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Fischli Weiss (centre top) and David Finn (top right) at Third Eye Centre. Heritage Trail (above) at Springburn.

Bet Low (top) at Compass. Wiszniewski (right) at

Glasgow PrintStudio and Ivan Unwin (belowlat Transmission.


Gallerieslbrouuhoul Glasgow Asinprevrousyears Mayleslexhibilions are an additiontolheprogramme. ielherearenoollicial Maylesi shows. But allhis limeolyear. the galleries. public and private. show solidarity bypublicisingthe visual arts asn group. Next year. sayhlaylest organisers. atleastone exhibition will havethe ofticiallestivalstamp. Meantime. lroma preview position. it looks like Third Eye ispresenting

the highlightsthis year. Both majorexhibitions there comelrom abroad— David Finnlrom New York and Fischli/Weisslrom Switzerland. Finn's newspaperchildren are mysterious little creatures sure to intrigue and capture imaginations whilethe Swiss duo are magicians ol the carrotand grater. Apartlromthe Collins Gallery. showing an exhibition olDutch photography witha narrative twist. mostshows are Scottish. The Glasgow PrintStudio openstheirnew

Transmission. (Alice Bain) premiseswithnewworkby

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Fotobufla (lelt) at Collins. Glasgow Belongs(centre bottom)at90‘s Gallery (bottom lelt) and Walter Dexel (bottom right) at Hunterian Art Gallery.

Adrian Wiszniewski while the Compass showthe romanticlandscapes olBet Low. 90‘s Gallery has asked Glasgow artiststo contributeto Glasgow Belongs whilethe People's Palace markout 100years olthe Scottish Labour Party.

Flowerexhibitions atthe Fine Art Society and Main Fine Art mustsurely beborn oulolthe Garden Festival. A world awaylromthat commercial extravaganza. lvan Unwin perlorms “Residue Septic Activity‘ at