9.30am—S.30pm; Sat 10am—lpm.

Art in Fashion, Fashion in Art Until 22 Apr. Links between artist and fashion designer in the juxtaposition of work by the likesof Donaldson and Hockney and fashion by Zandra Rhodes and Missoni.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 25 King Street. 5520704. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm. Members and visitors work on show until the Print Studio move to their permanent premises at 22 King Street.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Renfield Street. Mon-Fri.

New Work by Sculptor and Architect Adam Zyw 14—26 Apr. See also Edinburgh University Architecture Department.

I GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Hillhead Street. 339 8855. Mon-Thurs

9. 15am—9. 15pm; Fri 9. 15am—4.45pm; Sat 9.15am—12.15pm.

The French Renaissance Until 30 Apr. Bernard Salomon and Jean de Tournes— Montaigne and Rome.

I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Glasgow’s museum for children.

Getthe Message Until 22 May. Different systems of communication for children.


,{t’J' k

Art in Fashion, Fashion in Art, Fine Art Society, Glasgow

‘Designer' muttered a middle-aged visitor to her companion at this exhibition. ‘This is what the kids are falling for’ and they moved on, unimpressed by a striped shirt by French fashion guru, Jean-Paul Gaultier. Others however were more impressed, comparing many of the clothes displayed to their own. “Perhaps I should have mine made in something like that’ enthused another visitor, admiring a lavish piece of styling by Zandra Rhodes.

This is an impressive and interesting show, put together at the last minute when a scheduled exhibition had to be cancelled, and well tailored to Glasgow’s fashion conscious image. It explores the links between pictures and the clothes shown in them and paintings, portraits and photographs are shown alongside hats, costumes, shoes, rugs, embroidery and fabrics, mostly from the 19th and 20th century. What it lacks in argument it more than makes up for in scope and detail and almost nothing has been overlooked from lavish Bakst drawings to Paul Smith socks. Well worth a visit. (Sally Kinnes)

I HARDINGERS 417 (i reat Western Road. I

3399999. Mon—Sat 10arn—opm: Sun noon—5pm; Closed Tuedays.

TWO Artists ()pens 29 Apr until end May. Madelaine Hand -- watercolours and Irene Bell —ceramics.

I HILLHEAD LIBRARY 348 Byres Road. 339 7223. Mon—Fri 9.30am— 1 pm. 2-8pm: Sat 9.30am— 1pm and 2—5pm. Closed Wed. Visual Artists Register Glasgow An index of slides and artists' details to help you find work you like and presutnably would like to see more of or buy.

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY Cniversity of (ilasgow.11illhead Street. 3305431. Mon—Fri 9.30am~5pm; Sat 9.30am-- 1 pm. The Mackintosh House Gallery: ()pen as above but closed for lunch 12.30—1.30pm. 50p admission on weekday afternoons and Saturdays. A reconstruction ofthe architect‘s home fitted with original furniture. l’ntil June the gallery is showing a special display oi‘Mackintosh ChairDesigns which illustrates the artist's range. covering the years from the experimental 1890's to his more retstrained style of 1914 when he left Glasgow.

The Birth of Modernism 30 Apr—25 lune. From Post-Impressionism to Surrealism. this exhibition picks the cream ofthe university's collection of 19th and 20th century prints. Bonnard. Latitrec. Picasso and Matisse included.

I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM The L'niversity of Glasgow. 339 8855. Mon-«I-‘ri 9.30am—5pm: Sat 9.30am— 1 pm. Twice named Museum ofthe Year. the llunterian Collection includes objects ranging from Captain Cook's Pacific treasures to the Bearsden Shark.

Coracle, Kayak and Canoe l9 Apr—22 Sept. An exhibition ofearly watercraft including a model boat. once worshipped by the people ofthe New 1 Iebrides and a large dugout canoe left unfinished by Scots in Ayrshire about 1500 years ago.

IJ. D. KELLY GALLERY 1 18 Douglas Street. Mon—Fri 10.30am— 2pm and 2.30—5.30pszat l0am—2.30pm.

James Watt 1min Apr.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie. 956 2351. Tue~15ri 11am-5pm and 7—9pm; Sat and Sun 2- 5pm.

Mr Woods’ Fossils 23 Apr—21 May. Children’s Art Exhibition 7-- 21 May.


Scottish Sports Photographer of the Year 18 Apr—2 May.

I MAIN EINEARTThe Studio (iallery. In (iibson Street. 334 8858. Tue-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Scottish contemporary painting.

I METRO GALLERY 713 (ireat Western Road. 339 0737 (opp Botanicfiardens). The Metro (iallery. which was best-known for its encouragement of student work. has closed due to the high costs involved in its upkeep. Sharing premises with the plumbers offices kept costs down. but when that part ofthe business closed last year. the gallery's expenses shot tip. ()pen barely twoyears. the Metro provided a comfortable venue for contemporary art.

I 908 GALLERY 12 ()tago Street. 3393158. Mon—Sat lilam—bpm.

