h¢1(}11'T1.1F1§ 1-1S T

tactthey'reallgoingtoBarnardo‘s.there [ are some worthwhile pri/esinclttding [ mealsand holidays. [N'l']

I Workhouse lll..‘\llpm— 3.30am. £2. .-\ hroad mixture ot house. ittnk attd soul hosted hy 1).ls Scott and(‘raig.

I Zenatec Sttper Sunday Surpri/e ltlprn—-.‘~..‘~Uatn. £2. Nightcluh disc‘owith Holiday Raffle '1-shirts and htthhly for consolation pri/es. l‘ree entry tickets cart he fottnd in various puhlie houses andwine hars.


IThe Alhambra .‘sl \s'aterltmStreet.23I 32bit. S..‘\tlptu rtudnight. l-ree. oils and “(is sounds. (ilieap vodka.

I Club Alrica at Henry Alrika's.

11pm 3.3Ham. £1 hetore midnight; £3 alter,

I House and Garage Club at 'l’in l’an Alley. 11pm 3am. £1 with ticket asailahletrom the cluh and surrounding puhs. (‘hcap

Red Stripe and Southern ( 'omlort.

I Streetbeat at the Warehouse.

llpm .‘~.3l|pttt. £4. 1)a\ id Walters with the latest chart and heat sounds.

I Palomino Club 11pm 3am. £2. 1)iseo sounds.

I Panama Jax t 1.3le 3.311am.£1.511. Mainly (iay night. [)1 Raymond 1)avren.


I Blue Monday at (‘alton Studios. 9pm till late. It will he interestingtosce it’theBlue Monday will retattt its popttlarity without the lighting extras agan/a accompanving


The Spanish Harlem, Fridays at Wilkie

House. is currently enjoying a great 1 deal of success, capturing a wide ] spectrum of Edinburgh youth, enticed

the hig heat punk hi-energy sounds.

I Rokko'SSpm 3am. Free ( 1 lappy 1lntll‘s S5 1 1pm). ‘1idinhttrgh's rtew est

disco diner" tlte ads say. It remains tohe seen how tnttch of a t'acelitt the former 'Rttmours’ has heen gis en.



IThe Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. :21 32h“. l't'ee. Stls' disco sounds. (‘heap drinks.

I Bennets llptn 3am. Alternative mix w ith less oi an emphasis on gay than at other times tn the week.

I Chinese Night at March ( iras.

llpru 3..“llttm. £3511. 1)iseo night forthe (‘liinese community.

I Club China at Henry Atrika's.

11pm» 3..‘\llam £1 hefore mtdnigltt1£3 after.

I Jo-Jo's Gay Night at 'l'in l’an Alley. 111.311 Rant. 5le witlt ticket. £1 without.

litiroheat and 11i-NR(i music. ('heap vodka.

I Palomino Club 9pm 3am.£2.1)isco sounds.

I Streetbeat at the Warehouse.

llpttt 3.311pm. £4. 1)av id Walters with the latest chart and heat sounds.


I Tuesdays at the Bermuda '1‘riang1e ((‘oastersl. ltlpni 4am. £2. (iay ttigltt. often attracting international caharet with 11i-NR(i in hetweert.

I Hokko'er’pm 3am. l-"ree ( I lappy 1 lottt's

with a promise or excellent music. curious decor and a good meal as well. Established a few months ago by Colin Watt, previous aide and adviser to the Parliament Club, and David Alexander, head honcho olthe Blue Club and the

.S‘ llpm).See.\1on.


IThe Alhambra .‘sl WaterlooStreet.221 32bit, .s‘ 12pm. 1-'t'ee. (‘luh attd chart night. I Cotton Club 1 lptu 3am. £2.51). .1eansand 'li-Shirt night real hard dartcittg.

I Henry Alrikas 2pm ~1am.£1hetore lllpm; £3.511after. oil's night for over21s. Diner open for meals and snacks. Some drinks. (illp. [N1] [\1)].

I Mayfair 1 lptn 3am. £2. (ills' night httt

sneak along earlier (".311 1 1pm for


I Palomino Club “pm 3am. £2.1)isco sounds.

I Panama Jax lllptn .‘~..illarti.1'ree. Mainly a gay night. 1).] Raymond I)avren.

I Scratch at [in Part Alley. £1 withtickct.

Sotil. tttnk and |a// tor the youngand trendy. (‘heap vodka and Sehlitl.

I Streetbeatat ( 'Ieopatt'as. llptii 2.3(1am. £3 l £1 .Sllwtth ticket 1. l)av id Walters ‘strcethcet‘ cltth: mixed dance music. IWasp Factoryat Hollywood Slllttlns. (ilasgow l'nivet'sity Student 1)isco.

lllpm 3am. £ 1. Beers£1.


I Calton Studios s‘pm till late. £2 ( £1 .Stii. Makossa playing live on h.-\pr.

I Fire Island I 1.311pm 2am. £1.211("tlp hetore 1 1.451. Well estahlishedpopttlar gay cltth in the city centre.

I Potterrow 23 Mar only . Spm lain (Happy llottr S311 l)..‘~tlpml. ‘1 lippest'ot

T-Bone. the Harlem has the unique distinction, in Edinburgh at least. of having two outputs of sound on ditterent levels at the venue, and a Mexican-based calé supplying reasonably-priced tuck.

