awkward they are playing in('lydehank. Penetration. as the name suggests. are suitably sexist heavy metal. ()t course their name has no douhle eiitendre Whatsoey'er.


I The Fiancees Venue. ( altoii Road. ‘V 3073.

I Shake Up .\ttisic Boy. Victoria Street. 23” l7lliS. ‘)..‘\llpm. i'il'CC.

I Billy Jonesl ord Darnley . \Vest l’oit. 329 43-1]. ltlpiii. l‘ree. See Sun I?

IThe Brothers t’t'esct'Hitloti iltill. \ i'etoita

Street. 33’» .‘Slh ‘lpvii lice it‘llll'. 'ly tilllL‘Siit‘ittitets

IThe Dan BlockerExperience\egiemvs. l_othiaiiStieet 33*lr‘l1 "["i‘ the \.~.~ Sun 15



IJanet. . .Jumps Bail llalt liai. Woodlands Road. “pm i r‘ee (iood. country influenced hand. itl\l ahoiit to release an lil’ leatiiiiiig toiii'oi their series including ( 'onie Dim n Ronnie and the yy‘ondertully tacky l-lyis(‘iisliioii lnycstigate.

I Go Go Street and Crooked Rose \lai \ hill Burgh llal "u.‘\llpiii Another good dotihle hill. ( ‘o (io Street released a single last yearyyl...ii yyasa gitmirridei representationoi theirsongyyiitingahility. and ('roolketl Rose are the neyy outlet tor the song“ riting talents ot iii iaii \ie( ily iiir cx-Wo/a. Soul Doctor etc

I Roe and Cry ( iraiid l lall. Kilnmr lit iek 7.3tlpm


IRy Cooder and The Moula-Banda Rhythm Aces l’lay house i heatie. ( ii t‘L'llSIllc‘ l’l.icc. 557259“. “Swim S( )l l)( )t ‘l

IThe Rhythm Sisters .mtIThe lndianGivers \'eiiue.(‘altoii Road. 5‘71“? Se e l‘JITL‘i I Tabloid Conspiracy \t.ttttlel.i( eiitie. lidinhuigh t‘niyeisity. lii isioStiiiaie Students and guests only

I Good and Gone \c‘got‘i;iiits.l otliiaii Street. 3350M} Upin l'tee (riitty. alcohol-ttielled hlties. Depression suits and guilt \ oeals

I SheerGreed \ltisic lio\. \ lthtl i.i Street. 33“ l’llS. Ll atter‘lpiii.

I Powerhouse Boogie Band i’teset \ .itloti llall. Victoria Street. 3% .‘Slh Ll .ittei 9.30pm. Rockinghlues.

IAtterDark Lord l)ai'ii|ey . \\ est l’or t . 13" 434i. lllpiii. l5ree.

I Live band .-\\\ ( )l (‘luh. ( alton Studios. 55(i"ll(i(y. l'ncoiitii'iiied .isyet

I Ranacanteen and The Uncertain Trumpets

Aiildcliase. lionny r'igg. \piii- l .Ill‘.

Ll5lll Ll l. lienetit tot llealth Se! \ ice \yorkers. Another t‘.\i\ \ .ille\ Red \\ edge idea in action



I Nick Kamen lleiiiy .'\liik.r's. \ or lk Sti‘ect.33l (it it sfiui‘m L1 lint-re disappoint all you music li\\et\. hiit Nick 1\ iust turning up tor a personal appearance yyhich hasically means he \l.ttltl\.il‘it'.ll looking pretty .tt‘ls L'Ut‘l .is llll‘ll\.tllti\l‘l young girls scream their hcatls nit . .tllti yyalksout the door yyith lit\ hank account suitath e\panded l'asy money tor orient the most ollensiye ligiiies e\ er in i‘..i\ e daihhled yy itli music

I Vermints i titll it.” . i tittlidlltlS

Road. ‘lpiii. l‘ree .lust liiiislied lt‘tlt me With the Proclaimers this \lii‘u it ill he toa suhstantially sniallei audience than their recent outing at Barr‘mt land

IAS ll/Drigin Sins \laiy hill liiii :h i la” 7.30pm. .-\tk R people he \\.tt iied .\s It are actually l-till Stop a itli a neyy name. li.iy iiig singularly tailed to impress .ill and stiiidi \ “itli titelt Llehttt Silt‘“ c.i\c tl‘t‘hS like .i case ot a name change as .i career mm c Demo ey itlenee suggests It may take titH'e


When Jane Solanas came up with the classic NME quote. ‘Debbi and Mandi are twenty and nineteen years old. which hardly classes them as teenagers.‘ she may not have been as misguided as it appears at tirst.

While one ol the Laek sisters. born and brought up in Leeds with brother. guitarist and manager. Billy. may technically be classitied a teenager. their music and attitudes have nothing in common with Tiltany or Debbie Gibson.

