mentors ol almost esery had itidie hand ol the Sits.


I Amampondo Beck's Spiegeltent. (rpm. See Fri 13.

IThe AlexanderSisters 'l'hird liye (,‘entre (Studio). Ill..‘~tlpm. See Fri I3.

I Jeremy Hardy and Kit Hollerbach Mitchell Theatre. See l‘il‘i l3.

I Rory Bremnerantl Jessica Martin Kings Theatre. 7.30pm. thfitl (Hi; £5.5titt‘4i; H t L3). Ace young impressionists Rory Bremner and Jessica Martin. bring you an evening in the company of famous faces.

I The Tom and Sammy Jo Show ’l‘ron Theatre.

llpm. See Fri I3.

IThe Fabulous Singlettes Beck's Spiegeltent.

l(). 15pm. See Fri 13.

I lntemational Comedy Festival Moir Hall. Hattie Hayridge. Mark Steel and Barry Steiger. See Fri 13.


I Words Into Theatre ‘l'ltit-tl liye ('enti‘ctSttidioi. I-‘ti 13-—Stiii l5. Fri tk Sathptn; Sun 3.30pm. See Fri 13.


I Shanghaied'l um

'I lteatre. 3pm only Sec Fri I3.

I Great Glasgow Book Bonanza Melcllan (ialleries.

103m limil Pacholek. author ol Rohhie will he talking ahout his work to S

A CHILD IN THE HEART: STARTS MON 16. THEATRE. Wide eyes stare out trom the ghoulish tace oi Starvation. Wizened tingers clasp a bloated belly. tat with malnutrition, and our hearts are stirred.

‘As you give your pennies'. a character says in Joint Stock's new production. A Child In The Heart. ‘You imagine the child saying thank-you.“ This comtorting reward has cost us little. but. director Nick Broadhurst points out: ‘The cost to the Third World is monumental.‘ Broadhurst speaks passionately about the play's main theme. ‘What motivates people to be charitable? People give almost entirely out at selt interest. to satisty an emotional need. The cost is horritic. quite horritic. There is a Holocaustgoing on inthe Third World: Eighteen million are dying a year. Betugee camps are like concentration camps.’

tie teelsthat we are party to the East's increasing


year-olds plus. and signing copiesot hishook. loam-12.30pm ‘l‘t-m el hack iii time. See Fri 13.

l lam A ptippet show in Scotshy lan Morrison. Alterwat‘ds lan will hold a workshop showing how to make shadow puppets. For 7— IJ years.

11.308"! Watch otit tor the li\ e exhihits l)a\ id lay Iot' tlte [no \ et w ill l‘L' bringing along w hen he talks It) 7 H year-olds. 11.303m With her tirst hook. The Dark Shadow. Mary Rhind has woti the Quest lot a Kelpte competition (organised hy the BB(‘ Scottish l.ihrat‘y .-\.s.sociatioii and (‘anongate l’uhlishiitgi. See resiew oti Kidspage. Mary . and seseial other Kclpie authors including Lavinia l)erw ent . author ot' the esocatiy e Sula hooks. will he meeting children from l 1.30am onwards.

12.15pm Illustrators at work always appeal to children and this is a change to see (ilasgow author and illustrator Seotilar Anderson at work. For 7- 13 years. 1.45pm Martin \Vttddell (alias(‘atherine Seltonl will he talking ahout his hooks. His latest work includes Harriet and fire l'li'i'iig 'I’t'ut'liers and Fruit/(It’s Story. 2pm A workshop w itlt a difference do it yotii‘selt pop-tip hooks with Frankie Brow nlee and Moira Brock. For 7 y cars plus and teachers.

exploitation tiy Multinationals and debilitating indebtedness to Western 'Goodwill'. ‘Charity is not all bad’, he qualities. “But in almostall casestbe motives are dubious’.‘lt disregards the dignity ot people.‘ He is retening to the ‘obscene advertising ol Band Aid: huge images at considerab e degradation used to produce a response. This is pornography.’ Overtoutteen years Joint Stock has produced some at Britain's most radical and signiticanttheatre. Now it teams that the Arts Council's charity is not limitless. Funding has been cutand the company put

2—4pm 'l t.t\ el hack III time See LN 13.

