in genuine atrriospliere and someol thebest rrrtrsrearotrrid

I Rock Night at ( 'liarriliers Street House. Spm lam tll rppy llotir ‘) lllptrrl Hull and predictable unless you “ant to hear \( |)( aittl lroi: \larderi repeatedad

I Rokko's \l‘YYl ‘arri lree l l Iappy llouis S llpriri \ee \lotr

I The Slammerat Iiuster liroysrrs

llprri i ‘ll rm lree .rdrrirssrori tickclscarr I“; ll ‘ttltrl .trt‘tltltl and about Scratch. tap

and mo. tostrrt the cross d l’rckrrig ttpa

good _'|‘\\\I, trial tilt! ltit .t special lilglll


IThe Alhambra ‘l \\ .ilc'tltiriSlt'c‘c‘l.::I


. lis'lll‘s I‘ ("W tl.t\\lt‘ltl Sitcel. 553. {7(il I Cleopatras lielttroirtl .ittc.

l\el\ till" itlge ‘1 Ilhtltl

I Cotton Club s stun .s'treei. 1334i" t 3

I Disco Viva l‘l iiior! Street. Ifl 3-12!» I Follies 1": Pill \lrcel. “3 " ‘33 “532 IFuryMurryserlaost-II Streetjjl it‘ll

IHenryAtrikas N ts \ ork .s‘neet.2_‘t til ll

I Hollywood Studios ‘l llroxs H Street . 34S

I Joe Paparazzi S‘risauetnehatt Street. ;“I .‘l II

I Madisons 1" “est (ieorchttcct

I Mardi Gras ’§l)trrilop Street. Ill 3(r33 I Maylair Saticlrreltall Street. ‘3: 3S7}. I Palomino CIUO SI \\ csl R‘s'L’L‘Ill Street. 33(0):

I Panama Jaxr trstom l lortse ()ttay . 331 tisrts'

I Pzazz .‘l R: \\ .rl l' \eliarrge Square. 23] 5 ~_‘§

I Rattles l" lit-rtalder Street l’artick (“My ::.rs‘:‘]

I Roottops il.‘ Sauclircllall Street. 333 \Ssi stir."

I Savoy \.r\o\( eritre. Sauclitelrall Street. “I.” '5!

ISub Club .l.iiriaica Street. 34S4tillll. ITin Pan Alley N \titclicll Sttccl.231

\_‘ 's

I Venue l '1Satreliielrall Street. 333 387-1. IWarehouse \‘ l)urilop Street. Ill 3633 IZico's I ‘s'a lrrgtaiit Sltcct. “INNS. I 46 West Ill \\ est (icot gc Sltc‘c‘l


I The Amphitheatre .‘l l otliiari Road. 32‘) “(tall

I Barbados Suite tlt ( it).l\IL'I st ‘orrtplcs

I Bermuda Triangle Ilt ( ‘oasters ( ‘omplex. I Buster Browns .‘S \lat ket Street. 236 1:21

I Caté St James .‘5 St larries ( ‘eritre. 55" Soil

I Calton Studios .‘M alloii Road. 550 ‘titm

I Chambers Street House lM 'lrambcrs Street

I Cinderellas Rockertellas W St Stephen Stlcct. ifirtojrirr

I Coasters Complex lyy'est Iollcross. 22.‘ §“‘

I Dillingers Videotheque 3s King'sSrahles Road. .‘._‘S' 35 l"

I Edgars "’ia Rose Street \titlli l.ttllL‘.

I Finsbury Park 3 S South St Andrew Sllt'ct. SSH llllll

I Fire Island ll" l’r inces Street. Emma. I Liberty's llie l’lay house. ( ireeriside l’lace. 55‘ 3S“

I Madisons ( itcctiside Place. 557 3807. I The Mission Victoria Street. 235 (i509. I0uterLimits Ill ( 'oastcrs( 'omplcs.

I Potterrow Student ( eritrcllouse.13risto Street.

I Hokko‘s .‘31 otliran Road

I Shady Ladies ( 'tm gale

I Teviot How House Bl isto Square.

IVen' et altoti Road. 55* .‘stm.

I Wilkie House ( ‘ou gate.

L I Zenatec *h l-otrntarnhridge. 22‘) 7’33.

I Kids aims to provide into about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow tor children and young people. Please send details not later than to days betore publication.

GLASGOW Activities and Fun

I GROSVENOR CINEMA :\sliloril aric. ii" 4298.

