business closed last year. the gallery s expenses shot up. ()pen barely twoyears.

the Metro provided a comtortable \ enue for contemporary art.

I 908 GALLERY l2 ()tago Street. 3393 I 55. Mon—Sat 10am-6pm.

Birds and Bees t 'nill 3s Apr. James Gorman's erotic other world. New work by an artist who has been working in the west tor thirty years. These paintings ‘explore human and animal lorms in landscapes and against abstracted backgrounds often verging on surrealist .' I PEOPLE'S PALACE MUSEUM Glasgow Green. 5540223. Mon-Sat lllam 5pm. Sun I 5pm. Glasgow's museumot working lite.

Now in its‘)llth year. the museum is. currently undergoing essential repairs and relurbishment which will last throughout the year.

I POLLOK HOUSE 206” l’ollokshaw s Road. 6320224. Mon Sat lllam 5pm. Sun

1 5pm.

Neighbour to the Burrell ( ‘ollection. this 18th century house contains the Stirling Maxwell ('ollection ol Spanish paintings and period turnislnngs. I THE SCOTTISH DESIGN CENTRE "2 St Vincent Street. 22l 612]. Mon l-ri 9.30am— 5pm. Sat 9am 5pm. Total Design 5--.‘~0 Apr. The Mist Izuropean exhibition on student design and design education. leaturing work from students throughout the Iilit‘. A conlerence at Strathclyde I'niversity w ill cover the same topic. (‘ontact Design ('entre lor lurther details. I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ay r Street (adjacent to Springburn Railway Station). 557 1-105. Mon-I'ri 10.30ain- 5pm. Sun I 2~5pnr A Place to Stay tinnl Nov as. One ol the largest exhibitions ever mounted on the j subject of housing in Scotland. The exhibition traces the transformation in Springburn trom a small village and industrial suburb where property was privately owned. to today 'stow n dominated by the council-ow ned tower blocks where 50‘} ot the residents now live. Photographs by 19th century Springburn photographer William Graham are on display along with the work of amateurs in the lollowing years. Domestic items illustrate the change in living conditions from coal-fired range to gas cooker. from grarnaphone to video. The Cowlairs Railway Works L'nnl June. Historical exhibition of life and times of what was once Scotland's largest railway works.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. Tue—Sat “lam—5.30pm. Sun 2—5.30pm. Cate. ID] Jackie Parry L'ntil 23 Apr. Daly River 5 Night Images of north western I Australia. New sculpture. by an artist best known for her sensitively exquisite prints. Originally from Australia. Parry haslived

in Glasgow since the early seventies. when she studied printmaking at Glasgow- School of Art. This is her second solo show at Third Eye Centre.

Gene Lambert Until 23 Apr. Work from a Darkroom. Photographs depicting the personality of people who are disabled. Laura Ford Until 23 Apr. Drawing from the Deadly Grove. Drawings by sculptor I‘ord made as part of a Third Eye Commission which brings together her work with that of performance artist Annie Griffin. The performance ‘The Deadly Grove‘ will be shown from 19 to 23 Apr. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50) and the installaton will be open for viewing. 10.30am—5.30pm dailyduring that time. For further details ofthe performance see Dance page.

Amelia Stein Until 23 Apr. Burial explored in colour-tinted black and white photographs.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY l3 Chisholm Street. 552 4813. Mon—Sat Noon—6pm. EventSpace 3 Throughout Apr. Transmission host their annual video

festival. Video library (mainly from


Jacki Parry. Third Eye Centre, Glasgow The contours ol the Ashmore Reel, Australia join up in the image of a coracle. That little map introduces Jacki Parry's story at sharks and poisonous snakes. ol men and lolding waves. She tells it as legend using symbols pressed as water-marks into solt paper. like a secret picture story stripped to its barest facts.

The venom ol the watersnake. the log-book lined like shutters. the anchor which dissolves into a cross are characters in a real story which began two years ago. Jacki‘s brother has never been lound atteran accident at sea while working lor the Australian Ports and Fisheries Department. Without a proven death. he has simply disappeared. his late a question at speculation. ‘Visible Traces' plots the inlormation available on a grid. 3 down, 10 across.

It is a work in progress, still rough at the edges. which demands interpretation whether you know her story or not. It is at once a riddle and a dedication, underwater.

These marks depart lrom the etching block lor which Parry is best-known. Though trained in sculpture in Melbourne her move to Glasgow in 1970 triggered a decade at print-making. But paper, the background to a print, has moved into herloreground in recent years. Her

studio is kitted out tor pulp. hanging with crispy leaves and bark. Big purple pods, buckets of red slush and drawers ol hush brown paper quietly clutter the room. In that room. it is somehow no surprise that the physical process at paper-making has led to the watermarked ‘Visible Traces‘ and a return to sculpture.

Daly RiverNight isa large. earth-bound paper sculpture the colour ol midnightchantingthe sound at night from its deep throat. Beside it, Yellow Alert completes the tribal performance in a dance which llirtswith danger-red the colour ol Ayres Rock and a yellow cone make an exclamation mark below three wispy skins. In the centre ol the

gallery. a watery oasis ol kangaroo vines and the train of a papyrus princess shelters a small llame. a tiny shrine. Dark booming prints of silent rocks. split for examination look on.

Jacki Parry has pushed her work out into the Daly River Night. the title she has given to this exhibition ol new work. From her melting pots of banana. kozo, gampi and llax she has begun to build a language lora country which hides a personal mystery and a natural one. Her images are gentle and at the same time unnerving. The peacock tail-leathers at her Rainmaker could be mistaken lorthe cloak at a god. (Alice Bain)

London Video Ar ls catalogue ) as ailablc during the week w ill) special screenings at the w eckend and evenings. (’ontact the gallery lor lurther details.

