MONDAY 4 Glasgow

I Merchant City Folk Blackfriars. 45 Albion Street. 552 5924. 8pm. .\'evv vveekly' folk in the bar. Tonight John Hunter.

I Peety Wallys Tolbooth Bar. (ilasgovv Cross. 552 4149. Evening.

I Irish Session Stage Door Bar. (iorbals Street. 42911922. Evening.


I Nobody's Business Banncrmans Bar. Covvgate. Evening. vaing blttes.

I Miro The (irecn 'I‘rec. Covvgate. Evening. Bar till lam. Instrttmental thrash.

I Happy Daze Malt Shovel. Cockburn Street. 225 6843. Evening. Pub gttitar folk duo.

I Fiddlers Arms (irasstnarket. Ev ettittg. Scottish ntusic session. Bar closesat I lptti I Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Evening. Song session vv itli Cxill on the banjo.

I Cauther Fair Kitty O'Shcas. 511(icot'gc IV Bridge. 225 1681. Evening.

TUESDAY 5 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 1011). 8pm. Red Neck Mother. Cilasgovv country blues.

I Ken Caird ‘I‘olbooth Bar. (ilasgovv Cross. 552 4149. Evenittg. Songs from the left.


I Barrie Band Banncrmans Bar. (‘ovv-gatc. 5563254. Evening. 'I’ltc Barrie Band. Tunes frotn fiddle arid flute.

I Mirua Ensign Evvart. Lavvnmarkct. top ofthe High Street. Evening. Acoustic ccltic music.

I Blue Blazer Bread Street. Evening. Guitarist singers. Jim Knight. (iraham McGirk. Sheila .‘VIchirter and Alati Johnston.

I Kenny Grier Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. (iuitarist singer. l.ate bar.

I Colin Ramage and Wally Allen Coppers. Cockburn Street. 225 1441. Evening. Singerrguitarists.

I Beggars Mantle Kitty ()‘Sheas. 51) George [V Bridge. 225 1681 . Evening.

'WEDNESDAY 6 Glasgow

I Honest Sam And The Dealers Riverside Club. on Street. 248 3144. 9pm. £2. Bar till late. Country night.

I Naitan Ilalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1211). Evening. Instrumental folk music leans heavily to the Irish.

I Ian Bruce 'I‘olbootlt Bar. (ilas‘govv Cross. 5524149. Evening.


I Kieran Halpin Edinburgh Folk Cltib. Osbourne llotel. York Place. 5565577. 8pm. £2.3(1(£l .50).

I Trilogy Bannermans Bar. Covvgatc. 556 3254. Evening.

I Shore BarThe Shore. Lcith. Evening. Acoustic music. fiddle. concertina. guitar. piano. accordion in various combinations. I Happy Daze Malt Shovel. Cockburn Street. 225 6843. Evening. Pub guitar folk duo.

I Muckle Ado Kitty (_)‘Sheas. 5U (ieorge IV Bridge. 225 1681. Evening.

THURSDAY 7 ' Glasgow

I Pete Rowan Madisons. 46 West George Street. 8pm. Blues and country rocker from the States. Andy Kershavv plays him. he's the intelligent other face ofcountry. part of the new vvave. He has becnover before. tnainly Edinburgh. sometimes


‘Talking Heads' David Byrne made a film True Stories, stuffed with commonplace treaks trom the USA, altered states and bizarre talents. There you may have seen Randy Irwin (see photo), and ityou didn't, no matter, tor he’s here with his Ramblerettes in Edinburgh (8th), rounding up any strays with his cattle calls and yodeling. He has a tremendous voice, the band‘s albums are a critical success wherever cows outnumber people, and any predjudice you’ve got will have to be run out of town. A true American Artist is here. And it‘s not just those hollers from the soundtrack 01 Gabby Hayes movies, Randy has studied the European mountain masters, and can deliver virtuoso yodeling with the powerto start an avalanche. Promoters Acoustic Routes are pleased to announce that ticket prices will reduced for persons appearing in stetsons, spurs, cowboy outtit, chewing baccy, roped to a steer, or on horseback.

Pete Rowan is another great example 01 US country rock talent. From his days with Bill Monroe in the Bluegrass Boys he has kept spirit with his country‘s

solo or vv ith 'l'ex Mes maestro I’laco Jiminez.

