whichtwo people and up .Tl‘ell'mswi" WWW“ Paul Simon intheFitties? THE STATE OF together. And I didn't. I just some 3.“ le'ev's'.” Does he simmerwith hopedlcould makea Istribution and whilst bare|y_con"o“ed ange,

Platform jazz return with the mostambitious programme they have ever presented. opening with a return visit trom Wayne Shorterto Edinburgh and Glasgow (see listings). Shortertorms part of The State olthe

Sympalhelic lOPTOleClS 3 when he reflects on howthe

involving Scottish talent. entire worm knows mat he

the CPmDany 9"“ "(ll b? wrote not a word or note at

seeklnopurelvnatrlollc anyolthesmashhitsheand ventures. To begin with. an his jormer partner enjoyed?

exclusive ‘tirst look' Indeed, the massive

agreementhas been struck highpoims orgimonana

Wllh lain Smith's company Ganunkers career (‘The

triangle where no character is less important than any other.‘ Brooks' conviction has certainly paid dividends; in America. Broadcast News has grossed close to $50 million. and the trio of Hurt.


Wayne Shorter __Joe_ilenderson

Hunterand Brooksareall WNW SoundsotSilence'.‘Bridge . Te"°"3"'"l_°"“a'b"l

Oscarhopeluls. it; " , 0verTroubledWater‘.'Mrs complehefls'vemomllhe

BroadcastNewsis 1"” W : Robinson‘.the CentralPark ! °""°"l°l’l'°"3.°“lhelenm

scheduledtoopenat _ T 5'”. ‘5 ; concert)have beenblown sa¥°ph°"°'a"'"5"“me"l

Odeonsin Glasgowand Q I I. i, l awayby PauISimon'ssolo l Y’mchl‘ascomelobe

EdinburghonBApril. : r -_ careerpost-‘Graceland'and l 'de"l'l'edasalf“°§l

See Film Listings lordetails .ra—t ”" hlSUlSCOVBW OlAlfican i SV"°"V"'°"S‘Y""W-

and review. "3 music.atactwhich must mIeheeofizzofgggmfigall rankl h i .

LINES ON THE comfy;an ghgtunm players onthe horn. witha

l tirstevervisittoScotland trom Sonny Rollins asthe jewel inthis particular

i ‘Graceland'theirsolo j careers had been


', meandering along at a

l So. . roughlyequallevel. I Clown'sonnyandwayne : A Iecross ProductionsA . , . . . . Farewemhen' l logfneractorand veteran ol . PaU'Simon'Slelallonsmp l firelg'mmn Apmbyfiloe Crossroads. . . . withA'ficanmusicwas I en erson.amanw ose ! thetilmindustry.Smith has , , _ ' masteryotthe horn has . workedonsuchdiverse I symb'Ol'°;lheb"bbl'"g l beenbuiltu overa WlthOUl' . - - l music ollhetownshipsgave l . . . p . . . him as Chariots GlFIre. . . . lite-time sdevelopment At Fattlllli"$|9llalllll3 LocalHemandThe hrmasmash hit.whilethe ; me m d “h I‘ Tune' Mission ‘lam deli htedto : ass°°lallonwnhpam 5| o ere" 0 .8893 8‘ , g , , E. the more mercurialrise oi belinking up with Scottish S'mpnbroqghmmca" 5' TommySmith is celebrated Hundreds have passed d b h h. musjcaheightened 1: . . .

h t i andlhave no ou tt att IS . oi Inasertes ot21stBIrthday Throug yourmoe isasignmcam g popularityand 3‘ concert h'l A (1 Doors. demo memwhichwi“ l respectability.Asimilar ‘3' 8"” '8 n y Kenh.smum _ . p . a: Sheppardmakesawelcome

. memably havea ' thing.though onasmaller E muran . h. t Says itwas neverthe mmeachin we“ ,he scaie‘happenedinme g owing .ISTBCBR Same am" . . . Sevemieswhen Simon ; well-received qumtetgigs.