I WASHINGTON GALLERY ~14 Washington Street. 221 62S0. Mon l’ri 10am 5pm1Sat lllamr lprn.

Scottish artists.


I DOURNE FINE ART 4 I)undas Street 55“ 4050. Mon -I~‘ri lllam 6pm.

Scottish painting lrom the l‘lth and 20th centuries.


Floor. 3‘) 4| Princes Street. Mon Sat 9am— 5 . 30pm: Thurs 9am 6pm.

The Scottish Cratts Collection t 'ntil .luly 1988. An exhibition olcontemporary craftwork from Scotland including jewellery . ceramics. glass. textiles. wood and silversrnithing. organised by the Scottish Development Agency.

I CALTON GALLERY lll Royal 'I'errace. 55b 1010. Mon— Fri 10am—6pm: Sat 10am—1pm.

Watercolours and drawings by oy er 150 British and Iiuropean artists. 1790 1940. I CENTRAL LIBRARY George I\' Bridge. 225 5584. Mon—I‘ri 9am -‘)pm. Sat

9am— 1 pm.

Ancient Egypt ol the Pharaohs Staircase. L'ntil 30 April. and

Gold OI the Pharaohs ('onterenee Room. until 28 April. Two exhibitions sparked oil by the Pharaohs at the ('ity Art (‘entre (see below).

I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 2424 ext 6650. Mon—Sat 10am-6pm. Licensedcate. [1)]

Gold at the Pharaohs Limit 31 April. Special opening hours Mon Tue Sat 10am—6pm; Wed Thurs Fri 10am—9pm; Sun noon—6pm. £1 (65p). The golden Mask of Psusennes I is the centrepiece ofthis exhibition. "I‘he Lower Ground Floor is the best bit. If you‘ve only got half an hour i then it's best spent here amongst the gold and jewels from the tombs.‘ The crash

barriers are being put to lull use asthe queues tor the exhibition are as longas expected and parking in the area dil'licult. To avoid the wait the two hours-1pm 6pm on weekday s are the quietest.

I COLERIDGE GALLERY 4"b George Street.

2201305. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Wide selection ot contemporary British glass. ()riginal prints by contemporary artists and jewellery .

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 166 1 liin Street. 2201260. 'lue Ill 12 30 5.30pm;Sat lll..‘~0am 5.30pm.

I lie ( ‘ollectiy e reopens with a show by an Izdinburgh artist.

Philip Duthie abstracts. I THE DESIGNER GALLERY ll llasties ('lose l round corner from 36‘) ( iallel‘H (‘owgatc. 225 27‘4.

Richard Demarco l'ntil Sat 3 April. Iidinbtirgh and other Points on the Road to Meikle Seggie. As well as directing his gallery and Iidinburgh Arts expeditions with ceaseless energy . Demarco is alsoan accomplished draughtsrnan. Incredibly (perhaps not. considering his other many achievements) he-has had torty‘ one-man show s and his work is represented in over 1.500 public and private collections. “is drawings and watercolours are fine observations ot' the land and city marks he encounters on his journeys all of which he says lead to Meiklc Seggie. a place that exists orin on a signpost.

Flooers 0‘ Edinburgh I'ntil Sat 3 April. Work by Baria Sayer.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place Mon-Sat lllam- 5.30pm.

Next exhibition Three Strands lS-SllApril. The largest exhibition of embroidery work comes to Iidinburgh from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE 20 (‘hambers Street. Mon—Hi l). l5am—H30pm; Sat. Sun 10.15am—2.30pm.

New Work by Sculptor and Architect Adam ZYW 14—26 April. Work. notexhibited

.~ Apr. large-swirling


young Scottish designers will look at the

5 Street. 225 6776. 'I‘iie--I~‘ri l lam 7 6pm: Sat

betore. which represents a new stylistic departure. I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (ieorchquare. 66" 101 1 Mon I'll 9am 5pm. Piecing Together the Past l mu 15 Api il. szhibition Room. An exhibition to celebrate the Diamond .lubilec ol the l'niyersity ‘s Department ol .-\rclnteciuie. Warren Hastings and British India l 'ntil J) April A display ol related w cslci n and oriental manuscripts. I FILMHOUSE l.otltlan Road. 22S63S2. Mon~Sat 12.30pm llpm; Sun 6.30 llpm. licensed rest. Grierson—AMasterolPersuasionn.-\prrl 1 May. A selection lrom the ( ~ollins Gallery. Glasgow exhibition on this pioneer ol the documentary lilm. Videos ol~ sortie of his best know n lilms like Meli/ 'l‘rum. made for the Scottiin Postal Board in the Fillies w ill be show n throughout the exhibition. I FINE ART SOCIETY l2 ( ireat King Street. 5560305. Mon—Sat 10am-6pm. 19thand20th century paintings. mainly Scottish. Art in Fashion - Fashion in Art t mil 3: Apr. The title conjures up all kindsol associations - the portrait painter . the textile designer. the clothes designer I lie exhibition brings art and laslnon together with drawings by leading designerslike Zandra Rhodes and Missoni next to painters w itli an eye lor the laslnonable. not surprisingly llockney and Donaldson among them and Victorian painters ()rchardson and Ilerdman. Designs by

Scots impact on the lashion world today Next exhibition Spring 88-New Acquisitions in May.



Contemporary paintings lrom Scotland and Italy.


Crescent. 225 5366 Mon—Fri 9.30am 1pm

The List I 1—1 April IUSS 4T