I Mirk Star I‘olk Club. (ilasgovv Society ()1 Musicians. Berkeley Street. 8pm. £1. [an arid Margie Sinclair's famous band from 'l'hurso.


I Green Tree Covvgate. Evening. l-‘olk scene session. I.atc bar.

I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Ensign Evvart. l.avvntnarkct. Evening. 'l‘hrec singer guitarists entertain.

I Graham McGirk Royal Oak. Infirmary Kiri-(1-5512916. Evening till 1.3tlam.

FRIDAY 8 Glasgow

I Paisley 500 concert Paisley Abbey. 7.3opm. £2 (£1 .511). Charlie's Ransom is celebration in vvords and tnusic ot the occasion. in the first levy days of 1746. vvhen the tovvn of Paisley vv as held to ransom by the Jacobite army. heading North ultimately to Cttllodden. Prudent Paisley had taken the Hanovarian side in the rising. so Prince Charles' men surrounded the Abbey. took a fevv promincttt citizens hostage. and demanded £11101). Bailie Kyle managed to get this rcdttced to £51111 and so sav ed the day. Novv a descendant. in the shape ot 'I‘ravelling Eolk's sensation seeker Danny Kyle. is trying to recoup the family's financial loss by- organising this concert. 1 lie like a rug. IIe's doing it all for lovcof his tovvn. The Narrator is Ian Agnewfrom S’I’V‘s'l‘ake The High Road; Flora McNeil is one of the greatest traditional ( iaelic singers. originally from Barra. Also featured in the concert vvill be her harper daughter Maggie Mclnnes‘ group Eclipse First vvho mix Celtic cultures in a modern. but acoustic style. Sileas are tvvo Edinburgh vvomen vvho sing arid perform on the clarsach or Scottish small harp. and have just released their fine second album Beating I larps. Ken Campbell is a (ilasgovv singer and exponent of the bellovvs blovvn smallpipcs. IIis (ioing Solo album is also out novv.

I Tonight At Noon Scotts Corner. Derby Street. 334 4891. Evening. Elcctrofolk. Synthscots.


musical roots while getting creatively involved with jazzy mandolinist David Grisman, then years in the liddle fronted rock outtit Seatrain, writing and composing, touring over here with Tex Mex accordion star Flaco Jiminez, and blasting out rockabilly with the Wild Stallions. He returns, this time to Glasgow (7th).

One of the greatest guitarists to come out of that nation of great guitarists was actually born in Cuba. to the last decade he has moved from the States to spend a lot ottime in Britain, and returns to Glasgow's Third Eye (9th). Isaac Guillory has worked with everyone from Elkie Brooks to Joan Baezto Mick Jagger, and lectured at the Guildhall School 01 Music. He is the complete guitarist, a comprehensive talent in any field, electric or acoustic. (Norman Chalmers)

I Nailan 'l’olbooth Bar. (ilasgovv Cross, 5524149. Evening. I‘iddle and accordion. I Ceilidh Dance Riverside Club. I’ox Street. 2483144. lllptn. {2.511. Bartill



I Randy Erwin and The Ramblerettes Venue. Calton Road. 557 31173. £35“ (£3). l)oorsopcn 9pm. In support are Scotland's country rock outfit The Attsttn Envy Band. In support of vv hat'.’ Well. In" frotn the ISA and is the greatest yotlelin' covv boy of the times. ‘I‘his is an Acoustic Routes gig. and they stand for quality. ycssirce. Sec panel.

I North Sea Gas Platform l.Rutland Street. Evening. Scottish tnttsictor tourists.

I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Eveningtill 1.3llam. Late night basement bar with informal songs and music.

I Kevin Tait Kitty ()‘Sheas. 511(ieorge IV Bridge. 225 1681. Evening.

SATURDAY 9 Glasgow

I Isaac Guillory'l'hird Eye Centre. Sattchichall Street. 332 7521. 8pm. £3.51! (£2.50). Born in Cttba. raised iii the 1 'SA

and novv playing a lot in Britain. It'sa rctttrn visit to the Third Eye for the the most versatile acoustic guitarist you vv ill ever see. I Ie has play ed session guitar for many of the biggest names in the rock universe. but is at home vvith blues jazz. classical. Latin or ragtitne. A rare talent. I lain Mackintosh St Enochs I'lolk ('luh. St Enochs Square. 9pm. Singer and banjo player. 'l‘vvenly years on the scene.

