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2 27 April Gallery closed 18 April

'l‘lll‘l .s’t'ti'l‘l lsll t;\l.t.i.lt\ Mon—I‘ri 9am 5.30pm

Sat 9.30am 2pm

94 George Street Edinburgh 03] 225 5955

Crawford Centre for the Arts UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS until I7 April:

Round the coast (prints)

From Pasternak to Peacock Spring balance (crafts) from 22 April:

Sun gardens (photograms)

Passages (photoworks)

Subsidised by the Scottish Arts COUDCII 93 North Street. St Andrews (0334) 76161 extension 59]

88 years ago the National Gallery of Scotland was given one collection of Turner water—

colours; in 1988 it has been given another.

TURNER’S ILLUSTRATIONS to The Poetical H/or/rfs of Thomas Campbell

1 April—31 May 1988 ° The Mound ° Edinburgh

Monday to Saturday 10—5 ° Sunday 22—5 ' I’ree

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Now in Paperback MAKEBA

My Story

44 int-t m 1 a 14 apt-ii toss


The Magic ol Puppets, Galerie Mirages. Edinburgh

It may seem strange to attach a moral authority to puppets, but Burmese society used to consider their living actors insulliciently ‘pure‘ to present the ‘Jatakas‘ (moral tales relating to past Buddhas) and always used string puppets lor these performances instead.

It is one ol the many intriguing lacts which comes out ol this attractive exhibition at puppets lrom SE Asia. Nepal. India and Turkey. They are a long way lrom home in this recently

opened gallery set down a little close in

Stockbridge, but with its high ceiling and muslim-draped skylights the ellect is rather like being in a big and airy Bedouin tent.

All the puppets, whatevertheir country at origin, are equally splendid having had colour, attention and detail lavished upon them. Any suggestion ol puppets being toys was never lurther away, lor these are puppets as deities

and demons, royalty and witches. They I

played such an important part in Balinese lite, that prayers were said

when a new puppet was made and once

it had been given its painted eye, it became endowed with a ‘soul'. In Burma, the string puppet representing the ‘apyoda' priestess would be given as many as sixty strings to give her movements the lull range at subtlety

and complexity commensurate with her

position and all the puppets here have their own historical, religious orsocial

Noon opm.

Ne\t L’\Illhllltlll RSA Summer Show 88 begins 33 April and runs to the iiiiddleol .Itin.

I SCOTTISH ARTISTS S I Iow ard Street. 55b (63" Mon Sat Illam 4pm. Sun 2 4pm. Young Painters 1 'mil 3] April. A w idc selection ol work in this pleasant gallery (near the Botanic ( iarden ) including Paul I‘lll'llL‘.ttl.\. \Villie .\lc.-\rtliur. Peter

Mel aieii..Ieiiny Matthewsand Peter “Title

I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE Ht) (anongate. 55(iS13o. Mon Sat

Illam 5.3”pm.

l’eriiianent display ol cralts made by Scottish cialtspeoplc.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 9-1 ( ieorge Street. 225 5955. Mon I'l‘l‘);llll 5.3llpm; S.it‘)_,‘~tlam lpm.

Lord Haig's Seventieth Birthday Exhibition

2 TApriI. An artist whohas exhibited as tar atieId as Poland with Richard Demareo and regularly in London and Scotland. LORI I laig is a colourist enchanted both by the Borders countryside in which he Iiyes and by more e\otic climes like Venice. Carved Wood 4 2" April. New work from cary crs including Tim Stead. Mike Scott. Paul (atoii and Sue \\'i’;iiglit.

Traditional Scottish Cratts 4 -27 April.

Sily er. Shetland lace. musical instruments and textiles. (‘ominissioiistaken.

I SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM Lady Victoria (‘olliery . Newtongrange. Midlothian. on} 751‘). Tue l‘ri

Illam 4.3Ilpm; Sat Sun Noon-Spniflihurs late openingb.3tierm.

The history ol mining in Midlothian on a miningsite.

I STEP GALLERY I low e Street. 556 1M3. This new gallery opens with a mixed exhibition ol the work of twelye artists including a large new silkscreen by Brian Kelly and paintings by l.eslie Main. The gallery also displays work by Molly

The strange puppets lrom Nepal, with

i one head but several laces, portray i characters lrom the lamous Hindu epic, , the Mahabharata, presumably 1 representing the many moods ol the » gods. Though they look benign in repose it's not hard to imagine them as ; learsome and threatening whirling ; dervishes in perlormance. Wonder E what Peter Brook will make ol them in i his version at this mega-text (15 times 5 Iongerthan the Bible) when his play comes to Glasgow later this month.

There are also shadow puppets lrom Bali and Java, beautilully and i painstakingly patterned on both sides, 1 since in Bali at least, the audience could watch trom the lront or see the : puppeteers behind the scenes. In Java, however, perhaps as a result at Islamic inlluence, it was only the men who were allowed to watch the puppeteers at work; in what seems to us almost like a bleak metaphor lor the veil the | Muslim women wear, the women were : permitted to watch the show only as it

I appeared lrom the pertormance side at

siiniiicance. i the curtain. (Sally Kinnes)

|I Hulltck.apriiiterwhohasturnedto


E I STILLS GALLERY IIIS Iliin Street. 557‘ l 14“. Tue Sat Noon opin.

I Fotogralia Bulla t not 23 April.

Photo-montage. 3-1) staging and

I surrealisticimagery flayourthc colourful

work ot these Dutch artists. Rommert

; Boonstra. ‘I‘eun Hocks. l.ydia Schouten

I and Ilenk 'l'as are amongst those included.

Iixhibition organised by the (‘ollins

(iallery . (ilasgow.

I TALBOT RICE ART CENTRE ( )ld ( 'ollege.

I'niyersity ol Iidinburgh. 667 III] 1 ext

4308. Mon -Sat. “lam-5pm. Sun

2pm 5pm. (‘Iosed IS April. 23.34 May.

Tribal Kelims lrom Iran t not 2 April. Hat

woy en rugs traditionally used as

wallhangings. grainsacks. rugs. tor

marraige ceremonies and saddlebags. A

selling exhibition mounted by Rufus


Duncan Shanks Io April—S May. Falling

Water- an exhibition of large paintingsof

watertalls across the country.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street.

SSothm. Mon—Fri I lam—(1pm; Sat

ltljllam 4pm.

I 369 GALLERY 20‘) (‘owgatcx 335 3013.

Mon? Sat Noon » 5.30pm.

Landmarks ‘)~3ll April. New work by

James Hawkins.

I WARE ON EARTH 15 Howe Street. 558

1270. Mon Fri llIam- (ipm1Sat

lllam~4pm; Sundays by appointment.

Ceramics by Susan McKay t.‘ntil 9 April.

'I'hough Siisan (trained in Edinburgh and

Dundee ) has shown in many group shows

throughout Britain. this is her first solo


IW.A.S.P.S. GALLERY PatriothaII.

Hamilton Place (near Theatre Works-hop)

Tue~Sun 12.3tL—53Ilpni.

Dorothy Black l-- lb April. New drawings by

an artist who unashamedly paints herself

With and without lobster claws.