Mon—Sat Ilium—5pm; Sun 3—5pm. ('losed Wed.

The Magic ol Puppets 2.x Mar—3t) April. Puppets from Turkey . Nepal and South-Iiast Asia for the collector and child alike. Iixotic and colourlul.

TalkSun 34 Apr. 3pm. Donations yvelcome. Dr Ian Morrison ol Iidinburgh I'niyersity' yinI give a

lecture demonstration ot shadoyv pltppcls and their use in the gallery. Ile himsell isa keen collector and enthusiast on this colourlul subject. Stiitable Ior both adults and children.

I GLADSTONE'S LAND lays nmarket . 33o 5S5ti. Mon Sat Illam ~1..‘~tlpm; Sun

3 ---l..‘~llpm.

ASpring Garland I 'ntil 33 April. Paintings by iilspetlt Ilarrrgan. ('aiolrne Rockyyood and ( ‘hristine \Voodside .leyyellcl') b.‘ Sheana Stephen.

I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 1.5 Scotland Street55tiotl2ll'l'ue I'l‘l I larrr 5pszat lilam lprn.

Exchanges I ‘iitil ‘) April. ()i'ganised in association vy ith the Belgian gallery. (ialerii Sti5. ( iraeme Mtrrray shovvs three artists I’aul ( ices. Dan \‘an Sevei'eir and Izric De Snret. I HANOVER FINE ART IIIJ t Itttttty er Street. 335 345”. Mon» I‘ri Illam 5..‘ytlpm; Sat Illam-me.

Mixed Exhibition I 'ntil 5 April. I'eaturing ; recent paintings by .I.B. Dickie. Izli/abeth Sharp and Ray lays son.

Spring Mixed Exhibition 1 I April 3 May. Work by oy er .‘sllartists. \‘y'ood-carvingby .lonathair Mushlin.

I HART STREET GALLERY 31‘) I Iart Street. 55(i3llti‘). Mon Fri Illam tipm; Sat

ltlam lpm.

(ieneral display ol oils. \satercolours and prints. The gallery also operates a training

I HM GENERAL REGISTER HOUSE Princes Street. 55(iti5S5. Mon l-ri‘lam 4..‘~llpm. The Scots in Australia that end ( )ei.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 .\‘orthumber'larid Street lane.

Donald Hamilton Fraser t ‘niil It April. t'r‘aser is an artist vs ho yvorks in a realistic. almost photographic light. Boatsand ballerinas are popular subrects vs hich he paints vs ith great skill and the impression ol speed. producing images vs ith an instinctive eye lor coirrposition. This exhibition is accopanied by a catalogue by (‘hristie's(‘ontcmporary Art.

I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY n." ( ieor‘ge Street. 33o 4 I 5 1. Mon I‘ri 9am tipm‘. Sat Illam Ipm.

An Artist‘s Map ot Scotland 8 :3 Apr. A topographical cxibition ot yy atereolours and prints ol Scottish landscapes


I THE PEOPLE'S STORY A neyy museum loi'

Iidinburgh. opening in the ( ’anongate toyvards the end ol IUSS. is appealing Iot‘ additions to its collection. Based on the lileol'the city itsell. itsindustry.political actiy ities and social character. the museum vs ill coy er all aspects ol the history oI Izdinburgh through thestories and belongings ol the inhabitants. The organisers are looking tor all kindsol memorabilia tools. clothes. trade union records. badges. photographs any thing todo ysith Iiy mg and yyorkingin Iidinburgh. I-amily storiesabout the city's past are also vvelcomed. ('ontaet l lelen (‘lark or Inlaiire I-innie at the Social History Section. IIuntly House Museum. I43 (‘anongatcx 335 3-134 ext on“) if y on have any thing to otter.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND 'I'he Mound. 55h SUI I .Mon Sat Illam - 5pm; Sun 3- 5pm.

Redecorations and Restrictions From January to the end ot’.lune. the redecoration programme. begun yy ith the red room last year. ys ill continue in the main ground floor galleries. The idea is to recall both the spirit ot the period in yy hich the gallery \s as built and its architect Sir William I’lay'lair.



