I Nightlite is listed as a diary tirst by day(in this section each of the two particular days of the tortnight are treated as one). then by city and then by venue. Special Club nights are listed under their club name followed by their venue. A separate venue list tollowsthe diary listings. with addresses and phone numbers. NB In order to be as accurate as possible. only those discos able to confirm their prices and days are listed in the diary. The venue list may be consulted for more nightlite locations - but check with venue. Please send intormation ten days before pubhcauon.

KFY: [S] students and gtrestsonly:

[ND] no denims; [NT] no trainers;

[A] avail for private hire on certain nights.

FRIDAYS ' Glasgow

IThe Alhambra 31 \VaterlooStreet.221 3200. 8pm midrtight. Free. Resident DJ with the latest sounds.

I Bennets 1 lprn 3.30am. £2. Mainly ( iay with Hi-NRU music.

I Cleopatras 10.30am 2.30pm. £3. Disco sounds.

I Cotton Club 1 1pm- 3.30am. £3. Specier drinks promotion night each Friday.

I Delirium at Tin l’an Alley.

10.30pm 3am. £2.50with ticket. \Vortlt a visit tonight as there are a couple ofdiscos to choose from.

IDisco Viva 10.30pm 3am. £3.50.The Disco Viva house disco in lull swing. High energy funk with personality DJ.

I Follies 10.30pm--3am. £3.50. (‘hart-based disco sounds. [ND] [NT]

I Fury Murry’s 1 1pm 3.30am. £3.50. ‘Funk on Fridays at Furys‘. with Radio ('ly'de DJ Segun who adds a touch ofjazz. I Hard Rock Cane at the Ventte. lllprn till late. £3.50. Live music and disco.

I Henry Atrikas 10.30pm--3.30am. £2.51). With DJ Harvey ()kran from Videodrornc. Two for the price ofone before midnight. ('heap drinks. (Preceded by urtder lSs disco with Ross King.)

I Hollywood Studios 10pm -3am. £3.50. Live acts every Friday.

IJoe Paparazzi l 1pm-3.30. £3. Disco sounds.

I Mayfair 1 lprn - 3am. £3.50. ()ver 25s night disco.

I Mardi Gras 1 lprn 3.30am. £3. House music night.

I Palomino Club ‘lprn--3am. £4. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax 10.45pm - 3.30am. £3.51). Soul and mixed chart rntrsic yvith resident DJs. Tommy Arnold or Raymond Davren. '

I Battles 10.30-3am. £3. Disco sounds with DJ. Roddy Stewart.

I Reggae Club at the Function Suite. Rooftops. 10pm—3am. £3.

I Singles Club Vamps Floor at Disco Viva. 9.30pm~2am. Admission by membership - contact venue for details.

I Souled Out at The Warehouse. 11pm—3.30am. £3. Soul and Reggae music with DJ Iiddy Bahama.

I Sub Club 1 1pm -3.30am. £3.50. Non-stop Hip Hop and Soul. Quieterthan Sat night but still well worth a visit.

I Texas Fever at 46 west. 10.30pm—3am. The infamous Texas Fever returns to liven up a rather dull Fri night.

I U Club at Joe Paparazzi. Ham—3.30pm. £3. Mixed sounds to dance to.

I Zico's 10pm—3am. £3. (‘hart based disco sounds.


I The Amphitheatre 10pm—4am. The

l l l I

Friday Night Spectacular. £3.50. Halt price before 11pm. DJ Ross Keddie at the controls presiding over the classy split level dancefloor. [ND]

I AWOLat the('alton Studios. £1.50. Newish club attracting a good line-up of lidinburgh bands and prime national bands. See Rock listings and don't miss titti.

I Buster Browns 1 1pm- 4am. £2.501hall price drinks and admission before midnight. ('hart and dance music. .-\imsat over 20s atmosphere. Buster Browns‘ l'nder- 18s disco. 7.30-1 lprn Very popular with the early teens.

I Chaplins at Finsbury l’ark's Night ( 'lub. 11.30pm»-oam. Dance irtto the early hours. Free every week with membership obtained at Firtsbttry l’ark. Noadrnittance without membership card.

