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*::>. .“w Scottish Arts COUHCII a".() trio C-Iv of l outburng [)w .< t Comm;

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l‘) .\lare|i- I Ma}


H May-\- June

and 2pm—5.3tlpm. ('Iosed 25 Mar 7| I April.

Seriesol talks on modern art continues. La Nouvetle Realile Wed 3’ April. n31 Ipm. Expressionism. painting and sculpture WIS» 193‘).

Yves Bresson ()pens I3 .-\pri. I alk Ii} the artist. Free on Tue I2 Apr. o..‘\IIpiri at the Institute. Making: a start as an llltlll\ll'l.ll photographer. Bresson turned to press photograph} . \sorkmg tor [\ui \earsmth the Parisian agene} . (iamma. photographer at the Museum ot .-\rt and Industr} in St Iztienne. he l‘eeame interested in mining and llIlllL‘l\. Ile

mm ed on then to almost ahxlraet interpretations oI Iandxeape.

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘) Market Street. 225 2383. 'I ue Sat Itlam 5.3Mpm; Sun 1.30pm 5,3lem. lieensed eale. Richard Hamilton I 'ntiI I Ma). Riehaid Hamilton has been one ot Britain‘s leadineartists Iot'o\ei that} _\eat‘\. Made up oI three rooms and a l0_\et‘do\\ lt\I;tIl‘\ and an e\hihition ot prints on the themeot .Iamexlou'e's I Iuses. this exhibition \llt)\\\ this position unchanged. One room

Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

The Collective Gallery have taken up theirtrack-lighting and walked up the Royal Mile from 52 to 166. The move has its pros and cons. Gone are the shop windows which attracted passers-by. It‘s lirst lloor now with only a hanging sign to entice. But between the Bridges, they have moved to the prime block at the Mile, have more wall space and though the rooms seem smallerthis upstairs gallery is perhaps a more hospitable place.

Founded in 1984, the Collective is run 4

by artists. The membership selects the exhibitions programme and a committee of membersjuggles plans and projects with the tiny budgets. Administrator Linda Graham is optimistic about their luture but financial worries are always at the door. The annual grant oi £5500 lrom the Scottish Arts Council is expected to have a mimimal increase and the District Council. though they have

contains a portrait of the Iriin hunger striker in eell. another the oner of a hotel and next to that a video otMargaret 'l‘hateher dispensing polities in an operating room. ‘l‘hough the latter “as made in NM. it still has aehilling relerenee to the present. Richard Hamilton blends his skill aseommunieator \\ tilt llltL‘ all. See lL‘illttt‘L‘.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Bell‘ord Road. SStiS‘DI. Mon Sat IIIam ~5pm: Sun 2 5pm. Restaurant. [1)]

.\'o \PL‘L'ltll L‘\l1ll‘llltill\ until lzdinhurgh l‘L‘\ll\ al. Permanent eolleetion on \llt)“. Some rooms may he closed due to lL‘tlL‘L‘Ul’ullUll.

I GATEWAY GALLERY 2 J Abbe} mount. (th II‘).\2. .\lon Sat l‘\llll\llltill\ .\Ion Sat ItIam 5pm. Restaurant.

Beth Shadurs SHAW. llll\.-\lllL‘llL'itll llllll.lll\l returns to Scotland liom .-\meiiea “Illi an e\IiiIution ot Lll.t\\llif.!\.tlltl \\;tlL'lL'Ultitll\. She \\ lll alw lie “or kmgin the galleit \\ Illl drug; groups on a new mural,

I GALERIE MIRAGES 'l'he lane. 40a

Raeliurn I’laee. Stoekliridge. 315 2MB.

exhibitionatlfifilooksattheworkol Phil Duthie. previously a resident otthel Stockbridge WASPS and now working i in 369‘s large new studios. Booked up } untilJuly.the gallery hopes to start I swapping shows with other artist-run galleries in England and Northern Ireland in the neartuture. Performance and discussion will also lorm part at their new programme. Artists will be encouraged to talkabouttheirworkand ‘video nights‘ will be hosted to stimulate debate. Alreadythe gallery have links with larger spaces like the Richard Demarco Gallery. 369 and Edinburgh College at Art close by which should allowthem to host events that mightbe cramped intheir own space.

Most recently, the Collective have advertised lorsite specilic proposals for a project called Dutside/lnsite. A week belore the closing date they had had several replies. Disappointineg though. only one at these came lrom Scotland. the rest lrom the south and lrom Holland. With the National

helped generously in putting the new building to rights, is going through a tight-listed period as tar as lunding ol the arts is concerned. With membership charges kept low, £6 lor students and unemployed and £12 or £18 tor those with work. Linda sees a future at lund-raising ahead.

Despite the shoestrings however. the Collective does seem to be embarking on a period at activity. Their lirst


Review of Live Art being held at Third Eye Centre in Glasgow this year, this statistic does seem surprising.

The Collective welcomes proposals lorexhibitions and applications tor membership lrom artists working in or out of Scotland (students mayjoin but are not able to exhibit). Contact Linda Graham lordetails. (Alice Bain)

l'lie l'ruitmarket (iallery 2‘) Market Street. lidihlmrgli lil ll ll)l' 'l'elephone H i I -22§ 2 WI

IH— V W I'uesda} Saturday I. ill—i. it) Sunday (.Iosed Monday


42 Niel l\l I It \pril It)»