Stills, Edinburgh

None at this is really happening is the thought that keeps running through your head in this exhibition at ‘photo-montage‘. The photographs have all been caretully contrived, put together from props and paintings in the manner at Ron O’Donnell or Calum Colvin. It's a philosophy which owes nothing to the Carter-Bresson school at photography which, exploiting all the easy portability of the camera, looked tor naturally occurring ironies in lite and caught them atthe optimum moment. These pictures invert the process they are tixed, static studio shots and it is as though the idea has come tirst and sought out the camera to photograph it.

This is line in the work at O’Donnell and Colvin who set up clever parodies whose ettect depends upon being photographed. But here, too otten, the

technique is used tor its own sake and as a result seems to have nothing particularto say. One picture tor example shows a human leg, naked and hairy, bent at the knee and cut all at the thigh. 0n the other side is a human arm, bent at the elbow, also naked and hairy. They are joined by a strip of jagged-edged metal and the whole is set in a vast white background. The ettect is part grotesque acrobat, part chainsaw massacre, but in the absence

(ieoi‘ge IV Bridge. 33(i453l. Mon I’ri *)..‘~tlam 5pm; Sat ‘)..‘stlam Ipm; Sun

3pm 5pm.

Scotland at Play I hid l5 May. Sport gets the documentary treatment as the library looksat its history in Scotland lromthe . Middle Ages to today. Researched \y ith characteristic thoroughness. its attention to detail is yy ell-r‘eys.‘irded by the anecdotes it brings to light. .\'ot much hasbeen

oy erlooked. not even as a pen and ink sketch testrlics. an lSSllgarne ol'deek qttoits, (SK)

I NETHERBOW 43 l liin Street. 55605"). Mon Sat Illam 4.3llpm andevenings

vs hen pei‘lormances. ('ate.

The Magic ot Puppets 3s Mar .ttiApi-il. l’uppets lent by the Scottish l’uppet Association brighten the \ethei'bovv l-'oyer.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 7‘5 ( 'uiiiberland Street. 55,~ 103“. Mon I'i'i Illam (ipm;Sat Illain 4pm.

The lollovy ing exhibitions run trom 3 31 April.

John Kingsley COOK \Vatct'eolottrs and drayvings.

Pam Schomberg Recent porcelain ceramics

and jewellery. Rachel Gogerty Recent re-vvellei-y.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 55o

' S‘)3I.Mon Sat lllam 5pm1Sun3 5pm. Scottish Photography 1938—1988 I hit! 2h April. In .lanuary the l’ortrait(iallery

opened their tii'st permanent space

i devoted to photography. A tinegrottp

l‘roni photographers yyorking in and Horn

. Scotland durrrrg the last 5llyears have

been selected lrom their collection tor the inaugural display ()sear Mar/aroli's

portrait of the painter .loan Iiardley' looks across to Norman Mac(’aig iaimtily

. holding a cigarette tor .lessie Ann

Mattheyy in Bennets Bar. Ron

()‘Donnell‘s datt stutled trout in a box sits

in colour beneath a traditionally styled

portrait of a gillic ys ith salmon by (in n

Satterley'. It'san excellent exhibition to get to knoys the richness of recent Scottish photography and the laces yv hich

at any see it as meaning anything at all. Wittiest is the work at Teun Hocks (see photo). A photograph in the catalogue, though not in the exhibition, shows a tramp asleep on a bench, with a bottle in his pocket. In one hand he’s

characterise the country.

I PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP GALLERY 33 I'nion Street. 557 347‘). Mon Sat

Illam 5.3llpm.

Saracen Heads and Other Works 3 3i l April. 35 etched portraits by Peter I ony son depicting those vs ho frequent ( ilasgoyy 's oldest and one ol its most iirlamous pubs. the Saracen I lead.

