Bertolt Brecht 8 April-3O April, Mon-Sat 7.45 p.m. Saturday matinee 23 April, 3.15 p.m.

Tickets from £2.70 GrindIay Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AX

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MIME THEATRE PROJECT the creators of "Thunderbirds F.A.B." present

WHAT IS ALL THIS DANCING? Tue 19 & Wed 20 April, 8.00pm TICKETS: £3.50 (£2.50)



Fri 29 & Sat 30 April, 7.30pm TICKETS: £2.00 (£1.00)

Tickets available from Box Office: (031) 226 5425 34 Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, EH3 SAX.


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A stunningly beautiful production of Cranko’s celebrated ballet, rich in drama and spectacle. Prokofiev’s sublime score captures all the passion and ecstasy of these most famous of star-crossed lovers.

20—23 APRIL 1988 EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE 031 557 2590

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From Thunderbirdsto film noir might seem an unlikely move, but Mime Theatre Project are in the business of making unlikely moves. Probably best known fortheirwacky Thunderbirds F.A.B. show, the two-man group are now branching out in new directions. ‘We decided we should work with other intluences,’ says Andrew Dawson. He joined forces with Jozef Houben, of Theatre de Complicite, and Dona Beeson, formerly of the Royal Ballet, and between them they evolved a new, very movement based piece of theatre, telling a film noir style story but making frequent use of dance.

‘We initially started with the idea of tea-dances, and started to get involved with film noir movies, and the kinds of jealousy that arise in those sort of movies,‘ explains Dawson. ‘It is a very cinematic show. But there are areas where it gets quite slapstick.’

The show, ‘What Is All This Dancing?’, has been scripted and directed by the other Mime Theatre Project founder, Gavin Robertson, (who is also moving into new influences, working with mime artist David Glass on a show to be toured this


I BEDLAM THEATRE 2 I‘Vnrrcst Road. Box Office 225 9893. Mon— Sat 10am—1atc. (.‘afe.

Lunchtime Double Bill Wed 20 Apr. 1.30pm. £1 .50. £1 EL'TC members. Edinburgh l'niyersity Theatre Company in a double bill consising ofextractsfrom Hamlet and a black comedy. The 'I'ii 0 Iz'xecuu'miers by Spanish playwright Fernando Arrabcl.

Lorenzaccio Wed 27 Apr. 1.30pm. (£1.50 £1 EL'TC members). Thurs 28 Apr. 7.30pm. (£2 £1 .50concs £1 EL'TC members). Edinburgh University Theatre (‘ompany in a play by French writer Alfred dc Musset. 'I‘hursdayeyening's performance is a charity performance given as part of Edinburgh University Charities Week.


Rookery Nook Wed lS—Sat 16 Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50. For parties of ten or more. 50poff


a autumn). It tells the story of a girl on the run in shady circumstances. ‘We use dance in context— like West Side Story. lt pushes the narrative along,‘ says Dawson. ‘Everything we do is a dance in itself. Even cleaning the bar. We found some wonderful very old tango records. We dance a mumba - which is like a very fast rumba. Very difficult!’

Dawson feels that movement based theatre is increasing in popularity in Britain, which differs from many European countries in its largely literary-based theatrical tradition, and that cross-fertilisation and collaboration is also on the increase— a development that can only be healthy, he feels, in enriching each individual genres. He and Gavin Robertson hope to return to working on a show together next, making use of what they have learnt. 1n the meantime he stresses that the current show will by no means be obscure or intellectual —quite the reverse: ‘1 think it's turning out even more accessible than we thought itwas going to be.‘

What is All This Dancing? is at Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh. See Listings. (Sarah Remming)

per ticket. Tickets avail. in advance from L'sher Hall Box Office. Lothian Roador ('ruikshanks Newsagents. opposite the theatre. Davidsons Mains Dramatic Society in the classic Ben Travers farce.


Bhayaiyars of Gujarat Mon 25 Apr. 7.30pm. The only performance in Scotland by a Bhayai Theatre Group from India. As The .lIa/iuhliurum plays in Glasgow. this group from North-West India offer an opportunity to see traditional Indian performance using song

and dance and mythological stories.

I I KINGS THEATRE 2 Leyen Street. 229

1201. Box Office Mon—Sat10am—8pm. Bar. Annie Get Your Gun Mon 11—8in IbApr.

3 7.30pm. Sat mat 2. 15pm. £3. £4. £4.50.£5.

Cones on Mon eye. & Sat mat£l .50. £2.50. £3.50. The Bohemians Lyric Opera Company in Irving Berlin's musical.

Hale and Pace Tue 1‘) Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50—£5.50. See Cabaret.

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