I Theatre is listed by city lirst. then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Cabaret and touring shows are listed separately underthe relevant heading. KEY: [D] tacitities tor the disabled. [E] tacitities tor the hard at hearing. usually an induction loop system. For prices. price in brackets eg (£1 .50) is the concessionary price.


I CITIZENS' THEATRE (iorbals Street. 42‘) (X122. Box ()ffice Mow-Sat Illam-«Spm. Bar. [1)].

The Importance ot Being Honest Tue 5--s;it 23 Apr. 7.30pm. £3: concs£l in advance. students. ()APs. unemployed. free on the door. Wildcat Stage Prodtrctions in their latest show: a musical farce by David McNiven. in which the Mcvaeen family accidentally get entangled in the Government‘s latest secrecy manoeuvring.

I CRAWEURD THEATRE Jordan hill (‘ollege of Education. 76 Southbrae Drive. 041 954 (XXX).

Checking Out Mon 25 Apr. 7.30pm. (‘umbernauld Theatre (‘ompany in their successful touring production of Marcella Evaristi's comedy about two Scottish girls making their way in London.

The Straw Chair Wed 27 & Thurs 28 Apr. 7.30pm. The Traverse Theatre‘s tour of the first play of their Silver .lubilee Season. a gentle play by Sue (ilover about Lady Rachel of (irange. exiled on the island of St Kilda in the 18th century. See'l'ouring. I DRAMA STUDIO West Quad. (ilasgow University. The Children's Hour Thurs 2 1 --Sat 23 Apr. 7.30pm. Free. Glasgow L'niversity Theatre (‘ompany in a production of Lillian llellman‘s 1934 play about two female teachers accused of having an affair by a pupil. The GL’T production changed the original tragic ending when it was shown at this year‘s Scottish Student Drama Festival.

I CUMBERNAULO THEATRE ('umbernauld. 0236 732887. Box Office Mon-Fri ltlam—(ipm; Sat l0am~3pmz o—Spm pert. evgs. Barr’Cafe.

The TinderBox Tue 12-Thurs 14 Apr. Tue 1.30pm: Wed & Thurs 10am 62 1.30pm. £2 (£1.75). Purves Puppets in their puppet version of the famous fairy tale.

AWee Home From Home Sat 16 Apr. 7.45pm. £3 (£1 .75). Frank Mc(‘onnell's virtuoso new piece of dance-drama. being toured at the moment in association with Communicado Theatre (‘ompanyx

The Good Doctor Wed 20 & Thurs 21 Apr. 7.45pm. £2.50 (£1 .25). New England Theatre Company frotn America in a play by Neil Simon.

I EAST KILBRIDE VILLAGE THEATRE Maxwell Drive. East Kilbride. 035 52 48669.

Men Should Weep Wed l3—Sat to Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50. (£1.50). Weds allseats £1.50. East Kilbride RepTheatre (‘lub in Ena Lamont Stewart's marvellous. funny and moving play about tenement life in 1930s Glasgow.

The Gondoliers Mon 25—Sat 30 Apr. 7.30pm. £3. Cones £2 (Tue Thursonly). All tickets £2 Monday. East Kilbride Gilbert and Sullivan Society in the popular Operetta.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box Office. Mon—Sat noon—6pm. 4 bars. [1)] [E] Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon-Sat lll.30am--o.30pm. 041227 5511.

When I Was A Girl I Used To Scream and

Shout Mon 11 Apr Sat lo Apr. 7.50pm. Sat. mat. 3pm. £4«£o. Mon two tor price ofone: Sat. ruat £I ol'fall ticketszconcs half-price Tue» Thurs ck Sat rnat. 'l'oiir'ing

productionofSharman MacDonald's

funny. rude and award winning comedy about two young Scottish girls discov er ing they are growing tip

Orpheusinthe Underworld Inc I" .s'.it_‘.‘~

Apr. 7.15pm. Sat. mat. 2.15pm. £2 50.

£3.50. £4. The (ilasgow (irand in the opera by Offenbach.

South Pacific Mon 25—Sat 30 Apr. ".50pm. Sat tuat 5pm. £3. £5.50. £4. £4 50. The Apollo Players in the Rodgers and

I lamnterstein musical.