I QUEEN‘S HALL ( ‘Ierk‘ Street Box ( )tlice 068 301‘). .Mon Sat Illam 5pm. (lite. Jackie Smith I 'ntil 3 April. Strident colour in the Iigrii'atiye paintings and drays ingsol this young artist.

New Prints by Tim Cockburn t 3H .-\pt'll. Screenprintsol lively colour and exotic places.

I RIAS l5 Rutland Square. 33‘) 7305. Mon I‘ri‘)..‘~tlam 5pm.

Richard Rogers in Scotland the I.lntt Products Building. I'ntil 7 April. Rogers is an uriconipromisineg modern architect best known tor the I’ompidou ( 'enti'e in Paris and more recently the l .loyds Building in London. both ol yv hich turn

the insides ot architecture out. He's a man

yy ho has no time l'or harkiiig back or nostalgia. I.inn Sondec \vere riragic yv ords to any

' record-bull vvorlh his or her vinyl m the

seventies. It vvas the handmade turntable. made in Scotland. equal to none. .\'ovy a multi-million pound company . l.irin have continued their priority Itil‘ design into their architecture. This exhibition ol dravvings and photographs of their nest building at Iiaglesham designed by the Rogers Partnership promotes that

commitment to sleek. practical lines. Talk Richard Rogers will be speaking at

Iidinburgh I'niyersity in the David I Iume 'I‘ovver. Lecture Theatre A on Fri 29 April at (i.3ll-‘)pm. The lecture has been

organised by' the Department ol Architecture and is free.

RIAS Student Awards and Prizes 13 April 5 May. An exhibition oi\sinttittgstttdent entries.


Blackl‘riars ( ‘hurch. Blackl'riars Street (oIt

holding a piece at string which reaches up to loop over a crescent moon. It's strangelytouching, but I wonder it. as in the picture above, itwouldn‘t have worked just as well as a cartoon. (Saly Kinnes)

High Street ). 55mm". Daily

Ill.3llam opm.

Nine Catalytic Stations by Paul Neagu t ‘nul 31) Apr. 'I‘he sculptor l’atiI Neagu celebratesa 3lI-year relationship yy rtli Richard Demarco yv ho gay e him his Irrst exhibition in this country \on mg liom Romania to I .ondori in l‘lhll. Neagu has become a maior tone in British sculpture both as maker and philosopher I lrs hyphens and stars. like sculptui al'IIl and heay en. escape limit his imagination

and once released stand as unrv ersals lhis exhibitiongroups sculpture tightly togethersurrounding it “uh steel-trained dravsrngs. Ari rmpoi tant exhibition organised in coniunction vs ith the Scottish Sculpture 'I'rust. ( )nly on tor a short time don't leave it too late.


Mon I'll Illam I hour belore sunset Sat. Sun I lam I hour beloiesuriset Inverleith

House isoperioir yyeekeirdsorily The Botanical Cabinet I 'ntil Fl .lrily Botanic ( iarden highlight their iieh collection ol books and niairirse: ipts in an exhibition based on their ovy ii collection


I3 elite tomes. beatittrllv illustrated. are tiscd to describe the history ol the librar y.

a strbrect recently published iir book tor in

by IIMS() IROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambeis Street. 335 "53-1 Mon Sat

Illam 5pm Surrl 5pm (’ale

New Shop Keeping in line vy ith the rrraior nttrsettinsol the ysorltl. the Royal Museum

is opening a much enlarged and pi'olessiorrally run shop Books. ievyelleiy. pottery . toys and t-sliir ts are lost sonreol

the merchandise available Aphrodite‘slslandzAn and Archaeology ot Ancient Cyprusr )pens l-I .\pi .\ rriaiot exhibitionoii tliisolrvogioyeisland IROYAL MUSEUM OFSCOTLANO(_)ueeri Street.55ti.\‘l3l Mon Sat Illarii 5pm. Suri3 5pm

Scotland‘s antiquities share premises is rtlr the l’ortrait(ialleiy. IROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY in.- Mound. l

335titi"l Mon Sat Illam opm.Suri l

__ .l

lite l.istl l1.\pirl I‘ISS43