.‘\\ lor tis. w ell. how laniiliai are w e

With the eoneept ol .l.-\l’ humour tor example'.’ 1 he .lew ish .‘\lllL‘l‘te;tll l’rineess. is a rieh souiee ol humour out there 'You ean tell a .l.-\l"s haxingan orgasm when she stops tiling her nailsf ‘\\'hen _\ou go to hetl with a .l.‘\l’. she sa_\s " l‘alte oll m_\ hlouse. Now loltl it.“ '(‘aths latlman is apparenth a prime L‘Xpotietit with what l‘anshaw e ealls a ‘whining .lew‘ persona antl ioltes like. ‘.\l_\' lather is a \ er\ anno_\ ing riiati. lles \er_\ linielttk ll _\ou iiiet m_\ lather and wanted to torture him —- and you \Vlll. tie him to a wall and ineorreetl_\ loltl a roatl map. . .' Ilewishiiess has sueh a tlillerent plaee in the eulture in .-\mei iea.‘ suggests l5anshawe. ‘ll _\'ott sa_\ the word Jew in this eountr} . there is this sharp intake ol hreath. w hereas ox er there it‘s 'ol eourse _\oti're .lew ishf In linglantl. .lew isli means hots eluhs anti l‘ranltie Vaughan.~

( )ther lkiiisliaw e la\ es inelutle tli'ag artist. l.il_\ Sax age. ‘w hat l'tin to talte him out ol a drag eonte\'t and w ll‘tlk‘lx him into a eometh eltih , . '. \Ventl} llai'mer. ‘pretts mueh the queen ol Australian eometh ”. antl liarrt Steiger. an ex-liaptist minister with a tlr_\‘ sense ol humour and erealtt Ameriean tleli\'ei‘\ . ‘lieis Sill ‘.t horrihl} tlistortetl shapetl mintl.~ liut he is equally ‘iii lost with l lowai'tl Busgang: "he's small and eharming in aehiltllilte sort olwas . htit with a w'ieketl tw llllslk‘. a reth hent itiiiitlil‘hen lrom the l ‘l\' theres l’auline Daniels. a iiiitltlle—agetl liverputllianeomiewhoworkson the lititlins eit'etiit. l’etei' ( ‘apaltli ol l.oeal l lero. with his ( iaVin \Ieeltie eharaeter. a ( ilasgow hank elerlt who has gone to work in l’ieeatlilly. and the ruhher-elatl. .loan ( ‘ollins l-‘aneluh in one ol the lestix'al‘s 'speeial perlormanees‘.

You ean iutlge Simon litiisliaw e’s ow n aet l'or _\‘oursel\ es w hen it hits the (ilasgow stage. itist one ol the highlights iii the International l’estival he says he alw a_\ s w antetl to ereate.

’l‘lit' l)l[t’l‘)lt1(l())tt1/( ‘oniet/t l't'sttiu/ rum (luring .l/(lllth from .9 3/ .llm u! [0]”)! rue/i lite/ii (1/ the lloir Hit/l. .gt’t’.‘l(1>\'_l('\[ /)it1r\' ( tilitirt'tlnr details.

knows the Shamen were due to provide the soundtrack to the most recent McEwans TV ad belore the company withdrewthe commercial the day before the launch. having supposedly been shocked into submission by reports in newspapers regarding the band‘s views on pornography and the use of psychedelic drugs. Having successlully turned a cold potato into a hotone. the Shamen were subsequently dropped lrom the gig as well. Never mind. they are playing at Madisons the tollowing day to make up for those who would have missed them. And incidentally. as their replacements. The Alice House. have not, to the best ol my knowledge, ever


John O'Toole BrotherWallrid


As (.‘eltie prepare to eelehrate their eentenary through the enterprising medium ola play. Riek little meets \Viltleat. the theatre eompany taekling the projeet.

‘l‘here's now a mass autlienee in the \Vest ol Seotlaiitl loi‘ theatre in a w a_\ that was tillllllllhttlllt‘ ten sears ago. .\ tratlition has tle\ elopetl o\ er the last iew _\e;irs olillieatre that tleals with things that alleet the autlienee and sees it ll'tilll theit pei speeti\e.‘ 'l‘hus speaks l)a\ itl \lael ennaii. a lotintler memhei‘ol \\ iltleat Stage l’rotluetions. a eoiiipant who has e tlone mueh to shape the new theatrieal tradition to w liieh he relers.

In their tenth seat ol e\istenee. \Viltleat are protlueiiig l/lt' ( 'i'/tit' .hlttl‘t' r a musieal written h_\

.\lael .ennan antl musieian l)a\ itl Anderson. whieheelehrates the eentenary ol ati inhniteh more lamous institution: (‘eltie lioothall (‘luh ‘l he itlea tor the pla). was originalh hatehetl h_\ (‘eltie ehaii'man. .laek .\le( iinn. w ho approaehetl the ( ‘iti/ens' l'lieatre iii (ilasgow some 15 months ago and w as pointed in the tlireetion ol \Viltleat in the ltnow letlge that the_\ would relish this t_\ pe ol suhieet.

released an independentsingle. does thatmakethem qualilylorScottish Indie Night? Andwhere are Iastyears‘ stars. The BMX Bandits? IANYONENEEDING PROOF olNanci Griffith‘s (Govan TH. 13th May) popularityin country circles need only lookaslarasthetopten country albums olthe moment. to seethatshe isrepresented no Iessthanthree times. Hermost recentalbum. Little Love Allairstopsthe chart. with her other MCA album. Lone Star State of Mind atnumberlive. Andlrom her independent days. The Last ol the True ...isthe numberlt] bestseller.

