RIDAY 1 Glasgow

I Steam Jenny Seotts ( ‘ot'net'. Derby Street. 33-1 480] Song and guitar trio. IZydeco Ceilidh Band Rn ersrtle ( 'lub. I‘m Street. 248M414. ‘).3llpiii. L2.5ll. Bat'till late. lilectric caiun. blues. country dances and song. l-.\et'ybody on the floor.

I Nailan 'l'olbooth Bar. ( ilasgoyy ('ross. 55241-10. l'.\L‘lllll_L’. l'iddle andaceordioir


I MacGregor‘s Gathering l'estiy al ( ‘Iuh Debatingllall. l lam l2..‘~llpm. l'r'ee.

Doorsopen 1 Iain. Be sealed by 11.30am. l.i\etransmission ol .limmy Mac(ir'egor's


I daily liliCSetltliSli roundup. Edinburgh

Folk Festival

I Lunchtime Concert l'esti\al ( ‘luh‘I‘exiut 2. l5pm. l'ree. ()peri stage toMatt Armour. \Vell knoW ii liast ( ~oast ol Scotland songysitter guitarist With a big

\olee and enthusiasm to get c\ ei'yonc ioiningin. Edinburgh FolkFestival I Concertina Forum l'estiy til ( ‘luh

Sportsinan'sBai. l 4pm. L2(Ll.5l)).

l’rcsented lty \Vlilstlelillikies Stuart Eydmann researcher into its social history in

i Scotland. 'l‘alks trom Neil Wayne. collector and historian ol the instrument. and

. restoi'cr collector Stephen Chambers. l’ltts music lrom a number oi players on leather

eoncertina play er and

let'rets ot all si/cs. and a display ol instruments ti'oin the early 19th century prototypes to the iieysest modelsEdinburgh Folk Festival

I The Singing Kettle t ieorgc Square 'l‘heatre. 2.3“ 4pm. L2 (children L I .50). Cilla Fisher and Artie Trezise. husband arid Wilc singers li'orn l’ile hay e eyoly ed a

75-min; . _ NBueenl


‘.'.i: '* i.".t‘!il l‘)?.\ I

The last weekend oi the The Tenth Edinburgh Folk Festival is centred on the Younger’s Tartan Special sponsored Festival Club in Teviot Row House, Bristo Square, 667 2091 . This is the main venue tor concerts, ceilidhs, workshops, exhibitions and sessions. Open to the public mam—2.30am each day, but membership is required after 7.30pm each evening. Hot meals, collee and sandwiches are available all day and in the evening till very late, bars open till about 2am. Also within the building are toilets, showers, banking lacilities and a shop. Membership tees: 3 day weekend, £4; daily weekend, £1 .50. Tickets and the Dilicial programme now available at the Club from noon each day during the Festival. Regular Dance Workshops, 3 room of crafts and instruments lor sale, live radio broadcasts, Piping Festival Lectures, a Concertina Forum, one Guitar Master Class, and special Children‘s Events, including the special musical comedy accompanied Egg Rolling in Princes Street Gardens are other teatures. You will lind them all in the Listings.


“Ulitlet‘tttl kids' musical audience

ittyoly ement and perloi'niance. l'hr'ee itll‘tlltts sell “ell. ttlitl they lake It on the road aided by riitrlti instrumentalist Gary Coupland. Edinburgh Folk Festival ITeatime Concert l'esti\al ( 'luh't c\ tut Bar. 5..‘st) (i.-15pm l’i'ee. Len Graham and Gary O'Briain. l'liitit lilstcr . one til the leading traditional singers. and “Mia sensitiy e mandoeello accompanrmcnt. Edinburgh FolkFestival

I Piping Festival Concert Reid ( ‘oneert llall. Bristo Square. " ‘ipm. L3 5llt L3). The pipesol the British Isles. Gordon Mooney plays and is the author tty on the mttsrc and history oi Scottish belloyys bloyyii Small and Border pipes. Roddy MacDonald is a leading l liglilarid piper.

