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Curie)”. !\I i’f IEH SHANI) Iliitly Sr.cri.l" Season

SPRING CONCERTS City Hall, Candleriggs TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY 26th, 27th, 28th APRIL T988 at 7.30 pm.

Tickets £2 50 iron. the In ket Centre, Candleriggs, Glasgow (31 1ND. 041-227 5511.




Look out for the Scottish Chamber Orchestras musical journey around the world this sunnner. Iiight popular concerts for all the family presented by Sheena McDonald. (Iity Hall. Glasgow 7.30pm—9pm W ednesday ll May THE MAGIC ()I" SPAIN Wednesday 25 May I'I'ALIAN SERENADE Wednesday SJune AMERICAN I’IE Wednesday 0 July A NIGHT IN THE VIENNA WOODS Wednesday 27 July BOHEMIAN RHAI’SODY Wednesday 3 August FRENCH FRENZY Wednesday l7 August BEEI'IIOVEN .‘VIGH'I Wednesday 3i August RILSSIAN SALAD Watch out tor further details tor a tree brochure phone ll}! («)7 7354 or w rite to the Scottish t harnber ()rchestra. IS I Iowden Street. Izdinburgh lzl lts’ VI II. l‘ickets from I icket (critic. Candleliggs (iiasgowai-ll 227551] 2275til5 Adults L4. (‘hildren L2. I-annly 'l icket Lliil i 'p to 2 adults and 3children) presented in .tsStisltlllUl‘. with ‘(il :sgox‘. I‘Nli


28"i‘iic5iisi'i's 2s Apr lI luSs


in the absence of the International Lunchtime Concert series coming to

. / I Edinburghthis season, itwill no doubt ,- o. please many thata new series of " ,I. g ,. n

lunchtime proms is about to be launched. Not only is it a new idea, being a Protege Series providing a platform toryoung professionals, but it’s also being held in what will be for many a new venue, the Royal Scottish Academy at the foot of the Mound. Behind the idea is Betty Davies, who has organised similar proms with great success in Nottingham and Oxford. Friends of the RSA, who are hosts to the series, have been instrumental in raising the financial backing from commercial sponsors. Inspirations for concerts have been known to grow from some unusual acorns, but this one particularly so. Davies is also Managing Directoroi Campus and, says Veneta Vitel of Friends oi the RSA, ‘The idea came about following a fashion show Campus had put on in the Academy.‘ She also explains ‘We‘d had a series of lunchtime talks and there was a clear indication this was an excellenttime torthis opportunity. It

ofterthe general public and it's also opening up the Gallery to a new type of event.‘ Artists taking part in the series are the Mistry Quartet. clarinettist Duncan Prescott accompanied by Scott Mitchell (all, incidentally part of Sir Yehudi Menuhin's Live Music Now scheme ioryoung protesssionals taking live music to community venues), the percussionist Evelyn Glennie and, to start on Wed 27, the internationally known pianist Yonty Solomon, who is Patron oi the series. And what’s on his programme? Well, what else, ‘Pictures at an Exhbition', of course. (Carol Main)

Concert dates are (all Wednesdays at allows our own members to come from 1.05pm) 27 April, 25 May, 29 June and lurtheratield, it's something we can 13July.

I Lamp oi Lothian Concert ( ‘anongate ls'irk.(‘anongale. 'I‘ickets122b'l I55 (I'sher I fall Box ( )iiice ) or “()2 ()82 3738 (Haddington House). Spin. Iixtradate: Fri 22. Haddington. Parnassus String Iznscmble play s works by Mozart. Hindemith. ltlgar. Shostakoyich and

II L‘Iltllktiysky.

FRIDAY 22 Glasgow

I BBC 380 Henry Wood I Iall.('laremont Street. 'l‘ickets: 33f) 2578 ( BIK'Shop). 12.15pm. £3.5ii(i2.3ii £1). I.astoflhe current series of I2 midday concerts isa popular based programme of Mozart's ()y erlure to [lie .Ilurriuge ()fl’r'gum. the Symphony .\'o 5 by Mendelssohn and Beethoyen‘s I’iano ( 'oncerto .\'o 4 with Ronan()'l lora. (ieorge I Iursl conducts. I Milgavie Music Club Milngayic Town Hall. l‘urther information: 9502642.

