Third Eye Centre Bookshop has organised a Bookstall at the Old Transport Museum, Albert Drive, to run during Peter Brook’s production ofthe Indian epic, The Mahabharata.

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0 All available titles by Peter Brook

0 Books and magazines on drama and performance

0 Indian literature in translation for adults and children

0 Third Eye Centre publications

0 Open during ALL performances of The Mahabharata

The Mahabharata playscrip (Methuen £4.95 paperback)

The Shlftlng Point 40 Years of 1 Theatrical Exploration 1946-1987 (Methuen £14.95 hardback)

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“Sparkling new brand) of justly famous London boo/«seller. . . Imaginative la) ’0er and design make brou sing a treat.”

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50 Gordon Street, Glasgow Temp/gone: Glasgow 22] 0.26.)

9 . 00—6 . 00 M onday—S aturday 9.00-8.00 Thursday I I .00—4.00 Sunday


The only Glasgow-Jewish ex-chartered accountant stand~up comedian in the if}:

world. Winner of the 1987 Perrier Award lor best Cabaret Perlormance with his [flgg'th show “BROWN BLUES". -."4.’-:{'it' ARNOLD BROWN started performing in 1979 at the opening of London's ii'3.'z',?‘-‘Li".3 Comedy Store. In 1980. he was a lounder-member ol the Comic Strip live-show. .‘k which ran lor ten months at the Boulevard Theatre. :ZTYJLJ'éri‘; TV credits include "The Tube". "The Young Ones". "The Comic Strip 1',"- 3.2177 Presents". "Saturday Live". "lnterlerence" (Channel 4 series) and the BBC 2 113:3??? series. "Hello Mum". :f-‘qf‘gi' He also played the cameo roles ol the psychiatrist in Bill Forsyth's lilm, “Comfort and Joy" and the vicar in Terry Jones' lilm, "Personal Servrces". 3.33:7;‘8 3.:-;¢;.~.;;'r “Peerless . . . daring, sell-deprecating stream-of-consciousness technique". ——Tlme Ou! "One of the funniest comedians in the country . . . “(f-‘5? one of the all time greats".—City Limits Reminded me ol Woody Allen's days as a stand-

up comedian . . . sell-ellacing, confessional style ol humour".——Melody Maker

at THE GILDED BALLOON STUDIO THEATRE (iirst lloor ol the 369 Gallery). The Cowgate

Friday 22nd April 9.00 pm. Tickets £3.50 (£2.50 concessions)

Saturday 23rd April 9.00 pm. Tickets £3.50 (£2.50 concessrons)

at Madison (Regular Thursday COmedy Venue) West George Street-Glasgow Sunday 24th April 900 pm. Tickets £3 50 (£2.50 concessions)

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