Fairground Attraction occupy the support slot on the current Deacon Blue tour,

L which takes in two nights at Glasgow

Barrowland on 2 and 3 April. Their debut single ‘Pertect' is released by RCA on 28 March. Eddi Reader, who hails from Irvine and has a rather wonderlul voice, is relishing both the thought ol playing in Glasgow and the opportunity to prove hersell in her own right alter spending several years recording and touring with the slightly incongruous mixture at the Eurythmics. the Gang Dt Four, and Alison Moyet. The experience was she says. a uselul apprenticeship, but the ‘biz‘ excesses were a complete turn all. ‘lt‘s pretty sick in the music business because you‘ve got to be seen to be spending $300 a week on a lur coat or something. It you're not, you‘re either a miser or you‘re Scottish!‘

The band began with Eddi joining guitarist and main songwriter Mark Nevin tor a lew impromptu acoustic perlormances at the Parrot Gate in London during the alternative cabaret boom. Returning lrom a world jaunt with Alison Moyet. Eddie was surprised to discover that their demo tape had aroused considerable record company interest. Alter pertorming at last year‘s Glasgow Maytest, the duo hi-tailed it back to the capital, where Fairground Attraction developed over a series at gigs with the arrival at drummer Boy Dodds and bassist Simon Edwards. Although on paper the line-up reads like session musicians made good - Mark has worked with Sandie Shaw, Simon with Talk Talk and Boy with


(ii'eenside l’lace. >5" 35‘)“, .,stlprri.

t” 5”. LS 51'. Second ot tyyoiiights

See l‘ll l

I Sabbat Hard Rock (ate. \'enue.(‘alton Road. 55” 3W3. lirr'st British thrash band to sign yy illi the leading thrash speedcorc label \oise International. As Peel said. in a leyy years you'll be pretending you yyerc illlii tllls sttttt all the time.

I Avalon l’r'esery ation llall. Victoria Street. 32h .‘Slo. it alter 9.3llpm. Leading local lolk-iock group.

I Bo‘Weevil Music Box. Victoria Street. :3“ VHS, Ll alter 9pm. Rhythm 'n'blues. I BlackJacques Shellac Negociants. [olliiaii Street. 335 (i313. 9pm. i‘ree.

I The Bootsie Tootsie Blues Bandeayern.

(my gale. 1305041.


I Deacon Blue/Fairground Attraction

Bar ioyy land. 3-1-1 (ialloyygate. 7.30pm. £5. I And Now The World Blacklriars. Bell Street ‘lpni. i-ree. Interesting band-although at an early stage. A line \oealist. yy ith a loose jauy leel. ys hicht think has yet to be manipulated to

any iliiiig like its lull potential. \Vorth \satclirng though.

I Burden Blues Breakers t..a ’I'aniere. 15 his Street. ‘lpm. l’ree.

I About Time .-\tlioll Arms. Renfreyy .Stleel .\ Filpm.


I Art Gartunkel Play house Theatre. (ireenside Place. 557 2590. ".3llpm. £13. Ll l. t‘). (iigs tor Art‘ssak'e. See guestlist

Working Week and Terence Trent D‘Arby— it is not a label that Eddi is particularly keen on. ‘It’s really important to stress that we‘re not just session people. I had made the decision that I was delinitely resigned to a tile ol poverty because I was singing, and I‘d rather be doing Ella Fitzgerald numbers in a calé at the weekend than big sessions going all over the world, because it's a horrible way to make a living.‘

They have recently completed an album, which should be out in the early summer. Antony Thistlewaite ol the Waterboys guests on a couple at tracks and, as Mark explains, ‘We‘ve known him lor ages. He‘s not on a startrip at all. Sometimes he plays at our gigs. He doesn‘t like it it we say he‘s from the Waterboys so we just say “here‘s Anthony!" '


I Ransom Souridcheck Rock ('Iub. \‘eriue. (‘alton Road. 55" MP}, ".3llpm. £15“. \Veekly heayy rock mctalclub.