:\( iM at 7. 15pm. followed by concert by the RSAMI) Wind ()uintet at 7.45pm.


I Edinburgh Telephone Choirfhurchllill 'l'heatre. Morningside Road. Tickets: 228 11.5.5 (I'sher I Iall Box ( )ifice )or (‘ruikshanks Newsagents opp'l‘heatrc. 7.30pm. szlradate: Sat 2311.50 (children 75p). See 'l‘hurs 2] iorfull description.

I Lamp oi Lothian Concert St Mary's Church. Haddington. 'l‘iekets: 228 I I55or or»: “82 3738 l I Iaddington House). See ‘I'hurs 2 I . ludinburgh. for full description.

I The Royal Bank of Scotland Choir Reid (’oncert Hall. Bristo Square. 'l‘ickcts: Public Relations Dept. Royal Bank of Scotland. West Register Street. 7.3lipm. £3 (£2). Dealing with different sortsof notes from iisual the Royal Bank('hoir

(‘uriw a programme to mark the 5liiith anniyersary of the birth ofScotIand's greatest Renaissance composer. including his .ilrm for .Srt Times and rnotet (iuude flare l'rrgmu/r. leaping into the 20th (‘enturyp ( appella .\'o\ a giy e the premiere of the specially commissioned In .iIr'murrum Robe/'1('uri'r’rior l2 voices by Ronald Stey enson.



I [)8th in Venice 'l‘healre Royal. Ilopc Street. 33] 123-1. 7. l5pm. lastradates. 'l‘hurs 28 at 7. 15pm and Sat fill at 2. 15pm. £3 £21.Seelue I‘)ioriulldescription. I Cappella Nova ( ilasgow (‘alhedral 'I'ickets: 227 551 I ('I'icket(‘cntre. ('andleriggs). 3pm. H ( L2). See Fri 22. Iidinburgh. for lull description.

I Bearsden Burgh Choir(‘iiy i la”. ('andleriggs. Tfiiipni,

I Glasgow Parks Orchestra I’rinces Square. Buchanan Street. Admission at door.

1.30 3.3lipni. light classical music with a collection of behalf oil'lihird World Aid ((ilasgow ) Nicaragua Appeal.


I Edinburgh Telephone Choir. ('hurch Hill 'l‘healre. Morningside Road. 'I'ickets; 22‘ I 155 i I 'sher I Iall Box Office )or (’ruikshanks Newsagents opp ’I‘heatre. ",_T(lpm. £1.5lilchildren 75p). See'l‘hurs 21 for iulldescription.

I KBVDCk Choir I 'sher Hall. Lothian Road. Tickets: boll 24th) ( Mr I". Collier). 7.3(ipm. Li .5” £4. Selection of choral piecesalong with the final six entries in the Keyock ('hoir Bank of Scotland i-"olk Song (‘ompetition to find the best newchoral arrangement of a traditional Scottish tune. Winner will be selected by the audience perhaps with just a little help from the official adiudicating panel. Brian Kay is the guest artist for the evening.

giyes their account of Vivaldi's (i/oriu with 'l‘he Vivaldi Players conducted by Robert Marshall. You can bank on a creditable performance. In aid of the Scottish National Institution for War Blinded.

I Cappella Nova St (iiles' Cathedral. 1 Iigh Street. 'I‘ickets: («TS 201‘) (Queen's I {all Box ( )ifice). 8pm. lixtra date: Sat 23. (ilasgow. £4 (£2). Irr .‘ilemnrr’unr Robert

I Vanburgh String Quartet Queen's i la“.

('lerk Street. 668 2(il‘).7.-15pm.£3£4 (cone £1 on night). Young quartet basedat ('ork I‘niycrsity play Haydn ()p No l. Janacek No l.Bcethoyen ()p 5‘) No 2and the first performance oi .S‘ynrlrasrls byJohn