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Wiihnaii and i is i CAPPELLA NOVA pioneeringwork extends to l 21 April. “Anna Campbell‘ stage-hand and director. . in verse. noticed ‘a certain sehennied in open ai ihe | early Scottish music in opens at the Traverse on the Talking about his i hungertor pertorrned poetry Odeon. Glasgow and Q AND THEA general.‘ 22 April. A mad dash. But involvementwith ‘Anna amongst his tellow citizens. Edinburgh Cameo nn15 ! It‘s not, however, the reading Norman Malcolm Campbell‘ there is With admirable enterprise. April. See Cinema Listings Atterthe age at about 12. Kenneth Elliott Edition "acdonald's script. positively no sense at guilt and support lrom the

tor details.

importantagain when Carver‘s own original the images he hasworked stage-crew hammering out has established ayear‘s you're much. much Owen manuscript, iiisuniiheiy with inthe past. The smoke his plans at the Traversein series otmonthly poetry Happy 21st For composers. that can that Carver himselt passed 00" and "is "Sh-curing his absence. . , readings at Babbity from The List actually be nicer than jelly i such comment on his music shed. the tish. the 01 course. hewill be . Bowster‘s. a pub in in ihe iamnns Edinburgh and ice-ereain and mean l _ more probable is the idea lisherman. the boat. ltwas working on the intricacies ol Blacktriars Street. eexnnhnniei tots oi pertorrnanees or their I that the remarks come iinni anopportunity tor his the set. ‘There‘s a main His preterred balance ot Tommy Smith... music. And it. like Robert } a disapproving monk given paintingsto be realised sculptural piece about 15 i one established poet. one celebrated not by Carver. you were born so the arduous task at copying. 3-dimensronally. metres high which is on . emerging poet. and open Mecnnigeii but by a sac tong ago that no one is sure Jnsi a hii younge, is His theatrical inclinations throughout.‘ He describes it tloor spots tor anyone who nnenmeniewend nun exactly when, thenthe anniheismnsh composer. began with ‘A Gala. asthe sinking prow ota teelsaverse coming on. enneeri airihiiay partiesL anniversary year can stretch Thea Musgmve, who Celebration‘. Working in ship. The tigurehead. an . proved sucesstul at the lust The story otthe young oulto at Ieast3 or 4. Bornin celebrates her60th birthday PUP'W “WM "18 1985 enormous sculptural "33¢th and 908‘s tenorrnan‘s inexorable rise Scotland sometime in May and is regarded as 5‘1"!“th Fest'Ya' die" "'8 collage with a bird box 3 appfilashsd immune to the top is to be screened between 1487 and 1492. one at the most exciting beglnmngs 0' this stutted with sea birds and 5335'093 3'8 "U" 0' as a tfibute Whilelhe Cappella N0V3's Edinburgh contemporary composers in “Norman” We“. the bulls head would bethe ' enthus'asm-'

Glasgow (29th) and Edinburgh (26th) concerts

teatureaguartetincluding 23 olhis six-part Mass and 18 atthe Henry Wood Hall. WUSiCianandlfadilional { has given mea lot otartistic 5 5'3399‘“ WWW“ has the superlative teenager Motet “Gaude tlore Paragon Ensemble play her Singer. It was a black and license,' Maclntyre has es‘abmhed a “We ‘0' pianist. Jason Robello. The Virginali' are the beginning Chamber Concerto No 3. white tale ot the Borders. been able to swing actors 909's "0'" a" 0"" S°°"a"d

Edinburgh concert has a big bonusthough . . .a specially commissioned

piece lor chamber trouble with being that old. i Musgrave describes as a ‘Gala‘ is now closed and 17th century namhn with WOTRSNOD 8W"!an . ensemble. the quartet is that not too much otyour : ‘drarnatieahsiraei' “one though he enjoyed candies on his hat) There j Aosnghas Macneacall. augmented by strings and work survives. in Carver‘s ! meaning dramatic in developing it over its are prehieins in course, : ValetlsThomton and _ brass; and a set as a duo case live settings otthe presentation and anshaci in eighteen month lite. the Cathy Maeoenetd “3363" “Obenson W'“

with his old teacher. bandleader. lriend and world's leading vibraphone player. Gary Burton. The photo we've used here is trom a torthcoming Maytest exhibition 01 studies 01 Smith as caught by expert jazz photographer. Sean Hudson.