I Eat The Peach Baridyyagon. Morrison Street. S.3l|piri. l‘ree. Weekly residence lor the time being. l'.l‘l]t)_\ able and poppy. I The Brothers l’rcsery ation Hall. Victoria Street. 22!» .‘ySlo. L'l alter 9pm. l-‘ormerly Blues Brothers.

I Jean Mundell .\tiisic Box. Victoria Street. Ill! 1708. Atterrroon. l‘rcc.

I Bluelinger .‘ytiisic Box. Victoria Street. 2.?“ VHS. Ll alter 9pm. Rhythm 'n' blues strikesagairr.

I The Journey Agents ( )ddtelloyys. i’orrcst Road. Ill! liSlti. Spm. l-ree.

Broadly -appealrrig iau-lunk.



I The Pleasureheadsfrbe Hucksters/The Sleepyheads i-iiry Murrys. Maxwell Street. 221 (fill. lll3llpm. LZSiiiLB ady ance ). the latest instalment in the Tower Studios Mcliyyan‘s Lager gigs. this time leaturrng l’eterborough's yery' oyy n l’lL‘tlSlll'CllL‘tlLlS. ’l‘he Huck'sters yy ho have recently released their debut single and The Sleepy heads. yy ho haye not played in tllasgoyy lor some time. but whose demos suggest they might at least be worth a look. I Sabat/Drunken State The Venue-17”

' SauchiehallStrect. lll.3llpm.

A double bill ot thrash music-it the two

; yyords don't represent a contradiction in

l terms. Radio ('lyde hcay'y‘ metal DJ Tom Russell reckons that Sabat are ‘the leaders ot the British thrash doom metal

RCA won the band‘s approval because at their general attitude. ‘Most of the other companies had some little

2 thing to say regarding what we should

do—this producer and so on, whereas

BCAjust said “we reckon what you‘re

i doing is great, we think you should do

4 justthat." 'Eddicitesthe additional advantage that ‘they don‘t allowthe

Sun or The Times inside their ollices.‘

And what at the lortunes ol ‘Perlect‘.

Will it be a success? ‘It ought to be.‘

I says Eddi ‘lt‘s a very deliant song. It's real, it's not written by a computer, or masterminded by a producer with three houses and live cars.‘

With theircommitment to real music,

i their line songs and their freshness ol

. approach, Fairground Attraction

. deserve to be a big success.

(Digby Smode).

I rrroy‘emcnt' and he should knoyy.

Drunken State are a local act. and ar‘eone ol the most honestly named bands ol all time.

Down l.;t lamerc. 15 l‘ti\ Street. 9pm. Free. ('ould anyone really name

.' their band alter a Primal Scream song‘.’


I Last Orders l’rescryatrori l tall. \‘rctor ia Street. 2% .‘Hlti. ‘lfillprri. l'ree. lleayy rock.

I Critter Hill Varmints and Boonie Bats Venue. (‘altori Road. 55" 3th3. llome-groyy n bluegrass lrom the \‘armints. and support band the Boonie Rats hay e their debut iil’ rey ieyy ed in Listen?

I Call Me Clive Music Box. Victoria Street. 22” I708. 9.3(lpm. l-'ree.

I Wraygun and The Rockets l 'l‘lit ' i Negociants. l.othian Street. 225 0313. 9pm. Free. Rockabilly.

TUESDAY 5 Glasgow

IThe Elliotszhe

' HummingbirdS/Grey/ConductolPigeons

i l‘ury Murrys. Maxyyell Street. ll)..‘yllpiir.

I {250(13 ady‘ancc). 'l'oyy er Studios are at it l

again-proy idirrg music for the masses- and yy hat better excuse tor a gig than to celebrate their first birthday. The bands are diverse enough to cater lor all tastes:

l (ircy' make musiclor colourblirrd listeners. the Hummingbirds jangle their guitars in most of the right places. and (‘onduct of Pigeons hay e at least one yy'onderoUs song and no doubt some more waiting to be heard tonight. As lorthe

lilliots anything I write about them will

i be misquoted in their next press release so

silence is probably the best policy. Happy"

birthday . 'l'oyy'er.