I Cinderellas Rockerfetlas 9pm 3am. 1;: before 1 1pm; £3 after. 50p discount for members. All drinks otlp which tora Friday must be the cheapest in tow n. [ND] [NT]

I Dillingers 10pm «lam. £2 before 11pm; £3 after. ‘Fizz‘ Slave to the Rhythm. Special night of good contemporary dance music and offers on bottles of bubbly. [ND] [NT] [A]

I Edgars 1(1pm---1arn.£1 before 1 1pm; £2 before midnight; £3 after. ()uirky interior with plenty of dark corners. Also lzdgars has probably the most expensive air conditioning. very cool.

I Fire Island llprn 3am. £2.70(£1be1ore 11.15pm). l’opular gay disco in the centre oftow n.

I Goombay Beat at Barlmtlossinre (Coasters). 10pm 3am. £2. Well established club but has a Sham (it) reggae pick tip atmosphere artd a bland music selection.

I Madisons 10pm «lam. £1 .50beforc 11pm. £2.50 after. Madisons' DJ Kevin escorts the crowds through an enjoyable Friday night scettc. It's worth a visit tosee the laser.

I Outer Limits at Coasters. 10.30pm 4am. £2 till 1 1.30pm. £3 after. Full scalepopular disco well yvorth a visit if you possessa student card. as you'll receive discount on admission. [NT]

I Reggae Club at Shady Ladies. 10.30pm~-3am. £2. Best conventional reggae selection iit town complementsa good skank atmosphere.

I Bokko’s Spm—3am (Happy 1 Tours

Sr-l lprn). Free before 1 1pm; £3 alter. See Mon.

I Shake at The Mission. 10.30pm~3am. £2. Sartre crowd as the Kangaroo('lub playing similar music but not as hip. Funk. soul. hip-hop formula.

I Spanish Harlem at \Vilkie t louse.

10pm -3am. £2. \Vell worth a visit containing 2 discos varying in tempo -- Latin. Hip Hop. Soul. Also there's acale hidden somewhere in the venue.

I Top 0' the Walk (‘Iosed for renovation. Will be re-opening on 2‘) Apr as (‘afe St James.

I Twilight Zone at Moray l louse. 9pm-2am. 50p (students and lfB-llls free). £1.50(£1). 15 Apronly: Happyllour

1).. 10pm. Live music from The Staircase and The Pterodaktyls at this brave new club.

I Zenatec 10pm— 3.30am. £2 before 11.30pm; £3.50after. (‘omfort with lasers. videos and the best in the current music scene. livery Fri cast your votes for your fave dance records; the results are airedon Sat on the Radio Forth Dance (‘hart Show in association with Zenatec the Discotheque and voting gives you the

chance of prizes.


IThe Alhambra 31 \Vatet‘looStt'cet.221 32o0. Spin—midnight. Free. Resident DJ with the latest sounds.

I Bennets llprn 3.30am. £3. Mainly (iay withlli-NRU mime. ' ' I Breakfast Club at Henry Afrika's. 10.30pm -»—lam. £4. (Follows l 'nder 1.s‘ disco). With 111 (iar‘y Marshall.

I Cle0patras 10.30am 2.30pm. £3. Disco sounds.

I Live at the Cotton Club at the ( 'ottott (’lub. llprn 3.30am. £5

I Disco Viva 10pm 3am. £3.50. lhc house disco.

I Eden Club at ‘l in Part Alley.

llprn -.~.30am. £2.50with ticket. £4 without. The highlight of many a hairdressers w eekendf ('heap drink belore 1am.

IFollies 1030er 3am. £4. [.\'l)]|.\"l'] IThe Fun House at Madisons. llprn 3am. £2.50. Funk with lood or eat to the beat irt


Compiled by first class radio and club promotion on 8 April 1988

1(1) Heart l’ct Sltop Boy s l’ar/oplrorie 2(4) Who's Leaving Who I la/ell Dealt [5.)]! 3(8) Bass. How Low Can You Go Simon

I larrisffrr

4(2) Cross My Broken Heart Sinitta Fanfare 5(22) S Xpress Theme S Xpress R. King 5(3) I Should Be So Lucky Kylie Minoguc PW].