I MITCHELL THEATRE ( irany ille Street . ; 221 BIOS. Box Office Mon Sat noon (rpm. Bar. (life. [1)] Tickets also available lronr

the 'l‘ieket Centre. ('altdleriggs.


Mon-Sat 10.30am b.50pm.

Charity Concert Party 33 Apr. 3 . 30and

7.30pm. £4.50. As part of the Scottish Television 'l‘elethon 1% Appeal. to raise

i money for children in need. all the _ amateur theatre coiiiparrres w ho hay e ptrt




£ '5’? a. a Egg.

.1" .

7 \l N 's

A ' \\

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

lan Wooldridge‘s production begins with perhaps the most spectacular use at the Lyceum stage I have ever seen. The set is vast. using all the stage area but at the same time starkly simple. Tattered. war torn. once white drapes, gathered in at the walls. hang from the root, but the back wall at the stage is still clearly visible. As the play starts the huge scenery-shitting door on the back wall opens and against the real backdrop at Edinburgh Castle. accompanied by a searching tight and swirling smoke, MotherCourage's wagon is pulled on stage.

A similar scene concludes the play. and both spectacularly summarise Brecht's demand that the audience should not teel so emotionally involved thattheylorgetwhere they are— in this case in an Edinburgh theatre. However, elsewhere. the production is less well able to point up the direction it is


intending to take. With a running time a

bit overthree hours. this is, even it not by Mahabharata standards, a very long production. and the lack of clear direction does become a problem.

on musicals at the Mitchell over the last year present musical excerpts from their shows.

Bye Bye Birdie :5 ~3n Apr. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). \Vest Iznd ‘l‘heatre (’ompany in the musical.

I OLD TRANSPORT MUSEUM Albert l)riy e. Ticket details from The Ticket (entre. (‘andleriggs 041 227 55| I.

The Mahabharata l’ntil Tue 1“ May. Peter Brook's celebrated adaptation ofthe ancient Indian epic poem. See l’eature. The production comprises a three play cycle. '1 here are marathon pcrloimances of all three plays lroml l lprit on 17.25. 30 Apr. H k IS May and lrom Spnt 7am on 7 S May lhcre are perloimancesol single plays at 7 50pm on l5. 1‘). 20.2l. 2o.27.2.\.'\prtk5.4.5.10.ll. l2May. Prices range lrom £l5 (£12) £50 ( £2l )lor all three plays,

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street . SS7 1010. Box()t‘ticeopen'l'tic Sun

noon S..‘~0pm. llarl()pen noon llpru Tue Sal; I230 2.50pm t\' (v.50 llpm Sun. Meals served l. ('ale (()pen

noon llpm). [1)]

Scottish Variety: Old Time Music Hall Evening Sat It) Apr. ".Riipm. £4 t £21. An old-fashioned variety evening

Could You Repeat That Please The

l‘) Thurs 2] Apr. 750pm. £.‘~(£l.50). Parsley (‘ollege ol Technology Drama (irotip iii a light Irear ted look at television coverage. Some ol the bos-ottice takings \\ ill be donated to the littltt I Iiiw IL‘

What should be a complex account at the moral dilemmas otwarand capitalism. taced symbolically here by a mother (Anne Myatt) who earns a living selling the more or less useless knicknacks, given spurious value by the scarcities caused by war. actually seems too simplistic to be ot relevance today. It is not the problems ot capitalism in war we have to worry about. but the problems ol capitalism in peacetime. The production desperately needed to resolve this. perhaps by showing thatthiswaris only one side ot the same coin the other side otwhich is ourpeace.

Nevertheless. it is in many ways an accomplished production —the music, directed and arranged by Joe McGinley is excellent, and the cast (in particular Charles Kearney. as cook) handle the songs well. Katy Murphy (in an excellent piece otcasting—what better piece olBrechtian alienationthan making Tutti Frutti‘s Ms Toner a dumb mute) is only one oi several in the cast able. on occasion. to make their portrayal touchingly convincing.

(Nigel Bitten)

Memorial Fund. Toni Ilowie was Principal of Paisley (‘ollege ofTechnology until his death in 1987.

