' ( ilasgow lot lull description I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘haiiihers Street Pour lantass and ads enture films. aimed

Portohello'l'ow ii Hall for liilldescriptiori.

at children. htit open to anyone will he I shown over the liaster l lolida_\s. , Admission free. 5 Journey to the Centre orthe Earth ( LS. 1959) . 132 mins Mon 4. 2pm. Based on the hook h_\ Jules Verne in which an Tidinhurgh professor sets otit to trace the earth to its core. A wild ads enture and fun in a fantastic. unlikel} w a}.

The Time Machine ( t 'S. twin) liltlmins.

Tue 5. 2pm. Another lilm-of-the-hook. this time h} H (i Wells. A Victorian scientist hiiilds his ow n kind of 'l‘ardisand gets icttisoned into the sear 80271)] . Captain Nemo and the Underwater City

(Wot). ( iBl liltiniins. Thurs 2. 2pm. A

in} sterious suhmersihle scoops tip sis shipwreck Sun is ors and takes them to ('aptain \erno‘s suhaqua fortress. More Jules Verne faiitas} stuff which is

generth considered to he onl} aseragel} good.

King Solomon‘s Mines in S. 2pm Rider llaggard's epic ads enture stors ahotit the determination of a group of e\plot'ersto find diamonds in Air ica.



Edinburgh International Folk Festival t‘niil 3 April

The Singing Kettle 'I he lzi ening News (‘hildren's (‘oncert l-‘ri 1.2.,‘stl.4piii and

Sat 2 l laiii-l2..‘~(lpni. 2.3” 4pm. £2. kids

£1 .5“. Soft drinks a\ailahlc. (‘illa l'iisher and Artie Tre/ise w ith their highl} successful touring show of folk songs. rh_\rnes and street songs. originth sungto their daughter .lane. and now recorded and ptihlislied in music hook form.

Creche There w ill he tree creche facilities at the l’estis al ( "luh on the w'eekcndsol

2h 27 March and 2 3 April. 2 5pm.

I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL EasterEggsploration Tue 5. Ill..‘s(lam. £l (5llp) Tickets troni A ck .l Murra}.

New sageiits. Sa Bath Street. Portohello. For 5 years olds plus and all the famih . A new \cnture from the S(‘() ( in coniunction with l:l)(‘l is this hourol musical eggscitement for [taster with lotsot familiarniusiclrom l)isrte_\timetol)\‘orals - and plenty of opporttltiit) to ioin in. Please hringactisliionf

I ROSEBERY HALL South ()ueenslerr} Easter Eggsploration Wed o April. in. .‘stium and noon. £l (5llpl. 'l'icketslroni Ainsworth the ( 'hcmlst. :5 l ligll Street. Town ('rser. 42 l ligli Street and District ('ouiicil ( Nice. 53 l ligli Street. S ()ueenslerr}. Please hung a cushion. liaster eggsciteinent from the S( '( ). See Portohello'l’ow n Hall for liilldescriptiori. I THOMAS MORTON HALL l'ei rs Road. l.eith.

Easter Eggsploration Mon 4 April.

ll|._‘s(lam. £1 (5le ‘l ickets trom Rard Box. "4 ( ireat .lunctiori Street and ( ioldenacre Post ( )llice. Please hring a cushion. liaster eggscitenient from the S(‘( ). See


I KING’S THEATRE 2 l.even Street. 22‘) 1201. Box office Mon—Sat Illamnb‘pni. The Rod Hull and Emu Holiday Show'l‘hun 3] and Hi I April. 1 lani. 2.30pm. £2.25. £2. /5. £5. £3.75. hoxes (for-l) £l2. £15. liniu. Rod Hull. (iorthags ((‘arol Scott ) and The Pink Windmill Show join forces for a hilarious faniil} show.

I KING'S THEATRE 2 [even Street. 22‘) 12(ll. Box olfice Mon Sat lilam~~Spm. Winnie-the-Pooh Tue 5—Sat 9 April. 2.30pm. 7.30pm. Adults £3. £414.50. £5.50. Kids. ( )APs and concessions £2. £3. £2.50. £55”.

In which Pooh makes his first ever appearance on stage and Piglet. Rahhit (though perhaps not all his Prieridsand Relations). Wol. sorr} ()wl. Kanga. Roo. Tigger. ('hristopher Rohin and the reluctant tic-sore come too. and Vanessa l-‘ord Productions organises c\er} hod}. NB This production is not suitahle for children under the age of 4.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 l ligli Street. 55h‘)5"‘)

Edinburgh Puppet Festival t‘niil 9 April. Booking essential for all performances and workshops and earl} hookingads ised See also Mora) l louse Theatre and Museum of('hildhood. Pricesadults £2. kids £ l .5“ unless otlierw ise stated. tisents marked * are especial!) toriouriger children (2 5 )ears) and these ticketsarc adults £ I . kids S'tlp. Recommended age-range in hrackets.

Thurs 31 Mar—Sat 2 April Beam) and the Beast h} the ladinhurgh Puppet ('o.. lllam. ll..‘~tlam. 2.30pm. Kids£l.5il. adults £2.50 (5 )cars upwards). ('hris (‘raig. last sears w riter director in residence for children‘s theatre at the Netherhow . has adapted the classic fairytale for the talented lidirihurgh Puppet ( ‘ompany. w ho w ill he taking their show to (‘anada iii Ma}.