Birds and Bees I7nti128 Apr. James (iorman's erotic other world. I OLD MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Albert Drive Mahabharata Exhibition Mahabharata ticket holders only, open during performances (see Theatre for times). Photographs by Peggy Jarrell Kaplan of New York show the cast of this Peter Brook epic in action. Kaplan is a free-lance photographer living in New York and well known for her portraits ofthe avant-garde Warhol. Merce Cunningham. Pina Bausch and Joseph Bcuys.

I PEOPLE'S PALACE MUSEUM (ilasgow Green. 5540223. Mon—Sat l0am-5pm. Sun 1—5pm. Glasgow‘s museum of working life.


Beth Shadur, Gateway Exchange, Edinburgh

An Bit by 20ft panel may not seem a very large space on which to portray the problems of contemporary Britain, but that is the task American artist Beth Shadur and various drug groups in Edinburgh have set themselves.

The panels can be split into five separate paintings to make it possible to take them on tour buttheir permanent home will be somewhere in the Gateway Exchange. The Gateway invited Beth to come and work in Edinburgh following work she had done at the Special Unit in Barlinnie Prison.

‘In the States now, community arts have become much less political and more decorative as things get more and more Right Wing. It‘s a difficult time to work there in anything like this,’ says Beth speaking between priming the panels in a temporary studio in the old washhouse, next to the Gateway. She has worked in the field of community arts for over15 years, and her interest grew out ofa movement of

Now in its 90th year. the museum is currently undergoing essential repairs and refurbishment which will last throughout the year.

Celtic Centenary Exhibition lintil 30June. The famous football team recapped.

I PDLLDK HOUSE 2060 Pollokshaws Road. (1320274. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Sun


Neighbour to the Burrell Collection. this 18th century house contains the Stirling Maxwell Collection of Spanish paintings and period furnishings.

I RUTHERGLEN MUSEUM King Street 647 (1837.

Costumes from Rutherglen 23 Apr-22 May. I-‘ashion from Rutherglen over the past l00years— abustle from the 1880‘s toa I951 rationed wedding dress.

I THE SCOTTISH DESIGN CENTRE 72 St Vincent Street. 221 6121. Mon-Fri 9.30am—5pm. Sat 9am—5pm.

Total Design L'ntil 30 Apr. The first European exhibition on student design and design education. featuring work from students throughout the EEC. A conference at Strathclyde University will cover the same topic. Contact Design Centre for further details.

I SPRINGDURN MUSEUM Ayr Street (adjacent to Springburn Railway Station). 5571405. Mon—Fri 10.30am—5pm. Sun 2-5pm. A Place to Slay [Intil Nov 88. One ofthe largest exhibitions ever mounted on the subject of housing in Scotland. The exhibition traces the transformation in Springburn from a small village and industrial suburb where property was privately owned. to today's town dominated by the council-owned tower

l l

in Chicago her home town (Chicago Artists Abroad have financed hertrip to Britain). Now the political emphasis in this field seems to have shifted to this side of the Atlantic and the controversy over the poll tax is just one of the issues which will feature in the panels.

In the States, Beth divides her time between commissioned murals for private and public clients, projects with community groups and her own watercolour paintings. Some ofthe latter are on view in the Gateway's smart and freshly painted café.

They are highly detailed and complex pictures. ‘Everyone keeps saying how colourful they are. I guess people here aren't used to bright colours in art, but Chicago is well known forvery colourful work.‘ She sees no contradiction between the colour and what is often a much darker or painful subject. ‘I don'tthinkthatsomething that has painful or difficult imagery necessarily has to be painted in a way that looks brutal and violent. Sometimes that contrast can give it an added meaning.‘ (Sally Kinnes)

blocks where 50"} of the residents now live.

The Cowlairs Railway Works tintil lune. Historical exhibition of life and timesof Scotland‘s one time largest railway works. I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. 'I'ue---Sat l0am~ 5.30pm. Sun 2--5.30pm. Cafe. ID]

Jackie Parry Cntil 23 Apr. Daly River Night Imagesof north western Australia. New sculpture. by an artist best known for her sensitively exquisite prints. Originally from Australia. I’arry has lived in (ilasgow since the early Seventies. when she studied printmaking at (ilasgow School of Art. This is her second soloshow at Third Iiye Centre.

Gene Lambert Ifntil 23 Apr. Lambert's portraits are dark. his subjects posing with classical grace. Pat has no arms. llismetal limbs are attached to skin. Mary. posed as Venus has no arms. Disability inthese photographs has not been missed but Lambert's sensitivity shows its dignity as well as its beauty.

Laura Ford I'ntil 23 Apr. Drawing from the Deadly (irove. Drawings by sculptor Ford made as part of a Third Iiye Commission which brings together her work with that ofperformance artist Annie (iriffin. See Dance Page for interview with Annie (iriffin.

Amelia Stein Until 23 Apr. Burial explored in colour-tinted black and white photographs.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 13 Chisholm Street. 552 4813. Mon—Sat Noon—6pm. EventSpace 3 Throughout Apr. Transmission host their annual video festival. Video library (mainly from

The List 15 28 April 198843