The Owl and the Pussycat Fri 22 Apr. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). Frontline Theatre ('ompany in Bill Manhoff's play.

Interiors Sat 23 Apr. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). A mixed media programme of dance.drama and music. presented by Joint Action. and based around the theme of‘lnteriors'. Interiors investigated include .-1_f’rr'cu. Van (fog/1's Bedroom and The Mind. Puppet/Magic Show Sat 23 Apr. 1.30pm.

£1 .50 ( 75p children). A show by Jimmy Fleming for children. See Kids Listings. Cuttin' A Bug Mon 25—Sat 30 Apr. £4.50 (£2.50). l'nit ()ne Theatre (‘onipany in the second part of John Byrne's highly successtul comic trilogy. I‘he Slab Boys. I PALACE THEATRE 9 (ireen Street. Kilmarnock. 0563 23590. Box Office Mon~Sat 10am—5pm. ('afe Bar Mon—Sat 10am- 5pm. [1)] [ti].

Flower ot Scotland Show Sat 1h Apr. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1 ). Mike ('lark in the variety show.

Checking Out Thurs 28 Apr. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1 ). (‘umbernauld Theatre (‘ompany irt their successful touring production of Marcella livaristi's comedy about two Scottish girls trying to make their way in London.

I PAVILION THEATRE l2l RCtltlL‘ILI Street. 332 1846. Box Office Molt Sat

10am ts'pm. Bar.

Page Three Girls Mon I l 7- Sat In April. 7.45pm. Sat o..‘~0 & llpm. £5. £4. £3. Sat ‘lpnr £o. £5. £4. From the pen of Mike (ioddard. who brought you I'm. lie/lave .\'o /’)'/tll)t(l.\. a decidedly dubious number about the life of a ‘Page Three' photographer. The production comes hailed as ‘for those who like plentyof sauce and nudity with their farce‘ and features tabloid page three girls and male stripper Alex l‘lashman onstage.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA 100 chtrew' Street. 041 332 5057'.

Fanshen Wed 20 Sat 23 Apr. 7.45pm. Sat mat 5pm. £5 & £3. (‘oncs£3 ck £2. The National Theatre lidtication Department in David I larc‘s play set in a (‘hinese village.

Celebrity Lecture: Peter Brook Mon 25 Apr. ".30pm. £1.50175p). The celebrated director. w hose production of The .llrilnt/i/rururu is currently being show ii iii the ( )ld Transport Museum. gives a talk. See l-‘cature.

I THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 331 1234. lloxUtlree Mon Sat 10am (rpm. (7.30pm on pert evgs). Bar. lluflet.

Scottish Opera Productions See ('Iassieal Mtlsle Listings.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350Sauchiehall Street. 332 752] . ('al'e open 1 Iain 2. Tue l-riandduringeyeriing performances.

Wanted I'l'l l5 ck Sat lo Apr ".30pm. £3.50 t£2.50). Arc 'l'heatrc (‘ompany . w ho had a great success with their last show . Polly Tealc‘s l'tl/lr'll. iii a new play by Michelen Wandor about the issues ot'suriogacy.

The Deadly Grove The 1*) Sat 2.1Apr. 7.50pm. £5.50 ( £2.50). (Pert'orinanccsat "Jilpm; installation open tor viewing ltl_,‘stlam 5.30pm ). The premiere of a new performance art piece by Laura Ford and Annie ( irill'in. See Panel on Dance page. I TRON THEATRE (i3 ’l'rongate. 552 42(i7 S, ItoxUlliceIue Sat Noon Spm;Stin 1230 1 1pm. (‘losed Mondays.

Checking Out Tue l2 Sun 24 Apr. Spm. Non-members £4.50'..\1cmbers £3.50: (‘oncs £1 .50. (’umbernauld Theatre ('ompany in their touring prodtictionol Marcella t'.\ilr1\tl'S comedy about two Scottishgirls trying to make their wayin London.

The Tom and Sammy Jo Show wed 37 Apr Sun I May and throughout Maytest.

llpm. £5 (£1 ) members; £4 non-members. (‘omic actors Peter (’apaldi and lilainc (‘ollins in a new corriedy by the former about American TV evangelism.



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