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DUNCAN SHAN KS Falling Water

Admission Free

52lhel 1st .l".-\pril 1: .\la_\ 1988

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Peter Fischli and David Weiss (Switzerland) ART OF INVESTMENT Turner Illustrations. National Gallery at Scotland, Edinburgh The Turnerillustrationsto Campbell‘s poems. recently acquired bythe National Gallery ol Scotland. make an interestingIittletootnotetothe . _ contemporary preoccupation withthe investmentvalue otworks otart. Engravingslortch centurybooks were made on copper plates. but the metal was soft and wore down over a long print run. Steel. 3 more durable substance. could withstand extensive printing. but was more expensive. Whatthe publisherneededtherelore was an artist who would sell sutticent copies to oil-set these increased costs. SirWalterScott's publisherRobert Cadell recommended using Turner since ‘with MrTurner‘s pencillwill insure the sale of 8000 of the poetry— without not3000.‘ CertainlyTurnerhad an excellent appreciation of how printing would ettectthetonal values olhis watercoloursandthe works inthis exhibition. (made to illustrate the poems olThomas Campbell) are admirable inthis respect. despite their romanticised subject matter. Thatthey have now been accepted by HM

\L‘llAtlttt‘litltltttltttt ot animal matter .‘ rma out \\ hat it all means h_\ porn}; along toone

Treasuryinlieu oltaxwould have come as no surprisetothe astute MrCadell. ButThomas Campbell, whose tresth cleaned statue standsin George SquareinGlasgow, stoleamarch even on the Treasury. He boughtthe paintings from Turner having been told thatthey were like ‘bank notes‘ and would neverlosetheirvalue butno buyerwaslorthcoming when hetried, as it were, cash them in. Turner. according to one version. boughtthem backtor200 guineas—giving Campbell areturn on hisinitialoutlayot800%. And alllorpainting he had called‘bits ot painted pasteboard'. (Sally Kinnes)