An almost priceless choice at Easter treats. All tor under £1. Clockwise trom the left: cheeky loil chick 30p (Le

Bonbon Chocolatier); sugar-tree egg with a dairy-tree twin available 99p , (Holland & Barrett); leathery chick 30p, f chocolate rabbits. black and white,

50p, brightly wrapped and be-ribboned ; hollow egg 60p, toiled chicks 30p (all

from Le Bonbon Chocolatier); rich toffee-tilled toiled and unwrapped eggs £1 per quarter (Maxwell & Kennedy); tried egg 10p (Le Bonbon Chocolatier); and the sweetest at them all a little brown chocolate hen and its clutch of sugar eggs in a miniature hatbox 80p (The Finishing Touch). See Conlectionery listing lor stockists.

noon—midnight: Sun Spin-midnight. .\'o pretensioiis-- simply a burger har. Fast food. last friendly seryice. and a jolly \N'est find .studenty atmosphere. (£l5)

l . Mexrcan

I Chimmy Chungaswt) Great Western Road. 334 71 l l . (v—l 1pm seven days. Vast cantina serving the nearest (ilasgoyy hasto authentic Mexican specialities: enchiladas. hurritos etc. Food standardsfluctuate can he very good. can also he dull. .‘slohhed at weekends -- not tor the faint-hearted. (£3ll)

I Times Square 40 48 St Enoch Square. 321 (i570. Mon—Thurs noon 2.30pm and o~ltlpm; l‘ri noon-2.30pm and 6—11.3(lpiiizSait noon-midnight. Busy har and restaurant. remarkath glamorous for this part of town. The all-Mexican menu includesthat rarity 7 seal chilli made with chuiiksot heef. nae mince. (£16)


Choice Contentions

I Le Bonbon Chocolatieri William Street. 225 5522. The (‘reme de la creme ol hedonism. from all-cream chocolates and truffles to US jellyheans and sugar eggs with dinosaurs tapping to he let out. 1 I The Finishing Touch 134 Nicolson Street. 6070914. Tiny eggs and easter cakes. and all the trimmingstoyyrap them in style.

I Holand and Barrett Frederick Street.


li'om "tip.

as ailahlc.

Sugar-tree and dairy product-tree eggs amid the muesli hars and prepacked nut cutlets.

I Maxwell and Kennedy l‘lllt “1.555161”.

Was crley Market. Princes Street. Siiiiiptuous selection ol goodies. rare and retined and heautiliilly hoxcd.

I Chocolate Delights 174 Bruntstield l’lace. 32S" 4520. 'l‘raditioiial hrand eggs nestling alongside less common sorts. and a \sicked array of Belgian

I Moonlight Menus l4 Roseneath Place. 33‘) 42"“. .»\ clutch ol hand-made chocolate eggs (milk. dark or \shitc ) tilled \sith trutt'les ol your alcoholic choice. and

sery ed in a chick} haskel. Made to order at ((1.95.

Treats in Store

I Aitken and Niven “.s (ieorge Street. 335 lJtil ). Slightly superior. airy and naice. \\ ith a smallish selection ol eycrything. lst t'loor. stairs. lunch trom £l ."tl. tea and cake

IThe Edinburgh Bookshop 5" ( icor'gc Street. 325 4495. Best fruit scones m the world. (iood cheap suppers too. Usually \s ith somethinglor vegetarians. Mimumum charge ot £1 hetween

l noon and 3pm. Tea and cake trom 58p. hot dishes lrom £1 Ill. salads lrom £1 .(itl. Htlsy . hot in the summer. Stairs. lst llooi'. SS. Speciality teas

I Frasers \yesi land Princes Street. 225 .3473. 51h liloor. escalator. SS. Internal restaurant. I relinedclientele.clean

\s ith the hackgroiind \\ hoosh ol cottee machines. Breaklasts. children's dishes. Scottish. slimmers' v! u/. llot lunches lrom £1 .95. salads t'rom £2. Flowery decor. cake and tea lrom £1.30. I Habitat IiShandyyick Place. :25 9151. lst liloor. SS. Stairs. (‘old lood. light and clean. and not smellingol chips. Rolls. salads. speciality teas etc. Snack and mike l'or approx £3. tea and cake trom £1.3llish. I Top Shop .‘sn Princes Street. 55(illl5 l 5th floor. llll only . SS. \'ie\yot Princes Street. Big cups. speciality teas. salad har. lunch dishes tor approx £25“. (lean. children‘s dishes. Smelly and airless. plus \sarnmg not to iump out ol \smdoysschink). I Wrygges Princes Street. (‘oll‘ec hai'. 3rd floor; tsso hy escalator. one h} stairs. 'l'ahle sers ice. or you can sit at the hat. Modish. airy \\ ith the latest sounds hlastmgout. (‘akcs l'rom 55p. speciality leastrom 55p. pastries. sandwiches and salads. l.otsol' proper cot'lees Pleasant and trendy. I Next Princes Street (the cale hi'idges Next Man and Next l. The hesl otthc hunch. done out in ‘l‘hirties‘ style (or Next designs l. supplies neys spapers and a \ ieyy ol the castle. llot dishesare imaginative and healthy (nochips) from £2.50. Selectionsol'tcas. collees. ; lruitiuicesand mineral \s'alers. plils pastries. ()r hot chocolate \s ith cream and llake. licensed helss een l l .3tlam and 2.30pm.

RESTAURANT Tue—Sat (evenings only) Table d‘Héte and a la Carte menus BRASSERIE Seven days: Iunchtimes and evenings. Wide range of meals available.


4&Zbfifidk ; \\ III/

A totally different eating experience fondue with hot oil or stock

30 Sandport Street


Phone 031 554 2921 for reservation

ems is JET.

RliS'I'.»\L.lR .\ .\"l'

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list vs .iNi

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.llwl.’ 8.13


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34 Shore. Leith. 'l'el: (Bl 553 5080



C RI Sl.»\t FK-\.\'l

80 Queen St. Edinburgh EH2 4Nl Tel: OBI-220 IZ38 l‘re lm-atic mem.

‘~ ()0 IOOpm So 50 2 (horses is (Jreeii li-n.

Tolu (K Clinger Soar) li)itl to Slmga m" Sii'V‘..!sl..;'to

Iapanese Bk x

Ynsze or» lsusl‘'\(' S”... t'

B'iuwl < iiimlii-tl \i'y‘vvtuj‘ t'

deep l: M‘

V, )l lii'vl \i'yfll‘tu

t" ( ha ki‘rl Yawn“

it: (omhniat : -' '




LUNCH l2—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—1 lpm (last orders 10.30pm)

1D,éiii(:li(‘)i‘ (: Coulrlmli‘ri Est 1: ELDINBLJ.‘ if? 1

22 23 ['3 E





'l‘he list] It .\pii| l‘l\\ 53