trom eight countries \\ ho has e heen \sorkig with 'I'adeus/ Kantor. director ot the onh \somen's theatre in Poland. See panel.

I Grand Magic Ne“ .-\thenaeum 'l'heatre. RSAMI) \Ved lX— Sat 3| 7. I 5pm; Sat II at 2.3tlpni aind 7'. ISpm See \\ ed Ix


I New Choreography 'l‘hc Seottlsh Ballet Studio \Ved l8—Sat 3| 7.3tlpm See \Vc‘el l3.


IVan LeerTriotIsrael) lleur) WoodHall. ".lllpm. Second perlormance ol this top trio troni Israel. who are ioincd h} (ilasgou \ iolist .lames l)ui rant tor a programme ol piano quarteth \Iozart. Brahms and l'.d\\ard .\le(iuire. See Sun IS.

I Glasgow Phoenix Choir (fit) Hall. 7 .illpm t5 it.” 5”) Mtisietosuil exerwne. ranging Irom lolk songs to Bruckner motels


I Avia (USSR) Met“ an\ Mustet'entre. (.iosal‘l lossn l lall Wed lS—l‘ri 3t). Rpm See Wed l.\'


I Awatinas (Bolivia) .\lel.ellan (ialleries.

" .‘illpm LNLZSIII. Wind in the reeds A return \’I\Il to Scotland lot this pmserlul group \\ ho plas Boloia's. andother related South American music and song on all the traditional instruments. Iamponas. eharangos. quenas etc.

I Hariprasad Chaurasia Rnerside ('Iuh. Fox Street. olI (‘lsde Street. 2483144513111. flit-l). Presented hi l’Iatlorni

I \ t WWW—I rm- \‘1 I t Di ‘kl indH imi h “7h ' J x‘ I it MIC” u" ,_ .ul/ .' L‘Hlteettn ‘\e en re t. UL In , L .CL‘8 4 \ . \pm , ee -i|_‘ i folk (s .\ _. , - s- ‘- ‘7 - e , - (Impercts Wench [lulu I), C‘” ".l' "'mpin' traditional e'l.t\\ i lhurs I" Sat ll .‘HPIII M‘m'c- . London communny l “11ml” Rind tonight's . L-‘ Mitt- all). The British lmhunnuk mlan HR. 5“. Hmh 1o Gospel Choir('n\ HalI 1' ._ - . . . prumcrcm .Humcrml H. I l . w m f t ._H I . Inc UpllILllldL\lltt\\.ITLl

“or c s can ingnttuow . P'" M 3 l BU"2'IITI1 B'irri'S

.. _ . . <3 ‘. .tciger plLLL oI theatre S“. (mwum . (Bland M39": \F“ I International Comedy IUIII in and sing along tune and (‘mm 1 .ui'mm e .. perlormed b) women . .-\l.ien.ieuru lhealre. Fes'iva' Muir “a” “uh Hmhn “ i , . .


ITerry Neason lliitt Theatre I Ipm See lue l ' ISimon Fanshawe and Jenny Lecoat lhuh I” \il 2| \llle‘lle‘ll lheatte

III lipm L5H) 5“!

ISO You Think You're Funny? \lutt llall l’relumnai) nights \\ ed I.\ In I“. ( it .md l‘lrtale Sal 3| “pm See \\ ed l.\

I lie I C Sun 3.‘ at

The second oI three heats. j

Sce panel.

I International Comedy Festival Moir Hall Mark Thomas. Howard Busgang and Cathy Ladman join comperc Pete McCarthy. See Fri 13.


I Shanghaied \lmhelt

Theatre I tie l \al .‘I

Ham and 3pm. Sat .‘I .ll 3pm onli See ltie I



IShanghaied \lnthe-II 'l'heatre See I ire l"

I Lady Windermere‘s Fan (‘iti/ens' lheatre l'ntrl Sat III illpm H

(Li l'reel See l‘ll l3 IThe Clyde Is Red (.‘raulurd lheatre l‘ll

l3 Sat ll (not Sun I‘l TRIIpm. See l'll I3

I The White Bird Passes

'l ron 'l'heatie Throughout \las lest (Hot Mom lot-\‘pm. See I II I IThe Celtic Story l’aulron 'l heatre lhroughout \la) lest t not Suns) 7..‘\llpm See l‘ll 13