7(15) Push The Beat ( 'apella I'as‘! (ilobe 8(17) Pink Cadillac Natalie (’ole [5.1!] 9(25) Girlfriend l’ebbles .m ‘.»t

10(5) Beat ‘Dis Bomb The Bass .llisrcr-ron 11(14) Prove Your Love Taylor Dayne

.4 ris‘Ia

12(6) Together Forever Rick Astley R( ‘.-1 13(7) Doctorin‘ The House ( ‘oldeui .-t ()()'l‘ 14(9) Get Outta My Dreams Billy()ccan Jli'r’

15(-) Let's All Chant Pat and Mick I’Ii'l. 15(10) Tell It To My Heart Taylor Dayne .‘trrls‘ta

17(12) (There Was) Something Going On (iangstersof l louse .S'lz'l

18(13) Pump Up the Motortown Bassix Saturday

19(15) Lies Amanda Scott Quasar

20(11) Rookies Revenge I.ou Sapmne 21(18) Give It To Me Bam Bam Serious 22(19) Heartbreak Avenue Jamie Dean Uptown

23(20) Savin' Myselt Iiria Fachin Saturday 24(21) Boys Sabrina Ibiza

25(-) Get Lucky Jermaine Stewart Ii)

this new club.

I Hard Rock Calte at the Venue. l 1pmtill late. £3.50. \Vith DJ George.

I Henry Alrikas 10.30pm 3.30am. £2.50. l.ive PAs and disco preceded by l’nder lS‘s disco.

I Hollywood Studios 10pm— 3am. £3.50. llotise disco.

I Joe Paparazzi 11pm- 3.30am. £4. The busy . hip trendy night at .l l’s w ith DJ Nicky Koranskye often with .rtlicrne.

I Krack at Fury Murrys. llprn 3.30am. £3.50. 'Setting the sty le for 'SS'. back at l-tiry s and back to its best.

I Mardi Gras 1 lprn 3.30am. £3.1lotrsc Music Night.

I Mayfair l lprn 3am. £3 50. ( her 21s disco with resident DJ . ( icotge

I Palomino Club‘lpm 3ant.£~1.l)isco sounds.

I Panama Jax 1 1pm 3.30am. £4. Sorrl and mixed chart music w tllt resident DJs. Tommy Arnold or Ray rttond Day rcn.

I Rattles 10.30 3am. £3 Discosottnds l with DJ. Roddy Stewart.

I Rooftops 10pm 3am £3. ('liart discoin the limetron suite.

I Saturday Live at 'l in Part .\lley. £3.51! with ticket with l’.r\‘s in club. Includes (rack and ‘( ‘ltrb l‘dcn‘ (alter natty e l.

I Sub Club llprn 3.30am. £3.50 Non-stop l lip l lop and Soul. Very popular.

I Viva and Vamps al |)rsco Viy a. I wo lloorsolsolrd dancing' 10pm 3am £3.50 IThe Warehouse 1 lprn 3 30am. £3 50. The house disco.

I ZiCO‘S lllpm 3am. £3. (‘ltart bascddtsco sotlltds.


IThe Amphitheatre 10pm Jam. £11. llalt price belore llprn. l‘ntcrtarn yotrrsell in style in Scotland's l 'llrmate Nightclub

[.-\| [ND]

I The Backroom at Shady l .ltllc‘s

10.30pm 3am. £2. lively cltrbplayrng contemporary music and popular classics. (iood cy en tor the change 111 selection.

I BusterBrowns111.311pm -1artt.£3.50. Hall price admission and dr inks belore

1 lprn. Worthwhile night with steady youthtulcrow d. Btrster Browns

l'nder- lS’sdisco. " 10pm. See In. [A]

I Chaplins at Finsbury l’ar‘k's Night ( 'lub. 11.30pm barn. £5 for initial membership and then absolutely lree admissron thereafter. No admission without membership.

ICinderellas Rockertellastipm 3am 1.: belore11pm;£2.50atter(50potllor Members). [NI)][NT]

I Coasters b.30p 10pm. £1.50 l'nder' lSs alcohol-tree disco. I.l\'L‘ acts most weeks. I Dillingers 10pm ~1am £3. [ND][NT] l-'\I \

I Edgars 10pm ~1arn £2 belore rnrdnrglrt. £3 alter. Membership forms lor the suitany impressed available at lltedool'.

I Fire Island 1 lprn 3.30. £3 ( £2 belore 11.15pm). lli-NR( i and litirobeal sounds tostlit.

I Goombay Beat at the Barbados Stirtc (Coasters). 10pm 3am. £2. See In I I Hard Rock Caté at the Venue.

9pm 2.30am. £1. A new home for thecltib that tiscd to operate otrt of the old Nrtc (Tub. DJ Mike Sword stresses that a w ide range of rock will be played and live bands will appear in the ltrturc.

I Kangaroo Club at The Mission. 10.30pm -3am. £2. Very popular soul hip

The List 15 -. :silypriir W88 37