The main club on ground level plays modern dance to the majority of the comparatively oldercrowd, supplemented by backdrops ol 8mm films and slides. The erlect gives the church hall-ish shape a decidedly more appealing leel. Upstairs in the WickWack Club room, variety is more the spice. with the DJs plundering Fopp Records—theirsounds sponsors-tor Charley 8&8 and Soul, C&W right through to James Hendrix. So don't be put oil it you're a bit lost by the playlist, because there‘s more to it than that.

In the future, David tells us, cash has been set aside for a big PA event with someone really, really famous, although rumours of a Hendrix comeback gig are strongly denied. (Stuart Haiker)


1. Davy D: Clap Your Hands (12in).

2. Doug E Fresh: Keep Risin’ to the Top Guess? Who? (12in)

3. Greedy Beat Syndicate: Study the Funk(12in).

4. Cold Cut: Say, Kids. WhatTime Is It? (12in).

5. Norman Connors: Samba for Maria (7in).

6. Columbia: The Music Man (12in). 7. S. Express: Theme from 3. Express (12in).

8. Gwen McCrae: All This Love That I'm Giving(12in).

9. Dee Dee Wilde: I Found You (12in). 10. Rob Base & DJ Eze: Rock It Takes Two (12in).

the student venues ~ which isn't saying much. l'sually a palatahle night out. though.

I Hokko's Spin-3am. l-‘ree t l lappy l lottrs S 11pm).See.\lon.

I Venue lllpm‘ 2am. ’l‘rial run for a new thrash metal night (Anthrax. .‘sletallica. Kreator etc.) live hands will he appearing in the future. Should he interesting tosee it there are enough disciples to sustain this eluh.


I The Alhambra 31 waterltm street . :21 32011.8 12pm. 1-'ree. Party Night.

I Bennets l lptn 3am. £1. .\latnlygay. mainly Izut'oheat,

I Club Las Americas at Suh (’luh. 1'7 Mar only: llpm 3am.£1.511.l.atin.]auand soul disco for (‘entral America Week.

I Streetbeat at (’leopatras. llpm 2.311am £3 ( £1 .511 with ticket 1. David Walters ‘stt‘ectheat' cltth: mixed dance music.

I Disco Viva 111.3(lpm‘ 3am. £1 hefore 11pm; £2 after. llousemusic.

I Fury Murrys 111.311pm 3.30am. Prices vary according to groups. The live music night see rock listings fordetails.

I Henry Atrikas ltlpm 3.30am. £1 hefore 1 1pm: £2.50after. 7(1s' ruusic and videos. I Hollywood Studios ltl..‘stlpni 3am. £3. 7 Apr: Windswept: live hand.

I Mardi Gras l1pnt~3.3llam.£3.11ouse music night.

I Mayfair 1 lpttt 3am.£1.()ver 25snigltt disco.

I One Hundred Club at l lolly wood Studios. 9pm ~3am. £1 New cluh.

I Palomino Club 9pm 3am.£2.1)isco sounds.

I Panama Jax 9pm 2am. £2. 2-1 .‘vlarand every 'l'hurs thereafter: llot Wax ~ aSlls' night with Radio (‘lyde 1).] Jay(‘rawford. I Prima Colazlone at ‘l‘in l’an Alley. 111.311pm -3.3(lam. £ 1 .511 with ticket. £3.51) without. New 1 lip 1 lop and liuroheat eluh. Italian for Breakfast (‘ltthl \‘odka and Schlitz. are cheap.

I Rattles 111.311 2am. £2511. Motown and chart sottttds w ith 1)]. Roddy Stewart. \‘odka311p.1.ager 511p.

I Reggae Club at the Function Suite. Rooftops. 111.311pm- 3am. £2.50.


I American House at t-‘ire Island.

11.30pm 2.311arn. £1 .5111711phefore 11.45pm). 1)Js pick the hest from the limitless variety of American house music lo the utttrained ear it all sounds uncannin the same.

I The Slammer at Buster Brow ns.

1 1pm 3.3(1am. l-‘ree admission tickets cart he fotttid arottnd and ahottt. Scratch. rap and mix to suit the crowd.

I The Amphitheatre ltlpni 3am. £2.11alf price hefore 11pm. 1)iseo irtterrto lightsup 1.othian Road. iii a trial run forthe weekend.

I The Cambalache at The ( iilttetl Balloon. ltlpm- 3am. £2. 14 Apr only: 1.atindanee gives this scene a distinctive edge in a good htit snooty venue.

I Cinderellas Hockertellas 9.31)pm--3am. £1 .511hefore 1 1pm; £2 after. Rock ‘n' roll years with corresponding drink prices—- startsat (sup with (ills‘ music till 1 lprnthen 711p with 7lls' sounds and from 12.3llam till the end of the evening. Hlls‘ music with Htlp drinks. [A] [N1)][N'1‘]

I Dillingers lllpm~late. £2. Appealingto the 18s up. Witlt two floors 1)i11ingersis available 7 days a week for functions. [ND] [NT] [A]

I Edgars lupin—3am. £2. Alldrinks tonight and Sunday are blip.

I Finsbury Park’s Night Club 9.30pm till late. ()pen to the puhlie most 'I‘hursdays. [A] [NT] [ND]

I Kids Love Jelly at the Mission. 111.3(1pm—3am. £1. Actually the club's called something different for the next few weeks, with the music pltttnhing new depthsof tedium. not a ska track insight.