I SAY IT AIN'T 80. ERIC. Not . . . the return at the Bay City Rollers!!! It would seem to be, though. Responding to the currentwave ot Seventies' nostalgia and undeterred by the vicious reception to the last Rollers‘ revival (the hurled cans at Futurama ‘83), sexy Eric Faulkner announces the launch at The New Rollers. As it Mud‘s comeback wasn‘tenough. Eric, itseems, is the only original Rollerto take part. Maybe the others have enough sense to let sleeping ghosts lie. lt there‘s anything more paintul than the thought at those tartan trews making a comeback it‘s the memory at Village People going all New Romantic to ‘keep abreast ol the times’. I INSIDE INFORMATION: Clydebank cowboys and cowgirl Janet Jumps Bail Iound themselves behind the walls at Barlinnie Special Unit on May to. But JJB are not paying their debt to society lorthe crime at playing country and western-their appearance in the Unit was purely to entertain the prisoners, and to mark the release at their lirst single, ‘Come Down Ronnie‘, itsell inspired by last year's Barlinnie root riots. Forthe band, the most memorable moment of the riots was when the wile at one at the prisoners appeared with two children and a pushchair and shouted, weeping, at her husband on the root: ‘Get doon ye eeiit. Think otthe weans. Ye‘re only gonnie make things worse!‘ Out at that woman‘s cry grew ‘Come Down Ronnie‘, an untypically rocky country song at determination and strength.

33943“. lllpm. I’rce. Blues-lock. ITam White Negociants. I.olhian Street. 335(13l3. ‘lplli. I'I'L'L‘. SL‘L‘ \\ c‘tl lb

IThe Rootsie Tootsie Blues Trior 'anny Man's. Morningside Road. 44" IJS4 8.3”an liree. Residency.



IHead I-tiiy .\Iurrys. I)h.\la.\wellStieet. iNDEPENDENT I SPECIALISTS



Telephone: 03 1-225 5487

3 Not a ‘worthy' record, but delinitely a

i worthwhile purchase. Catch them live

ityou can.

Z I THROUGHOUT Fury Murry‘s summer 3 holidays. two other clubs are stepping

.1 in to the breach to ensure that Glasgow gig-goers won‘t be starved of contemporary independent music.

3 Madisons in West George Street and The Venue in Sauchiehall Street (best known as Glasgow’s leading heavy metal venue) have already started their new music nights, Madisons on Sundays and The Venue on Thursdays. But tear not—Fury Murry‘s will return. I.LOOKING tor a way to round ott Maytest with a bang? How about this- torthe lirst time, live on stage in Glasgow, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and the King at ’em all Elvis Presley! Sounds too good to miss? You‘d be right. You‘d also be right in pointing out that because Elv has been pushing up daisies tor the last decade he‘s not likely to be interested in gigging in Glasgow, Garden Festival or not. His place has been taken by Glaswegian musican Ronnie Costley, with Styng-Rites singer George Miller and piano wizard Rollin‘ Joe assuming Chuck Berry's and Jerry Lee Lewis's roles lorthe night. The extravaganza takes place on the last night at Maytest (Sat 21) in the IOOO-capacity Blue Note club in the Briggait centre, and has been minutely planned to get everything exactly right. The backing band tor the evening includes members at His Latest Flame, H20, The River

Detectives, and backing singers who

III oil I. Ill.3llpiii. I hate I lead. Schoolboy humour made credible (iod know ’s why. Richard liranson has sent Ilead. 'I'he (iaye By kers. It BitesII‘he Railway (‘hildren and Something Happens to (ilasgow in the last few weeks: we can't bear any more ot this. .\'o. No. No, Why. I wonder. can Virgin notsend one ol their quality acts like Danny Wilson. \Vendy and Lisa. etc. etc-— it isnot that there aren't am. A sure sign ofa


at Fire Island every Monday


Seventies Music

have worked with Midge Ure and Hue and Cry amongst others. Says Costley, whose Presley routine will stretch trom the earliest days right up to the “Suspicious Minds‘ era, ‘The three at us have always been involved in authentic rock‘n‘roll, and the show will be bringing together generations oI rock’n‘roll appreciation.’ Sounds almost too good to miss.

I THE CRETINS were laced with near disaster last week when supporting The Wonder Stutl at Rooftops. Vocalist, George Miller, was stuck in Edinburgh where the Styng Rites were playing. and concerned Cretins were desperately searching tor someone who knew the Ramones’ songbook oil by heart. Having tailed to locate Bobby Bluebell, and after being turned down by various promoters and journalists, the band pertormed as a three piece - proving conclusively that George is the sober and sane one in their ranks.

