I The Alhambra 31 Watcrloo Strcct . 221 3260. 8—12pm. Frcc. Party Night.

I Bennets l lpm-u3am. £1. Mainlygay. mainly Iiurobcat.

I Streetbeat at (‘Icopatras 11pm—2.30am. £3(£1,50with tickct). DayidWaltcrs ‘strcctbcat‘ club: miscd dancc music.

I Disco Viva 10.30pm—3atn. £1 bclorc 11pm; £2 altcr. llottsc rntrsic.

I Fury Murrys 10.30pm—-3.30am. I’riccs vary according to groups. ’I‘hc liyc music night ~r scc rock listings l‘ordctails.

I Henry Alriltas l0prn—3.30am. £1 hctorc 1 1pm; £2.50 al‘tcr. 70s‘ music and yidcos'. I Hollywood Studios 10.3llpm—3am. £3. .7 Apr: Windsw cpt: liyc band.

I Mardi Gras 1 1pm—-3.30am. £3. Hotrsc tntrsic night.

I Maytair 1 1pm-- 3am. £1 . ()ycr 25snight disco.

I One Hundred Club at l lollywood Sttrdios. l)prn—3arn. £1. Ncw club.

I Palomino Club 9pm -3arn. £2. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax ‘)prn»-2am. £2. llot Wax -— a 50s' night with Radio(‘1ydc DJ Jay ('rawlord.

I Prima Colazlone at 'I‘in I’an Allcy. 10.30pm—3.30am. £1 .50with tickct. £3.50 without. Ncw I lip l lop and Iiurobcat clttb. Italian lor Brcaklast ('lubl Vodka and Schlitz arc chcap.

I Battles 10.30 2am. £2.50. Motownand chart sounds with DJ. Roddy Stcwart. Vodka 30p. Lagcr 50p.

I Reggae Club at thc I-‘unction Suitc. Roottops. 10.30pm—-3am. £2.50.


I American House at I’irc Island.

1 1.30pm—2.30arn. £1 .5ll(7llpbctorc 11.45pm). l).l.s pick thc bcst from thc lirnitlcss yaricty ol‘ Amcrican housc music. It) thc trntrairtcd car it all sounds uncannin thc samc.

I The Slammer at Bustcr Browns. 11pm~3.30am. l-‘rcc admission tickcts cart bc found around and about. Scratch. rap and mix to suit thc crowd.

IThe Amphitheatre 10pm-—3am. £2.11alt pricc bclorc 1 1pm. Disco inlcrno lights up I.othian Road. in a trial run l'orthc wcckcnd.

I The Cambalache at 'I‘hc (iildcd Balloon. 10pm--3am. £2. 28 Apr only: (iaining a lot of praisc and a largc rcgular crowd asthc (‘ambalachc opcns out its musical horizons. (iood modcrn dancc andold layouritcs plus Latin.

I Cinderellas Bockertellas 9.30pm-3am. £1 .5llbcforc 1 1pm; £2 attcr. Rock 'n‘ roll ycars with corresponding drink priccs - starts at (ile witlt (ills' music till 1 lprn thcn 7le with 70s‘ sounds and from 12.30am till thc cnd ot thc cycning. 80s' music with 80p drinks. [A] [ND] [N'I']

I Dillingers lllprn—latc. £2. Appcalingto thc 18s up. With two floors Dillingcrsis ay'ailablc 7 days a wcck for functions. [ND] [N'I'] [A]

I Edgars 10pm--3arn. £2. Alldrinks tonight and Sunday arc (Hip. [A]

I Finsbury Park's Night Club 9.30pm till latc. £1 .50. Now opcn cy’cry Thurs night as thc summcr scason bcgins. Availablc for priyatc functions dtrring thc wcck. [A] [NT] [ND]

I Kids Love Jelly at thc Mission. 10.30pm-—3am. £1. Actually thc club‘s calicd somcthing diffcrcnt for thc ncxt l‘cw wccks. with thc music plumbing ncw dcpthsot tcdium. not a skatrack insight. I Belormatory at Barbados Suitc. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Formcrly this tcrm was uscd for an institution for reclaiming dclinqucnts. this ‘ncw‘ hip hop. rap club should bc callcd coniormatory.

I Rock Night at (‘hambcrs Strcct I lottsc. 8pm—lam. (Happy Hour 9—10pm).

I Boltlto‘s 8pm—3am. Frcc (Happy Hours 8—11pm). Scc Mon.

I Top 0' the Walk Scc Hi.

I Zenatec 9pm till latc.




I The Alhambra .‘st \Vatc-rloo Strcct. :21 52M].