Saturday Alternoon Picture Show I:\ cry Saturday. 2- 4.30pm 50p liaclr \scck there isa (’hildren's l-ilm l-otiiidation feature film. plus a serial . gamesaird competitions. For 4- H year olds

I GLASGOW GARDEN FESTIVAL I’i irrccs Dock. 43‘) 8855. liltlil :(i Sept ()pctr esery day. lilam one hour helore dusk '5 adults; £4 students ()Al’s [ls-ilk i_.‘. Rti kids aged 5 to years; tree tor the tinder-5s. Families can get a special Family Day Ticket (2 adults and up to .‘~ childrenilor“4.50 ()rreerrrside.all L'\ettts are tree. One hundred and t\\ erily acres ol reclairrred dockland. tratrslor med into a yast arena oi things to do. see.ride on and explore. this must he the c\ ent ol the year tor children. lake smaller children on the nrirrature train \\ lireh rsa good way to see round the \s hole site.and let older ones clarrrher into the BR dm er 's cab and watch a speeded-up \ ersion ot \yhat driving a train is like on the \ ideo monitor inside. The place is lull ot unexpecteds‘urprises likethesererrtitic exhibition mounted by Strathcly de l’niyersity \shich re-creates in ‘~ I) an hit But cart. Try and touch it and your hand grasps nothing but thin air. See also (ilasgoyy (iardcn l’estiyal diary tor details olday-hy-day activities.

I HAGGS CASTLE Hill St .-\tttltc\\ s l )r l\ c. l’ollokshields. 4272725.

Free afternoon actiy ities es cry Saturday. 2. 15pm. .\'o hooking - just turn tip.

Sat14 Victorian [{nterlairrmerrts 12 years ' Sat21Natureirail4 7 years (\s'elliestk' cagoulesit’wet)

Sat 28 Street games ((5 9 years)

I SCOTTISH BALLET .361 West Princes Street. 331 2931

Junior Contemporary Class 't‘uesday \.

(r 7pm. El .50. Open classes organised by Steps Out of Scottish Ballet. No experience necessary justturnup lot 12 years and over.


I HAGGS CASTLE trio si Andrews ome. l’ollokshields. 427 2725. Mon Sat lt)am-~5pm; Sun 2-5pm.

Getthe Message: Ditterent Systems oi Communication trail 22 May. t-‘mm tom-lomsto telephones.

Design a Stamp A competition tor 4 l2 year olds to design a stamp based on the Communications exhibition, lirrlries cart be posted in the box in the exhibition roorri (paper and pencils provided in the museum) or. ilthe painting 'dr'ays ing is made at home. send them by post. First prize. awarded by the Post Office. isa Stamp Year Book; 25 presentation packs for runners up. Closing date 23 May

Theatre I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE ( ‘urribcrnauld.

ll.‘ ‘0 USS" Ros olitcc .\lorr I'll

lllam hpiriSat lllam 3pm.!» Spmperl


KidsStuit S.ittirda\s.l IFpm lsrtlsLl. .itlllll\ f_l 5”

Clown on the Road Sal i1 \lirrrcatid iugglrng

Jugglers Wild it or rrieily \r-rious ( in to) Sat ll


l‘atsley . SS' Illill lios ollree lllam Spm Puppet Stull Sat l I May. I .illptrt LI 5“ adults. ‘p kids lie prepared to get

my oh ed in this liglrl-lieai ted ptrppel


Puppet Stults‘un 15 \lay. t Stipm Ll Sn adults. ~*p kids. See ahoye Sat 14 .\lay. \lotc ol IIlL' same I‘m licttct [‘ltiliri\c‘\tllc‘ programme note

Paisley Festival .‘.t 3s .\la\ (‘mrraetsenue

liil le'lilll\

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I BRUNTON HALL \Iltsselhtir glr. (r05 3’! I L‘Vt 3-H

Elchat Dance Xplosion l'.\ct'\ Wednesday

-1 5pm. 5le l‘spressrs e dance \sor'kshops lot -1 ycat (lltIS.

East Lothian Youth Theatre l'\ ery \Vedricsday . " 3H ‘) .‘illprtr l'ir’ee. l’or

I3 .‘I year olds .-\ young but rrripressiye cotrrpany \\ lireli has already “on a Fringe l’lt\l in the I'drrrhuigh l-estryal (‘urrently general \yorkshops \\llll a touring production planned lot the summer. \terrrheislirpol the Youth l‘lrcatre alsp goes tree entry to the contemporary dance class lot Ili year olds atrdoycr.

\\ cdltcstlay s 5.3” “pm

I COASTERS .‘ \Vest lollct'oss. 333 3353. Disco Saturdays!» .‘ill lllpm USU. l'iider lSs alcohol-tree disco. l.l\ e acts most \\ eeks.

