I Architectural design and drawing services. For a fast. economical. experienced and qualified professional service for all typesof building work. alterations and extensions. Phone ll3l 33‘) 33W) (day )or (l3834l71l351eye)

I Studio theatre available for conferences. lectures. recitals. ()ne-offor regular basis. from £3llpersession. Reductionsfor registeredcharities 3N) Gallerv. (‘ow gate. lidin burgh. 03122§3ol3

I Van and driver for hire. Small or light removals Single items Also bands and discos Anything considered Preferably (ilasgow area. Phone .las on (Lil (x36 HHS.

I Nannies/Mother's Helps required for various live-in positions throughout the Country. contact l.inda at Jobbank. 031 235 8233 IJoinerl l‘. Duggan Reliable tradesman -\lltypesof joinerwork undertaken in (‘entral Scotland Phone Penicuik "41565

I House buying orselling? Mortgages arranged. lull legal servlce. liy ening and w cckend appointments if required. Helpful adv ice given (‘rofts Dunlop Solicitors. ~14 lircderick Street. 226 (i737

I Portraits in oils hand-painted on canvas from your photographs. (iuaranteed

satisfaction at a surprising price.

(‘ontact (‘aledonia lime Arts. ‘lngleneuk‘. ('oalburn.l anark ML] l “I ll (ll555)SZ(i37.


I Women‘s Sailing Holidays on 35ft yacht. learn. impioye. enjoy sailing on sunny South (‘oast. (‘hannel Islands. Brittany longandshort breaks. Please phone for brochure: ()7th 307-“)


A I Xarakoram Himalaya t 'mquc trekking expedition exploring remote valleys and glaciers in the world's greatest mountain range. four weeks (25.lune 2-1 July )LHSS inclusive I’honell-ll 95-1 (187-1 (ev es)


I l'm in Texas. help! leniale (24l.5ft 5111.331 likesplay mg cards. Silk ( ~ut. licho And l'he Bunnymen. films flowers. cabaret and Scottish fellow s. Dislikes early mornings. and most other Americans llopeto be in Scotland soon. would like to nicel tip with a friend tosliarc a couple of pints with when lget there Absolutely all replies answered Will send my pliotoin exchange for yours Replies to Box Not): ['7

I Adventurous. good looking ma|e(35) l-dinluiigli seeks wickedlady pielei'ably bi for friendship. fun and romantic limes. Recent tllHileL‘C infeiestsiiiclude socialcyents. sports. music and movies Box N003 l

I Thoughtful. sincere male (32) seeks genuine female friend to share \ aiied interests Please write soon .-\ll replies promptly answered l’hotoandphone number appreciated Reply to Box N06.“ 2

I Informal mixed group iny ue others in single If) it) age gioup for yaiied inglitsont llieatie. concerts. eating tilll.sptill\. leisure pursuits weekends away etc (iliisgow .iiea SA}: ltl Bin Nilfii 5

I Bil shy unemployed single male ( 3M who is caring. sincere. open minded etc and has many interests. except discos. expensive living etc. seeks similar female 34 4!) with flat and no ties for lasting

relation tiiendslnp. sensuous sexualenioyinent and


20 words maximum



25 words maximum


SERVICES/TRAVEL 25 words maximum


30 words maximum.

Rate inc Box No which must be used.


£2 per col cm. Min 3cm (£6). (Phone 031 5581191 for details)


relaxed. non-liberated.

attractive. nice personality. genuine etc. l)islikesarc: drinkers. heavy smokers. punks. l) A. religious persons etc. (ilasgow area only. So ladies. if your are the above. lonely . want company. don't hang about ~ get in touch.

Box No ()4 I

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1;] relationships. We reserve the

right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receiy e such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: ('lassificd Ads Dept at The 1.131.

I Unemployed. unconditioned single male (38) seeks the following: l)l..ike-minded lriendsof both sexes. 2) Similar female 35 38 for lasting relation friendship. fun etc.

3) l-‘riends who have after dark sty le discussion groups including voluntary ones. lnterestsinc: theatre. music. vol. work. walking. yoga. peace. hostelling. reading. video. sports. quizzes games. meeting people. alternative thinking. medicine and lots more Dislikes inc: discos. opera. ballet. punk. gambling. drinking. heavy smokers. liastcrn food etc. (ilasgow area

only. So come on people. let's get together. Box NoM 2.

Somebody out there wants to know yott. \Vrite to the PIiRS().\'.-\l. column of 71101.13"! and find out who!


I Confused female, twenties. would like to meet lesbian friend to answer hundred and one questions. Possible relationship. Interests include: music. cinema and eating out. Please reply to Box Noffl 3

I Attractive professional lady (30) into fitness. ski-ing. music. cinema. art. seeks similar professional business man for friendship socialising.

(ilasgow ~-—lidinburgh areas. Photo appreciated. Reply to Box 510644.

I Save an endangered female. Attractive. culture vulture. age 37. seeks similar type male to accompany her to art exhibitions and theatre in (ilasgow area. Box Nob-l 5.

I Asian male (32) Post-grad (Marketing Research) (ilasgow. seeks lively. friendly. understanding female (21) 32) for sharing genuine relationship. Beauty not very relevant. Photoappreciated. Box No ()4 o.

I Hello. are there any wee Scottish lasses out there who would like to show an linglish naval officer this city called lidinburgh'.’ lfso. please write. Thank you. Box NoM 7.

I Newly emerging lesbian (3m wishes to meet other women in similar situation to help expand a pretty quiet social life. (ilasgow area. Reply to Box

No 64 S.

I Gay man (33) professional but not conventional. likes music. food. drinking. walking. talking and lots more. w ants to meet other gay men for socializing but if a spark should fly"?

Box Noo~l l).

I Edinburgh male (26) seeks pen-pal anywhere (except South (‘arntynel ) to exchange long. gossipy. witty. pretentious. elegant. correctly spelt (1’). desultory. recondite. eclectic. specious. portentous. prolix.


Tel No

Messagg category Messa e note: tel nos count as 1 word

No of issues


Payment encl. Classified deadline for Issue 65 is Fri 22 April.


mercurial epistles. Write soon. Yours faithfully. Box Nob-1 It). I Gay male (1960 model) good runner. low mileage. many extras. mechanically sound. bodywork fair. Would make ideal runaround for careful owner. ()ne only. Write now for test drive ( lidinburgh area). Box .\'o (1-3 ll.

I Would any warm and intelligentwoman(27 37ish). like a man (35) to go May festing witli‘.’ Box .\'o(i4 12.

I Gay woman attractive. slim. sensitive. 3lls. enjoys sport. music. drinking. travel. adventure. non-scene. seeks similar 20s 30s fordiscrect relationship friendship. lidinburgh area. (ienuine repliesonly. Photo'.’ Reply to BOX Nob-l 13.

I Intelligent fun-loving female (28) would dearly love tomeet intelligent . stimulating male. Weekend jaunts. theatre. country pubs. white wine and who knows w hat may ensue‘.’ ((ilasgow ). Please reply to Box Nob-l l4.






1. Print Name, Address and Message in BLOCK CAPITALS. 2. All ads must be prepaid - enclose cheque/Po with form. Cheques/Pas to be made payable to The List Ltd. 3. Replies to Box Nos will be forwarded once per fortnight. 4. The List reserves the right to refuse any ad. 5. No liability can be accepted for mistakes or forforwarding replies. 6. Replies to Box Nos must be clearly marked ‘BOX Ho XXX’ in top left-hand corner of envelope. 7. All correspondence to: Classified Ads The List Ltd 14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TB Tek0315581191.

__ J

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