ys itli a l lebt rdean background Adrian Scholield is a young iconoclast limit the \soildot \oithitmbrian smallpiping. and Sean Potts car i ies on his tairrily ~s protiiirrent role m It isli music. play mg the comples l ‘illeari pipes Edinburgh Folk Fesuval

I The MacCalmans and Friends l-estn til (‘lub Debating l tall. 2 Fl) lllprn. l~ieeby ticket only. BBL recording. noadniittanee alter ”..‘~llprri ltekets tioiii l-estiyal hos

oliicc or BB( ' ( ilasgtm in adyarice. \Vitli

the Macs are great guitar isisStetan Grossman and John Renbourne Shetland band Rom Bru: songysiitcr. liddlcr and guitarist \s ho tours ilre World regulain limit his Dttnkeld base Dougie MacLean and the human dynamo. ironic. sliarpand can‘tgettheyyoidsoutlastenotigh Rory McLeod. Edinburgh Folk Festival

IThe Scotsman Concert ()ueen's i lall. ('lei‘k Street. “will lllpm. L»1iL3).lrrsli singer Tommy Sands and the liist Scottish appearance since W") tor that endui irig musical c\port The Tannahill Weavers. l‘oriiiei'ly a lock-tip-your-daughters inotoi'ysay band. they haye tipped their musical content tremendoust o\ er' the lastch years. Edinburgh FolkFestival

I Singers Session l esrix al ( ‘luh I c\ tot Wine Bar. liyer‘y night ‘lpm lain. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I International Ceilidh Dance ()ueen‘s llall. (‘lei‘k Street. ll)..‘\llpm lam. L25”. Ben Wyvis And The Last Resort. You can’t stand still. ('erlrdh Rock. Bagpipe boogie. Edinburgh FolkFestival

I Festival Cabaret l‘estt\;tl ( ‘luh I’ark Room. lllfillpm lain. L3 t L250). Hadden. Clark and McKinnon are tltm n lr'oiii Aberdeen to L'l'ttss blues \s itli celtic music. Singer. har monica play er and mos er Rory McLeod W Ill try you to your seat With his lull yoltage perloi'nrance. Edinburgh Folk Fesuval

I North Sea Gas l’latloi'm l.Rutland Street. liyening. Resident niandoliris. gttitai'sand ( ‘orries styleentertainment I Royal Oak lnlii'maiy Street. 55" 297i. l'.\etiilig till l.5llitlil. late liar With iritoi'mal songs and music

I Kevin Tait Kitty (l'Slieas. 5ll(ieoige l\' Bridge. 225 “ml. l‘\elllllL!



I Nailan Blacklriars. Bell Street. Merchant ( ~ity . 552 5024. .v\tter'noon. Instrumental session.

I Red Neck Mother ’1 olbootlt Bar. (ilitsgtm (‘i-oss. 552 illal‘). liyening.

I Ceilidh/Dance Ris er'sidc ( 'lub. l"o\ Sti'cct.2-1.\'_‘~l-1-l. ltlpm. L2.5l). Rat-till late.

I K8ll$ Settll's ( iot'tiel‘. Derby Street. 33-1 4S9]. l-yening. Permanent Saturday residency tor clreerltrl lr'tsh Scots semi clcctt'icoutltt.


I Guitar Masterclass l'csti\ al ( ‘luh Sportsman‘sBat. lilam 2pm. “25”. Book iti ads ance. 'l be best ol instruction lrom John Renbourne and Stelan Grossman. Sponsored by (ior‘don Simpson .\ltrsrc. Stallord Street. Edinburgh FOlK Festival

I Piping Festival Workshop l'csti\ al ( ‘iuh

24’l'he list I l—l .-\pril l‘ISrS'


Debating l lall. ltlam «3pm. .‘itlp at door. Meet the prpeinakers. ask a“ kys'ard questions. Displays. demonstrations and talks. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Dance Workshop l-‘estiy-al (‘luh Wine Bar. ll l2..‘~l)pm. Ll.5llat door. Scottish l-‘olk Dance \\ ith James MacDonald Reid. Edinburgh FolkFestival