III. '7..‘\Ilpltt See \Ved l‘ I NO Mean City Kings Theatre \lUlI ll» Sal :l 7.3”pttrSat31at ipm and 7.3llpm See Mon lo IThe Virtuous Burglaraml An Ordinary Day \lttehell l‘heatle \lon 1h Sat 3|

7 .‘itlpm. See .\lon lo

I Nominatae Filiae llIIltl

R\‘-\\II) \\ ed I.\’ Satll ' I‘pin Sat _‘I at: .‘~llpni .inid " IFpni See \\ ed I.\


I New Choreography l he Scottish Ballet Studio “ed I\‘ Sat II illpm See \\ Lkl l.\


IGabrieli String Quartet (England) I lent} \Vood Hall 5pm UiIUI l'll\l \l.i\ lest \ I\Il tor llll\ Ulll\l.llltlll‘.‘_'\lllllf_' qti.ntet.\\liop|.is lieethm e I‘. ( )p I3“. ll.i\dtt ( )p .i \ii l and ( )p lilo \letttle'l\\ttltll

I Candide lheatle Rm .tl ltt Illand Sat 31 " l‘pm {\ILII. DILH \eu pioduelron hs Seottrsh ()pei .r See lealtlle

I Glasgow Youth Choir (Il\ Hall. \\ ed l-\'and l’ll


I AVIa(USSR)\lel1\\an\ \lthu ( entre. (ioxan lt|\\ll l l.lll \\ L‘tl l.\ l'll .‘ll \pm See \Ved IS


ICeilidh‘) illpm liriggaiH entte V. illpru 1‘ ;“(L3 *I'l l'telxetsut .Iel\.ltlsL‘t‘lll\ Bolt Blair. l he ( i.tlll\;lllle‘l\. Use.t\tttlt.ll stage \I\Ilttl\ .lllkl the l.lle‘ l‘;ll he‘L‘Pllle‘ danetng going llllltl\f.1llllil L't\Il\\'l\.llt‘l\ on the (inert

ISileasandlhe Picts

\lel ellan ( ialleries. Hpm Li *l'l Ll SUI. Sileaxttl'e txxoelarxaeh-xsielding “omen Irom ladinhurgh. \\ ho sing in ( iaelie andour (M n tongue. and pla) the acoustic ;llltl L‘lc‘ellIC harps l he l’iets I\ the ttartle taken Iortlte oeeasion hi Rod Paterson. \\ ho l.itlltelte\ his He“ solo .lll‘llltl mth .I\L‘l .ieeompauied In the ieeoiding'saeeompariiing ruusietaus‘ .laek l'.\ ans.

The Ubiquitour Chip

Tonight the comics are Mark Thomas. Howard Busgang and Barry Steiger. See Fri 13.

ITerry Reason l mu Theatre lue I7 Sun Zlal llpnt. See Inc I7 I Simon Fanshawe and Jenny Lecoat lhuts l‘l Sat 2] Mitchell'lheatre

Ill. IFpiu. See lhurs I‘I Two of Britain's best-loved comedians in an evening ofstand-up: Simon Fanshawe. organiser ofthe (‘omedy Festival and Jenny Lecoat. with a sharp line in taking the other sex to task.

I So You Think You're Funny? Motr Hall, Pl'L‘llllIlIItlF) nights \\ ed lS-l-ri 3H; ( irand l-inale Slit 3i 7pm See \Ved l5" The third ofthe heats running up to tomorrow's final. See panel.


I Shanghaied Mitchell

lheatre Inc I“ Satll

Ham and 3pm: Sat .‘l at anionh See Inc I“



I Shanghaied Mitchell l'heatre. See Iue I7.

I Lady Windermere‘s Fan ('iiizens' 'l'heatre. 7.30pm, U l LI Free). See Fri I3.

I The Clyde Is Red (.‘rass'lurd Theatre 7.30pm. See Fri 13.

I The White Bird Passes Tron 'l‘heat re. Throughout Ma} lest (not Mon loIXpm. See Fri 13. I The Celtic Story Pavilion Theatre. Throughout Mailcst (not Suns). 7.3llpm. See Fri 13.

I No Mean City Kings Theatre 3pm and 7.30pm See Mon lo.

