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The Backroom at Shady Ladies: Saturdays 10.30pm—3am. £2.

In a city where ‘alternative clubs‘ seem to open and close overnight— literally in one celebrated case. it‘s a minor miracle thatthe Backroom has hung on gamely tor so long.

Located in Shady Ladies— the bottom or the cavernous old Place building. the club is diminutive but possesses passages where you can shelter from the burning sounds and engage in intimate conversation.

Previously the Backroom had a reputation tor being ‘cold‘. typilied by the tale ot one tipsy reveller at the club‘s New Year party who. on wishing bystanders the season‘s compliments. was greeted by a collection ot icy stares and sneering 'Do I know you?‘ expressions.

However. due to the slow death of our old triend Goth. the atmosphere has brightened considerably. Spotty adolescents no longer teel a pressing need to adopt a more-evil-than-thou pose and amiable banter with strangers is now quite possible. The music has improved too. Nights oi interminable ‘industrial' 12in singles


Well worth a visit then it you don't crave endless funk or Ford Cortina-type tun. But be warned —— as its a Saturday night alcohol pours item the very sky. Your reporter‘s Choice? Red Stripe chased by Blue Label Vodka please. (Andy Crabb)


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I Rokko's \p'n 3am t l lappy llotrrs ‘- llpu: rl re; helore 'l ‘rprrt. L 1 .rllet lTopo'theWalkseel-zr {\lrj: IZenatec 'nlpzn Jam l l. 1llprn. e1 .rlle! \'er\ eorrtloztahle upmarket .ornt (lye: .4


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Glasgow ITheAlhambra 1‘: \k irerloostr.t-r.

if’w‘tl \ 3.1m: true 1‘ '

Ie_rt‘llflfii\\_:ll\i IBennets Input ‘tili f.‘ \t rzrti'a l r.r\

ssttir ll: \Rl r Flttlsle iii.- \rrrrd.2\( lath" Mn. :1 llie.;l3\ spirits at *llparitl pints r'.


I Club Recharge at l it‘lly‘Au: .ti .s’trrln ~s “put him 2‘, \e;rl\r::hl l).l;ll‘iestr‘l tire prreeol armies ( itrhi(e.'it.r:;t

IDiSCO Viva 3pm lair: 1r

\" l\L‘lt‘.'e‘1'2i

Sunday trial reels harrdl rrttqs llatra. \.rl‘tvi (we‘ll ~.'."t ’i :eedwr'w : \I'tftrrn;~ lFresh 88»: l!‘. t illlt‘lil in?»

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lFollies 1 Rant. :3 (iieapth'rrté.s IFuddrukkers :tt i;‘r~;‘.1ll.r\

L... 38'l’he List 15 lb’.\pril WSS

IPalonrirto Club ; wt .l \t'.lt'\i\

IPanamaJax. \vrrttl.r\.\r1.rsl. aal‘w 2: ill twenty

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\ l, I‘K;l...~"r

IWicked Sunday at A;

\t‘ti>\r l :1 ‘\‘\.Ire IZlL‘D"s.


I The Amphitheatre

srorrrLrFE LIST

4. That Petrol Emotion: Big Decision (remix).

5. Nitzer Ebb: Murderous.

6. Tackhead: Reality.

7. Faith No More: We Care A Lot.

8. Neon Judgement: Chinese Black.

9. Sisters of Mercy: Lucretia. 10. Marc Stewart and Malia: Fatal Attraction.


As per usual. Glasgow‘s clubs have been moving around with amazing regularity. One olthe clubs that has been tollowing this trend in recent months. ‘Krack', is at it again! It has moved three times in the space ot a year and this time back to Fury Murrys to replace the unsuccessful Gun Club.

Two new laces on the club scene. Marc Cocozza and Darren Statt, have opened a club on Wednesday nights at Fury Murrys, called ‘Corruption‘. This could prove a real alternative to the popular ‘Jeans and T‘shirt‘ at the Cotton Club.

Daddy Warbucks has recently been returbished, and to go with the new image it has a new name, Madisons! I bet it took a long time to think that one up! Anyway, 46 West is still upstairs and it hasthe only clubthat has been confirmed, ‘Texas Fever‘ on a Friday night. Expect clubs to be contirmed at both venues inthe nearluture though. (Colin Steven)

I BusterBrowns Ill ~1arn. t3. Hall priee admission and drinks helor'e l lpm. .-\ soullul Sunday with a great atmosphere. the hest night to make your lirst \ ml to litrster Br'oysns.

l Cinderellas Rockertellas lllpnt :arn r: helore llpm;13.5(lattertFllpdr'rnks. Speeial ltalian t‘layour to the restaurant all thisrnonth. [A] |.\'l)| IN'I‘]

I Dillingers lllpm~late. L2. L1 tor'students yy itit matrie eards pltrs the added bonus ot draught heels and spirits tor (rtlp.

I Edgars lllpm «3am. £3. 1 rial rtrrr tor

dr inks at trllp -- ean't he had.

lFire Island lll..‘sllpm minim. Llstl (Ll.‘)llhelore10.45pm).Standard

Hi-l lRU rrstrally supplemented by eahar'et.