This is where theiriirst record company. Chrysalis. made a major mistake. Having signed the band atthe end ol1986 on the basis ol 3 WDMAD appearance. Chrysalis set about marketing them as a girlie pop act. and entered them tor the Eurovision Song Contest. When eventually Chrysalis got round totelling the Sisters oltheir plan. the contract was terminated, and iortunately the Rhythm Sisters came outol itwell.

‘There were no hard teelings when we Ieit Chrysalis.‘ said Debbi. ‘and we had quite a lot at money lett from the deal. so rather than let it waste away we decided to just get on and record an album.‘

This was done independently. the result being the rather tine debut. The Road To Roundhay Pier. which was released at the end oi last year. The album was a collection of simple songs. described as songs which ‘were composed in the classrooms and the bedrooms oi Leeds 8. Observations

than a name change toget seriousinteiest. .is tite\ .iie .ll a \eiy early stage

I Rock 'n' Roll Night 1 he liltic‘Note.

iii iggait ( ‘entie. ( ‘lyde Street L3. l’ioniisestohe a classieeyeiit.\yitli (ieoige \lillei oi the Styng Rites appearing .rst liiick liei’iy. Rollingloeas lei 1y i eel eyy l\ .iiid hest ot all Ronnie ("ostley . e\ Kissing liaiidits. as i'.l\ is l’resley . \y ith the Riyei l)etectiyesas hacking yocalists. Not to he missed


I Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts \‘eiitte. (Hilton Road. 55" ll 1‘3 the grandad ol the

\_'r el‘t‘S returns. ohy ioiisly eiiioy iiig his resurgence. i'tlll sell-parody.

I Very Very \illSlL Ho\. \ retoria Street. 2le PM Ll .rttei ‘lpiii l’loiighiiigthe same pop tunk tui rim as do/eiisot i‘tiltll‘tll gli hands. hut much more promising t'iisy iiipatlietic lead guitar could he cut hack on Slioyy ed the niiieli-liy ped lliiey es a thing or tyyoon their recent support slot at 'l he \eiiue.

I Sponge and Eat The Peach ( ‘grlitm

\ttttlttts.( .lltt‘ll Road. 550 "lltio ‘lpiii. .-\ii unlikely coupling ot popand

tyy enty iiiiiiute psychedelic l’ink

l‘loytl ii.i\\ kyyind |;tlti\

I Friends oi Carlotta Negoeiants. l.othian Street. :35 till} ‘lpni. l'i‘ee. \tore tliaiia little tt‘. common I iiieiiihersliip not iiiusicl

\yitli llie i hit Blocker l‘\peiieiiee. and. asl

tlstial e\pect .i teyy surprise guests totiirii ttt‘

I Bedlam l’ieseiy atioii Hall. Victoria Street 31h .iSlli Ll .iltci ‘) .‘tlpiii lleayy Unix

I Bulb Cormorant l uni l)ariiley . \Vest l’oit. 1.“) 13-11 :\tteirioon. i'i'ee. SeeSat it

I The Charge i tittl l)arnle\ . \VL‘St Putt. :3.” till lltpiii l-iee lleayy rock

and stories olourtimes.‘

Most eitective songs on the album were the recent single. American Boys and Henry's Married Daughter. 3 song which was perlormed on their ore-Christmas sloton Channel 4's Famous For Fitteen Minutes. The a cappella track. Happy Days Lonely Nights. showed ott theirvocal capabilities, while Debbi reckons her tavourite trom the record is Saturday/Sunday Lazy Leeds Alternoons.

Since Christmas. things have continued to happen at a reasonable pace iorthe band. tor apart from being proclaimed asthe iuture otteminism in pop by the NME, they have also had the rare privilege at a double page teature inthe Sunday Times magazine.

They play Fury Murrys on 19 April, and should otter an intimate set based on a healthy songwriting ability. The addition at some new songs should make this a well worth a visit— and an added attraction is the strong support act inthe torm otthe Indian Givers.

SUNDAY 22 Glasgow

I The House oi Love and The Thanes Madisoiis. 1t» \\ est ( ieoi'ge Street lllpni latest ('reation hand to he getting a lot ol attention. .\lr ..\lc( ice hassensihly released their new single itl .t l‘tttlg‘el pt‘lL‘L‘ ol ‘Np- yy liieli is the price allsirigles shtitticl he


I Lixx Soiriideheck Rockt ltih. Venue. (‘altoii Road. 55" 3””i "fillpiii Li 5”. Weekly heayy t’oclx metalcltth.

I Eat The Peach liaiidxy agon. \itii'l ison Street. S .illpiii i‘l'CL‘ Poppy weekly t'L‘SitiL‘tiL'e.

IThe Dan BtockerExperience l’t'L‘SctHilittti llall. \‘ictoiia Stieet. 33o .‘Slo. Ll alter ()pm. See Sun l5

I Jean Mundell \lusie lio\. Victoria Slt‘eet.::ll inllh .\ltel'tiriiiii tree.

I BlueFinger .\itl\lL' lio\. Victoria Street. 32“ léllS. Ll atter‘lpni

I Billy Jones l oid l)ai iiley \Vest l’oit. 33943-11 lllpiii l'iee. See Sun IF.