3pm liet lie l)ollelly . who has won some ol the most piestteiotisawardsiii Britain loi'eliiltlien's hooks. will he talking to children aged Ill l-l

Ins tied hut ttiieonltimed .ititliots lot Sattiiday include .\lie| Rosen and Ian l’ieiikow ski and there will .tlsohe lace-painting;



IThe White Bird Passes lion llieatte. 'l'htotieliout \laylut (not .\loii loihpin See l‘t'l l3.


IVan LeerTrio(Israel) Henry Wood l lall. "..‘\llpiii. Lifillltlfilll. Reiiow tietl lsi .iclt trio playsworkshy llmdn. Scliuhei‘ .iiid lien-l laim.


I Nazaretov Jazz Orchestra

(’ity llall. “.Fllpni. L5 (LINN :\ llt'st ltit' .\l;iy lest. (dHIHtlL‘I'L‘Ll

‘sttlo during the Bi'e/linex

years. this 35—pieee ne\et'theless has a line I‘L‘PL‘I lttll'L‘ til Sm lCl eoniposets‘ work among the standaitls. all tn the hest tradition ol the post~wai hie hands.

I Four Chanteuses Gie'in lt

Laldy liahl‘tly Howsers. It» l.\BlackttiaisStteet. 553 5”.“ 3pm. L35“. Scottish w omen. traditionalsingers. (iortleaitiia \let ‘ulloeli.


under review. ‘They can completely transtorm the nature ot Fringe theatre.‘ says Broadhurst. agreeing that this constitutes a torm ot censorship.

0n the opening night there sat in the hunt row a tamiliartace ot Charity. and a member at the Arts Council Drama panel. Brian Rix. ‘I think he probably tound it deeply ottensive.‘ says Broadhurst. Other audience reactions have ranged between extremes: ‘Some think it's anti-British which it's not. lam British. It says things that British people should know is gripping and very upsetting. Very important.‘ (Maria MacDonell)

.\lattreen .lelks. .-\nne \eilson and .\ltson Duncan.

I Travelling Folk ( ilttsgtiw .'\t ts ( 'entt'e. Washington Street. III filo. “.fdlpm. L3. 'l'iekcts li'ottt(i.-\(‘. Bl“~ Radio Scotland IL‘L‘Ut’tllltg lttl‘ llIL‘ \\ L‘L‘l's'l} lolk niusie pt'oet'aiiiiite. Swaittptiasli. l'tl‘dlltl and l‘tltllk‘\\.tll\k'l Ktllet hanio dance music; tiew (‘eltie sounds lit a

lt\ e-piece l‘.tlltl. .llltl :t hltiesetiitaitst


I The Tom and SammyJo

Show lion 1 heatre.

llpiii. See l't't l3. IAmold Brown Beck‘s Spiegeltent. 8.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Sun IS—Tue 17. The wonderfully laconic Arnold Brown. last year‘s Perrier Award winner tor his heautitully-timed line in wry humour.


I Words Into Theatre '1 lm tl liyet‘entie(Studioi. lit 13 Sun l5. link Sathpni; Sun 3..‘\llptii See l'tl l3.


I Great Glasgow Book

Bonanza \lel ellan (i.lll\‘llk'\ 10.303m—12.30pm :\tlllttil' Alison l’i inee (see l‘tl l3l otieiiially ititendedtohe .in at list and studied at the Sitttlc‘ Selltitil t‘l .'\ll III

I ondoii (in Sunday she will he show in}; till liet' skillsasan art teacher

w lieti she helps small giotips ot \ottne people to wot k on I he I oiieesl l’.IIIIlIIIj.I iii ( il.t\t_:t\\\ lt

w ill take the lot in ol .iii illtisttatctlstott .tiid. wheneotiipletetl. will stietclt iottiitl the l‘.llt‘tlll_\ tn the main hall


Italian Eating House

Open every day

1 2noon—3pm and 6pm—1 1 pm




10—1 5 May 11pm TERRY NEASON 17-22 May 11pm


1 1—29 May 8pm

REHAB at venues throughout city. LATE NIGHT CABARET IN TRON BAR Get TRON leaflet for details or

phone our Box Office on 041 552 4267

PAISLEY FESTIVAL let 29th May, 1988

‘Keep your eye on Paisley", between 21st and 29th May, you will find Liz Lochhead’s ‘Shanghaied’, Borderline’s Dario Fo Double Bill, Nicky Hind in Concert, the West ot'Seotland Body Building Championships, the 500cc British Motocross Championships, ‘Showaddywaddy’. Gardeners’ Question Time, Magic Shows, Children’s entertainment, Writers” Weekends. a Busking Competition and lots more.

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