I Bcnncts ‘)ll(ilasslord Strch . 552 5761. I Cleopatras Bclrnont l.anc. Kcly'inbridgc. 334 05m 1.

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Strcct. 3320712.

I Disco Viva 15 lfnion Strcct. 221 2426. I Follies 193 Pin Strcct. 332 7322 7522. I Fury Murrys 90 Maxw clI Strcct. 221

(351 l.

I Henry Alriltas 13 15 York Strch . 221

()1 l I.

I Hollywood Studios 9 Brown Strcct . 248 (ititlli

I Joe Paparazzi 520 Sauchichall Strcct. 3312111.

I LOUIS LOUIS Ill-75 Argylc Strcct.

I Madisons 4h \VLWI (icorgc Stl'c‘c‘t.

I Mardi Gras 731)unlop Strcct.2213o23. I Mayfair Sauchichall Strcct. 332 3872. I Palomino Club 51 Wcst chcnt Str'cct. 332 (i223.

I Panama Jax (‘ustom I lotrsc ()uay . 221 “865.

I Pzazz 23 Royal Iixchangc Squar'c. 221 5323.

I Battles 15Bcnaldcr Strcct.1’artick (‘ross. 334 5321.

I Boottops 92 Saucltichall Strch . 333 5583 5‘)(i7.

I Savoy Sayoy (’cntr‘c. Sauclticball Str'cct. 3320751.

I Sub Club 22 Jamaica Strch 248 4000. ITin Pan Alley 3‘) Mitcltcll Str‘cct.22l 5275.

I Venue 474 Sauchichall Stt'cct. 332 3:474. I Warehouse 85 Dunlop Strcct. 221 3h23. I Zico‘s I78a Ingram Str'cct. 552 0905.

I 45 west 40 W'cst ( icorgc Str'cct.


I The Amphitheatre .‘sl I.otltiart Road. 22‘) 7671).

I Barbados Suite in (‘oastcr's ( ‘otnplcs.

I Bermuda Triangle tn (‘oastcrs ( ’omplcx. I Buster Browns 25- 2B Markct Strcct. 22a 4224.

I Calton Studios 2o (‘alton Road. 556 71166.

I Chambers Street House 1(i(‘hambcrs Strcct.

I Cinderellas Bockerteltas W St Stcphcn Stt'ccl. 5560266.

I Coasters Complex 3 \Vcst 'Iitlllcrths. 3252.

I Dillingers Videotheque 2s Ktng'sStablcs Road. 228 3547.

I Edgars Witt Rosc Strcct North 1.anc.

I Finsbury Park 3— 5 South St Andrcw Strcct. 556 1021).

I Fire Island 127 l’rinccs Strcct. 22(i4titill. I Gilded Balloon (‘mtgatca 235 5050.

I Liberty's 'I‘hc I’layhotrsc. (irccnsidc l’lacc. 557 3807.

I Madisons (it'ccnsidc I’lacc. 557 3sn7.

I The Mission Victoria Str'cct. 225 (i569. I Moray House 1 lolyrood Road. 550s455. I Outer Limits in (‘oastcrs ( 'omplcx.

I Potterrow Studcnt (‘cntrc I Iousc. Bristo Strcct.

I HONNO'S .23 I.othian Road.

I Shady Ladies ( 'ow'gatc.

I Top 0‘ the Walk 25 St .Iamcs (‘cntrc . 557 2631.

I Venue ('altort Road. 557 3073.

I Wilkie House (‘owgatc

I Zenatec 5o Fountainbridgc. 22‘) 7733.





I Review ( BB(‘2 ) 9.30 10pm. Ncw scr'tcs starts with rcpor'ts on Barry Wbaitc. thc lilm \ crsion ol I’ltt' ( 'rt/n'uruNt' Ugh/urn of living and a ncw scrics ol dramatic monologucs lot' '1‘\' by .-\Ian Bcnnctt t scc IllL‘ I‘ll.

ISecretServicesrmit‘Zt 10 lll.4llpm. Nicc to know that this ncw scr'icsabout trrtglarnorousaridshady iobs w hich includcs prostitution. crnbalrrting and thc stthch ol tonight‘s programmc. work in a chrckcn lactory . also mcludcs bcmg a iournalrst ..

I The Day at the Tritiids1t‘4i

11.45pm 1,35ant. I’o-lacctl liltn adaptation w htch dcy tatcs too tar lrom tlic classic sctcncc ltctton noy cl by .lolm Wyndham about plants that takc oycr' tltc car‘tlt altcr' a lr‘cak mcicor‘ storm has blindcd most ol thc planct's human inhabitants. Mark in NM. stars I Iowar'd KL‘L'I and .létltc‘tlc‘ Scott.

