The Princess Bride (PG) (Rob Reiner. US. 1987). Cary Elwes. Robin Wright. Mandy Patinkin. Christopher Guest. 99 mins. William Goldman‘s tongue-in-cheeklairytale is givena livelytreatmentbydirectorRob Reiner. otSpinalTap and Stand By Me tame. The castenterintothe spiritot Goldman'sheavilyironicreturntothe basiclore otstory-telling. with splendid cameos from Peter Falk. Mel Smith. Carol Kane. Peter Cook. and Billy Crystal. translormedtorthe occasion into Miracle Max. a wizened old magician with a distinctly New York Jewish sense othumour.

The story aroselrom Goldman's desire to writehis children an old-fashionedtairy-storywitha modern slant. Theresultwas published as a novel. and now makes a belated appearance onthe big screen. The Princess in question is one Buttercup (Wright). chosen by the nasty Prince Humperdinck (Guest) to be his bride: her heart. however. belongs to Westley (Elwes). a farm boy who has gone off to make his lortune betore marrying her. buthasdisappeared. The princessis kidnapped bya ratherdodgytrio. which provesto bethecuelorthe



reappearance of Westley. no become the Dread Pirate Roberts. and the beginning of a series or otten very lunny swashbuckling adventures betoretrue love cantinallyprevail. The lovers succeed in recruiting the kidnappers to their cause. particularly when Inigo Montoya (Patinkin) discoversthatthe Prince's righthand man. the cruel Count Rugen. is the man he has been chasing for years in order to avenge the death of his lather. Abetted by the shrewd Vizzini (Wallace

Shawn) and the physical power ot Fezzik (Andre the Giant). Westley sets about rescuing his love lrom the clutches otthe prince. albeitvia Rugen's torture chamber. The tilm opens with Peter Falk reading the story to his initially bored nephew. and is punctuated with occasional returns to the bedside tor some exasperated editorial comment trom the increasingly absorbed invalid. It's that kind of story. atteralt. (Joe Alexander)

IDragnet l'ii l“'l‘ \1..! l s ‘1'S'i1).“\'.k:" 1~'.11.i‘..~.s l‘iisii-rr':.'l‘i.i‘t‘i: (unit 111)“ ' si 'ill ls l \ sewslltai‘. l ( ‘.l\ it \I‘i‘liiltttfef il_\".‘i‘ ''i\ C - I - N -' E - M - A "OH! 131557 '.".‘.f ~e I? ' "


GET LAIDUB)” ' 2.00m (not Sun), 4.20, 6,40, 9.00

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\nia/oii (Illlt‘lt is kidnapped by .iii Indian liilie while still .1 \Hllll.‘ boy Ien years late! .iitei .i despei .ile \t'.lle'll. his talhei manages to llite k him down. but he has been brought up by the tribe .isoneoi their own and .i L'leal gull liasgiown belweeiitheiii liispiiedby .ietrialeyeiits ItooiiiiaiisIiliiieoiieeiiisitselt willillte :‘.ipbetweii 'iiaitiial'aiid 'eiyilised‘iitail. .iiidtliedesliueliyeelleet oi modern Ie'ellllllltliW iipoii the unspoilt eil\ iioiiment I he \ltlillllllL' grandeur ot the \isuals i.ike pieeedem e o\ er the ropes ii.ii:.iti\ep.iteinaserious.ietionmoyie typiealot the tlll\‘\1l‘I Slialhelyde. ( )deon \\i I EQUUSI 1< iiSidiieyiil uiiiet. I ‘S. 11"“) Riehaid liiiitoii. l’eler l iiih..1eiiny \Litlllei li‘inins \\e.ii\psyelii.itiist Itiiitonisassii'iiedthesiiaiit'eeaseota teenage boy who h is blinded sis lioisesin thestableswheiehe works Initial eiimriiuniealionisdittitult. butultiinately llt'tle'l\e‘\lllli‘llle l‘it‘s \klk'k'II llitilt'tl pioblems.hiseontliet riddenehildhood and hiswoishipoi the ( iodl duus I'lat. uiisatistaetoiy seieen yeisioii oi the Peter Shatter play that i.iils tomake the

lfl‘..iL'!l‘..tll\L' leap between .i \ iyid

theatiiealespeiienee anda yalidpieeeot einema ()sear nominated Burton is suitably soultul. I'llIll tormented l'dinbuitrh: l‘llllllliitlsL'

I Fatal Attraction ( 15 i ( Adrian I yne. I 'S. 11’5") ( ileim ( 'lose. \liehael Douglas. Anne .\iehei 11‘1 mins Happily married lawyer Douglas diseoyers the high pi’iee of intidelity when his easual one night stand turns out to be a dangerously psyehotie