I BillyJones Seiiooiieis. \liisselhtligh .ltiliL‘S the sting seems to entity lilt‘SL‘ sprints across toyy n. hut phone up hotli \etttles to L‘lteclx lie-stilt



IThe Styng Rites;indBlues‘n'Troubleaml Janet. . .JumpsBail\1;iyi.rii. 1W SaiieliiehallStreet ltlpiii .\ tiehlehill. “till all hands y ei \ good in their oyy ii lieltis it Is gttotl ttisee the St\ ttg Rites ieturning to some sort ot regular \\til k attei tailing a hit alter the lieiglitsot del‘ray ily reached yyitli their ‘liahy 'st iot .-\ Brand \eyy liiaiii' single a leyy \eais

ago. Blues ’n' 'l‘rouhle liaye a live album out at the moment and tor details onJanet see l-‘ri 2“

I Deai Heights Caiun Aces Rn ei side ( 'luh. i-ox Street. L2. their second gigiii (ilasgoyy this month. Deal Heights. like ' the three hands on at the Stay taireycel

\y itliin tlieii oyy ii tield. and are yy ell “Ul'th

. seeingatleastoiiee \oumightey'engrow

tolikeii Edinburgh

I The Rocky Horror Show l’lay house

i licatre. ( it‘eettsitle Place. 557 35‘)”.

falpin liisl night only . .ill seats U The last-ex ei tt‘tll . \y ie told. oi this particular production so hi‘iisli tip on the dialogue. practise the l iriie “am and slap on the make up the higgest audience partici pation shim or all time. and heaps more tuii than going to see i he Mission. Runs until Saturday.

I The House of Love and The Holidaymakers \eiiue. (‘alton Road. 557 .‘ytl’fi. New releases troiii llouse oil.oye and'l'lie Weather Prophets slimy that ( ~reatioii Records isn't dead yet. Don't look too healthy . though

I Secrets .‘yltisic Box. Victoria Street. 22D 1‘08 ‘l..‘~llpm. l-"ree.

I The Volunteers (‘aiiny Man's. Moriiiiigside Road. 4.17 MM. 8.30pm. l'i'ee. Residency.

I After Dark l’resery atioii llall. Victoria Street. 32h .‘Slh. t),3ltpm. tree.

I Texas BreakiastTrio Lord i)at‘iilc_\ . \Vest Port. 23043“. lllpiii. l ree

I Wraygun and The Rockets \egiiciants. t.ot|iiaii Street. 325 0313. 0pm. l’ree.

TUESDAY 24 Glasgow

I This Is it liar luxenihourg. N7 Pitt Street lllpiii. tree. A hand yyhohay‘e recently started gigging extensiyely in and around ( ilasgoyy.

I Bobby Wishart l lalt Bar. Woodlands

Road. 9pm. l-iee. Residency.


I The Rocky Horror Show l’lay litittSL’ ‘l'hcati'e. (it'eelisltle Place. 557 35‘)“.

7 .‘llpm LUSH. Lo. L4. Ruiisiintil Saturday. See \ton33

I Drigin Sins Lord Darnley . West Port. 33943“. itlpin l-ree. (ilasgoyy hand yyith a couple ot hig gigs coming up in ourriext issue. 'I lie hrainchild oi iiiainniaii l layy k. whose Plittttts suggest his personal clock stopped in NH. May he hy ttL‘\l issue he'll hay e coiiy'ineed me other“ ise. We'll see. I Soul Kitchen Negociarits. l.othiaii Street. 335 (613. 9pm l'r'ee. See l‘ri I}.

I Future World Moves Music Bo\. Victoria Street. 32“ thiH. l)..‘~ltpni. l-ree. .\'eyy miiii-alhurii. '\'oice ol Autumn'. out Ma) l‘). Rey ieyy ed iic\t issue

I Tabloid conspiracy ( )titltelloyy s. Forrest Road. 3le lts‘lli. Spin. l‘ree.

I Rootsie Tootsie Blues Trio i’t‘esen ation iiztll. Victoria Street. 32h .‘MS'lti, ‘) ,‘illpm. l’ree.

I Willy Logan ( ‘ariiiy Man‘s. Morningside Rtittti. >14" HSJ Suitlptii. i'l'L‘L‘



I The Third Party l‘ m. .s'n \iiller Street. ltlpiii. l'iee. .-\ hand yylio impressed me recently. they hay e iinpi'oy ed iiiassiy ely since their car ly slioyy \ and are t‘ecolttiiietttleti

I Nailan llalt liar. Woodlands Road. ‘lpni tree. I ong running residency.


IThe Rocky HorrorShow t’ltt} house lheati e. ( itL‘L‘liSltlL' Place. 5*" 35‘)“. “.Rtlpiii Ltr Flt. Lt». L4 Riiiisuiitil Saturday See \lon 33.

I Bam Bam and The Calling \ltisic Hm. Victoria Street. .‘..‘.ll VHS ‘) .‘llpni Free. I The Heaters 1 l‘ltl i )ttt tiley \\ est i’til‘l.

the List 13 -— 26 May'1988 45