Tron 'l‘heatre. ’l'hroughout Mavfest (not Mon to) 8pm. See liri l3. I The Celtic Story Pavilion Theatre. Throughout .\la_\ test (not Suns). 7.30pm. See l5ri IS.

I No Mean City King‘s Theatre. Mon MS.” 3 1. 7.30pm; Sat 2] at 3pm and 7.30pm. See Mon lo.

I The Virtuous Burglar and An Ordinary Day Mitchell 'l‘heatr‘c. Mon If» Sat 3]. 7.30pm. See Mon to.

I Whale Nation Third live (‘entr'e(Studio). Tue 17 and Wed 18. 8pm. See Tue I7.

I Grand Magic New .-\thenaeum Theatre. RSAMI). Wed 18- Sat ll. 7. l5pm; Sat 2| at 2.30pm and 7. ISpm. £4 (£3 )1 £3 (£2). Final Year students from the RSAMI) in a production of a p|a_v b_v Iiduardo de Filippo. which takes a shrew d look at truth and illusion through the strange tale of a magician who causes someone to disappear and then loses her. See panel.


I New Choreography—40 The Scottish Ballet Studio. Wed 18- Sat ll. “7.30pm. £5 ( £2.50). Take Berlro/ and 'l‘arnm}

\Vv nette. whip them up with voting talent and what have you got 41). It‘s the fourth _vear pertormance team from London (_‘ontemporarv Dance School and like much of the contemporary dance scene right now. these students are intent on fusing dancer‘s. artists and musicians into a theatrical experience.


I Brodsky String Quartet (England) I lenrv Wood Hall. 8pm. £6 (£4). Top string quartet joined by clarinettist Nicholas Cox for the recently discovered Mozart Clarinet Quartet in Ii flat. Also Beethoven ()p 18 No (i and the well known Borodin No 2.

I RSAMD Chamber Orchestra (Scotland) Stevenson llall. RSAMD. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Young student conductor-in- residence at the RSAMI). Stephen Clarke. conducts works by Dvorak and Mozart.

I Glasgow Youth Choir City Hall. Wed 18 and Fri 20. 7.30pm. £2 £1.50. Part of Mavfest's first Choral Week. Senior choir goes for classics by Bach. Mozart. Schubert and Verdi. while the Junior choir aims ar music for young people.


I Avia (USSR) McEwan's Music Centre. Govan

Town Hall. I\Ved 18 Hi 30. 8pm. {5(L35lll. .-\ completer diverse group. b} all accounts. from the Soviet l’nion. Their remarkable stage

presentation has also been



ITerry Neason‘i r'on Theatre. 'I‘ue IT Sun 2.‘ at ilprn. See Tue 1".

I80 You ThinkYou're Funny? .\loir l lall l’relirninarv nights \\ ed 18 hi 3i); ( ii‘and l'inale Sat 3|. 7pm. £4 ( t3).

The first heat in the

competition to be comical.

See panel.

I lntemational Comedy Festival Moir Hall. Mark Thomas. Howard Busgangand Cathy Ladman are on the line-up tonight. See Fri 13.

I Deal Heights Cajun Aces Beck‘s Spiegeltent.

10. 15pm. £5 (£2.50). The wonderful. energetic cajun band in a late-night slot.


I Robertson Davies (Canada) 'i'hird ii; c Centre (Cate). ofillpm. Free. The Canadian Trollope. author of the Booker short-listed

ll lml \ link! In I/rr' Bone and this year \ Neil ( iunn fellow deliv ers the obligatory lecture.


IShanghaied Mitchell 'l heatre lue l~ Sat 2]. 11am and 2pm: Sat ll at 3pm on|_\ See Inc I".



I Shanghaied \iiiehell

ll lic‘itli'c‘. Sec l tic l".

I Lady Windermere‘s Fan ('iti/ens' lheatre Lntil Sat _‘I (not Suns). "Swim. L“ ( Ll l'it'L‘L‘ l. Sec l'll l3, IThe Clydels Red (‘ravvluid 'l healre. lit

13 Sat 3i (not Sun 15). ".FIlpm. See in I}

IThe White Bird Passes ‘l‘ron’l hcatre. Throughout .\la_\lest (not Mon loiSpmSccl'ri13. IThe C8lllCSl0fY l’a\ilioii ‘l heatie. lhr'ouglroul \lavtcstinoi Suns). 7.10pm. See in 13

I No Mean City Kings Theatre. .\lon lo Sat ll. "..‘~llpiii: Sal II at 3pm and “nillprn. See .\lon lb. IThe Virtuous Burglarami An Ordinary Day \lrichell 'l heatr'e. Mon lb Sat 3 1. 7.30pm. See Mon to

I Nominatae Filiae thud. live(‘entrciSiudroi

There are virtuoso balalaikas, vocals and accordionstrom the Soviet Kalinka/Rudichenko groups (16th. 17th); pan pipes.

llutes. vocals and big drums

trom the Andes' Awatinas, (19th); and mesmerising colourand even bigger drums and percussionirom

South Atrica'sAmampondo.

(13th—15th); but our own talk-based musicians are not totally eclipsed. The Picts is the name taken by Rod Paterson, see photo. and his band. They perlorm (20th) with Sileas, the well known temale twosome. who are tine exponents of old and new music lorthe tamiiy ot Scottish harps. Rod's new album

features. behind the mix of self penned and traditional song. the reedy sonorities ot Dick Lee’s sax and clarinet. and Hamish Moore's bellows pipes. It was the startling discovery on an Argyll standing stone ota carving ola saxophonist. that led to its revival and reintroduction into Celtic music. and the same two players. on pipes and sax, make another appearance in Fuaim (15th). a newly assembled band presenting novel aspects in Scottish song and instrumental music. who take their name trom the Gaelic word tor 'sound‘. (Norman Chalmers)


A Play With Music

by ALEX NORTON based on the book by A. McArthur and H. Kingsley Long



MAY 16—MAY 21 at 7.30pm SAT. MAT. MAY 21 at 3.00pm


Tickets: £5.50 £3.00 (Concessions available)



The Scottish People’s Theatre in




OFFICE: Ticket Centre, Candleriggs 041 227 5511


A HIGHLIGHT YOU CAN’T AFFORD T0 MISS Subsrdised by the Scottish Arts CounCrl


‘The Expert Booksellers’

The Guardian Nov 1987 .


a discussion chaired by Moira Burgess



Thursday 26 May at 6pm The Glasgow Novel

with Hamish Whyte and Michael Munro (author of The Patter)

Further details available from the shop.

SHERRATT 8T HUGHES SHERRATT 45/50 Princes Square Glasgow Tel:0412219650 HUGHES

The List 13 26 May 198819