I Music is listed as diary: by day. then by city. then byevent.


FRIDAY 15'. . l ' Glasgow ISCO( :t\ Ilall < .nvfi. '13:.

30pm l \.1fl.ii1c' \a' ‘1 £3 b l.ii.I~..i l’....'».is_.s..~i_ I’iincip ili eveniiiir's (.l..\1elltIeI‘~\il;llis\li‘Ii' l ‘l. ,Iosepll \I'I“l!\'.‘-t'.'“uliaiii‘\1i'.'.lII'\ I’m/Int": S. :e'iitit‘

IPro Arte Piano Recital l l.~i :2 wot! i Iall. ('Iaiciitiiiil Sizett it. ls 9‘- WINS l.-\Inb.iss.nioit I.t\\I\" ' illiiii‘. I \Il.l dale. Sal i'i.l tliii“iir;':. :1 Making lie: \.‘iilll\.". pianist \‘i. to: I.t t it I\'~\l id.

V“? I .l illlli‘illL'II ’Ii.’\( ()is iii‘vi'i.l~t,. -l‘iI i.',s‘.f:ts

Hot \li‘t'I‘I.‘l/‘iI'HLUIii'lll


“it? ‘i

debut l\ \nieiicaii EI'II‘i\'\\-III\ illllllll.l\tltIi‘Li‘i'¥lZi.YlIi"\1.lI.i\l !‘\ I‘loi I’elt‘c Is I.l'.\.z;.‘ “I i. I )1

\\'.‘.s it on, . \\..i:..i

(iIdiIe‘ I\\ \


ISNDI \Ile'l II.:II lotf'iai‘. Roadflla 115.‘ \lIi". \ .‘iaclsei

Ii ‘\ .lll;‘_1l.lll

.l>., fiiissy .intl

.illpzi‘. I \liatl. lc (II.I\;:1‘\\ t_.‘ 331‘ I. I ‘V't '__‘ \l'l til .icoitceil lot the \\l l' lll2.ii il‘\1\t'ei)lltIIil\I \III lino

" .‘IiVIIJI (’{Ji’flh’H

ill‘l‘c''ll11silll".ii.'l; in(‘ow tliisseasoi: piogiainniewithl::./ lot stalleis lollowtwi “i. \":I /’:i .'.I'('r'\\\lIII I).inte.l.ii:e: 11.11.. : ..i..i with [/IU .‘IHM't Ilaxh'n \.\T..‘Ilil'.c ( lit'Iit-sliais

lowed by the \\i H


\ceznelai'vi conducts

IRoyalHighland Fusiliers \ltiilts' (lithe-dial. I lie“ Street \tinnssioii

si 1 tiles \ mp

progianinius i‘tpni 9.3

1t:l.:\]‘ll‘.jl illlfllc't‘l ;‘ i;‘iil.i: lll‘.1\lc \\llIl \I3L‘k'l.l1:".lx.\i.1'll\l\1’citl\1-‘le‘it‘li.\I;tl\ (Liiiicioi: ii‘tiliii,i:\.:tri.:'."11: I’mcecds

to the \l ( iilss I\)\'I.k ‘-\.:I \i‘t‘.'.i1


IBTIttBD StudyDayl 1111i1y1\ICIvIII\II(IIII I‘I'IelltIMil \\I\I‘.i\11( ll‘cli .“i IAlelti i"

\ IDI‘F‘L'\I

ISNDK ll‘. II III 1.tIaIlc'IIL'CS..i.\-DSDII ".3l’liii: tf \ 2 Minor: 5W \eel ll l5. Iidinbiiigiu. lo: liillilesciiptniii Edinburgh ISCOUM'; iVsli ~11 1 It':i~.\t:l'.'l.’ifi\ 2111" 31“;"t. M t‘\‘\cc1iii‘.

(ilasyow l‘ ; ' iiltzgs 7I] '.It :'


iliytii {3

IMusicolthe Pharaohsl \: lolinaii Road I V " IlIiatilwqwiir' \i‘.


.'\el.l!1;' oi I

inusicwrirtilz. \: i‘i\l‘isic(iro'n‘lymglli

\hlIIllIlc'e‘.il!1‘llli‘ll.iIII)»111‘. \il( entte.