I All This and Heaven Too The i-‘ixxso Miller Street. lllpm. l‘rec.

; .-\ neyy local band. and the third localband t can think of to incorporate the yyord heayen into their name lolloyyiiig lleay en Sent and l leay cii's ( iate. .\tiisrcally . no clues are giy eii.

I Blue Ruin Bar l iixeiiibourg. 197' Pitt Street. " .‘ytlpm. l-ree.

Promising neyy band li'om central Scotland \\ llUSL‘ lll'Sl demo sittllltlsqtllle ('oniiiiolrons-ish in parts something lam told they hay e grown out ol. \cyy recordings soon yy hicli along yy till the gig should pi'oy e interesting

I Billy Rankin la latllele. 15 l'it‘\ Street. ‘lpm l-r'ce Yes. it is. Best krioyyiias \a/aretli yocalist. and last seen yy l‘ltlllg a song called ‘( ‘liariipioni' lor Ranger's last season Seeing that a rc-ielease yyould be inoppor tiirie iii the yyake ol recent results. he has selisll‘ly decided to get back to

play mg ll\ e (‘oiild be interesting.

I Bobby Wishart l lalt Bar. loll\\‘ood|ands Road ‘lprii l‘rec.

.l.l// residency.


I Kitchen Devils l.ord l)arrilcy . West Port. IZ‘NNI. lllpm. tree.

I Private Properly .\tiisic Box. \‘rctor'ia Street. 3.3“ lqllS ‘litlplll. tree.

I Catch The Pigeon l’r'esci'y atiori l lall. Victoria Street. 33h .‘x‘s’lti ‘).3l|j\rii. tree. I The Peristalsis Brothers \cgocraiils. l.othian Street. 325 ti} 1 .‘i. ‘lpm. l'r'ee. i'lltlL‘S sounds.

I The Austin Envy Band ( )tltltelltl\\S. l'orrcst Road. 231' lSlli Spm l-iee. ('oiiritr‘y-r'ock



I Rich l'l\\. Mr Miller Street. lllplll. l'r'ec Signed to ( 'hrysalis .‘yliisrc at the end ol last year. this is the lust ( ilasgim gig ol the year lor the (ireenock based band. Should be c\treirie|y busy . and also on the

ey idciice ol their recent recordings. good. I As It i lobsons. 5‘3 Satichiehall Street. 9pm. l‘rec.

I Come Ahead l.a 'l'aniere. 15 his Street. 0pm. l'rec. Doesn‘t sound like they would take too kindly loariy abusiye reiriar'ks about the name.

I Naitan Halt Bar. loll Woodlands Road. 0pm. i‘r'cc. ReSiLlelley,


I Makossa (‘alton Studios. ('alton Road. 55o "(too {I t Ll 5U). (iood reggae band.

yy ho seem to liaye taken a break liom gigging tor a yy hile. they 're not aboy c play ing skariking y er'sions ol rock hits either. (iood night out.

I Camera Shy \ltlsle Btl\. \ Ieliirlti Street. 3:“ latlh'. 9.30pm. l'rcc.

I Tam White .\'egociaiits. l.othian Street. 335 Ml?» 0pm. Free. lzdiiibiirgh'stirrest blues shoiitcr still getting in plerily otgigs

alter his split lrom old barid'l‘he l)e\ters -

and the latter are lrridiiig their oyy ii leet as


I Alter Dark Lord Darnlcy . West Port. 33‘) 434]. lllprrr. l-ree.


f Glasgow

I Giant/McCluskey Brothers i-‘iiry Murry s. Maxwell Street. 221 of] l. lll..‘~(lpm. Double bill to accomodate ('haiinel 4 \\ ho are using this as a concert lootage sequence on a lorthcoming documentary about (ilasgoyy 's iiightlite.

I Peter Rowan Madison Nitespot. «to West (ieorge Street 332 “122. Spm.

Described as a '.\'ashy ille bluegrass star‘ ~ this could be genuinely interesting. especially as his name seems to hay e been

throys rr up in the same breath as Nanci


3D the List 1 —- l-l .-\pri| WSS’