. believes. lmgorngtowork ; , . l Americansaxo honi tJ

Sandyd'ed- relied heavily on reggae l’ 3 ea"

, hardto establishaplacein EJThr'bb' (Aged 17%) the international market withoutdiminishingthe integrity and the power ot thelilmsweintendto make.‘

Smithjoinsthe board at the new company and hopes to have theirtirsttilmin production this year. The speculation is that Gordon Williams‘ Glasgow thriller Blue Murdercould bethat lilm.

Manyyears ago Scottish Television contributed to the budgetotBillForsyth's Gregory's Girl (shown again on Channel 4. 3 April). At

; Toussaint. another

g graduate oithe Art Blakey

3 school at excellence. and

l the more exploratory

Norwegian Tore Brunborg.

~ complete a stylistically

I wide-ranging look atthe

E New Generation at

i improvisers onthe instrument.

inllectionstor ‘Motherand

Child Reunion‘ and salsalor

‘Me and Julio Down bythe

Schoolyard'. The question is. What can

Art Gartunkeldothatwill amaze absolutely everyone and boost his album sales higherthan the short podgy dark-haired one? Would he

consider. itthe momentwas right. zooming on stage on a skateboard to add tastetul two-part harmonies tothe latest three-second long

i Electro-Hippiesthrash?

Orchampioning the





f 1' /


I 1 r

American Straight Edge

?sequeltothisevent.butits 0"93”"e°ll"959m9 arrival gives local long-dead atonal Tibetan

tilmmakers a much-needed ' duels '0’ a°°°rdion and . nosellute to really geton the World Music bandwagon? No. it's too much to even think about. Art Gartunkel § would only leave his career as a sensitive. conservative ' balladeertoran Oscarior one oi his thespian efforts— and perhaps not even then. He's also unlikely to take on board anything approaching Simon‘s stance on South Atrican politics: The latter wanted the final track on ‘Bridge OverTroubled Water' to be a vitriolic ditty entitled ‘Cuba Si. Nixon No‘. but Garfunkel insisted on a Bach chorale instead. I In the end. neitherwon out.

Scottish Television has announced its intention oi moving into the movie business with the launch at boost.

itsownlilm arm thatwillbe ART GARFUNKEL

responsible tor a minimum ottive teatures over the next wnai. An Gariunkei must be wondering as he runs his

three years. Each project

will lall Wilhin "'8 budget hands through those blonde faflge 0' £143 million and curls. can I do to show that I will be tinanced by pre-sale wasn't just some geekwho and co-production deals. goj lucky by latching on m

thetimeitwasseenasan movemenl—hardcofepl’Ms ' & importantbreakthroughtor l WhoabSla'Mmmdmk' 7 § u theembryonicScottishlilm ; drugs'se‘ame'mmbem /\/\ \2?‘ 3 industry. " may havetaken He could trytora grantlor A \ a TELEVISION . ' that n \\ x .. sometimetoarrangethe ° 9' :-\\ 1‘" g

x II. A - All thistenormadness should not blind ustothe quality elsewhere in the programme. Guitarist

James Blood Ulmer makes a long-overdue visit. in

company with bassist

Jamaladeen Tacoma and drummer Calvin Weston in a trio guaranteed to make your hair curl. while John Scotield brings his jazz-lunk outtit back tor a return visit. Veteran violinist Stephane Grappelli joins Martin Taylor in a recreation otthe NotClub at Paris band in May. while the currently high-protile World Music scene is represented through llutist Hariprasad Chaurasia and a man who is attaining cult hero status up here. percussionist Nana Vasconcelos. who brings his own Bush Dance band in June.

Let's hear it. Art. ‘Bright Eyes'. trom the top. Art Gartunkel is at | Edinburgh Playhouse on 3 - April. See Rock.

Sonny Rollins

The List I 1-1 April 19883