biographer Claire Tomalin about her work.


I Roland Rat-The Series II (BBCI) 4.30—4.55pm. Return of the telev’ison rat. Roland is joined in the new series by a girlfriend rat. Roxanne.

I Hill Street Blues (C4) 10—] lpm. Last episode of the current. penultimate. series

ofthe more intelligent than most cop

show. Tonight the capture ofa media hyped mass murderer causes uproar on the Hill. and Davenport is suddenly squeamish about representing the man they call the Creeper. lshouldn't worry if! were her. I bet he's a much misunderstood mass murderer.

I Chinatown (Scottish) Midnight—2.25pm. Roman Polanski's brilliant private eye thriller with a magical performance from Jack Nicholson. ( 1974). There are more Nicholson films on Night-time TV as the week progresses.


I Young Musician ofthe Year(BB(‘2)

; (‘45- 7.3l)pm. Humphrey Burton

introduces the 1988 search for Young Musician of the Year.

I The Media Show (('4)‘)L-1(ipm. Muriel Gray introduces a report from China where they are only now beginning to

consider the implications ofcopyright law.

I Talking Heads (BBt‘l )930-10. 10pm. New series of six monologues written by Alan Bennett. and in the case ofthe first. performed by him as well. Each isa woman's story: in the first Bennett playsa

middle-agedsontalking abouthis

mother's late-in-life romantic fling.

I The Nature ofAustralia ( BBQ)

9.3(1— 10.25pm. Major natural history series on the flora and fauna ofAustralia. four years in the making.

I The Luddifes (Scottish) 10.35—1 1 .35pm.

With TV companies preparing to take on the unions about the issue of over-manning caused by the adoption of new technology. this is a timely documentary on the 19th-century workers ) who fought against the machines that threatened their jobs.

I Fight Night(Scottish) 11.35pm--13.2flam. From Kelvin Hall. Glasgow. Scottish Welter-weight Gary Jacobs challenges 1 Australian WilfGentzen. while Steve Boyle. the Glaswegian-born British l Lightweight Champion takes on I American Joe Medina.

ITheBorder(Scottish)12.3o 2.35am ; Jack Nicholson in a disappointing film

about a disillusioned LA policeman who quits his job to join the Mexican Border Patrol.


I An Ocean Apart ( BBC] )‘).3lL 10.30pm. David Dimbleby presents this new transatlantic series examining the

I fluctuating relationship between America

. and Britain this century. Naturally there's a book as well. Don't I remember Alastair


Burnet doing something pretty similar a few years ago when he w as bored w ith anchoring election programmes?

l l IBnd((‘4) til—11pm. Repeat showingot ) episode one of the classy Scottish-made j


thriller starring John Hannah and

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For example:

7! T 0 7? S

Stratford Johns and Based on Frederic Lindsay‘s noyel. (See our Spring Book Special where Lindsay talks about his latest novel.)

I Midweek Sport Special (Scottish) lti.35pm—l2. 15am. Barry McGuigan's comeback fight . . .

IWho Dares Wins. . . ((‘4) 1 i --l I .Stlpm. New series of the more hit than miss comedy series.

I Goin‘ South (Scottish) 13. I5— 2.15am. .lack Nicholson say es himself from a lynch mob by marrying a spinster. Recommended comedy western made in W78.


I Film on Four: The First Kangaroost(‘4) 9.30 11.30pm. Anglo-Amtralian film celebrating the NUS tour by the first ‘professional' Australian rugby football team. A comedy directed by one time [S footballer l‘rank (‘vitanovich. it starsthe famous giant of linglish Rugby ofthe time. Dennis Waterman as Albert (ioldthorpe (Waterman also starred in the 'l'y nc Tees film about turn of the century football. The first World ( tip .-t

( aptam 's 'I'alt'l.

I 40 Minutes: Women in Black( Bist‘l) 930-10. lfipm. Coping with bereavement: the stories of two Widows and how they have coped with being left . suddenly. alone.

