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USHER HALL, EDINBURGH o THURSDAY APRlL 2823i, cam TILLC‘lS frOm Queen's Holl (O3l 4568 2019), Usher HC’ ’93: " Virgin ReCOrds, Princes Street

. H Theworldtirst Margarita:'It‘siustbeenourselves.l heard olJesse don'tthinkyou should haveto GaronandThe apologisetorhavingacertain degree ' Desperadoes with olsuccess. | knowthatpeople saythat. present). : ' therelease ottheir peoplejustwantsomethingtobitch “5T- STE PHAM gorgeous The Desperadoes new single. ‘You'll ‘Splashing Along‘. but they already had Never Be That Young Again'. is the alotolexperience playingingroupsin tourthinalinethathasresultedinthe '_I:;_- Edinburgh.Currently.singer/ band acquiringthe‘Sixties‘label. G P P E L guitarist/comedian Andrew and Would it be fair. task. to say that you're

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the release otthe latestiand possibly a discordantchorus otyes. no. er. .. 80th Birthday Year 70w . 7 . last)Rote Kapellesingle—and notexclusively. um . . .ldon'lthink QUEEN’S HALL, EDINBURGH O FRIDAY MAY 6th. form". Margarita haslhe new Fizzbombs we're trapped in a time warp... Tickets from Queens HO” (0314908 2.01% Hfhe',m " " ‘3 single. on which she sings and plays Andrew. in his shiny Sonic Youth W9 " Record’ Prince" W w e _ _ 1m: guitar. to worry aboutas well—Angus. badge. claims hardlyto Iistento when not playing bass torThe anything from that decade at all. and Desperadoes. joins Margarita as that it he was asked to write a song in Fizzbombs drummer. and guitarist the style of The Beatles' fourth album. John sneaks oil sometimes to play with say. he couldn't do it. John's claim that The Olthooks withaThane ortwo. ‘Nostalgia onits ownisjustescapism.‘ m Anothersinger. Fran.and yetanother seemsto speaktorthemall. Perhaps _ guitarist. Bruce. make up the full with the melodic strength of Sixties pop number. music anygroupwhorely on strong Any gig-goer in the last couple of tunes are bound to be categorised as years would have found ithard notto revivalists. notice the same laces cropping up in so Don't Desperadoes songs tend to be a many groups. and NME writer The bit sad? The query gets a response Legend! picking on Rote Kapelle. from the normally-quiet singer Fran. Fizzbombs. Desperadoes. etc as the ‘Andrew‘s a melancholy creature. He ‘Edinburgh Scene‘ raised plenty of belives that it's not worth living unless amusement and resentment. Bitching you're in some kind at pain, because musicians cried ‘clique' and moaned you can teei it more keenly it you‘re about the gigs that any new ottshoot having a hard time.‘ This is said of the would inevitably be ottered. Margarita man who dons a false nose on stage to has heard it all before. be told by a heckler that it‘s rejecting ‘Well. we work really hard tor that. his body. ‘There‘s a few up songs. but I We have bloody huge phone bills lrom think that a sadder song sounds so phoning aroundallthetime.We put muchnicer.’ records out. we play all the time. I Jesse Garon and The Desperadoes are mean. it‘s not our lault!‘ playing Edinburgh Venue on Monday 9 Andrew: ‘We were lucky to get the and Glasgow Venue on Thursday 12 to Shop Assistants tour. but since promote the new single. (Mab) then...‘ [Ulllcplc\\ttllluc i The Blue Moon BO‘yStfliltun\ttitlimlltltltll IJ.D.Blues Band Hull lint. It‘ll Rt tti. “fill “Wt \pm 3.1111 2.? <tltt.2.<lll \Vtimlluittls Rtldkl. .15: lllll ‘lpii‘. l'lL‘L' \lqlllilut \‘x'L'I rt Ill ltlt ll lli‘t‘ll .1 lull that .-\s t;it’ .l\ l lxiimx Illh has llltllillltj twiuuitli .ilxt in. lint“ xii“ .111 iiighlitg i'llllc‘\-\I'\lc legendary tuck i‘lttlltl‘lL’l limes '.ll)' we}. 11' ml] and wmulx tint.»\Vltuckltcutl l’ctric. [I aim lltl\ itntliing; tu dumtli the \tms-MM1).“rut-Hing.innitlwttltc Jim l’ctiic .lu/z Hand til . .l.lllllk‘ l’cttic lltllll \} is the hand Kid ( )m't Dance, llmttk ( imtl I Fatalat .iltuii \ttitlim. ( 'tiltrm Rudd. 55ft I 80 WBBVlI Bldokltttttx Boll Stic‘c‘l.55: ~tutti \iitit 3.1111 1“ Film: 7-“) ltc‘kch 5024. ‘lpm. l‘r'cc l'tlittlitiiult ‘l‘.l\k'\l l‘lttc‘s [him \‘H :m .mii Ripping, Dance and not. \\ hm Add an tu mine cttcct pg: . ll\\li‘ll llt‘tt‘. ( immui I The Groundhogs Much Huck. \ttwtts. I Friends at Carlotta \lthlc Hwy \‘ictnrtzi 9pm. \lfi‘c‘l. 1le WW L1.tllcl"plll \Vltttt

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