I Outer Limits at ('oaster's.

lll.3llprrt 3.30am. L'l below i 1pm; LI alter; I)iseourrt ttll'sttldetlls yyrth II) [N l] lWorkhouse lllfillpm .‘s..‘~llam. :2. A broad mixture of house. truth and soul hosted by His Seott alldCl at}:

I Zenatec Strper Sunday Strrpr'i/e.

ltlpnr 3.3tlam. £3. Nighteluh diseo \y itlr Holiday Rattle T-s‘hirts and htihhly tor eorrsolation prizes. Free entry tieketsean he lound in yarious puhlie houses and \s rue



l The Alhambra 31 Waterloo .s't r eel 3:1 .‘yltrll. x.Rtlprrr-‘midnight. l-r'ee. (tits and V‘lls sounds. ('heap vodka.

I Club Alrica at Henry Atrika's.

llpm .‘x3tlam. £1 before midnight; 1.3 alter.

I House and Garage Club at 'l tn Pan Alley. I lpm ‘yam. {l with tieket ayarlalrle trom the eluh and surrounding ptrhs. (heap Red Stripe and Southern ( ‘omt'or t.

I Streetbeat at the Warehouse.

liprtr 3.,‘stlpm. L4. Dayid \Valter‘s \s rtll the late st ehart and heat sounds.

I Palomino Clubupm .‘ram. Ll. l)iseo \tltlllLl\.

I Panama Jax l l .3llpm -.‘\..“llarrt. Ll ill.

Mainly (iay' night. DJ Raymond Day'ren.


I Blue Monday at (’alton Studios. From .25 Apr". ‘lprtt till late. It will he inter'estingto see ii the Blue Monday ys ill retain its popular rty \yithotrt the lighting

esti'ay .rgan/a aeeompany'ing the big heat punk lit-energy sounds.

I Rokko‘s .Spm 3am. l‘r‘ee ( Happy Hours S llprril ‘l-drnhrrr'uh'srte“ est

diseo diner the ads say. It remains tohe seen him mueh ol a taeelilt the former ‘Rumorrr's' has been giyen.

TUESDAY ~ Glasgow

IThe Alhambra 31 Waterloo Str'eet.22l Coll lree Slls'drseosounds.('heap drin'ss.

IBennets llpm 3am, .-\lter'nati\emi\ \s itii less ol .tll errrphasrson pay than at other times in the \yeels'.

I Chinese Night at \lardr (ir'as.

llprn 3 .‘llam. L35“. l)iseonight l'ortlte ('lrrnese eommtrrrity.

I Club China at Henry .-\tr'ika‘s.

llpm ‘\ .illam Ll helor'e mrdnighti.‘ .lllL'l

I Jo-Jo's Gay Night at [in Part Alley. ill..‘~ll Rant 5le \yttlt treket. Ll \yithout. l trroheat and llr-.\‘R( i musre. ('heap \odha

I Palomino Club 0pm 3am. £2. l)iseo sounds,

I Streetbeat at the \\ arehotlse.

llprrr .illpm H. Dayid \Valter's ys‘iththe litest t hall and treat sounds.


I Tuesdays It the Her irrtrda'l‘riangle

ll wast. :sr illprrl ~l.tlll. Ll. (iay night. otter: rltrattrrii:rrrternationalealtaretys'ith ill \ l{( r it: iletyyeen.

IRokko'SSprrt 3am. l’r’ee(llappy'ilours S llprn I. See .‘yton.


IThe Alhambra .il WaterlooStreel.33| ‘Cntl s l.‘.prn. l-ree. (tub and ehart night. I Corruption .rt l'trry Murrys. l lpm—Sam. L1. \eyy eluh promising. and 1 quote. 'shit hot mth

I Cotton Club 1 lprn 3am. L25“. .leansand [ Shirt rltyill real hard dancing.

I Henry Atrikas “pm ~1arrr. Ll hetor'e itlprrr.l_1 St'altet,tril'snightlor'oyer'le. l)rner open tor meals arid snaeks. Some drirrlss. lrllp. l ]|\l)|.

I Maytair l lpnr .‘srm. L2. trtls' night -hut sneak alone ear her i ".fstl 1 1pm tor traditional ballroomdancing?).

IPalominoClubltprn 3am. L2. Diseo


I Panama Jax lllprn ‘~._‘~tlam. l-‘ree, \tatrrly a gay night l).l Raymond Dayren. I Scratch at I in Part Alley £1 yyithtieket. Soul. rank and ran tor the young;in trendy t heap \odka and Seltlrtl.

I Streetbeat at Lieupalt'us llpm 2.30am. rfitr'l allyyrtlltreket) l)ayitl\\'alters ‘streetlteer eluh; rrrrsed danee muste.

I Wasp Factory at lltlllyystlod Studios.

(ilrsuoyy l‘nryersity Student l)iseo.

lllpirt iarrttl BeersLl.


' I Fire Island ll Sllpm 2am. £1.2tl(7llp lteltlte ll ~15l \\'ellestablishedpopular uay e lui‘ ill the erty eentre.

I Potterrow .-\pr' only .S'pm lam lllappx ilt‘tll \. ill ‘lfillpm l. 'l lippest'ol

the student \ t'lltlL‘\ \shieh isn't saying.

:rrtreh l sirally.rpalatahlenightout. tlrotrnl: ls]

lRokko‘s spur .iarrr. l‘r'ee(llappyllours .‘s llprni see\lon,

IVenue lllprrt .‘.:rrrr 'l'r'ral rtrn toraneyy thueir 'rterrl 'lltlltl t \nthrax. .‘ytetalliea. Kano; il l\ e l‘ands ysrllheappearrng in tire lzrtrr: e Silotlltl he Interesting tosec ll liter; me enough diserples to stistainthis