I ASWAD’S RECENT gig in Edinburgh turned into an onstage party as the band (in District Council ‘Count Me ln’ T-shirts) celebrated the news that they had hit the Number One spot with their new single that very day. The most unexpected smash hit since The

Pogues' ‘Fairytale of New York’? Well, one leading Edinburgh record shop

could only remember selling nine

7 copies since its release in February. . .

I WHATEVER HAPPENED to Red Wedge, you may well ask. Despite the broad left alliance‘s low prolile since

, the election, they are still active,

2 getting involved with youth projects up % and down the country and producing a

volunteer-stalled magazine, ‘Well

Red', published quarterly. The fifth

issue concentrates on lreland: history,

politics and music, including

% interviews with Stump and the

; above-mentioned Pogues. Attractive : and well put together, ‘Well Red’ is

l available at Virgin Stores, or by

subscription (23 tor tour issues) irom Red Wedge, 39 Chippenham Road, London W9.

I NOT CONTENT with releasing a new single, Sidewalking, this week, the Jesus and Mary Chain are to release a compilation of B-sides and other rarities on 16 April. The cassette and compact disc versions oi the LP contain around twenty tracks in total, and also making its lirst appearance on album is their Creation single, Upside Down. Also expect a Mary Chain gig at Barrowland towards the end at April.

I DESPITE the greater emphasis placed on ‘popular music' in this year’s Maytest programme, celebration has

got to be tempered with

disappointment at the withdrawal oi Edwyn Collins and The Fall irom their planned shows at Govan Town Hall. However, two nights oi Van Morrison

and the Chieftains help soiten the blow.

One other point at interest irom the Maytest line up —tickets tor the Hue And Cry show cost a mere 27! Last year, Hue And Cry appeared on the same bill as Win, The B.M.X. Bandits and Deacon Blue tor a total cost oi £3.


I Winston Francis: A Cottage in Negril (Magstar). lntectious chorus, romantic pastoral vision, strong clear voice, laid-back skanking beat; this one‘s a winner. And here comes the chorus again.

I Wire: Kidney Bingos (Mute). Wire go radio-triendly, with beautilul chiming chords, tailor-made tor evening DJs. Recalls the heights oi ‘Map Reierence' without equalling them. Still, a record crying out ior heavy rotation. (Mab)

I Chatshow: Noisy Bad High Thing (Idea). Sounds like a very limp recording oi what is probably a high spot in their live set. Lyrics are


audible, but laced with lines like ‘You came to me in your well-soiled ieans' l’d ratherthey weren’t. (Mab)

I Boonie Rats: Messing (Fillet). With their vinyl debut the Boonie Rats are still clinging to their iavourite obsession. in their dreams The Boonie Rats star in an outtake irom Apocalypse Now, in . ich a crazed bunch oi Gls desert, lorm a Doors-influenced rockabilly band in the gook-iniested jungle and sing about tile in Vietnam, but as betits a group with strong connections with the Tex Fillet Five, it’s thankiully done with tongue iirmly wedged in cheek. Best track on this EP is the one that sounds least like the Boonie Rats, uniortunately: ‘Flag Day', all bass and assorted percussion.



What‘s the next chapter? The Boonie Rats, disabled vets, return to the States as biker hermits in the Watergate era? Is there much potential in this direction? (Mab)


The River Detectives, Oueen Margaret Union;

The River Detectives have a solid ioundation in good songs, and to that end the lormat and component parts at the band are less important. Tonight they appeared as a four piece, with Charles Reilly (ex-Strangers And Brothers) adding greatly to the overall sound on guitar. in terms oi songs, ‘Saturday Night Sunday Morning’, ‘Love Like A Needle’ and “You Don’t Know A Thing About Her’ were outstanding, while ‘Deeper Love’ made a welcome return to the live set. Few, it any, other unsigned bands can lay claim to tour songs at such depth and quality.


I Pixies: Sorter Rosa/Throwing Muses: House Tornado (both MD). Bands like Pixies are the ilipside oi the Bruce Springsteen coin. Without believing blindly in the power oi rock ’n’ roll you can’t make magic work, whether you’re playing on Brucie’s scale or scrabbling a living with some weird shit at No Commercial Potential. Pixies’ magic doesn't work all the time, but when it does, ‘Surter Rosa.’ is as entertaining a piece oi avant-garage as you’ll ilnd this side oi the new Pete Ubu LP. Comparisons with The Fall give less oi an indication at their sound than their attitude - particularly their streak oi wicked humour, played up by vocal harmonies recalling John Doe and Excene oi X, and given direction by tunes craited with the eccentric poppy charm oi the great American and Antlpodean indie bands.