I DlSAPPEARINGlromthe original line up are The Fall and Edwyn Collins—

('eltie ll;t\ e sptilistil‘etl the plat it) the tune ot Lliifillll small eliange. perhaps. iii terms ol motlern toothall. htit enough to malte a long run at the l’a\ ilioii 'l'lieati'e pmohle tor the theatre eompan_\.

‘You eaii‘t itistils a show in terms ol the iiione_\ spent on it f sass \lael ennan. ‘lt‘ll he iustilietl it the autlienees enitw it. whatexei it eost. ll'this show tloes lllithk' an_\ mones theit ( ‘eltie has e itilitiiatetl that tlie_\ ’i'e going to speiitl it on eli;ti'it_\. w hieh is interesting heeause the ehat'itahle trust olthe eluh has sur\ i\ etl to the present time.‘

'l'lie eluh w as in laet stai‘tetl lw an li'isli priest. lirothei \Vallritl. antl a group ol ( ilasgow husinesssmen. to raise iiione_\ tor a poor ehiltlren‘s tlilttlel' lttl‘lt‘ ill the l atsl l'illkl til (ilasgow. l'lie history ot the eluh has alwass heen signit'ieant to the initith largeh oppressetl ( ilasgow lrisli eommunitt . hoth taiigihh anti in terms ol sell~respeet. and this hroatlersignil'ieanee olthesiori shoultl emerge in the show . .lael\

certainly notthelirsttimethatMr Collins has been guilty of cancelling gigsin Glasgow.

I ITISHARDLYsurprisingthatListen contains no Van Morrison (Govan TH.1 & 2 May) interview when you consider thelactthatlegendarypublicistKeith AtthamadmitsthatThe Man oncetold him ‘Whatl‘m employing youtodois say no. no and no.‘ Altham. so the story goes. advised Vantogetaparrot.

I EDDI BEADERolFairground Attraction (GovanTH. Mayllth). was notborn inlrvine. despite whatyou read in mostuninlormed publications. Putting the record straight. she was actually born at 7 Anthony Street. in 3

since demolished part olAnderston in

.\le( illlll e\pt'essetl the lauelahle tlesiie that the plat slioultl not he a narrow resume ol goals seot'etl and trophies won. presenting toothall in a \ aeuum. eut oll lrom the soeial antl politieal happenings ol the last eentiirv l)a\ itl \lael ennaii agiees: ‘lt‘s light—heartetl and written with a \ iew to as w Me an atitlienee as possihle. It‘s not a solemn histot'_\ or some l\llltl t‘l lL'\ll‘tlt)l\ til ltittll‘ttll results. ()lwiouslt it‘sa eelehration ol (‘eltie. hut w e'\ e ehosen to eelehi‘ate it \ er_\ mueh lrom the supporters‘ point ol \ iew. \Ve ha\ e the liurnses. otii lietitiotis lamil}. \klitlg‘ttlllel'tll l‘lhfitoeelehi‘ate tlte ltltlth hirthtlay ot great-grantllathei l homast )w en ( )‘liurn. w ho eame o\ er as a hah_\ lrom l)onegal the teat (elite w as lormetl. .\n ineitlent oeetirs at the part_\ w hieh prompts (ii‘antlpa to reprimantl the _\ouiigest memhei ol the lamih aiitl tell him how it itsetl to he.‘

()ltl 'l homas's lite experienee spans‘ mam e\etits the ltnipii'e l'Xhihitionsol tsss anti twins. the hirtli ol the l ahoui l);tll\ . two worltl wars antl the ( ilasgow rent sti‘iltes. to name hut a lew set against the haelxtlrop ot ( ~elties tle\elopiiieiit.

l le is play etl h} l)tihliii aetoi’ .lttllll ()i l'oole (\s ho also plats lirotliei‘ \Valli'itl ) and lot the show . \Viltleat llit\ e l‘eeii ahle. \llttll \\ e \t\ . ltl lieltl a strong team. iiieltitliiig 'l'errt \eason. returning to the eompans altei three _\ears ahsenee.

Hit't tllirhturt is‘aiiiassi\e. amhitiousuntlertalxing. tlealing with a \ :ist suhieet and a rieh. illustrious histort in a large time seale. It‘s a long shot w hieh eoultl easil_\ hit the erosshar antl ll_\ oil into the

notliingness hetontl. l.t|tl.lll_\ it eoultl he as pow erlul. pui'poseliil antl aeeuiate as a linel_\-stiut lt .’\lltl\ \\all\ergoal in the elosiiigminutesot a \ ital eneoitntet' lither wa_\ . the lruits ol the lirst e\ei' eollahoration hetweeii a tlieatie eoiiip.tii_\ antl a lootliall eltil‘ ean he seen at the

PM ilioii llieatre. ( ilasgow trom 3

\l.t_\ :5— .ltllle'. [See l.l\lltlg'\l.

(hi/meet)“. (f/{it lint l’e/tv limiter/tart ‘Jll ex tt/it'rwiiti/ i lt'lt til the liliH/ltl/lIi t/lt/l.

Glasgow. Sothere.

I IT IS QUITE HARD to keep football and music apart these days. and The Real Sounds olAlrica (GovanTH. 5 May) and The McCluskey Brothers (Govan TH. 11th May) are no exceptions. The Real Sounds of course. recorded the epic Tornados v Dynamos—a musical reliving ola recentZimbabwean cup final. while the McCluskey Brothers appear as part of the Wullie Malloy Experience. who have just released an EP to celebrate Celtic‘s Centenary year. Listen! hopes thatthey enjoytheir gig, because in typically unbiased lashion. we suspect they may notenjoythe Scottish Cup

l Final. three days later. quite as much.

lliel.is12‘l:\pt‘il i: \la} ivssii