I Scottish Questions (Scottish)

“HS -1 1.20pm. With two weeks togo before the district elections in Scotland. Scottish Questions examines some ofthe issues.


I Secret Services: The Presst BBt‘Z) llilli- 10.50pm. More dirty jobs . . .the story behind the story: the programme follows an investigative journalist on the Sunday Mirror as he closes in on his target. I The Big Heal (C4) 1 1.5(lpm— 1.30am. Classic film noir directed by Fritz [.ang with Glenn Ford as an avenging policeman. Made in 1953.


I Diamonds (Scottish) 8— lflpm. Robert Shaw and Shelley Winters in a Diamond caper set in lsrael.


"c A"? . \' I:

Dennis Wateran playsa legendary Enollsh rugby footballer in The First Kangaroos (C4. 21 Apr. 9.30pm).

I Film on Four Extra: The Country Girls(C4)‘ l 9.30-1 1.30pm. Another chance to seethis highly enjoyable 1983 adaptation of Edna ()‘Brien's first autobiographical novel. Stars Sam Neil.

I Review (BBC2) 9.30— 10.05pm.

Including David Freeman‘s review of

Peter Brook's Mahabharata.


I The Story of Fashion (C4) 4—5. 10pm. Part two covers the Twenties to the Fifties.

I Ian Dotham: The Hannibal Test(Seottish) 9.3(i—lt).3()pm. Er. The Greatest Story tiverToltl.

I South Bank Show (Scottish)

10.30—1 1.30pm. As Peter Hall preparesto bow out as Artistic Director of the National Theatre. Melvyn Bragg's team present a special report on Hall's lastgreat National project: productionsof Shakespeare's notoriously difficult ‘Late Plays‘.

I Phew Rock and Roll! (C4)

lli.5()—l 1.50pm. The Jonathan Ross contribution to the history of Rock and Roll .


I Nagging Doubt ((‘4) 10—1 1 .(iSpm. Jack Klaff‘s moving one man play. originally performed on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. which reveals some of the horrors of South Africa at the time ofSharpeville. I The Cold War Game (C4) ll.()5—12.(i5pm. Part One: USSR. At times the Cold War has seemed like a game for super powers. but it has had disastrous results for Third World countries argues this documentary. Narrated by Bob Peck and Billy Whitelaw. Part two can be seen on Thursday. and looks at the subject from the point of view of the United States.

I Jazz Special (Scottish) Midnight—-12.35am. Art Blakey recorded at Ronnie Scott‘s.

I Gambit (Scottish) 12.35—2.35pm. Cheerful Michael Caine vehicle about the robbery of a priceless sculpture. Made in 1966. it also stars Shirley MacLaine.


I The Cook Report (Scottish) 8—8.3(lpm. New series of fearless investigations with Roger Cook.

I Death in Florence (Scottish)

10.35—1 1.35pm. City of Crime. An unusual portrait of the tourist city seen through writings of Magdalin Mabb.

I The Tommy Smith Story ( BBCI) 10.05—1 1 .()5pm. Special fifty minute documentary made by BBC Scotland to celebrate saxophonist Smith‘s 21st birthday. See Guest List.

I Nighfworks (C4) 12.30—22.25am. A new slot for classical music aiming to be the equivalent of the rock music sequence. The Late Shift. The intention is to find new ways of presenting classical music.


I Spain V Scotland (Scottish) 7.25—9.30pm. Live from Madrid the friendly international with Spain. IBrond (C4) 10.50—11.50pm. Part two of the Glasgow set thriller.


I Scottish Questions Special (Scottish) 10.35—11.20pm. One week to go before the local elections. Scottish Questions looks at the key districts and the issues that affect them.

I Film on Four: Shadey (C4) 9.30pm. Antony Sher plays Shadey. a man who wants a sex change operation and is prepared to trade a strange supernatural gift for the opportunity. He co-stars with Billie Whitelaw. Patrick Macnee and Bernard Hepton. The film's directed by Philip Saville who was responsible for The Life and Loves ofa She-Devil and Boys from the Blue/(stuff.