. O ' ° o 0 O : z 0 ' 0 ° 0 . . ' i O o o ; ¢ ' o o z" 0 . ul . g 0 ° O t I! O -_ o o ; ' , . ,, x. , ;;.; .- " :2. . The last few days of the Edinburgh Folk Solo Piping in the Reid Hall on Friday .. I - - - ~ . I . ° h Festivalare alwaysthe busiest. The night. unusual pipes and combinations . , , . '. z, "', . , - . . sessions. WhiCh were desullorv over with other instruments being the i the lrrst weekend should pick up steam. feature at Saturday‘s Afternoon Concert The best introduction you could give and there are other piping concerts, someone to traditional song would be workshops and lectures each day. 0i . . . 2 r to get them, like the Jesuits, before the groups playing overthe weekend, . . . . . . . . . lhey filteseven. and take them along to Ben Wyvis and the Last Resort teature . . .._ . . . .. the Singing Kettle. This is Cilla Fisher the noted piping talents ol Duncan . ° . H: I'm '_ , h and Arlle Trelise. now augmented by MacGillivray, when he‘s not playing : . O z. o o . . ', h . ' . , , , ,, Gary Coupland, in the ultimate the moothie orthe whistle, orthe i children‘s concert. The accentis electric guitar. The TannahillWeavers - . . definitely on participation, whichthe have Iain Maclnnes on Highland and ' kids don‘t even need to be asked to d0. smallpipes, and are back lorlirst

somehow sensing the treedom to sing Scottish gig ol the 803. The Pipemakers ;

, ' ¢ ' ' the house down. The show is on Friday are open tor display. demonstration afternoon, and it you lancy lresh air, and talks in the Club all day Saturday, 1 . 1 . 1 . . o - - take your charges along to Princes and player and leading maker ol the ‘° - If ° 1 ' ' ° Street Gardens at noon on Sunday, Northumbrian Small Pipes, Colin Ross, . . . o . where the Kettle Krew will be part of the leads the High Level Banters in the last ' g '. , . . now annual EasterEgg Rolling. Hard rites olthe Festival, the Sunday night . A - U. gt“ ( - L -' u - boiled eggs are supplied and music, FarewellCeilidh.

In the world‘s tolk music the acoustic guitar is ubiquitous. John Renbourn and Stefan Grossman, see photo, are two ol the great linger picking experts,

magic and tun are laid on by the Festival. See listings.

The Harp was the locus of the first weekend and the Piping Festival takes the second. The pipes oi the British giving a Masterclass or dazzling as a Isles are showcased in a Concert at duo. (Norman Chalmers)

Tear off and


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{Harlan l‘li-lll Bur...“ (Hitl‘lillH-k Rti;ttl.‘_“‘3: . Jim Knight/con" Ramage/Rohin Laing I I‘M." [‘“m'lg‘ ‘\“”"" pl") I'M] "ml 5”)“ l'nxign l'\\.'tll. l,;i\\nm;irkct. lavcnirig. ww‘m‘ lhrcc~ \ingcr guitarists L‘lllL‘flétlll. I Graham McGirk Rmul ( )zik. lntirmur} Sllccl. 557' I‘Vh, ltwnmg till Lilian].

I 8 The Scottish Sports Council LA-I

1—— .._.._-.. ,_,____‘____

26llic l.l\l l l4 April 1933