I The Singing Kettle ( ieot'gc Square Theatre. I lam l2..‘~l)pm. L2(Ll .5“). Cilla Fisher. Artie Trezise and Gary Coupland get the steam tip in this musical eyent directed at children arid scoring hits With all the adults. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Lunchtime Concert l-‘estiy al (‘Iuh'l‘ey iot Bar. 1 2.15pm. l‘ree.'l’unesandsongson guitar \s rtlr ltddle and lltlte courtesy ot .-\hertleen‘s Hadden. Clark and McKinnon. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Dance Workshop l'cstiy al ( ‘luh Wine Bar l 2..‘~l)pnt. Ll. Scottish dance With the Dalriada Dancers. Edinburgh Folk Fesuval

I The Singing Kettle ( icor'ge Square 'l'heatre. 23“ 4pm. L2 l L l .5”). Cilla Fisher. Artie Trezise and Gary Coupland

\s inding up the kids again. See morning. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Piping Festival Concert l'cstiy .ii ( ‘lub Debating l tall. 4 hpm. L2.5l)(L2). Belloyts bloys n. mouth bloW n. electronic. ancient or neW ly inycnted. Jon Swayneor l't'ench piping addict Jean Pierre Rasle play nearly c\ei‘y knoWn species. lainMaclnnes and Stuart Morrison normally pertorin in the 'l’annahill Weayers. btit tonight lain‘s pipes. l lighland and small Variants. play a Scottish duet \s itli Morrison's ltddle. Hamish Moore sticks to the \ ariotts Scottish belloxss pipes. partnered by the qtrick \sitted sax and clarinet ol'Dick Lee. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Teatime Concert t-‘estix al (‘Iuh‘t'eriot Bar . 5.3M (r45pm. Free. Shetland's Rom Bru return to their sometimes home town. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I John Renbourne and Stelan Grossman l‘L‘StlHthltll‘l)el3;ttllti1llitll.

TRllprn lt).pm. L.‘~.5ll (L3). Acoustic guitar played by tWool‘theenduring e\pci‘ts. Songs too. Edinburgh FolkFestival I Allan Taylor l‘estiy al ( ‘lub Park Room. S lllpm. L.‘~(L2.5ll). \‘ery expressive guitarist and singer songW riter. 'l‘yy enty ycar‘s experience all met the World. Edinburgh FolkFestival

I Singers Session l‘estiyal (‘luh't'ei-iut Wine Bar. liyery night ‘)pm— lam. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Festival Cabaret l‘estiyal ( ‘lub Park Room. ll)..‘\llpm- laiii. L3 (L2.5(l).'l‘yyo singers W ho W rite songs li'oma coiiteiriporary (‘aledoni'an \ ieW point. Dougie MacLean comes from the traditional song and ltddle tradition. tetnpered by years ol trotrbador ti'ayel. Michael Marra is a superb bittersweet commentator. a qtiite exceptional musical talent. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Swamptrash i-‘estiy al ( ‘lub Debating llall. llpin lam. L3 (5.25“). The Loch Ness monster is a giant alligator. 'l‘hesc boys celebrate it in Wild l’ictish(‘aiun dancing rites. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Royal Oak lnl'irmary Street. 557 2976. layeningtill 1.30am. Late bar. iolk basement.

I Kevin Tait Bttrke And Hare. West Port. liyening. l’ub tolk artist.

I Denny Swanson Kitty ( )‘Sheas. 5n (ieorge IV Bridge. 225 1th1. Iiyeriing.



I Singers Night with Winlal Black Bull llotel l‘olk (‘lub. Black Btill l lotel. .‘slilngayie. MtrsicstartsS.3llpm.

I Session with Pat McNulty Riverside ( ‘Iuh. lt‘ox Street. 248 31-14. Front lpm. Free. All Welcome. l’at plays the Irish pipes.

I Park Bar Argyle Street. nr. Kelyin Park. l'.\'etitttg. Session. At least a dozen instruments.