II‘\.I:I'1‘I. c grimy zealiiriii: traditional I-gyptiaitiias‘n

.iti‘ciils .i2. itiiiiit; the nave.

alItlletIaliiizfHips li~tl‘.. liti‘ 'wtilw Pharaohs \1\l“-i‘-.tII‘I\ .iiiiiii‘ells itatieez' IPro Arte Piano Recnal i‘:.~i.i< IIaIl. Iiib'w m... ~:. 11. ml» 'iti‘»_"'l" 1()11;'e',‘~11.1.1\ xi lftz..~ ‘le'ii :iSll 19.1"" 1:. In: ill iIc'Scia 'i [Soprano Piano‘necilai' ~E\l Andre‘s. -':.:\i t 'x " " i Iickets .li'ix‘ ~z “lint

and Stuart Montgomery perlorm songst I Iandel. Mo/art. I)upare and l’ucenn.

w ith piano solos by (‘hopin and Debussy tor medical aid Ill I’oland.

SUNDAY 17 Glasgow

I Good Shepherd Chorus l Iellt'y wood lIaII. ( 'Iaremont Street. 'I ickets: 233551] l Iicket ( ‘entre. (‘andleriggs ) or 04.10350 ( Mi I'ields). Spm. £3 1 £2 ). I Iady n‘s ('n'arion conducted by Robert Burns w ith soloists Margaret I’erry . .Iohn ( )akman and Peter Morrison. In aid ol the ’I'ear timid and the Scottish Miisicians‘ Benevolent Fund.

I Clydebank Lyric Choir. (’ny IIaII. ('andleriggs. 227 5511. Spin. 1.3 £3.50. lIaydn's Nelson Mum and Ilaiidel‘s [li'ilmgt'n Te Deum are tonight's two works. conducted by \an'n Maxw ell Young.


I Paragon Ensemble ()ueen‘s Ilall. ( ‘lerk

Street. (>68 2019. 7.45pm. Extra date: Mon 18. Glasgow. £3.50 (£2.50). First performance of the (‘ello Sonata by John l’urser. AIso Ligeti‘s I Iorn Trio. Serenade in Ii flat by Holloway and Chamber (‘oncerto .\’o 3 by Thea Musgrave.



I SCD Development Project Kelvingrove Art (iaIIery. Further information: 03] (m7 735-1. 7.30pm. I-‘inal stage in the Strathclyde Schools Development project surrounding the first Strathclyde (‘oncerto by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. l’upils pert’orni their own compositions in nuisic and dance with the S('(). the result oI eight weeks study with composer Bill Sweeney. The theme is the elementsol' \Vater. Iiarth. Wind and Fire.

I Paragon Ensemble Henry Wood i Iall. (‘laremont Street. Tickets: 327551 I (Ticket Centre. (‘andleriggsr 7.45pm. £3.50(£2.50). See Sun l7. Iidinburgh. for full description.

TUESDAY 19 Glasgow

I Death in Venice Theatre Royal. I lope Street. 331 123-1. 7. 15pm. Iixtra dates:

; ‘I‘hurs‘ 21. Sat 23.'I‘hurs ZS at 7. ISpm and

Sat 30 at 3. 15pm. £3—£2 I . Revival ol Scottish ()pera's acclaimed 1983 Iidinburgh I‘estival production of

Bi itten's linal opera based on the novella by Thomas Mann. Philip I.angridge. last

.4 seen in the company's powerful Billy

Btu/d. takes the central role. This production will not be seen outside


After a stunning ‘Billy Budd’ last season, Scottish Opera turns now to ‘Death in Venice‘, Britten‘s last opera, written in the early Seventies after Thoman Mann‘s novella ot the same name. Premiered atthe 1983 Edinburgh Festival this production was hailed then as ‘theatrically brilliant, musically exciting . . . and not to be missed’ and the revival opening on Tue 19 at Glasgow's Theatre Royal directed by David Walsh, Scottish Opera's new Head ot Production, promises to live up to such critical acclaim. Like Walsh, conductor Richard Bernas is making his debut with the company, although he is known to Scottish audiences through appearances at the 1987 Musica Nova and with the SCO at the 1986 Edinburgh Festival. Taking the central role at the novelist. Aschenbach, written, like much at

A"- . Britten’s music, tor his triend Peter Pears, is Philip Langridge, lastseen with Scottish Opera as Captain Vere in ‘Billy Budd'. Feeling that he is ‘drying up’, Aschenbach takes a trip to Venice, whose combination of the grand and the tatty fascinates both Mann and Britten. He becomes obsessed with a 12 year-old Polish boy staying at his hotel, who lultils his ideal ol beauty and even though the plague has reached Venice and is destroying Aschenbach, he stays to be near the boy he has come to love. Cast also includes Jonathan Summers, Timothy Wilson (counter-tenor), Alan Oke and Yvonne Barclay. ‘Death in Venice' is not touring and there are live pertormances only in Glasgow on 19, 21, 23, 28 and 30 April (see listings). (Carol Main).