Thurs 31 Mar * Pepi and Soriihreroh} llaridyworks Puppet (‘o. llarn. lpni. 3pm.

Fri 1-Sat 2April it (ioldie and the Bearsh} Puppet Power I lam. lpm: * Pepi and Sonihrero h} llandsworks Puppet ('o. 3pm.

Mon 4 April I lansel and ( iretel ( 3- A) } cars l lll..‘~(larn: * Punch and hid} 's .Magic Show h} Scott l.o\al. l lam. 2..~(lpm: Princess Kliscliandra h_\ l.empen Puppets (5 _\ears upwards) 12.3(lpm: The Queen of l-"ingal‘s (ilL‘tl h) Pandenioniurii Puppetst5 sears upwards). 3pm

Tue 5 Peter and the Wolf h} l l;llitl_\\\tlr'lss Puppct(‘o.‘\ Uiears). lilfillarii: * Punch andJud} 's Magic Show by Scott l.o\at. llaiii: hair the l‘ool h_\ ('lidehuilt Puppet

('o(5 searsupwardsl. 12.30pm: *Toh}

goes to Iceland and other stories h} Solo Theatre. 2.30pm: The Queen of l‘ingal‘s (ilen h} Pandemonium Puppets ( 5 } ears upwards). 3pm.

Wed 6 l laiisel and ( iretel ( 3 ‘) } ears). lll.3tlani: Princess Klischandra h}

l-empen Puppets (5 years upwards). l2.3llpm: * The Little Snowman and other stories hy Solo Theatre 2.3llpmlTl1L‘ Queen of l-‘ingal's (‘rlen hs' Pandemonium Puppets (5 sears upwards). 3pm

Thurs7 The Princess and the l-‘rog h) the lidinhurgh Puppet ('o ( 34) years). 10.30am. 3pm: ls an the Pool h} ('lidehuilt Puppet (‘o (5 sears upwards). 12.30pm: * Peasoupgoesto l lospitaland other stories hs Solo Theatre. 2.30pm.

Fri 8 l laiisel and (iretel (3 4) years). 10.30am: Princess Klischandra h} l.empen Puppets (5 years upwards). l2.3llpiii: * Red Ridinglloodandthe \\'itcli's(‘at h_\ Puppet Power. 2..~ilpm [sold out |: The Queen of l-‘ingal‘s ( ilen h)‘

Panderiioniuin Puppets (5 sears upwards).

3pm Sat 9 Peter and the Wolf h_\' l land) works

Puppet ('ot3 Usears). lll.3tlam: it Punch

and Judy 's Magic Show h} Scott l.o\at. llarii: I\ an the tool hi (‘lsdehuilt Puppet (‘o(5 sears upwards). l2..‘~(lpm: * Red Riding l lood and the \Viteh‘s ( ‘at h_\ Puppet Power. 2..‘~(|pm: The Queen of l’ingal‘s ( ilen h_\ Pandemonium Puppets (5 years upwards). 3pm

Exploring Puppetry workshops lor adults and children (except Li! S). £1 kids. £l.5ll adults.

The World olMarinnettes. Mon-1.“..‘illpttt The World ol Shadow Puppets. Tue 5. 7..‘itipiii.

The World or Black Light Puppets wed (r. 2.3llprn

The World at Rod Puppets turns 1 ".31 lprn The World of Glove Puppetry - for adults l‘ri S. ”..‘~(lpiii.

I MORAY HOUSE THEATRE St .loliii Street. Rti_\;il Mile. Kids L l .5“. adults £25”. Edinburgh Puppet Festival

Mon 4—Sat 9 April Peter Pan h} International l’ttt‘Ves Puppets. llain ( not Mon 4). 2pm. Kids£l.5ll. adults £2.5ll. ('hildren who can ti) . and crocodiles who sneak tip on (’aptain llook sliotild make the perfect vehicle for Purses Puppets familiar and yer} succsstul glow mg t V puppets, The ro} alties from these performances w ill go to the ( ireat ()rniond Street ('liildren's l lospital.

I PLAYHOUSE 1S 22(ii'eenside Place. 55"

25‘)” Mon Sat lilain hpiii.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory true 5 Sat ‘) April. Tue 2.3(lprii. \Ved Sat 2 .iilpm and "Sllpni. £35“. £45“. £55“. Kids

L l .5lloll all prices. ()iils one concession per hooking.

More theatrical goodies for children with Roald l)ahl's hugel_\ popular hook adapted for the stage hi Assistant Director at the 'l l‘a\et'se. .leiciiis Raison. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 l lairiilton Place. 220.5425.

The Matchgirls wed I3 Sat loApriI. ‘pm. Sat matinee 2..‘~ilprii £2 ( £ll

l‘orth (’hildreri's Theatre in their production of Bill ()weri's riiusical which tells the stor} ol the e\p|oitedwomen factor} workers in Victorian London who decided enough w as enough and w eiit on strike the first of its kind h_\ women.



l_ __ __

22lhe list 1 14 April 1088



()ur penguins have munehed their way through around 700 raw fish a day for 7;") years. Amazingly, it’s still their favourite dish. The penguins parade at 2.30pm every day in summer and to celebrate our 75th Anniversary we’re planning other special events. Come along and see for yourself. Like our penguins‘ beaks, we’re open every day of the year. * ‘5

V, l‘.(lllll)tll'gli /.oo, ( orstorphirie Road. For details phone (Lil-3.34 Elli].


lots of (7)};