I Buddies Wintersgills. Great Western Road. [as ening. Old time American songs

and fiddle tunes. regular West lind crowd. I Schiehallion Scott‘s ('ot'ner. Derby Street. liyening. 33-1-1891.


I Piping Festival Lecture l-‘esriy-al ('lub Sportsman's Bar. ll— ll.45am. Ll atdoor. National Museums ()t Scotland tune a \sorrdertul collection of bagpipes from all over the \\ orld and an incredible number of important Scottish sets and related material. Museum curator l lugli (‘heape. a keen piper. giyes today's talk. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Dance Workshop l-estix al (‘Iuh Wine Bar. ll l2..‘illpm. Ll.5llat door. Scottish l‘olk Dance yy itli .lames MacDonald Reid. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Piping Festival Lecture i-‘estiyaleluh Sportsman's Bar. l2 12.45pm. Ll atdoor. the music ol the border pipes. their myth and history . is the passion ol ( iordon Mooney . Who produced the Lowland l’ipers‘ ttirie books arid tutor. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Easter Egg Rolling Russ Fountain. Ross Bandstand. Princes Street Gardens. 1231) 2..‘~llpiii. l-‘ree. liggs. hard boiled. supplied by ('ochran's l-‘arm liggs. Donations to Scottish (‘ot Death'l'rust. Music. magic and tun l't'om Tony and Derek. The Amazing .‘slr Bones. Magic Bob. the Singing Kettle. Meet the liaster Btrnny. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Piping Festival Lecture t-‘estiy al ( ‘Iuh Sportsman‘s Bar. l 1.45pm. Ll atdoor. .loii SWay rte. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Lunchtime Concert l'esti\ al (‘luh'l'eviut Bar. l 2. l5pin. l-'ree. (’omedy songti'orn Danny Kyle. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Dance Workshop l‘estiyal (‘lub Debating Hall. 1 2.30pm. Ll at door. Edinburgh International Folk Dance Group. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Piping Festival Lecture l-‘estiwal ( ‘tuh Sportsman's Bar. 2 2.45pm. Ll at door. li'islt piping. u ith Sean Potts. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Shetland Concert l-‘estiyal ( 'lub Debating Hall. 4 5.30pm. L250 (L2). l-‘itltllerTrevor Hunter. and the tiny Horn Bru. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Teatime Concert i’estiy al ('liib'l'cyiot Bar. 5.30 (i.-l5pin. l-'ree. ()ssian‘s singer. Tony Cutie. has nesy solo album. llet‘e iii concert. some pals join in at the etrd. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Farewell Concert ( ieorgc Square 'l‘heatre. 7.30 It). l5pm. L4(L.i.5ll). Interesting litre tip mixinga choreographed pet'loi'riianee by Frank McConnell W ith the rrrar‘yellous Michael Marra: the adult side of the Kettle team has songs from Cilla Fisher, Artie Trezise and Garry Coupland .ihen the leading solo Scottish lolk singer and socialist. Dick Gaughan. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Singers Session t-‘estiy al (‘Iuh'l'ex-iut Wine Bar. liyery night 9pm lam. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I Final Ceilidh Festival ( ‘Iub Debating Hall. llpiti 2am. Free. All sortsoitltings happen. on and oil stage. music being supplied regularly by the re-t‘ormed canny lads ol the North liast. the High Level Ranters. Edinburgh Folk Festival

I The Donkeys (ilenelg Sessions. Youngs Hotel. l.eamington 'l‘errace.

9pm --rnidnight. l-‘r'ee. l’rightt’ul big blues band. all recycled players.

I Absent Friends .‘vterlin. Morningside Road. [{yening. Four piece. l‘acesyou might haye seen betorc. in the tolk barsof Iiurope.

I Raeburn Ranters .‘ytilncsBar. Hanover Street. liyening.

I Seannachie (irecn 'l‘ree. (’owgatc. iiyeiring. Scottish songs and instrumentals from resident band.

I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing linsign [{W'art. l.ayynmarket. livening. 'I'hree singer guitarists entertain.

I North Sea Gas Rutland l lotel. Rutland Street, 33‘) 30-12. 9pm. Singalong.