I ( iot slot'plilnc‘ Road.

i Ulll'd ()perr eyeiy day ol lheyear. \lon Sat "am (rpm. Sun ‘) .‘illam hpm. .\dti|ts L.‘ Hit. elrrldren met 3 years L140 Animal Handling Classes l'\ cry weekend

I lam Jprrr on the hour. .illp. See lroyy the animals leel stroke a rat. srrake..slick insect or any one ol a number ol other animals in the /oo's collection oi creatures \s e so olten has e phobias about. It rrray not lie lot the squearrrish. but the classesarc \eiy poptilar


Road lynccastle lane. 337 4203. Open e\ery day oi the year. 9am 4pm. l‘ree. l-.driibtirgli's mid-city larm \yhere pedigree stock is reared and organic produce is guns n. l lrete are sheep. goats. cots s. clrtcls‘ctts. ducks. pigs and a special ‘irotr age' pig llralt \\ ild boar and hall pig)

\\ hose mother “as in show hi/ and \\ as specially hred tor a BB('series. An ideal place to \ isit lor children of any age. Young City Farmers Izy ery Saturday.

lilarrr lprri. lor '7 13 year olds. 75pannual membership.plus ISpper session. A regular cluh lot children to learn more about tar rnirig. animals and animal

\\ cll.itc

ITI’IINS BOOKSHOP E: W South I‘ll idge. 55667-13 Saturday Club l:\ct_\ Saturday.

lll.3ll I l..‘\ll;tm l‘t‘cc ()pcii to am child (age range appios 3 l3 \earsi Story-telling lor younger children. .rrid actiy ities and corripetrtrorrs. \\ rth pr r/es. loroldet'children Specialseasonal

actiy tiles are lreld lrotri time to time

I WILKIE HOUSE ( ‘o\\ gate. 33." SOS"

Play Grouplor the Under5$ \lorl t -r U;tnt~~l.3llprri. tree I his playgroup tor the tinder-5s still has places as .iilal‘le contact (‘arol at the \emie tor lttr the: information.

ITHEATRE WORKSHOP ‘1 l lamrltorr l’lacc.32(i5~125

Monstermachine Monday s trrrlrl I" \l.r\ 5*(i.3(lpm. Flip. tor.< 0 year olds last in this season ol \loirstei \lu lirn. s. the deyclopment ol the llieat'e \\ r ‘: kslmp's popular l'tlll l aetorx l'.l".t!‘.:1‘_:tt‘eslrit little monsters

NO‘l'lrc \ otrtli llrcattes are I'- in t1!!! rip


Like its predecessor. the latest winner at the second Quest For A Kelpie competition is set in the swirling mists ot historical Scotland. A quickiire tale otthe troubled days loltowing Knox's declaration oi doctrinal austerity. an era reeking ot continental unease and British schism, The Dark Shadow opens in Crail in 1560. the year oi the lirst General Assembly.

Little Lizzie, blind after a tall from her mother’s lap, is given hope oi regaining her sight by her brother Davie who, clinging to a papist beliel in miracles, sets out with her on a pilgrimage to the sacred well oi St Triduana at Restalrig. There. so heretical rumour has it, cures are occasionally granted. There are vicious times to be abroad. however. the country a terment ol backstabbing and tear, and the brave young pair's journey is one long heart-lurching adventure. Not just pirates and a revengetul stepiather dog their trail but, tar worse, the grisly spectre of a

black-hooded leper who skulks with intent in their shadow. Though the author has a deep knowledge oi the period and evokes a convincing whilt of religious rancour, The Dark Shadow has the common llaws ot a lirst novel: snatched scenes, lazy descriptions. and a haste to draw all to a neat, and rathertrite, conclusion. The books simplicity, though, is engaging, its central couple endearingty drawn, and torthose lor whom cliche is not yet cliched are in tor a rollicking read.

In contrast, Alison Prince‘s collection olshort stories, A Haunting Retrain is. atlirst glance, lirmly placed in the present. Looking at the subtle twists oi lite and beyond, each story is told around a sensitive youngster who is brushed by the supernatural. Linked by the motii ol ghostly music, whether hymns trom the grandmother's old harmonium or waltz strains from a 1930s' dancehall, these are warm. imaginative pieces, retreshingty thought-provoking as they probe the mysteries oi passing time and death. and their inexplicable lusion in the present. (Rosemary Goring)

The Dark Shadow (Mary Rhind (Canongate, £6.95); A Haunting Relrain Alison Prince (Methuen Teen Collection £7.95).

The list l?» in \l;t\ his?“