I Nailan Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. Afternoon. 'I’raditional tunes and session vv itli fiddles. aecordionscte.

I Ceilidh/Dance Riverside Club. t‘ox Street. 248 3144. lllpm. £2.51). Bartill late.

I Kells Scott‘s Corner. Derby Street. 334 4891. Evening.


I Denny Swanson Kitty ( )‘Sheas. 5n

(ieorge l\" Bridge. 225 1681. Evening. I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Eveningtill1.3tlam.l.atc night singing and drink.

SUNDAY 10 Glasgow

I The Secret Policeman's Folk Ball

Riv crsidc Clttb. I-‘ox Street. 2483144. 8pm. £3 1 £21. ‘l'ickcts in advance Irotn the 'l'icket Centre Candleriggs. or at the door. Amnesty International fundraiser vviIh singer lain Mackintosh; tvvo ( ilasgovv bands. Setanta and Cruachan; and

harrovv tng accounts of life iii the BBC gtilag from the nevv ly released Danny Kyle. I Session with Pat McNulty Riv ersitle (tub. I-‘os Street. 248 3144. Prom 1pm. I-t‘cc. All vvclcomc. Regular session. Pat playstlte

It isli pipes.

I Park Bar Argy le Street. nr Kelvin Park. Iiv ening. IIIC (iaels pttb. big session in the back rootn every vveek. Irish and Scots tunes.

I Steam Jenny Scott's (‘otnetz Derby Street. 334 4891 . Evening.

I Buddies \\'ititet'sgills. (ircat Western Road. Evening. Old time .»\meticansongs and liddle tunes. In the back rootn. very popular.


I Ken Campbell (ilcnelg Mttsic. Youngs llotel. l.camington 'l'ct'race.

9pm midnight. l-‘t‘ee. Acoustic music nights. I‘oniglttthesinger.stringplaycr and Northtttnbrtan piper lrae Cilasgovv

'( iotng Solo'. vv liich is the name of his nevv albtttn.

I Absent Friends Merlin. Morningsidc Road. Izvcning.

I Raeburn Ranters Milncs Bar. 1 Ianov eI' Street. Evening.

I Seannachie ( ireen It‘ee.Covvgate. Izvcning. Resident Scotsband.

I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing l'nstgn livvart. I.avvnmarkct. Eventttg. 'l‘ht'cc singerguitaristsentertain.

I North Sea Gas Rutland l lotel. Rtttland Street. 229 31142. Evening.

MONDAY 11 Glasgow

I Merchant City Folk Blackfriat‘s. 45 Albion Street. 552 5924. 8pm. .\'cvv vveekly folk night in the bar. 'l‘onight lain Maclntosh. one of the most popularsitigers ot the last tvventy years. Knovvn all over Europe as the Ctentle Man of Scottish Polk on account of his softly softly approaclt.

I Irish Session Stage Door Bar. (iorbals Street. 42911922. Evening. Best (ilasgovv Irish players.

I PBBIV Wallys Iolt‘iooth Bar. ( ilnsgovv Ct'oss. 552 4149. Evening.


I Nobody's Business. Bannermans Bar. Covv gate. Evening. Mztchtrtok.

I Fiddlers Arms ( irasstnarkct. Evening. long rttnnittg Scottish music session. Bar closesat llptn.

I Happy Daze Malt Shovel. Cockburn Strcct. 2256843. Evening. Pubguitar tolk dlto.

I Miro 'l'he (ireen 'I‘rec. Covvgate. Evening. Bar till lam. Mainly Irish acoustic music.

I Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. lnfirmaryStrcet. 5.57 2976. Singer vvith banjo.

I Cauther Fair Kitty ()‘Shcas. 5ll(icorge 1\' Bridge. 225 1681. Evening.

TUESDAY 12 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley ArtsCentrc. Nevv Street. 887 11111). 8pm. Ian Bruce. (iood singer guitarist.

I Iain Mackintosh Polmont Folk Club. Parkhill House. Polmont. Ealkirk. 8.3tlpm.

I Live Music 'l'olbooth Bar. (ilasgovv Cross. 552 4149. Evening.

'l'helist 1—14 April 198825