I American GigolOtScottislt)

12.30 2.40am Slca/y andsilly story ol .-\trtcr'ican lowlilc starring Richard ( icr‘c .‘yladc tn 1080.


IGrandstandtlsltt‘l l 13.15 5.ll5pm. Including Il\ c r'cports on thc start ol tlic litnbassy World l’t‘otcssional ('liarrtpionship w rtli dclcndmg champion Stcy c Day is lirst to thc tablc. .\1or'c coycr'agc on BB( ‘2. ".40 8pm.

I Captain James Cook ( Scottish 1

1.35 3 35pm. Wotrld thcy bc sliowingthts mtrtt sct‘ics irt tltc middlc ol Saturday altcrnoon it it was arty good. ortc wondcrs'.’ Kcitlt Michcll stars as thc discoycr‘cr' ot Down I 'ndcr.

I Right to Reply i t '4 l 030pm. With ( ms Macdonald conccntrating on running Scottish Iclcy isiort. ('harmcl I‘ottr's pionccr mg acccss pr'ogr'amrnc lor' y rcw crs

w lto w ant to challcngc thcrr' 'I'\' dict. has lor' tlic lirst trrnc tonight a ncw pr‘cscntcr Linda Agran. dcputy drama controllcr at I.WI .tlocsn‘t plari any radical cltarigcs

l Jeremy Irons stars in

MoonlightingtC4.16Apr. 9.30mi

sltc. ltkc ( ius. w ill bc on tltc stdc ol thc

y rcwcr'. Rcmcmbcr thcr'c's alwaysthc yitlcoboy outsidc Scottish‘Iclcyisions‘s ltcadquar'tcrs it you can't stand ltcr' . . IThe Grand Prix Car1945—65tt‘4)

p.30 7pm Ncw scr'ics with a prosaicbutat lcast scll—c\planatorytttlc.

I Sophia and Constance ( Blit '3)

8.50 0.40pm. Sccontl cltartcc to scc tltc Upc'ltilig CPIStKIL'UltIIL'11C“ tilttltitttistttitili ol .-\r rtoltl Bcnnctt‘s Itoycl. IMoonlighting((141930 11.30pm. .Icrcmy lions lli [ct/y Skolitnowskt's trcatmcrtt ol tltc tcprcsston ol I’oland's 'Solrdartty' moy cmcrtl . sccn through tltc cycsol I’oltsli ltotrscbutltlcrs llll ortdort. lltghly acclatrttctl w ltctt it was tclcascd in 1082.

I Splash (Scottish) \ 10pm. Rcally rathcr' good romantic comcdy lrom tlrc adult \ccllolt Ul tltc l)tsnc\ slablc anti trystit'llty addition to that lmirtcd cmcmattcgcnrc

w lttcli inclttdcs l.ot 11/ 11cm thc.\1cr'matd \onrc-

IAtterTen with TarbUCItlScottrsltl

1020 11 05pm. \ttcr tcrt. 'l arby might ltlsl sccm bcar ablc Ncw sct'tcs w tth 'I out .lorics .rs tonight's gttcst.

I SilverDream RECBTIScotllslll

l2 2.05am Silly rrtotorbikclilmwith l).ry rd lisscs .\I.rtlc m I‘Nl


I East olthe Mannie-013.30 1pm. Sccortd cprsodc ol thc In t \ .Ioncs Ncrl lttncs latmly cntcrtammcrtt collaboration. IThe Story at Fashiontt '41.: 5.10pm. Ncw sci rcs with .1 last mos mg. thtcc part history ot tashron

I Hooperman (Scottish H.415 0. 15pm. Ncw scrtcs trom thc crcator ol I It” Strcct Blucs and l :\ law . Sic-y c Bochco. about an ttrtot thotlo\ San l'raricrsco policcman. IScreen Two: Lucky Suniltlmt‘ji

10 11.15pm. .\ltchacl ( 'atori .Ioncswho Liil'c‘c‘tc‘tl liI'III1(/I\L'L‘\\ c‘tl ll '1. tIilL‘c‘ls lltts scrccn play trom crcator ol .4 I't’rt‘

l’t't u/rtrr l’rm [It 1‘. Arrdtcw Day ics.

Ktrly rndcr'( rlill' stars as .r IIIItItIIL' class Ilrndu w ho Icay cs Indra to scck lamc and lor'ttmc ml ortdort.

IThe South BankSIIOWtScotllslt)

10.30 11 30pm Noyclrst l)otrsl cssing talks to c’l‘llc‘c‘ lictiort w rrtcr and

'l'hc List 15 is April loss 39