The Tommy Smith Show is

broadcast on BBC1 on 26 Apr.

birthdays only seem to get

and Glasgow pertormances on Friday 22 and Saturday

ota series ottributes planned to mark his hall-millemium. The only

Mass and two Motets. This cyclic Mass dates from 1515 and it is. says Alan Tavener. the choir's director. ‘highly likely that it was first pertormed at the Chapel Royal at Stirling.‘ ‘Cappella Hova‘s pertormances otthe Mass and Motetwill use editions prepared by Kenneth Elliott. a leading scholar in this lield. whose

One 01 Sean Hudson’s studies at Tommy Smith

which is illustrated. but

Britain. On Sunday 17 atthe Oueen‘s Hall and Monday

Dedicated to herteacher. Nadia Boulanger. lorher 80th birthday. it is what

that it contains no ‘programme‘. the intention being to bring something at the drama at the theatre into the concert hall. (Carol Main)

Cappella Nova pertorm Robert Carver‘s Six-Part Mass and Motet Gaude llore Virginali atSt Giles‘ Cathedral. Edinburgh on Friday 22 and Glasgow Cathedral on Saturday 23. both at 8pm.

Paragon Ensemble are at the Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh on Sunday 17 and the Henry Wood Hall. Glasgow on Monday18. both at 7.45pm.

theatre a gallery.‘ Including the next lew weeks Central KEITH Gaelic song and dance Cyclesneed to test ride MACINTYRE choreographed by Frank each bike and they have

‘Bingo. It happened to be

. . = I. exactly what I m doing just . , .:_ ,. . . '5 32:33, N have al lor availability- but hurry. "0W-' Olhsmise. Keith 3' "‘ . " - l e 3 the otter only laststill Maclntyre would have had 4.3:”;- 5; g BARDS Monday 25 April. Atterthen. “V ‘0 ""5 '"VllaliO" '0 2222/7912‘: 1:» ‘9 z- . the bikes will be available the world at prolessional E I" a ma" "ps'am "mm at competitive rates starting theatre. Having just brought 2 mm 3 ba' 0" mm" 8m" at £4 tor a day £20 lora down a solo exhibition at .7;2<'%3}3él’3£ . €- :" G'asng' poem has week the Raab Gallery in Berlin ‘211'Z2’9’27'37/1/‘231‘4 3 0”“ 3 "'Che- ' I r',,{r/' , ("a .1”-:".~,. ' the painter will be opening .. I Danny 0 Rourke. TV ai ihei, London Nanci, on .: producer and now trahicker f4 572261} . . 5.13.543? 25%;? Th x Ligt 15 '-‘i%T.’-<..'9%ivz'évhé2- '=' "-2" ‘21“; sir/9?,» L . . I. I" ' ‘I {I /»":"4/’/Vt e' ' 94'. I I "' :LI'KD: ' 1 fig] 3" ‘(_I./"/—_' 194-5..)r'wl’lirflll- " {‘47, 7, I‘m v‘\ , 'l: , .' ’v. /;.%;,p’{:' r’rt’uq,’ .J'!;,":'.'" "’l.‘ g-V‘ .. ' " "15‘. 4'15;7:2;3/5’29’3’2'? I" ’f‘\ : Irz-ir «5/ e."..-:" / ( \ K- ..{.'.-."»s'3’a,;..w,// \‘ \\

Maclntyre saw so many at

initiated by Maclntyre. but also involving dancers. a

with Belted Galloway bulls and elves cast in a central position. The chapter on

artist seems relieved to be joining a theatre with the toll complement ot statt and tacilities.

‘I‘m working with such a good director. there's a big stage crew and a prolessional budget to work lrom.‘ For ‘Gala' he was designer. maker. actor.

when he thinks otthe

last to tip into the briny.

‘The director Geny Mulgrew

above the audience. to coverthem in tish andto dressthe lisherman 'asa

(presenter otBBC‘s Prosbaig)who is making her stage debut. hasjust been on a sun-soaked holiday and returned with a non-West Coast tan. ‘We'll need to use a lototwhite make-up because she‘s meant to be peely-wally.‘ jokes Maclntyre.

Like ‘A Gala Celebration‘ Keith Maclntyre describes “Anna Campbell‘ as an art event as much as a theatre event. ‘A lot 01 sets are secondary and not as dynamic as they could be. Here. we eventind ourselves callingthe

McConnell ‘Anna Campbell'

Scottish Arts Council. he

Feeling the lack ot a solid platlorm tor live poetry in

1 (and perhapslromlreland) and tor a “non-specialised. non-academic. non-writer‘s

read on Sun 24 April at 7.30pm. Entrance £1.50. Brian McCabe will read on 22 May at2.30pm.


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