I The Virtuous Burglar and An Ordinary Day Mitchell Theatre 7.3IIpttt. See Mon 16.

I Nominatae Filiae ‘l'hml EyeCentre (Studio).


and S pieee hand


I Hue and Cry \lel'xs;iri\ .\lu~ie('entte. (iman loxsu Hall Spin. I‘ll 1i \lll\le.llelllll.t\ tot

\l.i\ lest. grx mg I ltte -\tul L l\ a eharu e to all some

oltlte new songs the\ haxe?

lieenxsorkingou lhelt .ilhtiui \\ enl \Il\ er and their (il.t\ui‘\\ gigstodale ha\ e heen \\ ell attended. \ttllll\\lttlltltl he agood night .i\ ll |\ alw the end oi Hue .'\nd( r\ '\ Scottish mini-tout Support I\ ptosided In the r.iprd|\ dexelopiug Rreh


IZydeco Ceilidh Bandtand

Party) Hind l-ie ( ‘entre t('alel Ill ‘i'prn Liltft (il.l\_i1n\\ '\ t\\\ It L‘lL‘e‘ll Ie aeeotdton drnert hlues and ealun roek ‘n' rollers rustle you tolmogiemth their Iriends

I Scottish. Irish and English Traditional Dance Bdl‘l‘IH Huxutetx lti IN lilaeklllntshtleel. *‘3

filli‘ 3pm ltee


I The Grand Finale olthe International Comedy Festival Moir Hall. The final fling for the funny


Fri 13.

I Terry Neason lttttt lheatre lire I“ Sun I.‘ .ll llput See lite I"

I Simon Fanshawe and Jenny Lecoat \lnehe-II lhealte Ill l‘pm \e. lhurs I”

I So You Think You're Funny? \loit ll.i|l (‘.\l l‘llldle ‘pni \ee \\ ed I\ The big night tor the people who have made ll through the heats to he judgcdashudding comedians See panel.


IShanghaied \tnt-liell

l lteatte l lie I C \il .‘l Ham and 3pm. \it .‘I .Il .‘pmonls \ee lue I


IEclipse FirSlliahIntx Booster» lh l\ Billelxlll.ll\.\lleel.CT? 5H“ \pru L‘ 4" (il.i\go\\-l\.i\edhut Illlelll.tllt‘lt.lll_\ ('eltte-Il.i\ou!edgtoup includes Maggie \lell‘llL \ on harpand [an Klll’xPJl'tht‘ll.lsel‘ltllltll


ITerryNeason llttlt lheatre I lpm \ee lue I-

archetypes.‘ she says. The

7-3‘IPm» Sec Thuo I". WED 19. THEATRE: Often I pertormance explores. I Grand Magic Nu“ we drop easily into cliched : through use at the stage. v n II F o u N n u s o Athcnueum ’l heatre. assumptions that I ways at reoassessing ' ' m 9 3| f r M i RSAMI). 3 30pm amd automatically associate ! accepted ideas about ( 0 ea sobefore and 7"5Pm Scc Wed l-\' men with violence and ; women. to showthe after the “hOW! women with gentleness. I beauty. weakness and

During MAYFESTwe have lIIIE MUSIC in the evening


TableszM1~ 552 ms . so-so runs sr.,surscow. '


Hie r.’.’II/)/I(}SIS IS ..~.~~rwhrWnrng/y Scott/sh

GO :9 re.

t',"!'."3 1‘ t) m

'2 Ashton tame oil Bytes Road. Glasgow Tn! 041 334 5007

20 The List 13 - 26 May 1988


I New Choreography l he Seottrsh Ballet Studio. 7.30pm. See \Ned l8.


I Le Tango Stupelianl Henry Wood Hall. 3pm. £6 (£4 I. French singer Helen Delavault In a one-woman \llt)“ ol songs about Ialling in love.

I Candide 'l‘heatre Ros al.

This new international perlormance project Irom the Magdalena Proiect may alter these preconceptions. The perlorrnance is the work at women who have been preparing tor along period with the revered Polish actress Zolia Kalinska. ‘The object ol the work tsto explore lemtnine

daemonic power otall women. as perceived by another woman. myselt.‘ she explains. 'I believe this is an ideal time lornew explorations by women in theatre and that women are uniquely placed to be able to try things outlor themselves that would not be possible Ior men.‘