I Edinburgh Ouartet I lutchesons' IIalI, Ingram Street. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre. (‘andleriggsi 8pm. £4 (£2). Quartets by Mozart ( K387). Beethoven (F major ()p 135) and Britten (No3).


I Lunchtime Concert Reid (‘oncert I Iall. Bristo Square. I. l0pm. Free at door. ('Iara Miller (soprano) and Julian Edwards (piano) give an unusual programme of I‘our .Ilori'ke Songs by Wolf. l'liv Hermit Songs by Samuel Barber and Quinn) .Iludrigules :1 mumrios‘ by Joaquin Rodrigo. (’ould be weIIworth going along to.



I McEwen Memorial Concert ( 'oncert l IaII. (ilasgow l 'niversity. ".3llpni. Free at door. The Iidinburgh ()uartet with a programme which includes the first performance ol the 1088 Meliw en Commission. .Iaines .\lac.\lillaii's String Quartet.


I Palm Court Theatre Orchestra. King's 'I‘heatre. [es en Street. 33‘) lllll . 7.30pm. £3-£5. l’utmi' on (/u' R11: a show l'romthe heyday ol‘ the Rai to dancing at the Ritz. I Premiere Preview. 5 Northuinberland Street. 'I‘ickets: 334 '74 I4 ( I IazeI Sheppard). Spm. £2 (includes wine and cheese). Robin Miller. oboist with the

S( ‘( ). gives a guide to the .S‘rrut/ir'lvde (‘mn‘erm .\'o l by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. specially w ritten for him and the orchestra and being premiered in (ilasgow and Iidinburgh on 3‘) 30ApriI.

THURSDAY 21 Glasgow

I Student Recital (‘oncert I Iall. (ilasgow Ifniversity. 1.15pm. Free at door. A short workshop ofstudent compositions.

I Death in Venice Theatre Royal. IIope Street. 33] 123—1. "r. 15pm. Iixtra dates: Sat 23.11111“ ZS at '7. l5pm and Sat 30a!

2, l5pm. £3—£21. See Inc I‘) for In” description.

I SND City I Iall. (‘andleriggs 327 55] l. 7.30pm. £2.50 £9.90. Bringingtheir Thurs night (ilasgow I Ierald series toa close. the S\( ) choose a popular programme w ith .\'ecme .larvi conducting Iilgar's linremu I'urrulrmis. Don Quixote by Richard Strauss and Mozart's I lorn (‘oncerto .'\'o 4 with soloist Barry

’I‘uckw ell.

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Stevenson IIalI. RSAMI). l00 Renlrew Street. 332 505.“. 7.30pm. Admission tree. (ieorge I Iurst conducts a concert ol Weber. Beethoven and Brahms with pianist Ronan ( )‘I lora as guest soloist.


I ()ueen‘s I Iall. ( ilet‘k Street. 008 201‘). 7.45pm. Instra date: Sun 34. (ilasgow. £3 £5.50. .lapanese pianist Mitsuko l 'ehida returns to the S(‘() torthe first time this year to direct lrom the keyboard the ( 'oneet‘los Nos I I and 35 by Mozart. .lane Manning is also a welcome return visitor. pertornnng the Sung ( 'vr/i' by Iidinburgh-based composer I Iat’lidi IIaIlgrimsson. w ho conducts that work as well as his Uuydreumv II'illi Numbers. perhaps already lamiliai tosome listeners through its Izdinburgh premiere last August by the phenomenal I Ielsinki JuniorStrings.

I Edinburgh Telephone Choir ( ‘liureh l till 'I'heatre. Morntngside Road. iI‘lekels: 228 1155 ( 1 'iner I IaII Box ()Itiee)or (‘ruikshanks New sagentsopp'I'heatre. 7.3llpm. I:\tra dates: Fri 23. Sat 33 £ I .511 (children "Spi. Annual /)m/ .U‘forfllusrr production with all sorts ol ditterent types of music.

The List 15 -— ZS April IUSS 27