woman w ho w ill stop at nothing to gain her

IIItII1'\.llIL‘(IIHI1. ( iliissy . yye'll~;ie‘[e'tl misogy iiistie l litehoek-sty 1e thriller .ittiaeting more tuss .iiid( )sear nominations than it mei its. ( ilasgow: ( .innon Sauehiehall Stieel. I‘dinbui'gh: (".innoit. I )ominion Stiatlielydet ()deoii lIamilton I Flesh Gordon 1 1M 1 \liehael Hens eniste. I'S.1‘1"~1).lason\Villiams.Su/anne l-ields. William I ltiiit \1 mins. ( )ut oi this woi 1d. spaee- age se\ spool .isoui teailess heroeonqueis the tlllly eise with his .ima/iiig w eapon. l'dinburgh. ( ~annon I Flowers intheAtticr 15 l lJelli'ey Illloin. I‘S.1‘L\“l1ouiseI-Ieteliei.\‘ietoi‘ia leimant. lsiisty Swanson. 03 mins. I oeked iii an .ittie by their dow ii-at—heel w idow ed mi )Ille'l . two ehildren are subleeted to a reign ol teiioi by their wieked granny \\ hen their mama gainsan inheritanee the w hole tamin should beeome fabulously iieli. but will the kids 11\L' [H see the litiiliey Absurd gotliie taiiagowliiehinei‘edibly‘ botehes Vietoi i.i Andi‘ews' already pretty hokey bestseller. ( ilasgow ( 'annon Sauehiehall Street Central. (annon Stiathelyde; ( 'aiinon IThe Fox andthe Hound i I'lll‘l‘ank Ihomas. ( )llie Johnston. ( ~litt Noidberg. 1 'S. I‘LSI ) Voiees: .\Iiekey Rooney. Kurt Russell. I’eail Hailey. H.1iriiiis.Sluggish. unimaginatiy e I)l\llL'_\ eartoon in w hieh an orphaned tos eub and a loy able hunting hound puppy spend .in My llie eliildhood together until their traditional rolesand enmity are reawakened. ('ute in a yery iaiiiiliat tasliioii (ilasgow . ( )tlL‘Ull. - Mlalltelytlej ()tleilt1:\yt' I Hearts of Fire ( 15 l ( Riehaitl .‘ylarqtiand. I S. IRS“) Rupert I'yei‘ett. I'iona. Bob I)‘15mins Its disi'espeettul tospeak ill ot the dead but Maiquand‘s final film is

i a titter—indueing dog's breakfast. an eyery -e1iehe under the sun roek 'n' roll romantre triangle between sensitive pop idol Izy'erett. golden oldie Dylan and aspiring star Fiona. I-‘y'ei'ett is eharaeteristieally‘ inept. Dylan so Iaidbaek one is surprised to .see him upright and I-‘iona doesn't tall over the furniture at least Moyies. don't ya just low 'em. (ilasgoys (irosy error I Hellraiseri 1s) ((‘lise Barker. t'ls'. Wis”) Andy Robinson.(‘1;iii'eIIiggins. Ashley I.aurenee. ‘12 mins. A horror pieture w ith a well-eonstrueted plot. strong eharaeters. haunting images and speeial etteets that aetually serve the storyline .‘ylinor blemishes along the way. but an atispieious debut tiom writer (‘liy e I’iaiker‘ Indinbui‘gh: (‘annon I Highlanderi 15) Christopher Lambert. Beatie Izdney. Sean ( ‘onnery’. 11o lTHITS. A handful of immortals battle through the eenturies to win a my thieal prize. A eurious mixture ot romanee in loth eentury' heather and ear ehases in present day .\'ew York the tilm is an inelegant. otten ludieious. but enloyably daffy fantasy adyentur'e. lambei‘t seems more at home with the eoiiteiitpoi'ary passages and only the ever wonderful ( 'onnery has the requisite style 1 tor the kitseh Seottish seenes. ( ilasgow;


I Hope and (3|th1‘)(JohnBooi'man. ITIs'. 1W") Sarah .‘yIiles. I)ay'id I lay man. Ian Hannen. Susan \Vooldi‘idge. 112 mins. A deeeptiy ely simple but perteetly'eralted sliee of w artime nostalgia that paints a warm and witty portrait of the ady'enturous ehildhood ot the boy w ho would be .1ohn Booiman. Now a leading ()s'eai‘ contender with 5 nominations. ladinburgh. Dominion

I In a Lonely Place ( l’( i) (Ts'ieliolas Ray. 17S. 19511) Humphrey Hogait.(i1oi'ia (irahame. Martha Stewart k)1 mins. Bogart is on peak toi'm as the self-destruetiy'e Hollywood haek suspected ot murder in this tart and ey’nieal mystery. (ir'aliame is an appropriate foil as the woman in the opposite bungalow who offers a shoulder to eiy'on Izdinburgh: (‘ameo

I lnnerspace ( I’(i)(Joe Dante. [78. We“) Dennis Quaid. Meg Ryan. .‘yIartin Short. 11‘) mins. Miniatuii/ed and aeeidentally

inieeted into Short‘s bum. may'er‘iek pilot ()uaid has a mere twenty-four hours to alert the hapless HCIIITI to his presenee. etfeet an eseape and evade the w ieked elutehes ot y'arious industrial spies.

()y'eiplottedbutengagingly ramshackle

.‘artoonish adventure trolie. Edinburgh: ('ameo

I Jean De Florette ( l’( i ) ((‘laude Berri. l‘ranee. 198M (ierard Depardieu. Yves \Iontand. Daniel Auteuil. 121mins. I’royenee. during the 1920s. Depardieu‘s indomitable hunehbaek struggles against impossible odds to make a sueeess of his inherited farmland unaware that his apparently friendly neighbours are

seei‘etly' planning to driye him front his

1 land.

Beautifully photographed with flawless performances. this is a towering tribute to the highest aspirationst‘it'traditional I‘reneh storytelling. A reeent BAI’I‘A winner as the film of the year (ilasgow:


I The Last Emperorl 15 ) (Bernardo Ber‘tolueei. Italy ('hina. 1987) John Lone. Peter ()"I oole. Joan (hen. 162 mins. Peking. 191 its. a three year-old boy aseends to the Imperial Ihrone to become the ‘I.ord ot 'I'en 'I'housand Years'. A mere 59 years later. however. he dies a humble gardener in a ( 'hina that is now the Maoist People‘s Republic.

Intelligent epie followingthe self-delusion and re-edueation of a man shaped by a supereeded power structure. A little cold perhaps. but the production and einematography are ofsueh exquisitenes‘sthat one only wishesthe film were longer. (ilasgow: ()deon.