I BIG SUR have re-released their single, Please Stay, with some positive radio response in the London area. Band member, Frank McHugh wins this week‘s award tor best joke in an interview, by probing: ‘What has two teeth and forty-eight legs?‘ A: ‘The Iront row at a Sydney Devine concert.‘ It should also be claritied here and now that Sydney‘s recent skiing accident was not a result at his yodelling causing an avalanche.

I REMEMBER WHERE YOU HEARD IT FIRST. Having previously revealed that Fairground Attraction's lead vocalist, Eddi Reader, was born in Irvine, Scotland‘s number one pop writer, Billy Sloan, last week revealed the truth about her birthplace, that being Anthony Street in Glasgow. This tact was exclusively revealed as a means at correcting our man in the last edition of Listen! Rememberwhere Billy Sloan heard it lirst. Listen! the column that gets things done. The Daily Record has also conveniently issued Mr Sloan with

quality act on Virgin seems to beone which is accompanied by a total lack ol commitment and effort on hehall ol the record company.

IThe Crows The Venue. 4‘)liSaticliieli;iII Street. 10.30pm. (‘ontinuing w hat has been a busy year in terms of In e work tor the (‘rows They are probably best appreciated in the live context anyway IAnd Now The World I)e ()uincey s. Renfield Street. Illpm. I-‘ree. Promising. but still incomplete. tau-orientated band with a good female vocalist.


I The Rocky Horror Show I’lay hotlsc Theatre. (ireenside Place. 55" 250i). 7.3llpm. infill. Lo. L-l. Runsuntil Saturday See .\loi123.

I Telethon benetit ( ‘alton Studios. ( ‘alton Road. 550 mm», 9pm-3am. LZSI l. A monster heavy rock event. with eight bands contributing their services in an attempt to raise £1000 for charity I-rom Iidinburgh: I.othian. Ransom. Strategy. Medusa 'I‘ouch. I Itingry' Years. I-"rom (ilasgow': Anaconda and 'I'ridenl. I’lusone more band still to be confirmed. Iiy en it you don't like the music. go along and help them raise the money.

I Andy White and His Classmen and Billy Jones Venue. ( allot: Road. 55" 3i!" “N [he Bard of Belfast put on an entertainingand

a road map, so that he doesn‘t get Irvine and Anderston mixed up again. I HAVING TAKEN an indetinite number of years to get their debut album written, produced and released, it looks slightly ironic that Wet Wet Wet‘s biggest hit to date will be a cover version recorded in one atternoon at Glasgow‘s Park Lane Studios. Anyone who has not bought eitherthe Sergeant Pepper Knew My Father album, which also leatures excellent tracks by The Trittids and The Fail, or the Wet Wet Wet/Bragg single, should empty their pockets tor Childline soon.


Fleetwood Mac, Playhouse, Monday 4 |

This Is Fleetwood Mac’s lirst tour tor Iive years and they appeared in Edinburgh only because the Seamans‘ Strike prevented them going to Ireland. One at the most telling leatures ot the band was the absence ot Lindsey Buckingham, replaced by two guitarists, Billy Burnette and Rick Vito which limited success. Buckingham’s songwriting has been the mainstay ot the band in recent years and his concert showed the inadequacies ot the remaining member‘s songs in a live context without his up tempo country rock numbers which provided a counterpoint to the slower pace at Stevie Nicky and Christine McVie. Attempting to return to old blues numbers made tamous by Peter Green lelt us wondering what direction the band is now going to take. Mic Fleetwood contributed a strange but tascinating number- slapping electronic drum pads cleverly concealed in his waistcoat - as he cavorted about to the great delight at the crowd. Christine Mche's powerlul vocals shone through on ‘lsn‘t it Midnight‘ and ‘Little Lies'. However, the highlights oi the night were Irom Stevie Nics singing songs like ‘Seven Wonders’, and ‘Sara‘, (Brenda Carson)

thought-ployoking show the last time he w as here. despite a cc i‘tain sell-satislaction with his w ell-turned lines. and his debut l.I’was almost uniyersally acclaimed. Ile's appearing with a lull band lor the lirst time. made tip. as the name suggests. by ll‘lclitls from his old school.

I The Chuck Farley Band l’i-escry alion

I Iall. Victoria Street. 7pm. ’I‘here should be no quibbles about intisicianship at this gig: the band is composed of astellar groupol session musicians who have played w ith people like Is'ing('rimson. Stey ie \Vmwood. Desmond I)ekker. Alan I’rice. Ilclen Reddy . Demis Roussos( 3 ). Billy Ocean . . . and that‘sjust the tipof the iceberg. (‘tiriotlsi’

I BillyJones lord I)arnley \Vest I’ortfll‘) 4&1} . lllpm. l'l‘ec. Jones the Songmakes anothcrdash across town. or so we are inlormed. ("heck with venue before settingout.

I The Dan Blocker Experience Negociants. I.othian Street. 225 (T3I3. 9pm. Free. See Sun 15.

46 The List 13 26 May 1988