Throwing Muses may have diiiiculty lollowing them on their current tour, which uniortunater misses out Scotland. Often mentioned in the same breath as 10,000 Maniacs, Muses’ court darker hues at American music, places where REM and Talking Heads iearto tread. This isn’tto say they do it brilliantly all the time. A little too oiten they get bogged down in nouveau-tolkiness which even the piano chords irom ‘Typical Girls’ can’t rescue them. Like Pixies, though, the best bits are compelling. (Mab)

v ' w 'i \ is!" .7 -‘ .. -~ ~

I Tina Turner: Tina Live in Europe (Capitol). La Turner didn’t get her reputation as a great live periormer ior nothing, and this double live album (gulp!) sorely needs her larger-than-liie presence to draw attention away irom the tedious showband oi session players ripping into heavy lead guitar breaks, and her over-reliance on cover versions. Her ridiculously hammy version at ‘Help’ probably brought the house down in some German stadium, but is seriously overblown when heard without the visuals. Guests Robert Cray, Bryan Adams, Bowie and Clapton are wheeled in and out, butTina's the star, and it’s a triumphant Tina, at the height oi her career, that’s heard on this LP.

‘Tina Live in Europe' is a celebration oi '

her determination, the grit that carried her irom the time she left lke, when no record company would touch her, to the largest stadia in the world. The band still suck, though. (Mab)

Griffith and Lyle Lovett.

I Speedie Ducks Hobsons. 573 Sauchiehall Street. 9pm. Free. Attracting some interest at the moment: I have only heard an ancient demo which showed a lot of promise.

I The Collectors La Taniere. Fox Street. 9pm. Free.

I Duncan Finlay & Fraser Spiers llalt Bar.

' Woodlands Road. 9pm. Free. Interesting

fact no 2212: Fraser Spiers played harmonica on Lloyd (‘ole & The (‘ommotions' Mainstream album.


I Somo Somo Venue. ('alton Road. 557

307}. lixcellent African band. whopulled out all the stops and still couldn‘t get an audience of Festival culture vultures to dance. If you know better. turn up atThc Venue ready to shake your thang.

I The lndian Givers and The Alice House lloochie ('oochie ('lub. (‘oasters Complex. \Vest Tollcross. 228 3252. So The lndian (iiyers weren‘t deluged with blank cheques when the A& R hordes descended last. They won the Music Box‘s battle of the bands last month with a dreamlike set of laid-back. jazz-influenced numbers. Still a band worth watching.

I The Steve Doherty Band Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. Formerly callled Zero Zero. the name change makes them sound like they've been chugging along since the Sixties. if you know what I mean.

I The Dan Blocker Experience Negociants. l.othian Street. 225 (i313. 9pm. Free. Wide range of country sounds.

I The Block Brothers Preservation I fall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9pm. Free.



I Run Rig Barrowland. (iallowgate. 7.30pm. £5.

Yet another Barrow land show for Run Rig. whose most recent album. The (‘utter and the (‘lan had sortie wonderful moments. especially. Alba.

I Hunters Club/George Borrowski Rooftops. 92 Sauehiehall Street. 10.30pm. The l lunters ('lub last appeared irt (ilasgow supporting Balaam and the Angel at the Mayfair.


I Randy Erwin and The Ramblerettes and The Austin Envy Band Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 9pm. £3.50 (£3). Randy Erwin is singlehandedly attempting to bringthe yodel back into country music. and he's perfectly serious about it. And why shouldn't he be'.’ He attracted the carrot David Byrne. who gave him a small part in True Stories. l le's supported on this occasion by lidinburgh‘s premier cowboy outfit.

I Makossa Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708.};1 after‘)pm. See Wedo.

I Transaction l.ortl [)arnley. West Port. 2294341. ltlpm. Free.

I Shiver 'n‘ Shake Preservation l lall. Victoria Street. 2263816. £1 after 9.30pm. I Black Market Negociants. l.othian Street. 225 (i313. 9pm. Free.

I Blueiinger ( ‘avern. (‘owgate. 22656-11. livening.

SATURDAY 9 Glasgow

I Lloyd Cole and the Commotions SECC. l-‘innieston. 7pm. £6.50. Amazing tothink it's five whole months since their last gigin (ilasgow »— at the Pavilion. Afterthe extensive touring they have been doing—l would imagine that this will be the last chance to see them for quite sometime. They are in a good position. with three albums of material to draw on for a live set. although last time round. the set centred heavily on Rattlesnakesand Mainstream for inspiration.

I This Is It i lalt Bar. lollWoodlands

32 lliel MI 14 April l‘lb’b’